In [1]:
%load_ext autoreload
In [2]:
%autoreload 2
In [3]:
from text2topics import reports
from text2topics import utilities
from text2topics import clean
import re
import os
from os import listdir
from os.path import isfile, join
import collections
In [4]:
%matplotlib inline
In [5]:
wordlist_dir = "/Users/jeriwieringa/Dissertation/drafts/data/word-lists"
wordlists = ["2016-12-07-SDA-last-names.txt", 
In [6]:
spelling_dictionary = utilities.create_spelling_dictionary(wordlist_dir, wordlists)
In [7]:
title = "RH"
In [8]:
base_dir = "/Users/jeriwieringa/Dissertation/text/text/2017-01-31-corpus-with-utf8-split-into-titles-cleaning/RH1850-1889/"


In [9]:
cycle = 'baseline'
In [10]:
stats = reports.overview_report(join(base_dir, cycle), spelling_dictionary, title)
Directory: /Users/jeriwieringa/Dissertation/text/text/2017-01-31-corpus-with-utf8-split-into-titles-cleaning/RH1850-1889/baseline

Average verified rate: 0.9314553511180835

Average of error rates: 0.06751202870716669

Total token count: 47435096

In [11]:
errors_summary = reports.get_errors_summary( stats )
reports.top_errors( errors_summary, 1000 )
[('-', 131160),
 ('m', 64000),
 ('e', 56218),
 ("'", 52175),
 ('t', 47235),
 ('w', 46657),
 ('d', 45544),
 ('n', 38243),
 ('r', 31474),
 ('re-', 27214),
 ('ñ', 26899),
 (')', 26262),
 ('¥', 24931),
 ('f', 24709),
 ('g', 23119),
 ('tion', 20908),
 ('th', 20839),
 ('con-', 20301),
 ('co', 19596),
 ('in-', 18506),
 ('be-', 16538),
 ('de-', 12712),
 ('com-', 12321),
 ('pp', 11379),
 ('ex-', 11137),
 ('ñthe', 11086),
 ('ment', 9635),
 (']', 9616),
 ('wm', 9173),
 ('(', 9118),
 ('un-', 7588),
 ('sab-', 7143),
 ('dis-', 6848),
 ('en-', 6746),
 ('u', 6507),
 ('first-day', 6477),
 ('[vol', 6116),
 ('tions', 6004),
 ('per-', 5979),
 ('sr', 5604),
 ('im-', 5541),
 ('pre-', 5419),
 ('*', 5372),
 ('x', 5236),
 ('ac-', 5220),
 ('an-', 5211),
 ('meet-', 5172),
 ('ap-', 5069),
 ('ly', 5058),
 ('ad-', 5002),
 ('pro-', 4934),
 ('_', 4782),
 ('ence', 4631),
 ('ments', 4597),
 ('--', 4574),
 ('ex', 4505),
 ('oz', 4479),
 ('ers', 3973),
 ('ble', 3946),
 ('al-', 3916),
 ('k', 3914),
 ('ña', 3865),
 ('at-', 3798),
 ('brn', 3724),
 ('á', 3630),
 ('ple', 3619),
 ('pm', 3566),
 ('sub-', 3518),
 ('-the', 3397),
 ('ent', 3374),
 ('command-', 3206),
 ('ob-', 3053),
 ('al', 3028),
 ('peo-', 3022),
 ('ful', 2982),
 ('for-', 2980),
 ('fol-', 2877),
 ('chris-', 2874),
 ('vt', 2814),
 ('ance', 2776),
 ("of'", 2775),
 ('re', 2774),
 ("'the", 2730),
 ('to-', 2664),
 ('pa', 2641),
 ('q', 2611),
 ('pres-', 2577),
 ('inter-', 2568),
 ('ã', 2521),
 ('ets', 2497),
 ('ren', 2482),
 ('can-', 2458),
 ('or-', 2437),
 ('ity', 2381),
 ('as-', 2340),
 ('/', 2338),
 ('sabbath-', 2335),
 ("''", 2319),
 ('with-', 2313),
 ('breth-', 2213),
 ('es', 2194),
 ('ber', 2187),
 ('gen-', 2142),
 ('nd', 2138),
 ('there-', 2126),
 ('sev-', 2104),
 ('mo', 2096),
 ('em-', 2080),
 ('di-', 2074),
 ('mis-', 2045),
 ('them-', 2021),
 ('mandments', 1999),
 ('ñwe', 1951),
 ('ference', 1929),
 ('ti', 1911),
 ("the'", 1894),
 ('il', 1889),
 ('eral', 1862),
 ('ters', 1822),
 ('la-', 1819),
 ('third-day', 1812),
 ('mt', 1799),
 ('ar-', 1784),
 ('man-', 1781),
 ('camp-', 1767),
 ('tian', 1766),
 ('confer-', 1765),
 ('num-', 1720),
 ('under-', 1718),
 ('sup-', 1704),
 ('pa-', 1702),
 ('z', 1700),
 ('ject', 1695),
 ('na-', 1693),
 ('two-horned', 1677),
 ('ous', 1666),
 ('ceived', 1662),
 ('some-', 1643),
 ('ñi', 1636),
 ('es-', 1613),
 ('ev-', 1597),
 ('ure', 1590),
 ('of-', 1576),
 ('sun-', 1575),
 ('---', 1574),
 ('par-', 1573),
 ('ques-', 1551),
 ('ture', 1535),
 ('dren', 1528),
 ('(the', 1523),
 ("'s", 1520),
 ('aro', 1497),
 ('ft', 1483),
 ('ni', 1481),
 ('pub-', 1479),
 ('chil-', 1478),
 ('af-', 1477),
 ('tle', 1467),
 ('king-', 1462),
 ('ther', 1459),
 ('over-', 1459),
 ('meeting-house', 1449),
 ('min-', 1443),
 ('ñit', 1442),
 ('lieve', 1427),
 ('corn-', 1420),
 ('fa-', 1419),
 ('trans-', 1393),
 ('mes-', 1392),
 ('-a', 1391),
 ('mem-', 1390),
 ('terest', 1381),
 ('ch', 1380),
 ('wo', 1364),
 ('se', 1355),
 ("'tis", 1348),
 ('cor-', 1348),
 ('so-', 1347),
 ('ry', 1342),
 ('(for', 1342),
 ('him-', 1334),
 ('pur-', 1329),
 ('oth-', 1327),
 ('ñdied', 1319),
 ('hun-', 1314),
 ('up-', 1306),
 ('op-', 1300),
 ('sec-', 1294),
 ('the-', 1288),
 ('tt', 1260),
 ('bap-', 1255),
 ('eze', 1254),
 ('id', 1240),
 ('camp-ground', 1218),
 ('pos-', 1211),
 ('coun-', 1203),
 ('judg-', 1200),
 ('se-', 1169),
 ('ef-', 1165),
 ('follow-', 1149),
 ('je-', 1134),
 ('prom-', 1134),
 ('cc', 1133),
 ('mo-', 1126),
 ('ation', 1121),
 ('mony', 1121),
 ('bers', 1118),
 ('cer-', 1118),
 ('ñin', 1115),
 ('au-', 1109),
 ("'and", 1106),
 ("'of", 1102),
 ('ceive', 1099),
 ('heav-', 1094),
 ('[', 1093),
 ('mc', 1093),
 ('ery', 1092),
 ('testi-', 1091),
 ('proph-', 1085),
 ('wor-', 1083),
 ('te', 1082),
 ('dred', 1068),
 ('mat-', 1067),
 ('ma', 1063),
 ('evi-', 1055),
 ('li', 1052),
 ('accom-', 1049),
 ('impor-', 1044),
 ('right-', 1042),
 ('sunday-keeping', 1036),
 ('(see', 1035),
 ('ures', 1031),
 ('tained', 1028),
 ('dence', 1021),
 ('thou-', 1011),
 ('thereforeñ', 1009),
 ('char-', 1009),
 ('rea-', 1008),
 ('[the', 1006)]

Review Special Character Use

In [12]:
[('ñ', 26899),
 (')', 26262),
 ('¥', 24931),
 ('ñthe', 11086),
 (']', 9616),
 ('(', 9118),
 ('[vol', 6116),
 ('*', 5372),
 ('_', 4782),
 ('ña', 3865),
 ('á', 3630),
 ('ã', 2521),
 ('/', 2338),
 ('ñwe', 1951),
 ('ñi', 1636),
 ('(the', 1523),
 ('ñit', 1442),
 ('(for', 1342),
 ('ñdied', 1319),
 ('ñin', 1115),
 ('[', 1093),
 ('(see', 1035),
 ('thereforeñ', 1009),
 ('[the', 1006),
 ('\\', 985),
 ('ñno', 946),
 ('¡', 937),
 ('`', 879),
 ('(to', 826),
 ('(or', 791),
 ('=', 771),
 ('ô', 767),
 ('(as', 746),
 ('¥¥', 732),
 ('ñsel', 701),
 ('(and', 684),
 ('ñsince', 683),
 ('ñthere', 680),
 ('ñthat', 662),
 ('(which', 635),
 ('ñan', 621),
 ('ñand', 619),
 ('ñat', 585),
 ('(s', 571),
 ('(rev', 570),
 ('(concluded', 554),
 ('£', 551),
 ('}', 546),
 ('(i', 538),
 ('(a', 532),
 ('%', 528),
 ('andñ', 527),
 ('<', 525),
 ('l\\', 518),
 ('(in', 518),
 ('(continued', 500),
 ('ó', 492),
 ('ñto', 482),
 ('ñour', 478),
 ('\\ve', 472),
 ("¥'", 467),
 ('ñtwo', 457),
 ('ñone', 455),
 ('i)', 452),
 ('ñprice', 446),
 ('ñrev', 429),
 ('ñselected', 428),
 ('(verse', 421),
 ('ñon', 416),
 ('ñchristian', 407),
 ('ñdr', 395),
 ('ñthis', 390),
 ('¤', 386),
 ('(not', 385),
 ('(acts', 383),
 ('(matt', 383),
 ('ñall', 374),
 ('-¥', 360),
 ('ñif', 352),
 ('[rev', 350),
 ('•', 345),
 ('(if', 340),
 ('__', 337),
 ('>', 335),
 ('ñafter', 334),
 ('ñnot', 326),
 ('numbers)', 324),
 ('ñprayer', 318),
 ('ñas', 304),
 ('ñps', 301),
 ('ñfor', 299),
 ('ñduring', 298),
 ('+', 291),
 ('ñwhen', 288),
 ('ñby', 284),
 ('ñwhat', 283),
 ('(rom', 282),
 ("'¥", 281),
 ('ñmal', 276),
 ('ñfrom', 274),
 ('(john', 269),
 ('[or', 267),
 ('(chap', 260),
 ('day)', 259),
 ('[chap', 257),
 ('#', 257),
 ('¥the', 251),
 ('ñhe', 250),
 ('eli)', 247),
 ('ñhow', 244),
 ('thirdñday', 243),
 ('ñj', 242),
 ('(ex', 240),
 ('(gen', 238),
 ('(by', 231),
 ('(luke', 228),
 ('^', 227),
 ('(isa', 223),
 ('ñs', 220),
 ('(heb', 220),
 ('[matt', 220),
 ('the¥', 219),
 ('¥-', 218),
 ('ñmrs', 217),
 ('ñspiritual', 216),
 ('(who', 216),
 ('ñmark', 215),
 ('(that', 213),
 ('(of', 212),
 ('___', 211),
 ('ñbut', 211),
 ('____', 210),
 ('(poetry', 208),
 ('¥¥¥', 201),
 ('[verse', 201),
 ('ñen', 199),
 ('l\\i', 198),
 ('ñisa', 196),
 ('\\v', 195),
 ('it)', 193),
 ('ñjohn', 191),
 ('(ps', 189),
 ('\\i', 189),
 ('—', 185),
 ('ñis', 182),
 ('ñthey', 179),
 ('ñn', 178),
 ('(pd', 177),
 ('(sunday)', 176),
 ('[all', 176),
 ('[i', 175),
 ('(dan', 173),
 ('ñyes', 173),
 ('[christ]', 173),
 ('_herald', 168),
 ('{', 167),
 ('l\\irs', 166),
 ('a)', 162),
 ('ñsabbath', 161),
 ('[margin', 158),
 ('(n', 158),
 ('()', 156),
 ('ñsome', 154),
 ('ñyou', 153),
 ('ñof', 153),
 ('`the', 152),
 ('ñwhich', 150),
 ('ñcarried', 148),
 ('ñmr', 144),
 ('[see', 144),
 ('theá', 143),
 ('[under', 143),
 ('centsñpostage', 143),
 ('¥and', 143),
 ('(with', 142),
 ('ñhave', 140),
 ('ñappeal', 139),
 ('(poetry)', 139),
 ('ñoriginal', 138),
 ('ñthose', 137),
 ('(though', 136),
 ('ñthree', 136),
 ('*daily', 134),
 ('ñset', 133),
 ('ñwho', 133),
 ('ñthese', 132),
 ('ñreview', 132),
 ('ñnew', 131),
 ('(margin', 131),
 ('¥¥¥¥', 129),
 ('[john', 129),
 ('[ex', 128),
 ('[acts', 127),
 ('(seventh', 126),
 ('[rom', 126),
 ('godñits', 126),
 ('_____', 126),
 ('¥-¥', 125),
 ('(all', 124),
 ('[in', 123),
 ("ñ'", 123),
 ('ñlet', 122),
 ('(so', 122),
 ('ñthen', 121),
 ('[of', 121),
 ('ñgeneral', 121),
 ('(mark', 120),
 ('[not', 120),
 ('t)', 118),
 ('(methodist)', 118),
 ('ñpresident', 117),
 ('ñt', 117),
 ('[that', 116),
 ('ñbible', 116),
 ('to¥', 115),
 ('ñm', 115),
 ('_the', 115),
 ('i¥', 114),
 ('and¥', 113),
 ('[gen', 109),
 ('[luke', 109),
 ('in¥', 109),
 ('(baptist)', 109),
 ('-_', 109),
 ('[dan', 108),
 ('ñgod', 108),
 ('ñso', 108),
 ('[heb', 108),
 ('(verses', 108),
 ('ñwith', 107),
 ('\\irs', 107),
 ('(we', 104),
 ('ñwhy', 103),
 ('the_', 103),
 ('(it', 103),
 ('ñyour', 103),
 ('a¥', 103),
 ('ñbro', 102),
 ('ñthoughts', 102),
 (')-', 101),
 ('ñid', 101),
 ('[ps', 101),
 ('ñe', 100),
 ('ñd', 100),
 ('ñbecause', 100),
 ('god)', 100),
 ('(he', 98),
 ('ñmen', 98),
 ('ñaccording', 98),
 ('ñmy', 98),
 ('ñc', 97),
 ('ññ', 97),
 ('(gal', 97),
 ('\ufeff', 97),
 ('ñfire', 97),
 ('them)', 97),
 ("')", 96),
 ('(this', 96),
 ('ñr', 96),
 ('¥i', 95),
 ('[a', 95),
 ('ñwhile', 95),
 ('law)', 95),
 ('[from', 94),
 ('(one', 94),
 ('ñw', 94),
 ('±', 93),
 ('ñlast', 93),
 ('godñthe', 93),
 ('áwe', 92),
 ('áthe', 92),
 ('ñp', 92),
 ('(at', 91),
 ("¡'", 91),
 ('foreñ', 91),
 ('ñwill', 91),
 ('¥in', 91),
 ('church)', 91),
 ('ñh', 91),
 ('fifthñday', 91),
 ('(deceased)', 91),
 ('(about', 89),
 ('_-', 89),
 ('margin)', 89),
 ('(from', 89),
 ('(eph', 89),
 ('¥of', 89),
 ('ani)', 88),
 ('ñmany', 87),
 ('ñare', 87),
 ('pagesñprice', 86),
 ('[v', 86),
 ('*as', 85),
 ('ñgen', 85),
 ('ñnear', 85),
 ('copies)', 84),
 ('seventhñday', 84),
 ('***address', 84),
 ('\\l', 84),
 ('ñclosed', 84),
 ('ñsigns', 84),
 ('years)', 83),
 ('(battle', 83),
 ('(christ)', 83),
 ('ñbishop', 83),
 ('ñdo', 82),
 ('iná', 82),
 ('**', 81),
 ('ñlife', 81),
 ('ñed', 80),
 ('ñmatthew', 80),
 ('ñeld', 79),
 ('ñhis', 79),
 ('*the', 79),
 ('\\vhen', 79),
 ('(no', 78),
 ('[we', 78),
 ("('", 78),
 ('ñsuch', 78),
 ('áe', 78),
 ('re¥', 78),
 ("'[vol", 78),
 ('(post-paid', 77),
 ('¥a', 77),
 ('(margin)', 77),
 ('_and', 77),
 ('covers)', 77),
 ('[isa', 77),
 ('***', 76),
 ('(vol', 75),
 ('______', 75),
 ('ñabout', 75),
 ("]'", 75),
 ('ñlondon', 74),
 ('ò', 74),
 ('(l', 74),
 ('ñoh', 74),
 ('ñcommenced', 73),
 ('ñpostage', 73),
 ('ñscott', 73),
 ('(when', 73),
 ('(a)', 72),
 ('ñmuch', 72),
 ('ñacts', 72),
 ('n)', 72),
 ('l\\lrs', 72),
 ('ñnothing', 71),
 ("'ñ", 71),
 ('(continued)', 71),
 ('ñtime', 71),
 ('(where', 71),
 ('ñwt', 71),
 ('(jer', 71),
 ('ñjust', 70),
 ('(new', 70),
 ('ñsee', 70),
 ('godñ', 70),
 ('(compare', 70),
 ('(lev', 70),
 ('¤daily', 70),
 ('[to', 70),
 ('ñevery', 70),
 ('b)', 70),
 ('michã', 70),
 ('andá', 69),
 ('(except', 69),
 ('(p', 69),
 ('(sabbath', 69),
 ('ñmatt', 69),
 ('perpetuityñis', 68),
 ('¥to', 68),
 ('[mark', 68),
 ('ñf', 68),
 ('coã', 67),
 ('(c', 67),
 ("'¡", 67),
 ('of¥', 67),
 ('ñfour', 67),
 ('[for', 67),
 ('ñibid', 67),
 ('ñrom', 67),
 ('ñmore', 67),
 ('--¥', 67),
 ('for¥', 66),
 ('sabbath)', 66),
 ('ñmay', 66),
 ('(b', 66),
 ('i\\', 66),
 ('(e', 65),
 ('(on', 65),
 ('ñwas', 65),
 ('t¥', 65),
 ('(illustrated)', 65),
 ('ñbound', 64),
 ('ñsamuel', 64),
 ('ñspurgeon', 64),
 ('margin]', 64),
 ('ñchrist', 64),
 ('time)', 64),
 ('¥¥¥¥¥', 64),
 ('áá', 63),
 ('*a', 63),
 ('ñboth', 63),
 ('(concluded)', 63),
 ('`i', 62),
 ('`and', 62),
 ('ñboston', 62),
 ('áof', 62),
 ('ñtruth', 61),
 ('ñwell', 61),
 ('[sunday]', 61),
 ('itñ', 60),
 ('ãã', 60),
 ('_fund', 60),
 ('áand', 60),
 ('ñgood', 60),
 ('christ)', 60),
 ('(donation)', 60),
 ('[god]', 60),
 ('ñhenry', 59),
 ('ñgolden', 59),
 ('ñbe', 59),
 ('l\\l', 59),
 ('¨', 59),
 ('(eze', 58),
 ('ô¥', 58),
 ('ñfive', 58),
 ('ñwar', 58),
 ('ñdeath', 58),
 ('continued)', 58),
 ('ñnever', 58),
 ('m¥', 58),
 ('(paid', 58),
 ('l\\iay', 57),
 ('[verses', 57),
 ('ñor', 57),
 ('l¥', 57),
 ('called)', 57),
 ('churchñspiritual', 57),
 ('ñanother', 57),
 ('\\ye', 57),
 ('(james', 57),
 ('(mass', 57),
 ('_a', 56),
 ('ñvery', 56),
 ('one)', 56),
 ('añ', 56),
 ('[eph', 55),
 ('(but', 55),
 ('\\\\', 55),
 ('ñforty', 55),
 ('meeting)', 55),
 ('(including', 55),
 ('but)', 55),
 ('e¥', 55),
 ('(according', 55),
 ('(thank-offering)', 54),
 ("[christ's]", 54),
 ('*ill', 54),
 ('ñl', 54),
 ('(whether', 54),
 ('(col', 54),
 ('toñ', 54),
 ('l\\ir', 54),
 ('ñexperience', 54),
 ('dayñ', 54),
 ('[margin]', 54),
 ('l\\ioses', 54),
 ('ñst', 54),
 ('(lay', 54),
 ('*raid', 54),
 ('iñ', 53),
 ('ñwhere', 53),
 ('\\vm', 53),
 ('\\vhat', 53),
 ('foundña', 53),
 ('ñpreach', 53),
 ('ñpaul', 53),
 ('(b)', 52),
 ('danielñthe', 52),
 ('ñjan', 52),
 ('ñbarnes', 52),
 ('ñprof', 52),
 ('<<', 52),
 ('ñsunday', 52),
 ('(i)', 52),
 ('ñse/', 52),
 ('ñfell', 52),
 ('(sabbath)', 51),
 ('cents)', 51),
 ('a_', 51),
 ('d¥', 51),
 ('-ñ', 51),
 ('`¥', 51),
 ('ñthomas', 51),
 ('ñsanctification', 51),
 ('ñreports', 51),
 ('~~', 51),
 ('be)', 51),
 ('ñam', 51),
 ("'\\ve", 50),
 ('in_', 50),
 ('(shares)', 50),
 ('executors)', 50),
 ('i/', 50),
 ('s¥', 50),
 ('[this', 50),
 ('ñthough', 50),
 ('(now', 50),
 ('toá', 50),
 ('(an', 50),
 ('ñmilton', 49),
 ('kingdomsñthe', 49),
 ('man)', 49),
 ('ñreceived', 49),
 ('i`', 49),
 ('ñstate', 49),
 ('ñgeology', 49),
 ('/i', 49),
 ('the`', 49),
 ('reá', 49),
 ('ñinterior', 49),
 ('(some', 49),
 ('ñgreat', 48),
 ('áwith', 48),
 ('ñsystematic', 48),
 ('{vol', 48),
 ('ñkey', 48),
 ('poorñfree', 48),
 ('ñvindication', 48),
 ('c)', 48),
 ('ñbaptism', 48),
 ('beá', 48),
 ('ñapril', 48),
 ('ñtheir', 48),
 ('ñindependent', 48),
 ('l\\iary', 47),
 ('_express', 47),
 ('ñoct', 47),
 ('[lev', 47),
 ('ñpersonality', 47),
 ('usñ', 47),
 ('ñonly', 47),
 ('l\\iy', 47),
 ('ñseveral', 47),
 ('ñmethodist', 47),
 ('(his', 47),
 ('ofá', 47),
 ('re_', 47),
 ('con¥', 47),
 ('[as', 46),
 ('ñchurch', 46),
 ('ñsir', 46),
 ('ñfeb', 46),
 ('~', 46),
 ('be¥', 46),
 ('[he', 46),
 ('*-', 46),
 ('life)', 46),
 ("giftsñjudson's", 46),
 ('ñeven', 46),
 ('_review', 45),
 ('p¥', 45),
 ('ñcharles', 45),
 ('ñhist', 45),
 ('ñsmall', 45),
 ('l)', 45),
 ('(disciple)', 45),
 ('ñmiraculous', 45),
 ('ñsix', 45),
 ('ñ¥', 45),
 ('[gal', 44),
 ('r¥', 44),
 ('ñex', 44),
 ('an_d', 44),
 ('ñliv', 44),
 ('(because', 44),
 ('ñthrough', 44),
 ('ñcertainly', 44),
 ('tendencyñan', 44),
 ('m)', 44),
 ('(what', 44),
 ('(num', 44),
 ('(dent', 44),
 ('day]', 44),
 ('ñreligious', 44),
 ('church]', 44),
 ('[poetry', 44),
 ('ñscientific', 43),
 ('la*', 43),
 ('¥is', 43),
 ("ñjudson's", 43),
 ('ñpositive', 43),
 ('god]', 43),
 ('ñmet', 43),
 ("'á", 43),
 ('ani>', 43),
 ('ñadvices', 43),
 ('ñsunday-keeping', 43),
 ('¥t', 43),
 ('[continued', 43),
 ('ñg', 43),
 ('furtherñ', 43),
 ('ôô', 43),
 (')f', 43),
 ('and_', 42),
 ('littleñtruthñdeath', 42),
 ('ñnearly', 42),
 ('(deut', 42),
 ('(greek', 42),
 ('lawñappeal', 42),
 ('ñinfidelity', 42),
 ("ñgod's", 42),
 ('_of', 42),
 ('ñwm', 42),
 ("'ô", 42),
 ('ñmary', 42),
 ('[bro', 42),
 ('(t', 42),
 ('is)', 42),
 ('(ver', 42),
 ('t(', 42),
 ('ñjames', 42),
 ('ñheld', 41),
 ('lawñthe', 41),
 ("'`", 41),
 ('ñmarch', 41),
 ('wesleyñappeal', 41),
 ('ñgeorge', 41),
 ('able)', 41),
 ('ñb', 41),
 ('\\ir', 41),
 ('))', 41),
 ('_______', 41),
 ('ñhaving', 41),
 ('ñprince', 41),
 ('ñadvent', 41),
 ('(bro', 41),
 ('ç', 41),
 ('ñits', 40),
 ('¥it', 40),
 ('w[vol', 40),
 ('do)', 40),
 ('(unless', 40),
 ('sabbath]', 40),
 ('ñshe', 40),
 ('coná', 40),
 ('(says', 40),
 ('immortalityñmuch', 40),
 ('ñlord', 40),
 ('\\j', 40),
 ('ñbaptist', 40),
 ('butñ', 40),
 ('[by', 40),
 ('ñdispatches', 40),
 ('ás', 40),
 ('(mich', 40),
 ('(phil', 40),
 ('ñscripture', 40),
 ('==', 39),
 ('(signs', 39),
 ('dayñthe', 39),
 ('it¥', 39),
 ('spiritualismñan', 39),
 ('our¥', 39),
 ('ñfuture', 39),
 ('an<l', 39),
 ('ñcame', 39),
 ('*e', 39),
 ('to_', 39),
 ('e)', 39),
 ('of)', 38),
 ('beñ', 38),
 ('br¡', 38),
 ('ñlove', 38),
 ('(per', 38),
 ('(led', 38),
 ('¥¥¥¥¥¥¥', 38),
 ('(two', 38),
 ('week)', 38),
 ('wasñ', 38),
 ('that¥', 38),
 ('(although', 38),
 ('father]', 38),
 ('ñdec', 38),
 ('áwhen', 38),
 ('mich¥', 38),
 ('termsñwe', 37),
 ('ñamong', 37),
 ('ñalthough', 37),
 ('us)', 37),
 ('¥¥¥¥¥¥', 37),
 ('(d', 37),
 ('û', 37),
 ('ñover', 37),
 ('ñhistory', 37),
 ('ñbegan', 37),
 ('(job', 37),
 ('ñdetroit', 37),
 ('ñdist', 37),
 ('¥`', 37),
 ('all)', 37),
 ('loveñ', 37),
 ('(general)', 37),
 (")'", 37),
 (')c', 37),
 ('ñbusiness', 37),
 ('}battle', 37),
 ('_to', 37),
 ('th)', 36),
 ('ñfrances', 36),
 ('-*', 36),
 ('burialñ', 36),
 ('ñrussia', 36),
 ('come)', 36),
 ('(after', 36),
 ('ñhas', 36),
 ('christñthe', 36),
 ('(god', 36),
 ('omá', 36),
 ('year)', 36),
 ('not)', 36),
 ('=-', 36),
 ('theeñ', 36),
 ('_i', 36),
 ('ñmodern', 35),
 ('n¥', 35),
 ('-\\', 35),
 ('±-', 35),
 ('ñprofessor', 35),
 ('(under', 35),
 ('lifeñ', 35),
 ('(iowa)', 35),
 ('(prov', 35),
 ('ñmost', 35),
 ('saysñ', 35),
 ('(our', 35),
 ('christ]', 35),
 ('people)', 35),
 ('¥we', 35),
 ('-ã', 35),
 ('\\-', 35),
 ('c¥', 35),
 ('grave)', 35),
 ('(may', 35),
 ('ex¥', 35),
 ('and`', 35),
 ('ãthe', 34),
 ('\\iich', 34),
 ('heavenñ', 34),
 ('prophecyña', 34),
 ('kingdomñthe', 34),
 ('ñwould', 34),
 ('áto', 34),
 ('sabbathña', 34),
 ('o£', 34),
 ('of_', 34),
 ('(my', 34),
 ('sinñ', 34),
 ('ñchicago', 34),
 ('ñjuly', 34),
 ('\\iay', 34),
 ('¥that', 34),
 ('//', 34),
 ('[jer', 34),
 ('*ere', 34),
 ('ñheavy', 34),
 ('-)', 34),
 ('ñpresbyterian', 34),
 ('isñ', 34),
 ('________', 33),
 ('¥r', 33),
 ('[at', 33),
 ('ant)', 33),
 ('is¥', 33),
 ('sidesñspiritual', 33),
 ('truthñthe', 33),
 ('comá', 33),
 ('áa', 33),
 ('(uniform', 33),
 ('earthñthe', 33),
 ('dressñlaw', 33),
 ('¥for', 33),
 ('their¥', 33),
 ('father)', 33),
 ('ñten', 33),
 ('(eccl', 33),
 ('then)', 33),
 ('¥á', 32),
 ('sabbathñthe', 32),
 ('ñplease', 32),
 ('iñno', 32),
 ('(they', 32),
 ('ñalice', 32),
 ('[eze', 32),
 ('(even', 32),
 ('ñcan', 32),
 ('aá', 32),
 ('s[vol', 32),
 ('ñjune', 32),
 ('*old', 32),
 ('l\\iich', 32),
 ("father's]", 32),
 ('law]', 32),
 ('ñjesus', 32),
 ('(send', 32),
 ('\\y', 32),
 ('me)', 32),
 ('ñtun', 32),
 ('world)', 32),
 ('ñdent', 32),
 ('ñ-', 32),
 ('ñtrue', 32),
 ('excepted)', 32),
 ('*hat', 32),
 ('}-', 32),
 ('truth)', 32),
 ('¡[vol', 32),
 ('ñadopted', 32),
 ('(mr', 32),
 ('\\lrs', 32),
 ('✓', 32),
 ('churchñboth', 32),
 ('no*', 32),
 ('\\vis', 32),
 ('meñ', 32),
 ('(r', 31),
 ('bibleñthe', 31),
 ('an])', 31),
 ('ñunity', 31),
 ('ñamerican', 31),
 (']¡', 31),
 ('=the', 31),
 ('ñmiss', 31),
 ('¥n', 31),
 ('ñwere', 31),
 (')ñlaw', 31),
 ('j\\', 31),
 ('thatñ', 31),
 ('wool)', 31),
 ('(plural)', 31),
 ('s)', 31),
 ('cã', 31),
 ('ñyet', 31),
 ('ñclarke', 31),
 ('ñnov', 30),
 ('earth)', 30),
 ('spirit)', 30),
 ('[greek', 30),
 ('ñshould', 30),
 ('„', 30),
 ('(state', 30),
 ('aná', 30),
 ('ñowing', 30),
 ('restñ', 30),
 ('ñmeetings', 30),
 ('commandmentñapostasy', 30),
 ('number)', 30),
 ('r)', 30),
 ('[voi', 30),
 ('i_', 30),
 ('offering)', 30),
 ('themñ', 30),
 ('(j', 30),
 ('ñwhether', 30),
 ('(here', 30),
 ('••', 30),
 ('¥ñ', 30),
 ('ñwo', 29),
 ('ñsr', 29),
 ('(march', 29),
 ('campñmeeting', 29),
 ('ñwilliam', 29),
 ('ñjoseph', 29),
 ('ñgovernor', 29),
 ('[num', 29),
 ('himñ', 29),
 ('him)', 29),
 ('(especially', 29),
 ('(f', 29),
 ('godña', 29),
 ('¥e', 29),
 ('`of', 29),
 ('o¥', 29),
 ('ñking', 29),
 ('[note', 29),
 ('to)', 29),
 ('life]', 29),
 ('awayñ', 29),
 ('[italics', 29),
 ('[poetry]', 29),
 ('so)', 29),
 ('*abliath', 29),
 ("[god's]", 28),
 ('ñdid', 28),
 ('>-', 28),
 ('thenñ', 28),
 ('ñfaith', 28),
 ('_freight', 28),
 ('ñseven', 28),
 ('áwhat', 28),
 ('ñpage', 28),
 ('ñtee', 28),
 ('thereñ', 28),
 ('ñcash', 28),
 ('iñthe', 28),
 ('(let', 28),
 ('(being', 28),
 ('(de-', 28),
 ('*i', 28),
 ('*hen', 28),
 ('[dent', 28),
 ('ñman', 28),
 ('ppã', 27),
 ('christñ', 27),
 ('ñmargaret', 27),
 ('ñengland', 27),
 ('the*', 27),
 ('ñshall', 27),
 ('(ind', 27),
 ('ñsecretary', 27),
 ('/a', 27),
 ('name)', 27),
 ('least)', 27),
 ('we¥', 27),
 ('campámeeting', 27),
 ('l\\lay', 27),
 ('ñunder', 27),
 ('(those', 27),
 ('ñphiladelphia', 27),
 ('cô', 27),
 ('¦', 27),
 ('l\\iany', 27),
 ('(c)', 27),
 ('(her', 27),
 ("}'", 27),
 ('i(', 27),
 ('truthñ', 27),
 ('ñfrance', 27),
 ('(post', 27),
 ('commandments)', 27),
 ('(history', 27),
 ('paper)', 27),
 ('ñnews', 27),
 ('ñearly', 27),
 ('have¥', 27),
 ('an¥', 27),
 ('ñthus', 27),
 ('[von', 27),
 ("'(", 27),
 ('ñcommittee', 27),
 ('ñtestimony', 27),
 ('ñperhaps', 27),
 ('ñillustrated', 26),
 ('ñmonday', 26),
 ('(such', 26),
 (')e', 26),
 ('t*', 26),
 ('(god)', 26),
 ('(abridged', 26),
 ('ñgeo', 26),
 ('sayñ', 26),
 ('ñdeut', 26),
 ('not¥', 26),
 ('[it', 26),
 ('minister)', 26),
 ('seventhá', 26),
 ('¥s', 26),
 (')r', 26),
 ('[here', 26),
 ('ñsimply', 26),
 ('(there', 26),
 ("<'", 26),
 ('ii)', 26),
 ('\\iy', 26),
 ('(so-called)', 26),
 ('(like', 26),
 ('áin', 26),
 ('(presbyterian)', 26),
 ('ñhere', 26),
 ('(vt', 26),
 ('ñtwelve', 26),
 ('\\vas', 26),
 ('(wis', 26),
 ("ô'", 26),
 ('¥ô', 26),
 ('ñnone', 26),
 ('\\nd', 26),
 ('ñchris-', 26),
 ('wordñ', 26),
 ('(first', 25),
 ('no¥', 25),
 ('ñlongfellow', 25),
 ('[concluded', 25),
 ('¢', 25),
 ('men)', 25),
 ('ñsal', 25),
 ('(catholic)', 25),
 ('(fur', 25),
 ('he)', 25),

Correction 1 -- Normalize Characters

In [13]:
# %load shared_elements/normalize_characters.py
prev = "baseline"
cycle = "correction1"

directories = utilities.define_directories(prev, cycle, base_dir)
if not os.path.exists(directories['cycle']):

corpus = (f for f in listdir(directories['prev']) if not f.startswith('.') and isfile(join(directories['prev'], f)))

for filename in corpus:
    content = utilities.readfile(directories['prev'], filename)

    # Substitute for all other dashes
    content = re.sub(r"—-—–‑", r"-", content)

    # Substitute formatted apostrophe
    content = re.sub(r"\’\’\‘\'\‛\´", r"'", content)
    # Replace all special characters with a space (as these tend to occur at the end of lines)
    content = re.sub(r"[^a-zA-Z0-9\s,.!?$:;\-&\'\"]", r" ", content)
    with open(join(directories['cycle'], filename), mode="w") as o:

Check Correction 1

In [14]:
# %load shared_elements/summary.py
summary = reports.overview_report(directories['cycle'], spelling_dictionary, title)
Directory: /Users/jeriwieringa/Dissertation/text/text/2017-01-31-corpus-with-utf8-split-into-titles-cleaning/RH1850-1889/correction1

Average verified rate: 0.9386151951628019

Average of error rates: 0.06023006165975942

Total token count: 47366429

In [15]:
# %load shared_elements/top_errors.py
errors_summary = reports.get_errors_summary( summary )
reports.top_errors( errors_summary, 10 )[:50]
[('-', 134783),
 ('m', 64696),
 ('e', 57771),
 ("'", 55914),
 ('t', 49108),
 ('w', 47216),
 ('d', 46498),
 ('n', 39366),
 ('r', 32499),
 ('re-', 27261),
 ('f', 25585),
 ('g', 23542),
 ('th', 21256),
 ('tion', 21028),
 ('con-', 20335),
 ('co', 19774),
 ('in-', 18561),
 ('be-', 16582),
 ('de-', 12760),
 ('com-', 12365),
 ('pp', 11459),
 ('ex-', 11160),
 ('ment', 9687),
 ('wm', 9272),
 ('un-', 7605),
 ('sab-', 7165),
 ('dis-', 6867),
 ('u', 6768),
 ('en-', 6758),
 ('first-day', 6511),
 ('tions', 6022),
 ('per-', 5995),
 ('sr', 5667),
 ('im-', 5549),
 ('pre-', 5436),
 ('x', 5363),
 ('an-', 5226),
 ('ac-', 5225),
 ('meet-', 5179),
 ('--', 5169),
 ('ly', 5144),
 ('ap-', 5082),
 ('ex', 5053),
 ('ad-', 5014),
 ('pro-', 4951),
 ('ence', 4668),
 ('ments', 4621),
 ('oz', 4485),
 ('k', 4103),
 ('ers', 4008)]

Correction 2 -- Correct Line Endings

In [16]:
# %load shared_elements/correct_line_endings.py
prev = cycle
cycle = "correction2"

directories = utilities.define_directories(prev, cycle, base_dir)
if not os.path.exists(directories['cycle']):

corpus = (f for f in listdir(directories['prev']) if not f.startswith('.') and isfile(join(directories['prev'], f)))

for filename in corpus:
    content = utilities.readfile(directories['prev'], filename)

    content = re.sub(r"(\w+)(\-\s{1,})([a-z]+)", r"\1\3", content)

    with open(join(directories['cycle'], filename), mode="w") as o:

Check Correction 2

In [17]:
# %load shared_elements/summary.py
summary = reports.overview_report(directories['cycle'], spelling_dictionary, title)
Directory: /Users/jeriwieringa/Dissertation/text/text/2017-01-31-corpus-with-utf8-split-into-titles-cleaning/RH1850-1889/correction2

Average verified rate: 0.9574540747318334

Average of error rates: 0.04138961892247043

Total token count: 46630811

In [18]:
# %load shared_elements/top_errors.py
errors_summary = reports.get_errors_summary( summary )
reports.top_errors( errors_summary, 10 )[:50]
[('-', 133940),
 ('m', 64580),
 ('e', 57391),
 ("'", 55914),
 ('t', 48746),
 ('w', 47165),
 ('d', 46259),
 ('n', 39198),
 ('r', 32344),
 ('f', 25489),
 ('g', 23354),
 ('th', 21211),
 ('co', 19709),
 ('pp', 11447),
 ('wm', 9272),
 ('u', 6725),
 ('first-day', 6498),
 ('sr', 5664),
 ('x', 5349),
 ('--', 5169),
 ('ex', 5051),
 ('oz', 4485),
 ('k', 4073),
 ('tion', 4008),
 ('brn', 3745),
 ('pm', 3591),
 ('-the', 3427),
 ('re', 3181),
 ('vt', 2859),
 ("of'", 2772),
 ("'the", 2747),
 ('pa', 2729),
 ('al', 2698),
 ('q', 2685),
 ("''", 2407),
 ('nd', 2241),
 ('ets', 2227),
 ('re-', 2169),
 ('mo', 2146),
 ('ti', 1984),
 ('il', 1970),
 ("the'", 1911),
 ('mt', 1846),
 ('ment', 1846),
 ('third-day', 1813),
 ('z', 1804),
 ('---', 1775),
 ('two-horned', 1685),
 ('es', 1600),
 ('ft', 1577)]

Correction 3 -- Remove Extra Dashes

In [19]:
# %load shared_elements/remove_extra_dashes.py
prev = cycle
cycle = "correction3"

directories = utilities.define_directories(prev, cycle, base_dir)
if not os.path.exists(directories['cycle']):

corpus = (f for f in listdir(directories['prev']) if not f.startswith('.') and isfile(join(directories['prev'], f)))

for filename in corpus:
    content = utilities.readfile(directories['prev'], filename)
    text = re.sub(r"[0-9,!?$:;&]", " ", content)
    tokens = utilities.tokenize_text(text)
    replacements = []
    for token in tokens:
        if token[0] is "-":
            replacements.append((token, token[1:]))
        elif token[-1] is "-":
            replacements.append((token, token[:-1]))
    if len(replacements) > 0:
#         print("{}: {}".format(filename, replacements))
        for replacement in replacements:
            content = clean.replace_pair(replacement, content)

    with open(join(directories['cycle'], filename), mode="w") as o:

Check Correction 3

In [20]:
# %load shared_elements/summary.py
summary = reports.overview_report(directories['cycle'], spelling_dictionary, title)
Directory: /Users/jeriwieringa/Dissertation/text/text/2017-01-31-corpus-with-utf8-split-into-titles-cleaning/RH1850-1889/correction3

Average verified rate: 0.9641118299486852

Average of error rates: 0.03492484585060144

Total token count: 46679839

In [21]:
# %load shared_elements/top_errors.py
errors_summary = reports.get_errors_summary( summary )
reports.top_errors( errors_summary, 10 )[:50]
[('m', 64924),
 ('e', 58451),
 ("'", 57791),
 ('t', 49838),
 ('w', 47576),
 ('d', 46731),
 ('n', 39736),
 ('r', 33057),
 ('f', 25859),
 ('g', 23871),
 ('th', 21447),
 ('co', 21119),
 ('pp', 11488),
 ('wm', 9339),
 ('re', 7700),
 ('u', 6854),
 ('ex', 6012),
 ('sr', 5681),
 ('x', 5408),
 ('oz', 4493),
 ('k', 4170),
 ('tion', 4030),
 ('brn', 3750),
 ('pm', 3610),
 ('al', 2980),
 ('pa', 2883),
 ('vt', 2872),
 ("of'", 2780),
 ("'the", 2767),
 ('q', 2740),
 ("''", 2525),
 ('nd', 2299),
 ('mo', 2267),
 ('ets', 2231),
 ('ti', 2228),
 ('il', 2051),
 ("the'", 1934),
 ('z', 1865),
 ('ment', 1865),
 ('mt', 1863),
 ('es', 1805),
 ('se', 1764),
 ('ft', 1654),
 ('pre', 1582),
 ("'s", 1582),
 ('ni', 1553),
 ('aro', 1508),
 ('ch', 1503),
 ('wo', 1480),
 ('id', 1450)]

Correction 4 -- Remove Extra Quotation Marks

In [22]:
# %load shared_elements/replace_extra_quotation_marks.py
prev = cycle
cycle = "correction4"

directories = utilities.define_directories(prev, cycle, base_dir)
if not os.path.exists(directories['cycle']):

corpus = (f for f in listdir(directories['prev']) if not f.startswith('.') and isfile(join(directories['prev'], f)))

for filename in corpus:
    content = utilities.readfile(directories['prev'], filename)
    text = re.sub(r"[0-9,!?$:;&]", " ", content)
    tokens = utilities.tokenize_text(text)
    corrections = []
    for token in tokens:
        token_list = list(token)
        last_char = token_list[-1]

        if last_char is "'":
            if len(token) > 1:
                if token_list[-2] is 's' or 'S':
                    corrections.append((token, re.sub(r"'", r"", token)))
        elif token[0] is "'":
            corrections.append((token, re.sub(r"'", r"", token)))   
    if len(corrections) > 0:
#         print('{}: {}'.format(filename, corrections))

        for correction in corrections:
            content = clean.replace_pair(correction, content)

    with open(join(directories['cycle'], filename), mode="w") as o:

Review Correction 4

In [23]:
# %load shared_elements/summary.py
summary = reports.overview_report(directories['cycle'], spelling_dictionary, title)
Directory: /Users/jeriwieringa/Dissertation/text/text/2017-01-31-corpus-with-utf8-split-into-titles-cleaning/RH1850-1889/correction4

Average verified rate: 0.9652890093627449

Average of error rates: 0.03376372182351158

Total token count: 46680114

In [24]:
# %load shared_elements/top_errors.py
errors_summary = reports.get_errors_summary( summary )
reports.top_errors( errors_summary, 10 )[:50]
[('m', 65130),
 ('e', 59137),
 ('t', 51701),
 ("'", 49904),
 ('w', 47728),
 ('d', 47023),
 ('n', 40436),
 ('r', 33456),
 ('f', 26147),
 ('g', 23942),
 ('th', 21522),
 ('co', 21148),
 ('pp', 11499),
 ('wm', 9369),
 ('re', 7853),
 ('u', 6895),
 ('ex', 6026),
 ('sr', 5688),
 ('x', 5439),
 ('oz', 4495),
 ('k', 4207),
 ('tion', 4042),
 ('brn', 3750),
 ('pm', 3616),
 ('al', 3015),
 ('pa', 2897),
 ('vt', 2878),
 ('q', 2755),
 ("of'", 2628),
 ('nd', 2452),
 ('mo', 2271),
 ('ti', 2263),
 ('ets', 2238),
 ("''", 2106),
 ('il', 2081),
 ('z', 1881),
 ('mt', 1874),
 ('ment', 1869),
 ('es', 1847),
 ('se', 1802),
 ("the'", 1784),
 ('ft', 1669),
 ('pre', 1586),
 ('ni', 1564),
 ('ch', 1517),
 ('aro', 1511),
 ('wo', 1495),
 ('ve', 1483),
 ('id', 1478),
 ('ly', 1449)]

Correction 5 -- Rejoin Burst Words

In [25]:
# %load shared_elements/rejoin_burst_words.py
prev = cycle
cycle = "correction5"

directories = utilities.define_directories(prev, cycle, base_dir)
if not os.path.exists(directories['cycle']):

corpus = (f for f in listdir(directories['prev']) if not f.startswith('.') and isfile(join(directories['prev'], f)))

for filename in corpus:
    content = utilities.readfile(directories['prev'], filename)

    pattern = re.compile("(\s(\w{1,2}\s){5,})")
    replacements = []
    clean.check_splits(pattern, spelling_dictionary, content, replacements)
    if len(replacements) > 0:
#         print('{}: {}'.format(filename, replacements))

        for replacement in replacements:
            content = clean.replace_pair(replacement, content)

    with open(join(directories['cycle'], filename), mode="w") as o:

Review Correction 5

In [26]:
# %load shared_elements/summary.py
summary = reports.overview_report(directories['cycle'], spelling_dictionary, title)
Directory: /Users/jeriwieringa/Dissertation/text/text/2017-01-31-corpus-with-utf8-split-into-titles-cleaning/RH1850-1889/correction5

Average verified rate: 0.9652912228839922

Average of error rates: 0.0337613464065501

Total token count: 46680037

In [27]:
# %load shared_elements/top_errors.py
errors_summary = reports.get_errors_summary( summary )
reports.top_errors( errors_summary, 10 )[:50]
[('m', 65096),
 ('e', 58978),
 ('t', 51588),
 ("'", 49904),
 ('w', 47706),
 ('d', 47165),
 ('n', 40381),
 ('r', 33354),
 ('f', 26132),
 ('g', 23923),
 ('th', 21522),
 ('co', 21148),
 ('pp', 11499),
 ('wm', 9369),
 ('re', 7865),
 ('u', 6860),
 ('ex', 6026),
 ('sr', 5688),
 ('x', 5437),
 ('oz', 4495),
 ('k', 4192),
 ('tion', 4042),
 ('brn', 3750),
 ('pm', 3616),
 ('al', 3016),
 ('pa', 2897),
 ('vt', 2878),
 ('q', 2753),
 ("of'", 2628),
 ('nd', 2452),
 ('mo', 2271),
 ('ti', 2263),
 ('ets', 2238),
 ("''", 2106),
 ('il', 2081),
 ('z', 1881),
 ('mt', 1874),
 ('ment', 1869),
 ('es', 1858),
 ('se', 1802),
 ("the'", 1784),
 ('ft', 1669),
 ('pre', 1586),
 ('ni', 1564),
 ('ch', 1518),
 ('aro', 1511),
 ('wo', 1495),
 ('ve', 1483),
 ('id', 1478),
 ('ly', 1451)]

Correction 6 -- Join Split Words

In [28]:
# %load shared_elements/rejoin_split_words.py
prev = cycle
cycle = "correction6"

directories = utilities.define_directories(prev, cycle, base_dir)
if not os.path.exists(directories['cycle']):

corpus = (f for f in listdir(directories['prev']) if not f.startswith('.') and isfile(join(directories['prev'], f)))

for filename in corpus:
    content = utilities.readfile(directories['prev'], filename)
    text = re.sub(r"[0-9,!?$:;&]", " ", content)
    tokens = utilities.tokenize_text(text)
    errors = reports.identify_errors(tokens, spelling_dictionary)

    replacements = clean.check_if_stem(errors, spelling_dictionary, tokens, get_prior=False)
    if len(replacements) > 0:
#         print('{}: {}'.format(filename, replacements))

        for replacement in replacements:
            content = clean.replace_split_words(replacement, content)

    with open(join(directories['cycle'], filename), mode="w") as o:

Check Correction 6

In [29]:
# %load shared_elements/summary.py
summary = reports.overview_report(directories['cycle'], spelling_dictionary, title)
Directory: /Users/jeriwieringa/Dissertation/text/text/2017-01-31-corpus-with-utf8-split-into-titles-cleaning/RH1850-1889/correction6

Average verified rate: 0.9656679792231431

Average of error rates: 0.0333978065298696

Total token count: 46662881

In [32]:
# %load shared_elements/top_errors.py
errors_summary = reports.get_errors_summary( summary )
reports.top_errors( errors_summary, 10 )[:50]
[('m', 65326),
 ('e', 58371),
 ('t', 51021),
 ("'", 49904),
 ('w', 47641),
 ('d', 46981),
 ('n', 40227),
 ('r', 33209),
 ('f', 26117),
 ('g', 23833),
 ('th', 20787),
 ('co', 19764),
 ('pp', 11493),
 ('wm', 9355),
 ('u', 6843),
 ('ex', 5849),
 ('sr', 5684),
 ('x', 5430),
 ('re', 4938),
 ('oz', 4478),
 ('k', 4162),
 ('tion', 3894),
 ('brn', 3750),
 ('pm', 3616),
 ('vt', 2878),
 ('pa', 2782),
 ('q', 2750),
 ('al', 2660),
 ("of'", 2628),
 ('nd', 2440),
 ('ets', 2235),
 ("''", 2106),
 ('mo', 2106),
 ('ti', 2030),
 ('il', 1995),
 ('z', 1878),
 ('mt', 1856),
 ('ment', 1800),
 ("the'", 1784),
 ('es', 1736),
 ('se', 1676),
 ('ft', 1664),
 ('aro', 1507),
 ('ni', 1500),
 ('wo', 1462),
 ('ve', 1441),
 ('ly', 1429),
 ('id', 1424),
 ('eze', 1357),
 ('tt', 1346)]

Correction 7 -- Rejoin Split Words II

In [33]:
# %load shared_elements/rejoin_split_words.py
prev = cycle
cycle = "correction7"

directories = utilities.define_directories(prev, cycle, base_dir)
if not os.path.exists(directories['cycle']):

corpus = (f for f in listdir(directories['prev']) if not f.startswith('.') and isfile(join(directories['prev'], f)))

for filename in corpus:
    content = utilities.readfile(directories['prev'], filename)
    text = re.sub(r"[0-9,!?$:;&]", " ", content)
    tokens = utilities.tokenize_text(text)
    errors = reports.identify_errors(tokens, spelling_dictionary)

    replacements = clean.check_if_stem(errors, spelling_dictionary, tokens, get_prior=True)
    if len(replacements) > 0:
#         print('{}: {}'.format(filename, replacements))

        for replacement in replacements:
            content = clean.replace_split_words(replacement, content)

    with open(join(directories['cycle'], filename), mode="w") as o:
In [34]:
# %load shared_elements/summary.py
summary = reports.overview_report(directories['cycle'], spelling_dictionary, title)
Directory: /Users/jeriwieringa/Dissertation/text/text/2017-01-31-corpus-with-utf8-split-into-titles-cleaning/RH1850-1889/correction7

Average verified rate: 0.965801159403873

Average of error rates: 0.03326771454563833

Total token count: 46646903

In [35]:
# %load shared_elements/top_errors.py
errors_summary = reports.get_errors_summary( summary )
reports.top_errors( errors_summary, 10 )[:50]
[('m', 65148),
 ('e', 58217),
 ('t', 50806),
 ("'", 49846),
 ('w', 47325),
 ('d', 46858),
 ('n', 40150),
 ('r', 33102),
 ('f', 26034),
 ('g', 23714),
 ('th', 20526),
 ('co', 19615),
 ('pp', 11482),
 ('wm', 9341),
 ('u', 6811),
 ('ex', 5839),
 ('sr', 5684),
 ('x', 5430),
 ('oz', 4478),
 ('k', 4140),
 ('tion', 3869),
 ('re', 3793),
 ('brn', 3750),
 ('pm', 3611),
 ('vt', 2867),
 ('pa', 2779),
 ('q', 2739),
 ("of'", 2628),
 ('al', 2455),
 ('ets', 2231),
 ('nd', 2148),
 ("''", 2106),
 ('mo', 2089),
 ('ti', 1994),
 ('il', 1949),
 ('z', 1872),
 ('mt', 1853),
 ("the'", 1782),
 ('ment', 1700),
 ('ft', 1618),
 ('se', 1541),
 ('aro', 1506),
 ('ni', 1490),
 ('es', 1468),
 ('wo', 1431),
 ('ve', 1357),
 ('eze', 1357),
 ('id', 1345),
 ('tt', 1335),
 ('ch', 1298)]

Review Remaining Errors

In [36]:
[('RH18851222-V62-50-page1.txt', 0.651),
 ('RH18740113-V43-05-page8.txt', 0.447),
 ('RH18750115-V45-03-page1.txt', 0.4),
 ('RH18750701-V46-01-page1.txt', 0.4),
 ('RH18731209-V42-26-page8.txt', 0.372),
 ('RH18740127-V43-07-page8.txt', 0.359),
 ('RH18721217-V41-01-page8.txt', 0.321),
 ('RH18740210-V43-09-page8.txt', 0.32),
 ('RH18880424-V65-17-page14.txt', 0.31),
 ('RH18730422-V41-19-page8.txt', 0.31),
 ('RH18721231-V41-03-page8.txt', 0.285),
 ('RH18700823-V36-10-page8.txt', 0.283),
 ('RH18761026-V48-17-page11.txt', 0.263),
 ('RH18740303-V43-12-page8.txt', 0.261),
 ('RH18730916-V42-14-page6.txt', 0.259),
 ('RH18661009-V28-19-page7.txt', 0.254),
 ('RH18781128-V52-22-page12.txt', 0.254),
 ('RH18760427-V47-17-page10.txt', 0.251),
 ('RH18731230-V43-03-page8.txt', 0.25),
 ('RH18771231-V50-25s-page1.txt', 0.25),
 ('RH18840122-V61-04-page7.txt', 0.245),
 ('RH18781128-V52-22-page9.txt', 0.244),
 ('RH18740908-V44-12-page8.txt', 0.244),
 ('RH18760427-V47-17-page11.txt', 0.243),
 ('RH18731021-V42-19-page7.txt', 0.238),
 ('RH18660724-V28-08-page8.txt', 0.234),
 ('RH18740203-V43-08-page8.txt', 0.234),
 ('RH18740825-V44-10-page8.txt', 0.233),
 ('RH18741215-V44-25-page8.txt', 0.231),
 ('RH18781128-V52-22-page11.txt', 0.224),
 ('RH18730422-V41-19-page5.txt', 0.222),
 ('RH18761026-V48-17-page12.txt', 0.222),
 ('RH18820613-V59-24-page6.txt', 0.222),
 ('RH18830227-V60-09-page7.txt', 0.22),
 ('RH18781128-V52-22-page10.txt', 0.218),
 ('RH18841223-V61-51-page5.txt', 0.217),
 ('RH18880424-V65-17-page15.txt', 0.217),
 ('RH18880117-V65-03-page15.txt', 0.216),
 ('RH18881016-V65-41-page15.txt', 0.214),
 ('RH18781212-V52-24-page12.txt', 0.213),
 ('RH18810607-V57-23-page15.txt', 0.212),
 ('RH18881204-V65-48-page15.txt', 0.21),
 ('RH18741027-V44-18-page8.txt', 0.21),
 ('RH18780815-V52-08-page10.txt', 0.209),
 ('RH18731028-V42-20-page6.txt', 0.206),
 ('RH18880103-V65-01-page15.txt', 0.206),
 ('RH18880110-V65-02-page15.txt', 0.206),
 ('RH18560703-V08-10-page8.txt', 0.203),
 ('RH18881211-V65-49-page15.txt', 0.201),
 ('RH18691228-V35-01-page8.txt', 0.201)]
In [37]:
# %load shared_elements/high_error_rates.py
doc_keys = [x[0] for x in reports.docs_with_high_error_rate(summary) if x[1] > 0.3]

utilities.open_original_docs(doc_keys, directories['cycle'])
Opened files: 











The pages with errors over 30% are primarily pages with lists of people, and image pages. There may need to be some target cleaning, but so long as they are not used in the creation of the model, I am confident that the errors can be overcome.

In [38]:
reports.long_errors(errors_summary, min_length=15)[:50]

Correction 8 -- Separate Squashed Words

In [39]:
# %load shared_elements/separate_squashed_words.py
import pandas as pd
from math import log

prev = cycle
cycle = "correction8"

directories = utilities.define_directories(prev, cycle, base_dir)
if not os.path.exists(directories['cycle']):

corpus = (f for f in listdir(directories['prev']) if not f.startswith('.') and isfile(join(directories['prev'], f)))

verified_tokens = []

for filename in corpus:  
    content = utilities.readfile(directories['prev'], filename)
    clean.get_approved_tokens(content, spelling_dictionary, verified_tokens)

tokens_with_freq = dict(collections.Counter(verified_tokens))
words = pd.DataFrame(list(tokens_with_freq.items()), columns=['token','freq'])
words_sorted = words.sort_values('freq', ascending=False)
words_sorted_short = words_sorted[words_sorted.freq > 2]

sorted_list_of_words = list(words_sorted_short['token'])

wordcost = dict((k, log((i+1)*log(len(sorted_list_of_words)))) for i,k in enumerate(sorted_list_of_words))
maxword = max(len(x) for x in sorted_list_of_words)

corpus = (f for f in listdir(directories['prev']) if not f.startswith('.') and isfile(join(directories['prev'], f)))

for filename in corpus:
    content = utilities.readfile(directories['prev'], filename)

    text = utilities.strip_punct(content)
    tokens = utilities.tokenize_text(text)
    replacements = []
    for token in tokens:
        if not token.lower() in spelling_dictionary:
            if len(token) > 17:
                if re.search(r"[\-\-\'\"]", token):
                    split_string = clean.infer_spaces(token, wordcost, maxword)
                    list_split_string = split_string.split()
                    if clean.verify_split_string(list_split_string, spelling_dictionary):
                        replacements.append((token, split_string))
    if len(replacements) > 0:
        print("{}: {}".format(filename, replacements))
        for replacement in replacements:
            content = clean.replace_pair(replacement, content)

    with open(join(directories['cycle'], filename), mode="w") as o:
RH18501101-V01-01-page2.txt: [('positiveinjunction', 'positive injunction')]
RH18510101-V01-05-page2.txt: [('obscurelyexpressed', 'obscurely expressed')]
RH18510101-V01-05-page3.txt: [('WehaveshowntheexistenceofGod', 'We have shown the existence of God'), ('lawfromItwastolashonlytilltheseedhsouldcometowhomthepromthe', 'law from It was to lash only till the seed h soul d c o m e t o w h o m t h e p r o m t h e')]
RH18510201-V01-06-page2.txt: [('andcontainatonement', 'and contain atonement')]
RH18510201-V01-06-page4.txt: [('eminentlydistinguished', 'eminently distinguished')]
RH18510407-V01-08-page1.txt: [('rubliAtinCommittee', 'rub l i At in Committee')]
RH18510505-V01-10-page4.txt: [('discisuperstitious', 'disc i superstitious')]
RH18510519-V01-11-page4.txt: [('remarkableelements', 'remarkable elements')]
RH18510602-V01-12-page4.txt: [('inhabitahtsfrtbetearth', 'inhabit a hts frt bet earth')]
RH18510609-V01-13-page8.txt: [('greatliaccomplished', 'great l i accomplished')]
RH18510721-V02-01e-page1.txt: [('hasitconictothisthat', 'has it conic to this that')]
RH18510721-V02-01e-page3.txt: [('suspendthanksgiving', 'suspend thanksgiving')]
RH18510721-V02-01e-page4.txt: [('brtlitiicoiraaences', 'b r t l i t i i c o i r a a e n c e s')]
RH18510819-V02-02-page7.txt: [('sheshallnomorerise', 'she shall no more rise'), ('foryourinformationandcomfort', 'for your information and comfort')]
RH18510902-V02-03-page1.txt: [('hungerwithstanding', 'hunger withstanding')]
RH18511007-V02-05-page2.txt: [('anticipawIterethre', 'antic i paw I ter eth r e')]
RH18511007-V02-05-page6.txt: [('profitransgression', 'prof i transgression')]
RH18511021-V02-06-page4.txt: [('callyoutoanaccountaboutmeat', 'call you to an account about meat')]
RH18511209-V02-08-page1.txt: [('ibbeyehaevetbesetsscatteredinthedarkandcloudydui', 'i b be ye hae vet besets scattered in the dark and cloudy du i')]
RH18511209-V02-08-page2.txt: [('spiritualabstractly', 'spiritual abstractly')]
RH18511223-V02-09-page4.txt: [('SeventhDaySabbathAbolished', 'Seventh Day Sabbath Abolished'), ('itismymeditationallthe', 'it is my meditation all the')]
RH18520113-V02-10-page6.txt: [('sufficientgression', 'sufficient gres sion')]
RH18520203-V02-11-page5.txt: [('commandcircumstances', 'command circumstances')]
RH18520217-V02-12-page1.txt: [('culttomakeanyuseofthischapter', 'cult to make any use of this chapter'), ('noonewilldenythatthatwhichisdoneawayinverse', 'no one will deny that that which is done away in verse')]
RH18520217-V02-12-page2.txt: [('ordinanconstitution', 'ord in an constitution')]
RH18520217-V02-12-page3.txt: [('honormisrepresentation', 'honor misrepresentation')]
RH18520302-V02-13-page3.txt: [('unreasontransferred', 'unreason transferred')]
RH18520722-V03-06-page5.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18520805-V03-07-page8.txt: [('immedirepresentations', 'im me di representations')]
RH18520902-V03-09-page8.txt: [('heavenbornpeaceandjoyis', 'heaven born peace and joy is'), ('indispensableinordertomeet', 'indispensable in order to meet')]
RH18521014-V03-12-page6.txt: [('Miseellaneonsother', 'Mise ell an eons other')]
RH18521028-V03-13-page2.txt: [('childremsAndnatttrallywitnessecllesS', 'child rem s And nat t t r a l l y w i t n e s s e c l l e s S'), ('Andthereshallbesigns', 'And there shall be signs'), ('whichMrclistoodthemorningstar', 'which Mr c l i stood the morning star'), ('folloWiniactelitionadreraar', 'folloW in i act el it ion a dr era ar')]
RH18521125-V03-14-page8.txt: [('sehaailatlnsreconit', 's e h a a i l a t l n s r e c o n i t')]
RH18521223-V03-16-page2.txt: [('transgressoverthrow', 'transgress overthrow')]
RH18530203-V03-19-page4.txt: [('cligappoiiitisient', 'c l i gap poi i it is i en t'), ('iiiigunderStandings', 'iii i gun der Standing s')]
RH18530217-V03-20-page4.txt: [('Andwhiletheydwelluponthesepeli', 'And while they dwell upon the sep eli')]
RH18530317-V03-22-page8.txt: [('brethronigenerally', 'bret h ron i generally')]
RH18530623-V04-03-page7.txt: [('oftroubleapproachiety', 'of trouble approach i et y')]
RH18530707-V04-04-page2.txt: [('understandsequently', 'understand sequently')]
RH18530721-V04-05-page5.txt: [('Sabbathdaysiecorciing', 'Sabbath days i eco r c i i n g')]
RH18530804-V04-06-page4.txt: [('circumcisterpretation', 'cir cum cis ter pret at ion')]
RH18530804-V04-06-page5.txt: [('Nowjestamentiwithout', 'Now jest ament i without')]
RH18530804-V04-06-page8.txt: [('ConfereneWtiefiltleifi', 'Conf ere neW tie f i l t l e i f i')]
RH18530811-V04-07-page4.txt: [('associatedwithfeasts', 'associated with feasts'), ('nyaspositiveandplain', 'n y a s p o s i t i v e a n d p l a i n'), ('comingfromashighauthor', 'coming from as high author')]
RH18530927-V04-12-page8.txt: [('subscriberswiththem', 'subscribers with them'), ('wishtogayafewwords', 'wish to gay a few words')]
RH18531018-V04-15-page4.txt: [('opportunidishonored', 'opp ort uni dishonored')]
RH18531025-V04-16-page2.txt: [('appearuncircumcised', 'appear uncircumcised')]
RH18531101-V04-17-page4.txt: [('understoodatonetime', 'understood atone time'), ('showingthecomingoftheJustOne', 'showing the coming of the Just One')]
RH18531115-V04-19-page2.txt: [('surgeMeOetisarAyattached', 'surge Me O et is ar A y attached')]
RH18531115-V04-19-page6.txt: [('instrongrememlsraneethey', 'instr on gre mem ls ranee they')]
RH18531122-V04-20-page7.txt: [('peaceinbelievingat', 'peace in believing at')]
RH18531129-V04-21-page3.txt: [('andievleredlecturestothepeopleastheywere', 'an die v le red lectures to the people as they were')]
RH18531129-V04-21-page5.txt: [('mournfulacquiescence', 'mournful acquiescence')]
RH18531213-V04-23-page2.txt: [('nervousirritability', 'nervous irritability'), ('developimentolemands', 'develop i men to lem and s')]
RH18531220-V04-24-page4.txt: [('DticalottiCappeare', 'D t i c a l o t t i C a p p e a r e')]
RH18531220-V04-24-page6.txt: [('mesinermistrongembrace', 'me sin er mist ron gem brace'), ('lakeliedlherefisne', 'lake lied l he ref is n e')]
RH18531220-V04-24-page8.txt: [('goipeLdispensatioir', 'go i pe L dis pen sati o ir')]
RH18540110-V04-26-page1.txt: [('fittedforthesaints', 'fitted for the saints')]
RH18540110-V04-26-page7.txt: [('anditcouldnotbeshownfromtheBibletotheconforth', 'and it could not be shown from the Bible to the con forth')]
RH18540124-V05-01-page5.txt: [('differencejaetween', 'difference j aet ween')]
RH18540131-V05-02-page4.txt: [('respectfulobedience', 'respectful obedience')]
RH18540214-V05-04-page2.txt: [('transgresscondition', 'transgress condition')]
RH18540214-V05-04-page6.txt: [('introducdiscouraged', 'intro du c discouraged')]
RH18540228-V05-06-page4.txt: [('couldtheybeoneinhiMasheandtheFatherareone', 'could they be one in hiM as he and the Father are one')]
RH18540307-V05-07-page4.txt: [('Bridegroomtarrieth', 'Bridegroom tarrieth')]
RH18540307-V05-07-page7.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18540314-V05-08-page1.txt: [('substicircumcision', 'sub st i circumcision')]
RH18540314-V05-08-page2.txt: [('scruplesparticularly', 'scruples particularly')]
RH18540321-V05-09-page1.txt: [('intheperdaredtobewhollyataneud', 'in the per dared to be wholly at ane u d')]
RH18540411-V05-12-page7.txt: [('shewillcontinuetotrampleunderfootthelawof', 'she will continue to trample underfoot the law of')]
RH18540418-V05-13-page2.txt: [('delivchronological', 'del iv chronological')]
RH18540426-V05-14-page2.txt: [('publicaimmortality', 'public a immortality')]
RH18540426-V05-14-page8.txt: [('TheyturnthepurewordofGodupside', 'They turn the pure word of God upside'), ('shallbeabletoremainintheWestsixSabbathsafter', 'shall be able to remain in the West six Sabbaths after'), ('oftheRussiansontherightbankoftheriveraretobeawait', 'of the Russians on the right bank of the river are to be await'), ('ThePostOfficeaddressofBro', 'The Post Office address of Bro')]
RH18540502-V05-15-page1.txt: [('Creatorcouldkeepit', 'Creator could keep it'), ('Godneverrequiredany', 'God never required any')]
RH18540516-V05-17-page2.txt: [('probationaevermore', 'probation a evermore')]
RH18540704-V05-22-page4.txt: [('missrepresentations', 'miss representations')]
RH18540704-V05-22-page7.txt: [('Wisconcircumstances', 'Wisc on circumstances')]
RH18540711-V05-23-page7.txt: [('differentrepresentations', 'different representations')]
RH18540718-V05-24-page4.txt: [('fabillipuwepiiitle', 'f a b i l l i p u w e p i i i t l e')]
RH18540725-V05-25-page6.txt: [('Corinthianbrethren', 'Corinthian brethren')]
RH18540801-V05-26-page1.txt: [('calculatedofthemselves', 'calculated of themselves'), ('tomakeerroneousimpressions', 'to make erroneous impressions')]
RH18541010-V06-09-page4.txt: [('commandmentbreakers', 'commandment breakers')]
RH18541010-V06-09-page6.txt: [('commandindependent', 'command independent')]
RH18541010-V06-09-page8.txt: [('andoverhismarkandoverthenumberofhisname', 'and over his mark and over the number of his name')]
RH18541107-V06-13-page1.txt: [('WAIIcommunications', 'W A I I c o m m u n i c a t i o n s')]
RH18541121-V06-15-page7.txt: [('notwithstandinginto', 'notwithstanding into')]
RH18541121-V06-15-page8.txt: [('withoutsinuntosalvation', 'without sin unto salvation'), ('tobeadmiredinallhis', 'to be admired in all his')]
RH18541205-V06-16-page1.txt: [('Alloominunications', 'A l loom in uni cations')]
RH18541219-V06-18-page3.txt: [('declaraimmortality', 'decl ara immortality')]
RH18550109-V06-20-page2.txt: [('saydisfellowshiping', 'say disfellowship ing')]
RH18550109-V06-20-page6.txt: [('ssfullyresistthedragonwhenhe', 's s fully resist the dragon when he')]
RH18550123-V06-21-page1.txt: [('MAlloommunications', 'M A l l o o m m u n i c a t i o n s')]
RH18550123-V06-21-page7.txt: [('commandrequirement', 'command requirement')]
RH18550123-V06-21-page8.txt: [('thatwemayfeelforothersandbewherewecanexertan', 'that we may feel for others and be where we can exert an'), ('andloveoftheworldovercomeandbepureinheart', 'and love of the world overcome and be pure in heart')]
RH18550206-V06-22-page8.txt: [('acquaintworshiping', 'acquaint worshiping')]
RH18550220-V06-23-page3.txt: [('Methodistininisterpresent', 'Methodist in in is ter present')]
RH18550220-V06-23-page6.txt: [('himselrexclusively', 'hims el rex c l us iv ely')]
RH18550220-V06-23-page8.txt: [('particularlyhereafter', 'particularly hereafter')]
RH18550403-V06-26-page7.txt: [('condiscouragements', 'con discouragements')]
RH18550417-V06-27-page1.txt: [('armicommunications', 'arm i communications')]
RH18550417-V06-27-page5.txt: [('celestialphenomenon', 'celestial phenomenon')]
RH18550417-V06-27-page6.txt: [('comprecircumcision', 'comp rec ir cum cis ion')]
RH18550501-V06-28-page8.txt: [('Ibelievethatwearenowinthepatientwaiting', 'I believe that we are now in the patient waiting')]
RH18550515-V06-29-page2.txt: [('ourselvesthoroughdo', 'ourselves thorough do')]
RH18550515-V06-29-page6.txt: [('commandcommandment', 'command commandment')]
RH18550515-V06-29-page7.txt: [('commandcommandments', 'command commandments')]
RH18550515-V06-29-page8.txt: [('oftheReignofChristonEarth', 'of the Reign of Christ on Earth'), ('andallaboutmethatkeptanyday', 'and all about me that kept any day')]
RH18550529-V06-30-page8.txt: [('Weoftenmeetwithvileopposersandtheytellus', 'We often meet with vile opposers and they tell us'), ('Ihavebeenreceivingthe', 'I have been receiving the')]
RH18550612-V06-31-page7.txt: [('commandcommandment', 'command commandment')]
RH18550710-V07-01-page5.txt: [('irrepressitroduced', 'ir repress it rod u c e d')]
RH18550724-V07-02-page3.txt: [('righteousscepcrvelling', 'righteous s c e p c r v e l l i n g')]
RH18550807-V07-03-page3.txt: [('displeassuperiority', 'dis pleas superiority')]
RH18550807-V07-03-page8.txt: [('commandmenttionalists', 'commandment t i o n a l i s t s')]
RH18550821-V07-04-page7.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers'), ('WehavepassedthroughIannytrialshere', 'We have passed through I ann y trials here')]
RH18550918-V07-06-page6.txt: [('Cwheriisitwearheismo', 'C whe r i i s i t w e a r h e i s m o')]
RH18550918-V07-06-page8.txt: [('sohumbleandsoprayerfully', 'so humble and so prayerfully')]
RH18551204-V07-10-page6.txt: [('lifesscsresponsibilities', 'life s s c s responsibilities')]
RH18551211-V07-11-page4.txt: [('writingrpublishing', 'writing r p u b l i s h i n g')]
RH18551211-V07-11-page5.txt: [('ConditioncitidAiSfuture', 'Condition c it idA iS future')]
RH18551227-V07-13-page1.txt: [('isDOLLARMRAVOLUMEOA', 'is DOLLAR MR A VOLUME O A'), ('Therighteouswillhave', 'The righteous will have'), ('willmakeaquotationfromEusebius', 'will make a quotation from Eusebius')]
RH18560103-V07-14-page1.txt: [('furtherbearingandextent', 'further bearing and extent'), ('andinthewildernesswatersweretobreakout', 'and in the wilderness waters were to break out')]
RH18560103-V07-14-page6.txt: [('treasreasenableand', 'treas rea s enable and')]
RH18560110-V07-15-page4.txt: [('sentencecontaining', 'sentence containing')]
RH18560110-V07-15-page8.txt: [('astomakethemcapableofrenderingespecialIsriroLet', 'as to make them capable of rendering especial I sri r o L e t')]
RH18560117-V07-16-page6.txt: [('heavenlymindedness', 'heavenly mindedness'), ('Whatfellowshiphaveyou', 'What fellowship have you')]
RH18560124-V07-17-page2.txt: [('eMblematicalorallusive', 'e M b l e m a t i c a l o r a l l u s i v e')]
RH18560124-V07-17-page4.txt: [('latingelesecrating', 'la tinge le sec rating')]
RH18560131-V07-18-page1.txt: [('threeyearsafterthebirthof', 'three years after the birth of')]
RH18560207-V07-19-page1.txt: [('wehaveatraditionthattheearthistowaxoldlike', 'we have a tradition that the earth is to wax old like')]
RH18560214-V07-20-page7.txt: [('constitumoralities', 'con st i tumor ali ties')]
RH18560221-V07-21-page1.txt: [('Ialsohavesomeauthors', 'I also have some authors'), ('fromwhosewritingsI', 'from whose writings I')]
RH18560306-V07-23-page5.txt: [('millennialistshave', 'millennia lists have')]
RH18560320-V07-25-page6.txt: [('fullyanticipatedhappiness', 'fully anticipated happiness')]
RH18560327-V07-26-page1.txt: [('Butheansweredandsaiduntothem', 'But he answered and said unto them'), ('andwhereisthereanylawforkeepingSunthe', 'and where is there any law for keeping Sun the')]
RH18560327-V07-26-page6.txt: [('neversawthepeoplesostirredupbeforeinBowne', 'never saw the people so stirred up before in B own e'), ('Othersareanxioustoreadthe', 'Others are anxious to read the')]
RH18560424-V08-02-page3.txt: [('thoughtcongregation', 'thought congregation')]
RH18560424-V08-02-page4.txt: [('commandaccomplishment', 'command accomplishment')]
RH18560424-V08-02-page8.txt: [('treatcommunications', 'treat communications'), ('scripturalsmannersbutmot', 'scriptural s manners but mot')]
RH18560508-V08-04-page6.txt: [('remembrancethatstupendouswork', 'remembrance that stupendous work'), ('Christiansknewnothingosftuhbisstitu', 'Christians knew nothing o s f t u h b i s s t i t u')]
RH18560508-V08-04-page7.txt: [('anticistrengthened', 'antic i strengthened')]
RH18560515-V08-05-page1.txt: [('investigatingscriptore', 'investigating scrip tore')]
RH18560529-V08-06-page4.txt: [('TheYmayhavekindredgfirSpetheiroVenchildi', 'TheY may have kindred g f i r S p e t h e i r o V e n c h i l d i')]
RH18560529-V08-06-page8.txt: [('sellecwtiornsnoTalyuretnsa', 's el le cwt i or n s n o T a l y u r e t n s a'), ('noacinengtsroeuanadhs', 'no a c in eng t s r o e u a n a d h s'), ('presentremittairce', 'present rem itta ir c e'), ('thewiImkemdosrptiarlii', 'thew i Im k e m d o s r p t i a r l i i')]
RH18560612-V08-07-page4.txt: [('thedensandrocksofthemounanadins', 'the dens and rocks of them o una n a d i n s'), ('WasitsointhedaysofChrist', 'Was it so in the days of Christ'), ('noneedofaresurrection', 'no need of a resurrection')]
RH18560612-V08-07-page5.txt: [('inconsistenpopulation', 'in consist en population')]
RH18560612-V08-07-page6.txt: [('Vierinhisglorycame', 'Vier in his glory came')]
RH18560619-V08-08-page7.txt: [('Whatevermaybethrowninourway', 'Whatever may be thrown in our way')]
RH18560619-V08-08-page8.txt: [('uniformcomingofTitus', 'uniform coming of Titus'), ('Theirprayersandexhortationswere', 'Their prayers and exhortations were'), ('igiaonedorcoefflotnitititinosm', 'i gia one dor c o eff lot nit it it i nos m')]
RH18560626-V08-09-page4.txt: [('ofyrophecyfulfilled', 'of y r o p h e c y f u l f i l l e d')]
RH18560626-V08-09-page8.txt: [('tinlyPterdewhodbieftiviii', 'tin l y P ter dew hod b i eft i viii'), ('andfatniltilerotion', 'and fat nil tile rot ion'), ('imatquaintectivith', 'im at quaint e c t i v i t h'), ('thoroughlytinailer', 'thoroughly tin ail er')]
RH18560703-V08-10-page1.txt: [('andthatperfectionofhumannattue', 'and that perfection of human nat tue'), ('Godthanthewisdomofanepicure', 'God than the wisdom of an epicure')]
RH18560703-V08-10-page4.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18560703-V08-10-page8.txt: [('thatyourapeointment', 'that you rape ointment'), ('SpiritManifestations', 'Spirit Manifestations'), ('Lagnaldefaoptiiiminos', 'Lag n a l d e f a o p t i i i m i n o s'), ('gosatprpooeinptomsietinoto', 'go sat p r p o o e i n p t o m s i e t i n o t o'), ('apubelicovtifornshoT', 'a pub eli c o v t i f o r n s h o T')]
RH18560710-V08-11-page5.txt: [('wellsatisfiedwithhismoralattainments', 'well satisfied with his moral attainments'), ('waythecomingoftheLord', 'way the coming of the Lord'), ('riesoftheirparentsas', 'rie s of their parents as'), ('beingaspreciousastheir', 'being as precious as their')]
RH18560710-V08-11-page6.txt: [('Inthecloseofthislengthyarticlewewillnotice', 'In the close of this lengthy article we will notice')]
RH18560724-V08-12-page1.txt: [('rimitirttlionotoon', 'rim it ir t t l i o n o t o o n')]
RH18560731-V08-13-page1.txt: [('thatbecauseitissuchacareasonlybecomesheathens', 'that because it is such a care as only becomes heathens'), ('TherichthanintheGospelwasaruler', 'The rich than in the Gospel was a ruler')]
RH18560807-V08-14-page6.txt: [('Stephensuccessfully', 'Stephen successfully')]
RH18560814-V08-15-page3.txt: [('notwithstandscoffers', 'not withstand scoffers')]
RH18560814-V08-15-page4.txt: [('Commandmentkeepers', 'Commandment keepers')]
RH18560821-V08-16-page4.txt: [('whatproportiohtheSanctuarywasthusdivided', 'what pro port i oh the Sanctuary was thus divided')]
RH18560828-V08-17-page1.txt: [('ThatthekingdomreferredtoinDan', 'That the kingdom referred to in Dan'), ('AndtheScripturesasclearly', 'And the Scriptures as clearly')]
RH18560828-V08-17-page3.txt: [('Theyshouldprayinthemorning', 'They should pray in the morning')]
RH18560828-V08-17-page6.txt: [('Icommencedsearching', 'I commenced searching')]
RH18560904-V08-18-page8.txt: [('foldiOdilibisrionintoineilatOthing', 'fold i O di lib is rion into in e i l a t O t h i n g')]
RH18560918-V08-20-page2.txt: [('neverendingkingdomovthereotherportion', 'never ending kingdom o v there other portion'), ('thaytoaurehhasteni', 'tha y to a ur e h h a s t e n i')]
RH18560918-V08-20-page3.txt: [('considerinterested', 'consider interested')]
RH18560925-V08-21-page1.txt: [('Thefirstreasongiven', 'The first reason given'), ('thatChristroseftom', 'that Chr i str o s eft o m')]
RH18561002-V08-22-page3.txt: [('mayexcludethelightoftheverysun', 'may exclude the light of the very sun'), ('Andwhatwewishfromhim', 'And what we wish from him')]
RH18561009-V08-23-page4.txt: [('theLordfailintheaccomplishmentofLETTERS', 'the Lord fail in the accomplishment of LETTERS')]
RH18561016-V08-24-page4.txt: [('ButatturnhtouvyeonuoIt', 'But at turn h tou v ye on u o I t'), ('etilaSumtyurniaunivtues', 'et ila Sum ty urn i a uni v tues'), ('Whydedicatedtothemonly', 'Why dedicated to them only'), ('swerestiedtogetler', 's were s tied to get l er'), ('aswellastothesevenchurchesinAsia', 'as well as to the seven churches in Asia'), ('whoslewtheprophetsof', 'who slew the prophets of'), ('figurecouldnothavebeenusedtodenotethePapal', 'figure could not have been used to denote the Papal'), ('tirllauliavtioLten', 't i r l l a u l i a v t i o L t e n')]
RH18561016-V08-24-page8.txt: [('PROVIDENCEpermitting', 'PROVIDENCE permitting')]
RH18561023-V08-25-page1.txt: [('IIEDALDshouldheaddressedtoURIAIISMITH', 'II ED ALD should he addressed to URI A II SMITH')]
RH18561030-V08-26-page8.txt: [('TolibeaSeeaobbaantdh', 'To l i be a See a o b b a ant d h')]
RH18561106-V09-01-page2.txt: [('Howthankfulenweousibonld', 'How thankful en we o us i bon l d')]
RH18561120-V09-03-page3.txt: [('Constantinosuperficial', 'Constant in o superficial')]
RH18561127-V09-04-page1.txt: [('perhapsthouhaltdoneinallthydays', 'perhaps thou halt done in all thy days'), ('canhegivewateralso', 'can he give water also')]
RH18561127-V09-04-page5.txt: [('beinconsistentwith', 'be inconsistent with')]
RH18561204-V09-05-page3.txt: [('pointedouttheduties', 'pointed out the duties'), ('Proayfetrhsedisciples', 'Pro a y fe t r h s e d i s c i p l e s'), ('allowtheconsideration', 'allow the consideration')]
RH18561211-V09-06-page1.txt: [('mightnotbelaidaside', 'might not be laid aside'), ('byrevengeyoushouldovercomeyourenemy', 'by revenge you should overcome your enemy')]
RH18561211-V09-06-page8.txt: [('ToCOrrOSIKOldelltS', 'To C Orr O S I K O l d e l l t S')]
RH18561218-V09-07-page1.txt: [('PublishinICommittee', 'Publish in I Committee')]
RH18561218-V09-07-page5.txt: [('gavenoticethatIcouldhavethehousenolonger', 'gave notice that I could have the house no longer'), ('namesandunscriptural', 'names and unscriptural'), ('yourfathertheDevil', 'your father the Devil')]
RH18561218-V09-07-page7.txt: [('commendathoughtlessnesS', 'commend a thoughtless n e s S')]
RH18561225-V09-08-page6.txt: [('Whenbytemptationsorelytried', 'When by temptation sorely tried')]
RH18570101-V09-09-page5.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18570115-V09-11-page3.txt: [('meanmanifestations', 'mean manifestations'), ('constrainappropriate', 'constrain appropriate')]
RH18570129-V09-13-page4.txt: [('investigativejudgment', 'investigative judgment')]
RH18570129-V09-13-page6.txt: [('totheresurrectionofthejust', 'to the resurrection of the just'), ('thelittlefewhereinNorfolk', 'the little few here in Norfolk')]
RH18570219-V09-16-page4.txt: [('andtobelookingforthekingdompromisedtothe', 'and to be looking for the kingdom promised to the'), ('Whatthiswritersaysis', 'What this writer says is')]
RH18570219-V09-16-page6.txt: [('Asweneartheclosingscene', 'As we near the closing scene'), ('Ifeelzealoustorebelieve', 'I feel zealous tore believe')]
RH18570226-V09-17-page1.txt: [('withouttheaidofadirectrevelation', 'without the aid of a direct revelation'), ('supersedeorsetaside', 'supersede or set aside')]
RH18570305-V09-18-page6.txt: [('iihitersiaaeaatctbat', 'ii hi ter sia a e a a t c t b a t')]
RH18570326-V09-21-page3.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18570402-V09-22-page1.txt: [('thereforecannotdoviolencetothatwordoftruth', 'therefore cannot do violence to that word of truth'), ('methinksweneednotgo', 'methinks we need not go')]
RH18570402-V09-22-page6.txt: [('properdischargeofthesacreddutiesofthisholyday', 'proper discharge of the sacred duties of this holyday'), ('thatwemaytobmeeretadyLtohrdeahtis', 'that we may tob me ere tad y L to h r d e a h t i s')]
RH18570409-V09-23-page4.txt: [('altoanddisetitnergnuais', 'alto and di set it ner gnu a is')]
RH18570507-V10-01-page1.txt: [('reallythoughttheywereobeyingGod', 'really thought they were obeying God'), ('concededthatthetrueSabbath', 'conceded that the true Sabbath'), ('waslostduringthesojourn', 'was lost during the sojourn')]
RH18570521-V10-03-page1.txt: [('giftsuntoyourchildren', 'gifts unto your children')]
RH18570521-V10-03-page2.txt: [('indestructibleness', 'indestructible ness')]
RH18570528-V10-04-page4.txt: [('ifehtheeldiredsoufalsr', 'i fe h the eld i red so ufa ls r'), ('thIesawittahaeasoaufls', 't h I e s a w i t t a h a e a s o a u f l s'), ('smsywanteaochaintghaoraopuagah', 's ms y wan tea och a int g h a o r a o p u a g a h')]
RH18570611-V10-06-page2.txt: [('bethedistinguishing', 'be the distinguishing')]
RH18570611-V10-06-page4.txt: [('Variousideasareintroduced', 'Various ideas are introduced')]
RH18570618-V10-07-page1.txt: [('whyheshouldlabortobethefirstmathematician', 'why he should labor to be the first mathematician'), ('whydowerunawayfromitat', 'why do we runaway from it at')]
RH18570618-V10-07-page2.txt: [('heavenlymindedness', 'heavenly mindedness')]
RH18570618-V10-07-page4.txt: [('lastmanifestatious', 'last manifest at i o us')]
RH18570625-V10-08-page1.txt: [('Andshebroughtforthaman', 'And she brought forth a man')]
RH18570625-V10-08-page3.txt: [('increasedmacotrievity', 'increased mac ot rie vi ty'), ('aigyaotliuomesWhich', 'ai g y a o t l i u o m e s W h i c h'), ('creationTohfeserol', 'creation To h fe ser o l')]
RH18570702-V10-09-page4.txt: [('friranslamoniously', 'fri ran slam on i o us l y')]
RH18570709-V10-10-page1.txt: [('WiEGIIIIIBBIEIMBIL', 'W i E G I I I I I B B I E I M B I L')]
RH18570716-V10-11-page3.txt: [('sufficientlysignificant', 'sufficiently significant')]
RH18570716-V10-11-page4.txt: [('coonescienqauesncueis', 'c o one sci en q a u e s n c u e i s'), ('theviewweentertain', 'the view we entertain'), ('everyreaderwillofcourseresolve', 'every reader will of course resolve'), ('peodliaviedbeotnbtehtewSeaeibi', 'pe o dl i a vied be ot n b t e h t e w S e a e i b i'), ('whomwerecommittedthe', 'whom were committed the')]
RH18570716-V10-11-page5.txt: [('prophethresLdordsisteOrthers', 'prophet h res L dor d s i s t e O r t h e r s')]
RH18570723-V10-12-page1.txt: [('quotefromnotedandwell', 'quote from noted and well')]
RH18570723-V10-12-page4.txt: [('cheosseenneesyammrhliesassiefr', 'c he o s seen n e e s y a m m r h l i e s a s s i e f r'), ('interpretatioonnwhich', 'interpret at i o on n w h i c h')]
RH18570806-V10-14-page3.txt: [('approximaimproving', 'app rox im a improving')]
RH18570806-V10-14-page6.txt: [('Andbeingsomewhatacquaintedwiththe', 'And being somewhat acquainted with the'), ('warmupmyheartwiththylove', 'warm up my heart with thy love')]
RH18570813-V10-15-page2.txt: [('inferenccovetousness', 'infer enc covetousness')]
RH18570820-V10-16-page1.txt: [('religestablishments', 'rel i gest abl is h men t s'), ('considerthemselves', 'consider themselves')]
RH18570820-V10-16-page4.txt: [('governmentissymbolized', 'government is symbolized')]
RH18570827-V10-17-page1.txt: [('commencconsideration', 'com men c consideration')]
RH18570903-V10-18-page2.txt: [('stoheatinaitlialtempt', 's to heat in a it l i a l tempt'), ('AperairlsandTObaettottre', 'A per air ls and TO b aet tot t r e'), ('Andinaveryfewweeksthey', 'And in a very few weeks they'), ('Octocannotcommenceuntiltheappearanceofthenewfruitsoftheland', 'Oct o cannot commence until the appearance of the new fruits of the land'), ('andthatthetenthdayoftheseventhmonth', 'and that the tenth day of the seventh month')]
RH18570903-V10-18-page8.txt: [('evaLhriLeirpatpistohe', 'eva L h r i L e i r p a t p i s t o h e'), ('IllyisrteheeiVptoclmyrelili', 'Ill y is rte he e i V p t o c l m y r e l i l i')]
RH18570917-V10-20-page1.txt: [('SoJohnWesleyrenders', 'So John Wesley renders'), ('whowascondemnedtothe', 'who was condemned to the'), ('anothertircumstance', 'a not h ert ir cum stance')]
RH18570924-V10-21-page1.txt: [('structionofJerusalem', 'st ruction of Jerusalem')]
RH18571001-V10-22-page1.txt: [('Germanmissionaties', 'German mission a ties')]
RH18571008-V10-23-page4.txt: [('thinkyouofthecounsel', 'think you of the counsel'), ('Youhavedoubtlessmany', 'You have doubtless many')]
RH18571015-V10-24-page1.txt: [('whichyouareunwillingtogiveup', 'which you are unwilling to give up')]
RH18571015-V10-24-page8.txt: [('considersbliexpense', 'considers b l i expense'), ('Tensporatniileunialla', 'Tens p or at n i i l e u n i a l l a'), ('especiaccomplished', 'esp e c i a c c o m p l i s h e d')]
RH18571112-V11-01-page1.txt: [('andheshalldestroythesinnersthereofoutofit', 'and he shall destroy the sinners there of out of it'), ('Nowtheirprayersandstrongcriesgo', 'Now their prayers and strong cries go'), ('ARVANOEFORAVOLUMEor', 'AR V A NOE FOR A VOLUME or')]
RH18571112-V11-01-page4.txt: [('Commandmentkeeping', 'Commandment keeping')]
RH18571119-V11-02-page4.txt: [('gagirstZlaabibizgsh', 'gag ir st Z l a a b i b i z g s h')]
RH18571126-V11-03-page6.txt: [('spiritualadulterers', 'spiritual adulterers')]
RH18571203-V11-04-page1.txt: [('didevilinthesightoftheLord', 'did evil in the sight of the Lord')]
RH18571203-V11-04-page8.txt: [('theywanderedaboutinsheep', 'they wandered about in sheep'), ('andembracenearlyall', 'and embrace nearly all')]
RH18571210-V11-05-page2.txt: [('worldlywindednessgradm', 'worldly winded ness grad m')]
RH18571217-V11-06-page1.txt: [('PsalmistwecancalltheLaw', 'Psalmist we can call the Law'), ('reasonthatGodrestedupontheseventhandlast', 'reason that God rested upon the seventh and last')]
RH18571217-V11-06-page5.txt: [('posifortifications', 'pos i fortifications')]
RH18571217-V11-06-page8.txt: [('Wildlyythoengorrpilestzebarlgt', 'Wildly y tho eng orr pi lest z e b a r l g t')]
RH18571231-V11-08-page1.txt: [('thesamespiritismanifestedin', 'the same spirit is manifested in'), ('brokentheeverlastingcovenant', 'broken the everlasting covenant'), ('thereforetheinhabitants', 'therefore the inhabitants')]
RH18580107-V11-09-page1.txt: [('generalresurrection', 'general resurrection')]
RH18580114-V11-10-page3.txt: [('therecongratulated', 'there congratulated')]
RH18580121-V11-11-page1.txt: [('conlythewatchnightisstillobserved', 'c only the watch night is still observed'), ('hewedandpolishedbythe', 'hewed and polished by the')]
RH18580121-V11-11-page2.txt: [('lampcensortousnesg', 'lamp censor to us n e s g')]
RH18580121-V11-11-page6.txt: [('HasthepromiseoftheLordeverfailed', 'Has the promise of the Lord ever failed'), ('whomhavingnotseenwelove', 'whom having not seen we love')]
RH18580121-V11-11-page8.txt: [('BlessedbetheGodandFatherofourLordJesus', 'Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus'), ('WesendyourquestionstoBro', 'We send your questions to Bro')]
RH18580204-V11-13-page1.txt: [('anniversadisciples', 'ann i versa disciples')]
RH18580204-V11-13-page6.txt: [('sonandweredeterminedtowalkinallthecommandments', 'son and were determined to walk in all the commandments')]
RH18580211-V11-14-page3.txt: [('whichisfiltbylethimbe', 'which is f i l t b y l e t h i m b e')]
RH18580318-V11-18-page1.txt: [('excuseforspiritualpoverty', 'excuse for spiritual poverty'), ('wewouldthereforecontemplatetwoofthefruits', 'we would therefore contemplate two of the fruits')]
RH18580408-V11-21-page1.txt: [('themthatdiligentlyseekhim', 'them that diligently seek him'), ('whichpretendstobesuch', 'which pretends to be such'), ('atallprefiguresthat', 'at all prefigures that')]
RH18580422-V11-23-page1.txt: [('whichgivethusthevictory', 'which give thus the victory'), ('ganizationofAbraham', 'gan i z a t i o n o f A b r a h a m')]
RH18580422-V11-23-page3.txt: [('Republicansprounder', 'Republicans pro under')]
RH18580429-V11-24-page1.txt: [('TimechurchofGodinclose', 'Time church of God inclose')]
RH18580429-V11-24-page2.txt: [('ShouldyouhappenuponFootewhoarecalled', 'Should you happen upon Foote who are called'), ('toCaesarthethingswhichareCie', 'to Caesar the things which are C i e')]
RH18580429-V11-24-page3.txt: [('represenunderstood', 'rep res en understood')]
RH18580429-V11-24-page7.txt: [('retlArallaidusaita', 'ret l Aral laid us a it a'), ('therewasestablished', 'there was established'), ('anyspecialinterest', 'any special interest'), ('thatitcannotagreewith', 'that it cannot agree with')]
RH18580429-V11-24-page8.txt: [('wouldhaveresultedinatimeoftroublesuchasnever', 'would have resulted in a time of trouble such as never')]
RH18580506-V11-25-page8.txt: [('pleasingacquaintance', 'pleasing acquaintance')]
RH18580520-V12-01-page3.txt: [('extraordinapretations', 'extra ord in a pret at ions')]
RH18580527-V12-02-page4.txt: [('isthemarkofthebeast', 'is the mark of the beast'), ('accommandmentsofGod', 'a c commandments of God'), ('toseewhereintheydiffer', 'to see wherein they differ'), ('intheearththememory', 'in the earth the memory')]
RH18580610-V12-04-page5.txt: [('explanationofthedisappointment', 'explanation of the disappointment')]
RH18580617-V12-05-page2.txt: [('impendingjudghensioil', 'impending judg hens i oil')]
RH18580617-V12-05-page7.txt: [('atliiadattheeufanr', 'at lii a dat thee ufa n r'), ('havingbeeninverypoorhealth', 'having been in very poor health'), ('andsuchadespending', 'and such a de spending')]
RH18580701-V12-07-page6.txt: [('Infutureyearsontheearth', 'In future years on the earth'), ('inpreachingtheWord', 'in preaching the Word'), ('andwefeeltothanktheLord', 'and we feel to thank the Lord')]
RH18580708-V12-08-page8.txt: [('orsmakelightofthecross', 'or s make light of the cross'), ('puretestimonycriesout', 'pure testimony cries out'), ('forthesamereasonthatitavoidstreatingthemodeof', 'for the same reason that it avoids treating the mode of')]
RH18580715-V12-09-page2.txt: [('generaexterminated', 'genera exterminated')]
RH18580722-V12-10-page1.txt: [('prophandthenameoftheemperorofthewest', 'prop hand the name of the emperor of the west'), ('itwassmittenfromthehandsofthosewhowould', 'it was smitten from the hands of those who would')]
RH18580722-V12-10-page5.txt: [('patshsredeofofestotothe', 'pats h s rede of of esto to the')]
RH18580729-V12-11-page3.txt: [('Christterpretation', 'Christ ter pret at ion')]
RH18580729-V12-11-page6.txt: [('stiinitscattitreit', 'st i in it scat titre it')]
RH18580902-V12-16-page1.txt: [('manmaybesincereinthebeliefoferror', 'man may be sincere in the belief of error'), ('hewithhisaudiencewaswroughtupinto', 'he with his audience was wrought up into')]
RH18580902-V12-16-page2.txt: [('thathighreligiouseinotions', 'that high religio use i notions')]
RH18580902-V12-16-page8.txt: [('pfatpieinrecowviat', 'p fat pie in rec o w v i a t')]
RH18580909-V12-17-page6.txt: [('stillflowingpureandfree', 'still flowing pure and free'), ('perildsofathieslas', 'peril d s o f a t h i e s l a s'), ('Wheretheanthemsblendinharmonyamongthathap', 'Where the anthems blend in harmony among that hap'), ('forarealizingsenseof', 'for a realizing sense of')]
RH18580923-V12-18-page1.txt: [('commemoratinghissufferingswebecome', 'commemorating his sufferings we become')]
RH18581014-V12-21-page1.txt: [('Inspiteoftrywaywardnesskeepitstill', 'In spite of try waywardness keep it still')]
RH18581014-V12-21-page4.txt: [('deliberatePerjeree', 'deliberate Per j ere e')]
RH18581021-V12-22-page1.txt: [('impossibletocounteract', 'impossible to counteract'), ('HowoftenhaveIheard', 'How often have I heard'), ('fromthesphereofthetemptation', 'from the sphere of the temptation'), ('andweretheprincipalobjects', 'and were the principal objects')]
RH18581028-V12-23-page1.txt: [('steppingoccasionally', 'stepping occasionally')]
RH18581028-V12-23-page4.txt: [('hanedwasstonedbecausehe', 'han ed was stoned because he')]
RH18581028-V12-23-page8.txt: [('consideradifferences', 'consider a differences')]
RH18581104-V12-24-page1.txt: [('completepeculiarly', 'complete peculiarly')]
RH18581104-V12-24-page6.txt: [('andhowmuchoftheworld', 'and how much of the world'), ('andthenumberofhisname', 'and the number of his name')]
RH18581104-V12-24-page7.txt: [('Revelatordestruction', 'Revelator destruction')]
RH18581125-V13-01-page5.txt: [('heusesthislanguage', 'he uses this language'), ('itastheydomanyotherscriptures', 'it as they do many other scriptures'), ('aisidlornuentsjibi', 'ai sid lorn u e n t s j i b i')]
RH18581202-V13-02-page1.txt: [('teiliterefittlIrelnin', 'teil it ere fit t l I r e l n i n')]
RH18581202-V13-02-page2.txt: [('reprovdistinguishing', 'repro v distinguishing')]
RH18581209-V13-03-page1.txt: [('leotajwirtioations', 'le ot a j w i r t i o a t i o n s')]
RH18581209-V13-03-page7.txt: [('proportionableness', 'proportionable ness'), ('goodriegaishouldlhate', 'good rie g a i s h o u l d l h a t e')]
RH18581216-V13-04-page1.txt: [('yeivaysidpeconnitigs', 'ye iva y sid pe conn it i g s')]
RH18581216-V13-04-page2.txt: [('Corrirsianclinentseit', 'Corr ir sian c linen t s e i t'), ('spiritualinstitutions', 'spiritual institutions')]
RH18581216-V13-04-page7.txt: [('cheeringresolutions', 'cheering resolutions')]
RH18581216-V13-04-page8.txt: [('Paulmeetsthisobjectionbyarefer', 'Paul meets this objection by a refer'), ('Therebukingtestimony', 'The rebuking testimony')]
RH18581230-V13-06-page1.txt: [('Aticominunioations', 'At i com in uni oat ions')]
RH18581230-V13-06-page4.txt: [('reasonablainference', 'reason abl a inference')]
RH18590106-V13-07-page4.txt: [('Progressivespiritual', 'Progressive spiritual')]
RH18590106-V13-07-page7.txt: [('theyboughttheysold', 'they bought they sold'), ('IrejoicethatIwaseverledtosee', 'I rejoice that I was ever led to see'), ('bandofeightthatmeettwiceaweek', 'band of eight that meet twice a week'), ('Protestannlethodist', 'Protest ann let ho dist')]
RH18590113-V13-08-page5.txt: [('stlitiealsieblceaacstalIceedmtrhneallIcelaftsiteiilttis', 'st l i tie a ls i e b l c e a a c s t a l I c e e d m t r h n e a l l I c e l a f t s i t e i i l t t i s')]
RH18590127-V13-10-page1.txt: [('Ineverdirectlypreachedagainstthedoctrineof', 'I never directly preached against the doctrine of'), ('adclressedtioURIAli', 'ad c l res s ed t i o U R I A l i')]
RH18590127-V13-10-page8.txt: [('ReviewisitaidioEtfnria', 'Review is it aid i o Et f n r i a'), ('inioneyrceiptedpays', 'in i one y r c e i p t e d p a y s')]
RH18590203-V13-11-page7.txt: [('Babylonishthurahes', 'Babylonish thu rah e s')]
RH18590210-V13-12-page8.txt: [('Adventhelsisacbelbiand', 'Advent he ls is a c bel b i and'), ('Yourpresentremittance', 'Your present remittance')]
RH18590217-V13-13-page3.txt: [('investigatcommittee', 'invest i gat committee')]
RH18590217-V13-13-page6.txt: [('especialrighteousness', 'especial righteousness')]
RH18590217-V13-13-page8.txt: [('SystematicBenevolence', 'Systematic Benevolence')]
RH18590224-V13-14-page3.txt: [('thattherotundityof', 'that the rotundity of')]
RH18590303-V13-15-page2.txt: [('wonunrighteousness', 'won unrighteousness')]
RH18590303-V13-15-page5.txt: [('righteousjudgments', 'righteous judgments')]
RH18590310-V13-16-page1.txt: [('AllthemoralelementsoftheLevitical', 'All the moral elements of the Levitical'), ('disparagingtothelaw', 'disparaging to the law'), ('whichwasthegreatcomcode', 'which was the great com code')]
RH18590317-V13-17-page1.txt: [('Thevoiceofhimthatcriethinthe', 'The voice of him that crieth in the'), ('keninreferencetothegreatmetalicimagewhich', 'ken in reference to the great me tali c image which')]
RH18590317-V13-17-page7.txt: [('asthatmancanreformhis', 'as that man can reform his')]
RH18590331-V13-19-page8.txt: [('tharLsixteenoctavo', 'thar L sixteen octavo')]
RH18590407-V13-20-page1.txt: [('principaloftheSenecaCounty', 'principal of the Seneca County')]
RH18590414-V13-21-page1.txt: [('ReviEwADTDflaaAcpshoald', 'ReviEw AD T D f l a a A c p s h o a l d')]
RH18590421-V13-22-page8.txt: [('oronunoccupiedfloorsinourhouses', 'or on unoccupied floors in our houses'), ('Blankoflifeareheldtoourverylips', 'Blank of life are held to our very lips'), ('Whatweretheopportasl', 'What were the opp ort as l'), ('etsandBuffalosrobeswillbeingooddemand', 'et sand Buffalo s robes will be in good demand'), ('Shallwesorrowandmourn', 'Shall we sorrow and mourn'), ('comrmetnatecIiongia', 'c o mr met nate c I ion gia'), ('truthinOhioduringthecoming', 'truth in Ohio during the coming')]
RH18590428-V13-23-page2.txt: [('histearfutrepentanee', 'his tear fut repent ane e')]
RH18590428-V13-23-page3.txt: [('frequentlyaccompanies', 'frequently accompanies')]
RH18590428-V13-23-page8.txt: [('thetqualifications', 'the t q u a l i f i c a t i o n s')]
RH18590505-V13-24-page2.txt: [('Hartiathenicerties', 'Hart i a the nicer ties')]
RH18590505-V13-24-page3.txt: [('actiyitysandgenerous', 'act i y it y sand generous')]
RH18590505-V13-24-page4.txt: [('unsatisfactorydenial', 'unsatisfactory denial')]
RH18590519-V13-26-page1.txt: [('AlIcorahinninatiens', 'AlI cora h inn in at i ens')]
RH18590519-V13-26-page2.txt: [('everlastblessingsteinporal', 'ever last blessing stein p oral')]
RH18590519-V13-26-page3.txt: [('wasnoacceptancewithGod', 'was no acceptance with God')]
RH18590519-V13-26-page7.txt: [('alItuirighteousness', 'alI tui righteousness')]
RH18590519-V13-26-page8.txt: [('ptinthkifotloviing', 'p tint h kif ot lo vi ing'), ('WorkoutyourownSalvation', 'Work out your own Salvation')]
RH18590526-V14-01-page3.txt: [('aneminentGermandivine', 'an eminent German divine'), ('Asthereforethetaresaregathered', 'As therefore the tares are gathered')]
RH18590609-V14-03-page1.txt: [('easieboasmialeselia', 'e a s i e b o a s m i a l e s e l i a')]
RH18590609-V14-03-page2.txt: [('makeyetlaierswoerld', 'make yet la ier s woe r l d')]
RH18590609-V14-03-page8.txt: [('leiniintedirnotIciemooll', 'le in i in ted ir not I c i emo o l l')]
RH18590616-V14-04-page1.txt: [('areleftarethesaints', 'are left are the saints'), ('wehavealreadyshown', 'we have already shown')]
RH18590616-V14-04-page4.txt: [('ofbeingbigotedanduncharitable', 'of being bigoted and uncharitable')]
RH18590623-V14-05-page2.txt: [('memaesausruerdedthtehewall', 'me mae s a us ru er de d t h t e h e w a l l')]
RH18590623-V14-05-page3.txt: [('brieflyinvestigated', 'briefly investigated')]
RH18590623-V14-05-page4.txt: [('heathcorresponding', 'heath corresponding')]
RH18590623-V14-05-page6.txt: [('Thechurchwasrichwithoutdisplay', 'The church was rich without display'), ('Howfullofhopethepromises', 'How full of hope the promises'), ('wasaidedbyoyurSabbathtracts', 'was aided by o y ur Sabbath tracts')]
RH18590630-V14-06-page5.txt: [('ofthetextwebrought', 'of the text we brought')]
RH18590630-V14-06-page8.txt: [('andNathanFullerofPennsylvania', 'and Nathan Fuller of Pennsylvania'), ('RooseveltConference', 'Roosevelt Conference'), ('andthinkitisjustwhatwillbe', 'and think it is just what will be')]
RH18590707-V14-07-page5.txt: [('eTahrethtiestSosehnriaviellasppathrenbtoetoehserencediof', 'eT ah ret h tie st So s e h n r i a v i e l l a s p p a t h r e n b t o e t o e h s e r e n c e d i o f')]
RH18590714-V14-08-page1.txt: [('periodwereperfectandwalkedwithGodinthe', 'period were perfect and walked with God in the'), ('Theyrestedupontheday', 'They rested upon the day')]
RH18590714-V14-08-page7.txt: [('differentchicuitous', 'different chic u i t o u s')]
RH18590728-V14-10-page6.txt: [('responsibilityThis', 'responsibility This')]
RH18590804-V14-11-page3.txt: [('vernamednthineIndia', 'v er named nth in e I n d i a'), ('burntbyorderoftheauthoritiesintheestab', 'burnt by order of the authorities in thee stab'), ('theSabbathischangedtothefirstdayofthe', 'the Sabbath is changed to the first day of the'), ('weehlijethraPLotetshteamntsselallsowbofil', 'wee h l i j eth r a P L o t e t s h t e a m n t s s e l a l l s o w b o f i l'), ('obpresenttimeanumerousbodyofSabbath', 'o b present time a numerous body of Sabbath'), ('saidtohavefallenfromheaven', 'said to have fallen from heaven'), ('sChristianResearchesinApspi', 's Christian Researches in A ps pi')]
RH18590811-V14-12-page1.txt: [('watlemmaemmenpsrloommesism', 'wat lem mae mme n p s r l o o m m e s i s m')]
RH18590811-V14-12-page5.txt: [('fortheabovementioned', 'for the above mentioned')]
RH18590818-V14-13-page1.txt: [('beenpassedonthatsubject', 'been passed on that subject')]
RH18590908-V14-16-page8.txt: [('butworldlyconsiderationsswayed', 'but worldly considerations swayed'), ('TheCelestialRailroad', 'The Celestial Railroad')]
RH18590915-V14-17-page1.txt: [('inregardtotheuseofmetaphoricallanguagein', 'in regard to the use of metaphorical language in'), ('consciousentranceofthesoulofmanintoblissor', 'conscious entrance of the soul of man into bliss or')]
RH18590922-V14-18-page1.txt: [('fectarenotthereforespokenofasexistinginthe', 'fe c tare not therefore spoken of as existing in the'), ('Inseveralpartsofthisepistle', 'In several parts of this epistle')]
RH18590922-V14-18-page2.txt: [('soulsitwouldseemshutupinacertain', 'souls it would seem shut up in a certain'), ('Sllathedeadariseandpraise', 'S l lathe dead arise and praise')]
RH18590929-V14-19-page5.txt: [('disagreedrespecting', 'disagreed respecting')]
RH18590929-V14-19-page7.txt: [('Congregationcessity', 'Congregation cess it y')]
RH18590929-V14-19-page8.txt: [('specialarrangements', 'special arrangements')]
RH18591013-V14-21-page7.txt: [('pterrisbeucluation', 'p terri s be u c l u a t i o n')]
RH18591020-V14-22-page2.txt: [('fermentaaccordance', 'ferment a accordance')]
RH18591027-V14-23-page1.txt: [('afrequenttopicofdiscourseamongtheapostles', 'a frequent topic of discourse among the apostles'), ('withthelightinwhichtheoraclesofGodset', 'with the light in which the oracles of God set')]
RH18591027-V14-23-page4.txt: [('plumisapprehension', 'plum is apprehension')]
RH18591103-V14-24-page2.txt: [('wecalluponalltostartfromtheirdowny', 'we call upon all to start from their downy'), ('tantslizetheanxiousdiscipleofChrist', 'tan t s l i z e t h e a n x i o u s d i s c i p l e o f C h r i s t')]
RH18591117-V14-26-page4.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers'), ('interestingmeeting', 'interesting meeting')]
RH18591124-V15-01-page1.txt: [('declaringthemSelves', 'declaring themSelves')]
RH18591124-V15-01-page8.txt: [('whichraisesastonishment', 'which raises astonishment'), ('butsoonleavesindarkness', 'but soon leaves in darkness')]
RH18591201-V15-02-page8.txt: [('eTiiranslatnedlgropmanthe', 'eT ii ran slat ned l gro p man the'), ('TheologyAnargument', 'Theology An argument')]
RH18591215-V15-04-page4.txt: [('sentimentsrecentlyadvocated', 'sentiments recently advocated')]
RH18591222-V15-05-page4.txt: [('misunderstandingly', 'misunderstanding l y')]
RH18591222-V15-05-page6.txt: [('tablishedinhisownmind', 'tab lis he din his own mind')]
RH18591229-V15-06-page8.txt: [('Hereagaintheworthlesscornpounds', 'Here again the worthless corn pounds'), ('earlycandlelighting', 'early candlelight ing'), ('endotfirdlltrirvileotTei', 'end ot fir dl l t r i r v i l e o t T e i')]
RH18600105-V15-07-page2.txt: [('intheconversionofothers', 'in the conversion of others')]
RH18600112-V15-08-page2.txt: [('governindifference', 'govern indifference')]
RH18600112-V15-08-page8.txt: [('oneelsewouldharmonizeit', 'one else would harmonize it'), ('brethrenfromShelbyandotherplacesatthismeeting', 'brethren from Shelby and other places at this meeting'), ('thedecisionwillbethatthelawsofthelandshall', 'the decision will be that the laws of the land shall')]
RH18600119-V15-09-page8.txt: [('foundLaeftiituelist', 'found La eft ii tue list')]
RH18600126-V15-10-page1.txt: [('distinguishcumcision', 'distinguish cum cis ion')]
RH18600126-V15-10-page7.txt: [('religiouspublication', 'religious publication')]
RH18600202-V15-11-page8.txt: [('wholesomerestraint', 'wholesome restraint'), ('thlhretatihoernimesitaivaarilaolf', 't h l h r e t a t i h o e r n i m e s i t a i v a a r i l a o l f')]
RH18600209-V15-12-page8.txt: [('Numhmeornoefyfthoer', 'Num h me or noe f y f t h o e r')]
RH18600216-V15-13-page2.txt: [('aAnnydobjectiontobevalidmust', 'a Ann y do b j e c t i o n t o b e v a l i d m u s t')]
RH18600216-V15-13-page4.txt: [('Sanctifythemthrough', 'Sanctify them through')]
RH18600216-V15-13-page5.txt: [('heywereblessedandstrength', 'hey were blessed and strength'), ('listenewditchandor', 'listen ew ditch and or')]
RH18600216-V15-13-page7.txt: [('thisworkasforetertnhaallt', 'this work as for et ert n h a a l l t'), ('reslitfefromschaer', 'res lit fe from sch a er'), ('threesaiyntsesnhlall', 'threes ai y n t s e s n h l a l l')]
RH18600216-V15-13-page8.txt: [('AnExaminationofthePropheciesRelativetotheTime', 'An Examination of the Prophecies Relative to the Time'), ('weetlclicyILavneynodtccollmote', 'we et l c l icy ILa v ney nod t c c o l l m o t e'), ('hyethmeallnaetrbein', 'h yet h me all nae t r b e i n'), ('atuilagasofbetehne', 'a tui lag as of bete h n e')]
RH18600223-V15-14-page4.txt: [('formanyamiletoenwillbe', 'for many a mile to en will be'), ('WhathathGodwrought', 'What hath God wrought'), ('Icannotthiaktwyhouwilldoinheav', 'I cannot t h i a k t w y h o u w i l l d o i n h e a v')]
RH18600223-V15-14-page6.txt: [('consequentpositive', 'consequent positive')]
RH18600301-V15-15-page4.txt: [('threeviewconsciousness', 'three view consciousness')]
RH18600301-V15-15-page5.txt: [('inflammatoryspeech', 'inflammatory speech')]
RH18600301-V15-15-page8.txt: [('lawbythemshouldbebroken', 'law by them should be broken'), ('eDllendAutoBLEarpunoninxt', 'eD l lend Auto B L Ear pun on in x t'), ('SraiebbeaxthohLrfeosoy', 'Sra i ebb e a x t h o h L r f e o s o y'), ('thelirlettersthusaaree', 'the lir letters thus a a ree'), ('neoFtacatosiclorvst', 'n e o F t a c a t o s i c l o r v s t'), ('oisttnloefsfiscespgivani', 'o i st t n l o e f s f i s c e s p g i v a n i')]
RH18600308-V15-16-page1.txt: [('toarrealiOnterntinlagargatansumINEIS', 'to ar real iOn tern tin lag arg at an sum IN E I S')]
RH18600315-V15-17-page4.txt: [('preparationofthepassover', 'preparation of the passover'), ('sofatallyandsoingloriously', 'so fatally and so ingloriously')]
RH18600322-V15-18-page8.txt: [('howeverextendyourpresentremittancetoxvi', 'however extend your present remittance to xvi')]
RH18600329-V15-19-page8.txt: [('isdefinedbyGreenfieldtomean', 'is defined by Greenfield to mean'), ('Ifnotbeforecanhenotbethereatmynext', 'If not before can he not be thereat my next')]
RH18600405-V15-20-page5.txt: [('theselulipspesliverderid', 'these lu lips pes liver de rid')]
RH18600405-V15-20-page8.txt: [('SaiotarncccacndcrhiLasnlLels', 'S ai o tarn c c c a c n d c r h i L a s n l L e l s'), ('peroincetaiaincgen', 'per o in c eta i a in c gen'), ('consistentwithantegtity', 'consistent with ante g t i t y'), ('Havenotangelsmadelongtediousjourneys', 'Have not angels made long tedious journeys'), ('forosaledatthisOffice', 'for o sale dat this Office')]
RH18600412-V15-21-page1.txt: [('narrowingdownthequestiontoitsrealissue', 'narrowing down the question to its real issue')]
RH18600412-V15-21-page4.txt: [('Vastnumbersofpersonsarementionedthere', 'Vast numbers of persons are mentioned there'), ('Andwehaveonlytosaythat', 'And we have only to say that'), ('shorttimeinanaffectionatemanner', 'short time in an affectionate manner'), ('wewishedaalllthosedeareasternbrethrenpresentto', 'we wished a all l those dear eastern brethren present to')]
RH18600412-V15-21-page8.txt: [('fromwhomlettersare', 'from whom letters are'), ('howmustJesusregarduswhoisouronly', 'how must Jesus regard us who is our only'), ('IlIitBmincgelvianneli', 'I l I it B min c gel vi ann eli'), ('rhoenaitriotaheszardrt', 'rho en a it riot a hes z a r d r t')]
RH18600419-V15-22-page2.txt: [('parnotwithstanding', 'par notwithstanding')]
RH18600426-V15-23-page1.txt: [('PASIMeasitliasierammaragerfS', 'P AS I Me as it lias ier am mar a ger f S')]
RH18600503-V15-24-page7.txt: [('tobeaBibleChristianandgothrough', 'to be a Bible Christian and go through'), ('yserleettoetccthaesiwonr', 'y ser leet to etc c tha e s i w o n r')]
RH18600503-V15-24-page8.txt: [('tiellagosofhelletne', 'tie l l ago s of hell et n e'), ('sIffulalulyistdoof', 's If f u l a l u l y i s t d o o f')]
RH18600510-V15-25-page5.txt: [('Increasinglightisdailythrownuponthepathofthe', 'Increasing light is daily thrown upon the path of the'), ('walkingintheirownstrength', 'walking in their own strength'), ('retshtedseventhday', 'rets h ted seventh day'), ('whereforetheLordblessed', 'wherefore the Lord blessed')]
RH18600517-V15-26-page6.txt: [('apeopleunitedinthebondsofpeaceand', 'a people united in the bonds of peace and'), ('gothereandpossessthelandwithout', 'go there and possess the land without')]
RH18600517-V15-26-page8.txt: [('brotherLoughborough', 'brother Loughborough')]
RH18600529-V16-01,02-page1.txt: [('ANOMMININIMMINIMME', 'A NOM MINI NIM MINIM ME')]
RH18600529-V16-01,02-page10.txt: [('strikingillustration', 'striking illustration')]
RH18600529-V16-01,02-page5.txt: [('ascenecloselyconnectedwiththesecondadvent', 'a scene closely connected with the second advent'), ('cantparableofthetaresofthefield', 'cant parable of the tares of the field')]
RH18600529-V16-01,02-page8.txt: [('thronebeingnotinexistence', 'throne being not in existence')]
RH18600529-V16-01,02-page9.txt: [('engsesvienntleacil', 'eng s e s v i e n n t l e a c i l')]
RH18600605-V16-03-page8.txt: [('whohavetogiveawaymany', 'who have to give away many'), ('thatwehavelaboredtobefriendandassist', 'that we have labored to befriend and assist'), ('andreadingmuchintheword', 'and reading much in the word'), ('andbeingmuchinbonertfhe', 'and being much in bon ert f h e'), ('fromthetimesheembracedthethird', 'from the times he embraced the third'), ('PerilsoftheLastDays', 'Perils of the Last Days')]
RH18600612-V16-04-page2.txt: [('Wethereforeconelude', 'We therefore con elude'), ('thearkofhiscovenant', 'the ark of his covenant')]
RH18600612-V16-04-page3.txt: [('hasordainetdobheimjuofdqguicekikII', 'has ordain et do b he im j u o f d q g u i c e k i k I I'), ('HEISMADEALIVEBYBREATH', 'HE IS MADE ALIVE BY BREATH')]
RH18600619-V16-05-page3.txt: [('darknessdispelling', 'darkness dispelling')]
RH18600619-V16-05-page5.txt: [('clintogthriosckthasineonlyandlasthope', 'c lint og t h r i o s c k t h a s i n e o n l y a n d l a s t h o p e'), ('itselfathomewithintimatefriends', 'itself at home with intimate friends')]
RH18600619-V16-05-page7.txt: [('nowquitepleasantandthepeopleturnoutwelland', 'now quite pleasant and the people turnout well and'), ('Spiritguideuseinptoalltrubtuh', 'Spirit guide use in p to all t r u b t u h')]
RH18600619-V16-05-page8.txt: [('raisingapersecution', 'raising a persecution'), ('offeringsstillcomealongintothelittleMissionarytreasury', 'offerings still come along into the little Missionary treasury'), ('andiftheytaketheREVIEWseethatitispaid', 'and if they take the REVIEW see that it is paid'), ('resAcoLuovieloaondr', 'res A c o Lu o vie loa on dr'), ('AnnexetdoeachreceiptitnhefollowingHa', 'Annex et do each receipt it n h e f o l l o w i n g H a'), ('ChurchanotinDarkness', 'Church a not in Darkness')]
RH18600626-V16-06-page4.txt: [('objectionconsciences', 'objection consciences'), ('selfmortifications', 'self mortification s')]
RH18600626-V16-06-page8.txt: [('designedandreadyforgeneralcirculation', 'designed and ready for general circulation'), ('Isometimesfeellonely', 'I sometimes feel lonely'), ('whichwehopewillbeequally', 'which we hope will be equally'), ('onrsoffsatisfactory', 'on r s o f f s a t i s f a c t o r y'), ('reiptiEVAhLeDTIntlmlist', 'rei p tiE V Ah L eD T I n t l m l i s t')]
RH18600703-V16-07-page2.txt: [('dignatiofnthanedirwsirnasth', 'di gnat i of nth ane dir w s i r n a s t h')]
RH18600710-V16-08-page2.txt: [('THEREVIEWANDHERALD', 'THE REVIEW AND HERALD')]
RH18600710-V16-08-page8.txt: [('ChristintheheavenlySanctuary', 'Christ in the heavenly Sanctuary'), ('aondorhitsioasnlgels', 'a on dor hits i o as n l g e l s'), ('EmiliElhaeusthigonrs', 'Emil i El hae us t h i g o n r s')]
RH18600717-V16-09-page5.txt: [('fewhoursordaysofpeace', 'few hours or days of peace'), ('forthosewhohaddegeneratedintothegrossnessof', 'for those who had degenerated into the grossness of'), ('highlyexaltedhimandgivenhimhimanamewhich', 'highly exalted him and given him him a name which')]
RH18600717-V16-09-page8.txt: [('LoatIleprupeomemsms', 'Loa tIle p ru pe o mems ms'), ('Thereisanorganizationordenom', 'There is an organization or denom'), ('brotrelsepssectlivaenpawesor', 'b rot rel sep s sect liv a en p awes or'), ('preseniticeonstitution', 'prese nit ice on st i tut ion'), ('relpatueidlitsohetdhebyDJo', 'rel p a tue i dl its oh et d h e b y D J o'), ('btrieEcyvellfyibjoadnyie', 'b t r i e E c y v e l l f y i b j o a d n y i e')]
RH18600724-V16-10-page4.txt: [('andafewsuchmanufacturersof', 'and a few such manufacturers of'), ('earmedhimdownntheOhio', 'ear med him down nth e O h i o'), ('NecessitycompelledMr', 'Necessity compelled Mr')]
RH18600724-V16-10-page8.txt: [('soknowledairmenuliato', 'so know led air menu l i a to'), ('thatwhateversightsmay', 'that whatever sights may'), ('ceachfortwofriends', 'c each for two friends')]
RH18600731-V16-11-page4.txt: [('Afewthatcameinfromsomemilesoutofthe', 'A few that came in from some miles out of the')]
RH18600731-V16-11-page8.txt: [('PreicieolcOenctesnts', 'P rei c i e o l c O e n c t e s n t s'), ('ehilitemtimeacknowledged', 'ehi l item time acknowledged'), ('caonodrhiivlsuasnlignols', 'c a ono dr hi iv ls u a s n l i g n o l s')]
RH18600807-V16-12-page7.txt: [('inainddefoofrtlyetirkitnhgoduosm', 'in a ind def o o frt l yet irk it n h g o d u o s m'), ('BmaeliyIonmanAdiunitingerintoteodtzthc', 'B mae l i y I on man A di uniting er in tote o d t z t h c'), ('PrayformethatImayovercomethetemptaftbywhthoopsreowfolsiosctaolltrheamostelLesuCshrisTthiaonsliaendofeIesn', 'Pray for me that I may overcome the tempt aft by w h t h o o p s r e o w f o l s i o s c t a o l l t r h e a m o s t e l L e s u C s h r i s T t h i a o n s l i a e n d o f e I e s n')]
RH18600814-V16-13-page8.txt: [('ofthetextsisarecordofthematterbyLuke', 'of the texts is a record of the matter by Luke'), ('iemPmiapoeirtality', 'i e m P m i a p o e i r t a l i t y'), ('sothatourtentisnearlyfilledevery', 'so that our tent is nearly filled every'), ('oieonneteheSParbibceat', 'o i eon net e h e S P a r b i b c e a t'), ('extremetowhichtheyareexposed', 'extreme to which they are exposed'), ('ButwefeelparxMvarisO', 'But we feel par x M v a r i s O'), ('mroTralTitscfTsohelLatglic', 'mr oT r a l T i t s c f T s o h e l L a t g l i c'), ('ChurchnotinDarknessA', 'Church not in Darkness A')]
RH18600821-V16-14-page8.txt: [('chaistlyanigoeulsn', 'c hai st l yan igo e u l s n'), ('hisworkscouldnotthereforecomeupfor', 'his works could not therefore come up for'), ('Nfvehstiicyhaltchi', 'N f v e h s t i i c y h a l t c h i')]
RH18600828-V16-15-page4.txt: [('ichshallnotbefeltonyourfellowcreatures', 'i c h shall not be felt on your fellow creatures'), ('thoroughtoGodandthegreatworktowhichhehascalledus', 'thorough to God and the great work to which he has called us'), ('andfullyconsecratedtoGod', 'and fully consecrated to God')]
RH18600828-V16-15-page5.txt: [('championlMcConnell', 'champion l McConnell')]
RH18600828-V16-15-page6.txt: [('cheerfulliberality', 'cheerful liberality')]
RH18600828-V16-15-page8.txt: [('andaheartobediencetoitmustproduceholinessof', 'and a heart obedience to it must produce holiness of')]
RH18600904-V16-16-page3.txt: [('compassdisappeared', 'compass disappeared')]
RH18600904-V16-16-page6.txt: [('gloomofearthtothosebright', 'gloom of earth to those bright'), ('AsSatanisvigilanttohinderthheemwoisltl', 'As Satan is vigilant to hind ert h he e m w o i s l t l')]
RH18600911-V16-17-page2.txt: [('intotheMediterranean', 'into the Mediterranean')]
RH18600911-V16-17-page3.txt: [('elevenhadcondemned', 'eleven had condemned')]
RH18600911-V16-17-page7.txt: [('attentivecongregation', 'attentive congregation')]
RH18600918-V16-18-page4.txt: [('ordinancespublicly', 'ordinances publicly')]
RH18600918-V16-18-page5.txt: [('renewourdayassofof', 'renew our day ass of of')]
RH18600918-V16-18-page6.txt: [('heareendeavoritnogdoH', 'he are endeavor it nog do H')]
RH18600918-V16-18-page8.txt: [('sAolanssPetpersEborEolumgehr', 's A o l ans s Pet per s E b o r E o l u m g e h r'), ('NCNorothliidoLibsertiyit', 'N C N o r o t h l i i d o L i b s e r t i y i t')]
RH18601002-V16-20-page2.txt: [('miracleferposition', 'miracle fer position'), ('heartsofallthatrepent', 'hearts of all that repent'), ('whenallourwordsand', 'when all our words and')]
RH18601002-V16-20-page3.txt: [('endeavorstomakeourconvictionofthenecessity', 'endeavors to make our conviction of the necessity'), ('astogthlaotrousilibertywhichispreparatoryto', 'as tog t h l a o t r o u s i l i b e r t y w h i c h i s p r e p a r a t o r y t o'), ('andareyouthebetterfor', 'and are you the better for')]
RH18601002-V16-20-page5.txt: [('misrepresentarsons', 'misrepresent ar sons')]
RH18601002-V16-20-page8.txt: [('andthereinhalehealthandgladnessfromitsbracing', 'and there inhale health and gladness from its bracing')]
RH18601009-V16-21-page5.txt: [('Thefirstdayofthewee', 'The first day of the wee'), ('ditoassenttotheOldTestamentaswellasthe', 'di to assent to the Old Testament as well as the')]
RH18601009-V16-21-page6.txt: [('signirighteousness', 'sign i righteousness')]
RH18601009-V16-21-page8.txt: [('withmyexperienceandlaborsforthepastsixteen', 'with my experience and labors for the past sixteen'), ('YoucanobtainSpiritual', 'You can obtain Spiritual'), ('pTositiononfiivlhvett', 'p To sit ion on f i i v l h v e t t'), ('anotheraccompanied', 'another accompanied')]
RH18601016-V16-22-page8.txt: [('theConferenceatMauston', 'the Conference at Mauston'), ('andtheFaithofJesus', 'and the Faith of Jesus'), ('allintheblessedhope', 'all in the blessed hope'), ('Wedesireandexpecttoseea', 'We desire and expect to see a'), ('bellispereilotaenlydcents', 'bell is pere i lot a enl y d c e n t s'), ('TractsontheSabbath', 'Tracts on the Sabbath'), ('NoticeWtohittheeBardethreninIowa', 'No tic eW to hit thee Bard eth renin Iowa'), ('Thisworkisafaithfulreviewofthe', 'This work is a faithful review of the')]
RH18601023-V16-23-page1.txt: [('CorrespondingEditors', 'Corresponding Editors'), ('eastandwestIfindmanypeoplewhoarevery', 'east and west I find many people who are very')]
RH18601023-V16-23-page2.txt: [('periodconstitution', 'period constitution'), ('persokneepigngcothme', 'per so knee p ign g c o t h m e')]
RH18601023-V16-23-page3.txt: [('withoutenolestation', 'without en o le station')]
RH18601023-V16-23-page7.txt: [('Doyoucallhisattentiontothemorningchapter', 'Do you call his attention to the morning chapter')]
RH18601023-V16-23-page8.txt: [('authenticatedfacts', 'authenticated facts'), ('recordedfromthesecondcentury', 'recorded from the second century'), ('sandwouldextendacordialinvitationto', 'sand would extend a cordial invitation to')]
RH18601030-V16-24-page8.txt: [('ineludingSupplementandAdditioncanbehadbyada', 'in eluding Supplement and Addition can be had by ada'), ('thisCronafelrtenecev', 'this C ron a fe l rte n e c e v'), ('BeaseaofotnhelmBeast', 'B ease a of ot n h e l m B e a s t'), ('biCulionftosnamCeob', 'b i C u l i o n f t o s n a m C e o b')]
RH18601106-V16-25-page8.txt: [('ithTohfisjieosoursk', 'it h To h f i s j i e o s o u r s k'), ('Yesterdayninewerebaptized', 'Yesterday nine were baptized'), ('therebeageneralgatheringatthismeeting', 'there be a general gathering at this meeting'), ('PAriocollcotieoantsof', 'P A rio col l c o tie o ants of')]
RH18601113-V16-26-page5.txt: [('continuedservitude', 'continued servitude')]
RH18601113-V16-26-page8.txt: [('ATemporalMillennium', 'A Temporal Millennium'), ('InstitutionoftheSabbath', 'Institution of the Sabbath'), ('HistoricalEvidences', 'Historical Evidences')]
RH18601120-V17-01-page5.txt: [('religiousinstitutions', 'religious institutions'), ('thesecelestialphenomens', 'these celestial phenom ens')]
RH18601120-V17-01-page6.txt: [('Bternallgenerations', 'B tern all generations'), ('amercacitricumsstances', 'amer c a c it r i c u m s s t a n c e s')]
RH18601120-V17-01-page8.txt: [('ireoclxitzdapnadyN', 'ire o c lx it z d a p n a d y N'), ('Probablynotwomenthought', 'Probably not women thought')]
RH18601127-V17-02-page3.txt: [('reasonedofrighteoustern', 'reasoned of righteous tern'), ('toallwhoaretheslaves', 'to all who are the slaves'), ('atanotherhuntinghislife', 'at another hunting his life')]
RH18601127-V17-02-page6.txt: [('ofearthhappinessarestrangerstothesubstantial', 'of earth happiness are strangers to the substantial'), ('althoughIamastranger', 'although I am a stranger')]
RH18601204-V17-03-page1.txt: [('INVontaSeeninFitep', 'INV ont a Seen in Fit e p')]
RH18601204-V17-03-page2.txt: [('refineunderstanding', 'refine understanding')]
RH18601204-V17-03-page4.txt: [('itshinsotsimgnpiefisessiblemtahaet', 'it shin sots im g n p i e f i s e s s i b l e m t a h a e t')]
RH18601204-V17-03-page7.txt: [('inBattlperCaryeerks', 'in Batt l per Car ye erk s')]
RH18601204-V17-03-page8.txt: [('laidhiminthecoldgrave', 'laid him in the cold grave'), ('andtheclodsofthevalley', 'and the clods of the valley'), ('condensedviewoftheentireSabbathquestion', 'condensed view of the entire Sabbath question')]
RH18601225-V17-06-page5.txt: [('andthereforeonlyappliedtothem', 'and therefore only applied to them'), ('BecauseyecouldnotsinglikethePsalmist', 'Because ye could not sing like the Psalmist'), ('importontforusasforthem', 'import ont for us as for them'), ('Yourprincipleofactionshouldhavebeen', 'Your principle of action should have been')]
RH18601225-V17-06-page8.txt: [('nisinanregeattention', 'nisi nan reg eat tent ion'), ('asmuchisexpendedeachmonthasisonthe', 'as much is expended each month as is on the'), ('CAhavmvbeilrelaoinx', 'C Aha v m v b e i l r e l a o i n x'), ('postageaddedwhensentbyMail', 'postage added when sent by Mail'), ('messagetillshefellasleepinJesus', 'message till she fell asleep in Jesus')]
RH18610101-V17-07-page4.txt: [('estimatewillformed', 'estimate will formed')]
RH18610101-V17-07-page5.txt: [('lawarewiththeminthetruth', 'law are with them in the truth'), ('thelowerfacultiesasserttheir', 'the lower faculties assert their')]
RH18610101-V17-07-page6.txt: [('asacovenantofworks', 'as a covenant of works')]
RH18610101-V17-07-page8.txt: [('theslothfulkillethhim', 'the slothful killeth him'), ('forhishandsrefusetolabor', 'for his hands refuse to labor'), ('comeonecomeallwithprayingspirits', 'come one come all with praying spirits')]
RH18610115-V17-09-page8.txt: [('Butadiscourseonthesubject', 'But a discourse on the subject'), ('meetingistoitanketo', 'meeting is to i tank et o'), ('considerationthewantsofthe', 'consideration the wants of the'), ('astaughtintheepistlesofPaul', 'as taught in the epistles of Paul')]
RH18610129-V17-11-page8.txt: [('SeventractsinonebookontheSecondAdvent', 'Seven tracts in one book on the Second Advent')]
RH18610205-V17-12-page5.txt: [('investigationiswhatweshouldnaturallyexpect', 'investigation is what we should naturally expect')]
RH18610205-V17-12-page8.txt: [('Appealtomenofroeson', 'Appeal to men of roes on')]
RH18610212-V17-13-page4.txt: [('Jerusaconsequences', 'Jer us a consequences')]
RH18610212-V17-13-page5.txt: [('spiritualinterpretation', 'spiritual interpretation'), ('whichcamefromheaven', 'which came from heaven')]
RH18610212-V17-13-page7.txt: [('Nodoubtyouareawareofsome', 'No doubt you are aware of some'), ('ITisnotthefearofhe', 'IT is not the fear of he'), ('buttheloveofGodthat', 'but the love of God that'), ('privilegepreahcrheing', 'privilege p rea h c r h e i n g'), ('InlogeBrsrosleRepss', 'In loge B r s r o s l e R e p s s')]
RH18610219-V17-14-page8.txt: [('thereligiouspresscontainsadeplorable', 'the religious press contains a deplorable'), ('ApostasyandPerilsoftheLastDays', 'Apostasy and Perils of the Last Days')]
RH18610226-V17-15-page4.txt: [('preachersuposedthathehad', 'preachers up o s ed that he had')]
RH18610226-V17-15-page6.txt: [('beforethewrathofGodorsevenlastplagueswereto', 'before the wrath of God or seven last plagues were to')]
RH18610226-V17-15-page8.txt: [('naturallyexpectstobeledtothesameconclusionthatit', 'naturally expects to be led to the same conclusion that it'), ('locatedontheNewEarth', 'located on the New Earth'), ('itlhaoenoeTynifsesriotuhesa', 'it l ha o en o eT y n i f s e s r i o t u h e s a')]
RH18610305-V17-16-page2.txt: [('giventoeveryseedhisownbody', 'given to every seed his own body')]
RH18610312-V17-17-page4.txt: [('transubstantiafixed', 'tran sub st anti a fixed')]
RH18610312-V17-17-page6.txt: [('andIwanttobefoundamongthat', 'and I want to be found among that')]
RH18610312-V17-17-page8.txt: [('consecrationtoGodandhiscause', 'consecration to God and his cause'), ('annditnleOnbligivaotsitomnyofa', 'ann dit n l e O n b l i g i v a o t s i t o m n y o f a'), ('ModerneSpiritttalir', 'Mod erne Spirit t t a l i r'), ('LsWeserdesSabbaths', 'Ls We ser des Sabbaths'), ('siioTeamearttunolt', 's ii o Tea me art tun o l t'), ('Ltimeacknowledgedy', 'L time acknowledged y'), ('andthinkingtheremaybeothers', 'and thinking there may be others'), ('binaesgkaghainsifabeinth', 'b i nae s g k a g h a i n s i f a b e i n t h'), ('butlltghisveisthaeen', 'but l l t g h i s v e i s t h a e e n')]
RH18610326-V17-19-page3.txt: [('therepresentations', 'the representations')]
RH18610326-V17-19-page7.txt: [('ourbrethrenwillnotexpectasmuchfromusasfrom', 'our brethren will not expect as much from us as from'), ('beinstrumentalindoingsomelittlegoodinthisway', 'be instrumental in doing some little good in this way'), ('theyhavefeltimpressions', 'they have felt impressions')]
RH18610402-V17-20-page7.txt: [('lateinereardeinigt', 'late in er ear de in i g t'), ('letmehaveahumbleplace', 'let me have a humble place'), ('goldtriedinthefirethatwe', 'gold tried in the fire that we')]
RH18610409-V17-21-page2.txt: [('concomitsanctifier', 'conc omit sanctifier')]
RH18610409-V17-21-page3.txt: [('THEREVIEWANDHERALD', 'THE REVIEW AND HERALD')]
RH18610409-V17-21-page4.txt: [('tosufferwithChristherethatyoumayreignwith', 'to suffer with Christ here that you may reign with'), ('Awordofexplaonnatthiiosnpo', 'A word of exp la on nat t h i i o s n p o')]
RH18610409-V17-21-page7.txt: [('keepthecommandments', 'keep the commandments'), ('accomplishedbsainoeu', 'accomplished b s ai noe u')]
RH18610409-V17-21-page8.txt: [('ofarteheoaDetvhiel', 'of a rte he o aD et v hie l')]
RH18610416-V17-22-page3.txt: [('ascendnotwithstanding', 'ascend notwithstanding')]
RH18610416-V17-22-page8.txt: [('NatoimirmeatrdidneOnblAigation', 'Nat o i mir meat r d i d n e O n b l A i g a t i o n'), ('aswellthinkofbindingwheatwithout', 'as well think of binding wheat without'), ('seesaharvestofprofitsinthefuture', 'sees a harvest of profits in the future'), ('ItisexpectedthatpreachersintheState', 'It is expected that preachers in the State'), ('SeventractsinonebookontheSecondAd', 'Seven tracts in one book on the Second Ad'), ('olitlonooffthreniZenAthr', 'o lit lono of fth reni Zen At h r'), ('edpalyStoabobsaethriesofdin', 'ed pal y S to a bob s a eth rie s of din'), ('AddressonSystematicBenevolence', 'Address on Systematic Benevolence')]
RH18610423-V17-23-page2.txt: [('bethewholeotfhceoirnversation', 'be the whole ot f h c e o i r n v e r s a t i o n')]
RH18610423-V17-23-page6.txt: [('Thiscancerhadeatenoffthelowaretrofpmynose', 'This cancer had eaten off the low a ret r o f p m y n o s e')]
RH18610423-V17-23-page7.txt: [('taIlllifcehellaYfefoPrad', 't a I l l l i f c e h e l l a Y f e f o P r a d')]
RH18610430-V17-24-page3.txt: [('healthfulinfluence', 'healthful influence')]
RH18610430-V17-24-page7.txt: [('norteortevasiosinoanbloentdonsenplpeoctsetothot', 'no rte o rte vas i o sin o an b lo en t d o n s e n p l p e o c t s e t o t h o t')]
RH18610507-V17-25-page2.txt: [('hadbeenfoundequaltohisreputation', 'had been found equal to his reputation'), ('thestageonwhichtheyall', 'the stage on which they all')]
RH18610507-V17-25-page3.txt: [('hanthsahtoheusldcontinue', 'ha nth s ah to he us l d c o n t i n u e'), ('disappointmenttend', 'disappointment tend')]
RH18610507-V17-25-page4.txt: [('lemyhieaurtsingseeh', 'le my hie a ur t s i n g s e e h')]
RH18610507-V17-25-page5.txt: [('existenceretributive', 'existence retributive')]
RH18610507-V17-25-page8.txt: [('andbefoundwiththeremnantthat', 'and be found with the remnant that'), ('towardstheremnantofherseedthatkeepthecommand', 'towards the remnant of her seed that keep the command')]
RH18610514-V17-26-page6.txt: [('iiiiiriiOeeisieeOfie', 'iii i ir ii O e e i s i e e O f i e')]
RH18610521-V18-01-page1.txt: [('faintcharacteristics', 'faint characteristics')]
RH18610521-V18-01-page2.txt: [('introducrighteousness', 'intro du c righteousness'), ('profoundthroughout', 'profound throughout')]
RH18610521-V18-01-page3.txt: [('ingloriousprisoner', 'inglorious prisoner')]
RH18610521-V18-01-page8.txt: [('conferenceintheneighborhoodofBro', 'conference in the neighborhood of Bro'), ('tothepresentconIstoit', 'to the present con Is to it'), ('ogipnitiotiflaluision', 'og i p nit i ot if la lu is ion'), ('Wewouldsaytothosewhohavewrittenforinform', 'We would say to those who have written for inform'), ('yourfirstcreditcarriesyou', 'your first credit carries you'), ('AShortArgumentfortheSabbathwith', 'A Short Argument for the Sabbath with'), ('reneelafsosriotehesh', 'renee la f s o s r i o t e h e s h'), ('lelmobrteaceasnatli', 'le l mob rte ace as natl i')]
RH18610528-V18-02-page5.txt: [('THEREVIEWANDHERALD', 'THE REVIEW AND HERALD')]
RH18610528-V18-02-page7.txt: [('inaelldbyfrotiaaensdleicga', 'in a ell d b y f r o t i a a e n s d l e i c g a'), ('prootteceicoctitiloonn', 'p root t e c e i c o c t i t i l o o n n'), ('IHitetlrefIavihthilowians', 'I H it et l ref I a vi h t h i l o w i a n s')]
RH18610618-V18-04-page8.txt: [('edeaccomApdadnried', 'ede a c com A p dad n r i e d')]
RH18610625-V18-05-page5.txt: [('unconsecratedprofessors', 'unconsecrated professors')]
RH18610702-V18-06-page5.txt: [('wewereofferingbooksforsale', 'we were offering books for sale'), ('sbutwithaluselessandabsurd', 's but withal useless and absurd'), ('andvotedonceagainsttakinganame', 'and voted once against taking a name')]
RH18610702-V18-06-page7.txt: [('havenoworganizedaclassinwhichbotholdand', 'have now organized a class in which both old and'), ('nothavetheprivilegeofmeetingwiththem', 'not have the privilege of meeting with them')]
RH18610716-V18-07-page4.txt: [('amenabletothatbodyofpeoplecallingthemselves', 'amenable to that body of people calling themselves'), ('departmentshouldnotbetrustedtooneman', 'department should not be trusted to one man')]
RH18610723-V18-08-page5.txt: [('DoestheScriptureanywherecommandthe', 'Does the Scripture anywhere command the'), ('memberswhohavenosuchdutiesandresponsibilities', 'members who have no such duties and responsibilities'), ('Weanswerthatthispoweriscalled', 'We answer that this power is called')]
RH18610723-V18-08-page8.txt: [('meetingthisevening', 'meeting this evening'), ('Thirteenmorewereimmersed', 'Thirteen more were immersed'), ('lyaheacvlevisitedmore', 'l y a he a c v le visited more'), ('PiTmhpliecytofDauiel', 'P iT m h p l i e c y t o f D a u i e l'), ('iteAvbioeliltvioonrolfitil', 'i teA v bio eli l t v i o o n r o l f i t i l')]
RH18610730-V18-09-page8.txt: [('allwhoaretryingtokeepthecommandmentsofGod', 'all who are trying to keep the commandments of God'), ('inspiritandpowerandhealusof', 'in spirit and power and heal us of'), ('allourbackslidings', 'all our backslidings'), ('AddressonSystematicBenevolence', 'Address on Systematic Benevolence')]
RH18610806-V18-10-page8.txt: [('youarenotsogoodyouarenotsobad', 'you are not so good you are not so bad'), ('BaptistMinisterofEngland', 'Baptist Minister of England'), ('Enothdeepirnessenptiiciotin', 'En ot h deep ir ness en p t i i c i o t i n'), ('Therearethosewhoseeinthe', 'There are those who see in the'), ('istfeolintahtieBceSnabebvaothl', 'i st fe o lint ah tie B c e S n a b e b v a o t h l')]
RH18610813-V18-11-page3.txt: [('inconsistencvanishes', 'in consist enc vanishes'), ('thatsofarfromcontradicts', 'that sofar from contradicts')]
RH18610813-V18-11-page4.txt: [('powerfulmagnifying', 'powerful magnifying')]
RH18610813-V18-11-page7.txt: [('ifcarefullyexamined', 'if carefully examined'), ('themessengersoftruthpleasenoticetheabovetexts', 'the messengers of truth please notice the above texts'), ('andheshallnotdestroythefruitsofyour', 'and he shall not destroy the fruits of your')]
RH18610813-V18-11-page8.txt: [('densedviewoftheentireSabbathquestion', 'dens ed view of the entire Sabbath question'), ('appointmentWhiWchh', 'appointment W h i W c h h')]
RH18610820-V18-12-page1.txt: [('interpretaobedience', 'interpret a obedience')]
RH18610820-V18-12-page3.txt: [('Iamthereforedisposedtoviewsuchabsthuerdey', 'I am therefore disposed to view such abs thu er dey'), ('andtogetacamelthrough', 'and to get a camel through')]
RH18610820-V18-12-page8.txt: [('RetivellalionviTiihaenSdoix', 'Ret iv ella lion v iT ii ha en S do ix')]
RH18610903-V18-14-page8.txt: [('changetakesplacein', 'change takes place in'), ('Providencepermitting', 'Providence permitting'), ('orimmortalitythegiftofGod', 'or immortality the gift of God')]
RH18610910-V18-15-page3.txt: [('Thelastnumberofthe', 'The last number of the'), ('andwhentheorganization', 'and when the organization')]
RH18610910-V18-15-page4.txt: [('Alllostadayannodoneeverknewit', 'All lost a day an no done ever knew it')]
RH18610910-V18-15-page8.txt: [('Tiltoecasteadinoto', 'Til toe caste a di no to'), ('TENTMEETINGATWATERLOO', 'TENT MEETING AT WATERLOO'), ('Shortridgenothavingyetarrived', 'Shortridge not having yet arrived'), ('reeiphiEnlepfoilallowinglist', 'ree i phi En le p foil allowing list')]
RH18610917-V18-16-page3.txt: [('manifestadistressed', 'manifest a distressed')]
RH18610917-V18-16-page7.txt: [('assistinggraceofmyheavenlyFathertopressmyway', 'assisting grace of my heavenly Father to press my way')]
RH18610917-V18-16-page8.txt: [('hidemineeyesfromyou', 'hide mine eyes from you'), ('Pleaseanswerthesequestionsintheaffirmative', 'Please answer these questions in the affirmative'), ('toLamwenofofGroead', 'to Lam wen of of Gro e a d'), ('AHistoryofthedoctrine', 'A History of the doctrine')]
RH18610924-V18-17-page8.txt: [('astaughtintheepistlesofPaul', 'as taught in the epistles of Paul'), ('oftheSabbathoftheFourth', 'of the Sabbath of the Fourth'), ('veNtwrIeNepliVAhiej', 'v eN t w r I e N e p l i V A h i e j'), ('ApsohsotartsyAarzdu', 'A ps oh so tarts y A ar z d u')]
RH18611001-V18-18-page1.txt: [('Towalkthenarrowpath', 'To walk the narrow path')]
RH18611001-V18-18-page4.txt: [('itniocohurCchornilsmti', 'it n i o c o h u r C c h o r n i l s m t i')]
RH18611001-V18-18-page8.txt: [('andleavetheresultwith', 'and leave the result with'), ('entimeacknowledged', 'en time acknowledged')]
RH18611008-V18-19-page3.txt: [('Mexicoliesinherchronic', 'Mexico lies in her chronic'), ('Speaktothechildrenof', 'Speak to the children of'), ('sdinenSalyifiligigdiabi', 's din en Sal y if i l i gig di abi')]
RH18611008-V18-19-page8.txt: [('CwalebsnJohdenrstrool', 'C wale b s n J o h d e n r s t r o o l')]
RH18611015-V18-20-page8.txt: [('PleaseaentbCierrove', 'Please a en t b C i e r r o v e'), ('CalvinKelseywasappointedtothechair', 'Calvin Kelsey was appointed to the chair'), ('thereforeIwouldsay', 'therefore I would say')]
RH18611022-V18-21-page8.txt: [('obtainedafootholdinthechurch', 'obtained a foothold in the church'), ('andhetakespleasureinthis', 'and he takes pleasure in this')]
RH18611029-V18-22-page5.txt: [('THEREVIEWANDHERALD', 'THE REVIEW AND HERALD')]
RH18611029-V18-22-page6.txt: [('cansaythatthestrataofearthwereformedinequal', 'can say that the strata of earth were formed in equal'), ('ofthecountriestheyhadinhabitedtimeoutofmind', 'of the countries they had inhabited time out of mind'), ('thewfeirstidescendantys', 'thew fe ir st i descendant y s'), ('Someofthechiefheadsoffamiliessettled', 'Some of the chief heads of families settled')]
RH18611029-V18-22-page8.txt: [('Scripturetherefore', 'Scripture therefore'), ('postasyandperilsofthelastdays', 'post as y and perils of the last days')]
RH18611105-V18-23-page2.txt: [('swelldistinguished', 'swell distinguished')]
RH18611105-V18-23-page6.txt: [('organizasuccessful', 'organ i z a s u c c e s s f u l')]
RH18611105-V18-23-page7.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18611105-V18-23-page8.txt: [('clergytohaveyougive', 'clergy to have you give'), ('Thisworkpresentsaeonexplanation', 'This work presents aeon explanation'), ('diedtoreconciletheworldtohimself', 'died to reconcile the world to himself')]
RH18611112-V18-24-page1.txt: [('sivaicemszeammanewillia', 's iva ice ms z e a m m a n e w i l l i a')]
RH18611112-V18-24-page4.txt: [('embracewithintheirpurposestheremovalofthisdiabolical', 'embrace within their purposes the removal of this diabolical'), ('peoronpfirdientyeeoifn', 'peor on p fir di en tye e o i f n'), ('aabtilthtyisoftimthee', 'a a b tilt h ty is of tim thee')]
RH18611112-V18-24-page5.txt: [('Acolenafaitreminagrtrhae', 'A col en a fait rem in agr t r h a e'), ('Amenricansaeptsposite', 'Amen rica n s a e p t s p o s i t e')]
RH18611112-V18-24-page7.txt: [('reasonablyobjected', 'reasonably objected')]
RH18611112-V18-24-page8.txt: [('aBteaptoisithMinister', 'a B tea p to is it h Minister'), ('Forafullexpositionofthismatter', 'For a full exposition of this matter'), ('vatarirearsaagoall', 'vat ar i rears a ago all'), ('MSopdireirtnualism', 'MS o p dire ir t n u a l i s m'), ('ThesesmallTractscanbesent', 'These small Tracts can be sent'), ('inpackagesofnotlessthan', 'in packages of not less than'), ('emBbsraitcheasflil', 'e m B b s r a i t c h e a s f l i l')]
RH18611119-V18-25-page4.txt: [('sunhappycircumstancewouldnot', 'sun happy circumstance would not')]
RH18611119-V18-25-page5.txt: [('addressirespecting', 'address i respecting')]
RH18611119-V18-25-page8.txt: [('TheFourUniversalKingdoms', 'The Four Universal Kingdoms'), ('selfdesigntospendseveralweeks', 'self design to spend several weeks'), ('requestwhichappearsineverynumberofthe', 'request which appears in every number of the'), ('ReAvboielitlvionfoCft', 'R e A v b o i e l i t l v i o n f o C f t'), ('ANDHERALDIllustrated', 'AND HERALD Illustrated')]
RH18611126-V18-26-page5.txt: [('inconsequenceofwhich', 'in consequence of which')]
RH18611203-V19-01-page3.txt: [('eggsHandecotmaekoeuts', 'eggs Han de cot mae k o e u t s')]
RH18611203-V19-01-page8.txt: [('ANDHERALDIllustrated', 'AND HERALD Illustrated')]
RH18611210-V19-02-page4.txt: [('paimemesseetammems', 'pai me mes see tam mems')]
RH18611210-V19-02-page8.txt: [('ORGANIZATIONATCLEVELAND', 'ORGANIZATION AT CLEVELAND'), ('heroftheREVIEWANCHERALDtowhichthemoneyreceiptedpays', 'her of the REVIEW AN C HERALD to which the money receipted pays'), ('AWordfortheSabbath', 'A Word for the Sabbath'), ('ofthewesternandnorth', 'of the western and north'), ('westerncoastofIrelandtoo', 'western coast of Ireland too'), ('thirdwillbedeductedfromthesepricesonPamphletsand', 'third will be deducted from these prices on Pamphlets and')]
RH18611217-V19-03-page1.txt: [('arenowtotracethehistoryofdivinetruth', 'are now to trace the history of divine truth')]
RH18611217-V19-03-page5.txt: [('apTppeheaiaseghoids', 'apT p pe he ai as e g h o i d s')]
RH18611224-V19-04-page7.txt: [('enoughforopeningmyeyestoseewondrousthings', 'enough for opening my eyes to see wondrous things'), ('siseedmaieliylwtalhkaitngh', 's i seed mai eli y l w t a l h k a i t n g h')]
RH18611224-V19-04-page8.txt: [('SieaubbeafttlenoBtiabTleype', 'S i eau b be aft t l e n o B t i a b T l e y p e'), ('PublishinglAssociation', 'Publishing l Association')]
RH18611231-V19-05-page2.txt: [('agenaeinrastienaati', 'age nae in r a s t i e n a a t i'), ('necessarytofattend', 'necessary to fat tend'), ('isshowntohaveoriginatedwiththerestandrewsitheohwaerewithwoiulltasriinseshtouldcasttlefirwst', 'is shown to have originated with the rest an drews it he oh w a e r e w i t h w o i u l l t a s r i i n s e s h t o u l d c a s t t l e f i r w s t')]
RH18611231-V19-05-page4.txt: [('paicseqduibringtheisphoeonr', 'pai c seq du i bring the is pho eon r')]
RH18620107-V19-06-page2.txt: [('Godhadgiventhemanpewreceptonthesbu', 'God had given the man pew recept on the s b u')]
RH18620107-V19-06-page3.txt: [('evisdentlyAkicompletees', 'evi s dent l y A k i c o m p l e t e e s'), ('oneoftheactsbywhichGodmadetheSabbath', 'one of the acts by which God made the Sabbath'), ('thedepositariesofdivinetruth', 'the depositaries of divine truth')]
RH18620107-V19-06-page8.txt: [('opportunitiestounreasonablyandpettishlycomplainoftheSec', 'opportunities to unreasonably and pettishly complain of the Sec'), ('requesttheSanctuarytdi', 'request the Sanctuary t d i')]
RH18620114-V19-07-page3.txt: [('Zachariauthenticity', 'Zach ar i authenticity')]
RH18620114-V19-07-page7.txt: [('IboldlypreachthatthereisnootherGodbut', 'I boldly preach that there is no other God but'), ('withoutastruggleorgroanshequietlyfellasleep', 'without a struggle or groans he quietly fell asleep')]
RH18620114-V19-07-page8.txt: [('firstSabbathandFirst', 'first Sabbath and First'), ('carefullyavoidornaments', 'carefully avoid ornaments'), ('liveredbyhiminBattleCreekontheSabbathquestion', 'live red by him in Battle Creek on the Sabbath question'), ('LaGrandeStatuedeDaniel', 'La Grande Statue de Daniel'), ('etlesQualreBaezBymboliques', 'et les Qua l r e B a e z B y m b o l i q u e s'), ('atBeedptolethideinistetrinoef', 'at Be ed p to let hide in is tet r i n o e f')]
RH18620121-V19-08-page8.txt: [('tetyherVcoelzedanpady', 'tet y her V coe l zed an p ady')]
RH18620128-V19-09-page3.txt: [('resultsanticipated', 'results anticipated')]
RH18620128-V19-09-page6.txt: [('translationoftheabovenamedtexts', 'translation of the above named texts'), ('whileatthesametime', 'while at the same time')]
RH18620128-V19-09-page7.txt: [('Itseemedfittingthatweshouldalso', 'It seemed fitting that we should also')]
RH18620128-V19-09-page8.txt: [('Ifyouwishyourpaperchanged', 'If you wish your paper changed'), ('VIEWANDHERALDIllustrated', 'VIEW AND HERALD Illustrated'), ('PunishmentastaughtintheepistlesofPaul', 'Punishment as taught in the epistles of Paul')]
RH18620204-V19-10-page3.txt: [('circumstantialities', 'circumstantial i ties')]
RH18620204-V19-10-page8.txt: [('AnAppealfortherestorationoftheBibleSabbathin', 'An Appeal for the restoration of the Bible Sabbath in')]
RH18620211-V19-11-page2.txt: [('SabAbdathiiabrebcianuseer', 'Sab A b dat h ii abr e b c i a n u s e e r')]
RH18620211-V19-11-page7.txt: [('andtheyevidentlysynchronizewiththetimewhen', 'and they evidently synchronize with the time when')]
RH18620211-V19-11-page8.txt: [('ofChristisatthedoor', 'of Christ is at the door')]
RH18620218-V19-12-page6.txt: [('thesescienceslaudthemto', 'these sciences laud them to'), ('theheavensbecauseofthe', 'the heavens because of the')]
RH18620218-V19-12-page8.txt: [('entireconsecration', 'entire consecration')]
RH18620225-V19-13-page2.txt: [('hAaftdereutpheesdamsea', 'hA aft de reu t p h e e s d a m s e a')]
RH18620304-V19-14-page1.txt: [('litineisMIRMIZOSIMSlak', 'l i tine is MIR M I Z O S I M S l a k'), ('confinedexclusively', 'confined exclusively')]
RH18620304-V19-14-page3.txt: [('distinctioresninst', 'distinct i ores n i n s t')]
RH18620304-V19-14-page4.txt: [('stematicevolencewasadopted', 'stem a tice vol enc ew as adopted'), ('preachingbrethrenvisitedthemtheyeit', 'preaching brethren visited them the ye it')]
RH18620304-V19-14-page7.txt: [('stepnotwithstandingoppositionhas', 'step notwithstanding opposition has')]
RH18620304-V19-14-page8.txt: [('receiptedittoSamuelDunn', 'receipted it to Samuel Dunn')]
RH18620311-V19-15-page2.txt: [('somedencetaitsowsterst', 'some den c eta it sows ter st'), ('inignstuechrposition', 'in ign s tue chr position')]
RH18620311-V19-15-page4.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18620311-V19-15-page5.txt: [('respectinglustrate', 'respecting lustrate')]
RH18620311-V19-15-page8.txt: [('TheophilusTertullian', 'Theophilus Tertullian'), ('SpeakingwithoutTongues', 'Speaking without Tongues'), ('Miraclesinbehalfof', 'Miracles in behalf of'), ('Piucielisohrtelielt', 'Pi u c i e l i s o h r t e l i e l t'), ('sinlessspecialarrangementsbemade', 'sinless special arrangements be made')]
RH18620318-V19-16-page2.txt: [('illustratethecharacterof', 'illustrate the character of'), ('thoroughlyfurnished', 'thoroughly furnished'), ('necessarilyadopted', 'necessarily adopted')]
RH18620325-V19-17-page6.txt: [('awiteesrrLsPehlissection', 'a wite e s r r L s P e h l i s s e c t i o n')]
RH18620401-V19-18-page2.txt: [('ietisotnertnocJhudraches', 'i et is ot ner t n o c J h u d r a c h e s')]
RH18620401-V19-18-page3.txt: [('andmanifestlyhavingreference', 'and manifestly having reference'), ('btheefiarirsoaunlds', 'b thee f i a r i r s o a u n l d s')]
RH18620408-V19-19-page2.txt: [('Thefollowinghistoricaltestimonyfroma', 'The following historical testimony from a'), ('andwhentothisconsiderationisadded', 'and when to this consideration is added')]
RH18620408-V19-19-page3.txt: [('coraclassification', 'cora classification')]
RH18620408-V19-19-page6.txt: [('THEREVIEWANDHERALD', 'THE REVIEW AND HERALD')]
RH18620408-V19-19-page7.txt: [('IamtryingbythehelpofGodtoariseandputon', 'I am trying by the help of God to arise and put on'), ('isanindifferencetothereligiousnewspaper', 'is an indifference to the religious newspaper'), ('twishedoiinlystowaitthe', 'twi she do i inly s to wait the')]
RH18620408-V19-19-page8.txt: [('ittiliongifsosijotnheall', 'it til i ong if so s i jot n h e a l l'), ('IllastratelilRdeview', 'I l last rat eli l R d e v i e w')]
RH18620415-V19-20-page2.txt: [('manyChroifstLiattnoasi', 'many Chr o if st L i att no as i')]
RH18620415-V19-20-page4.txt: [('themselvesenwjoyin', 'themselves en w j o y i n'), ('andfollowhimwiththeirprayers', 'and follow him with their prayers')]
RH18620415-V19-20-page5.txt: [('unreservedpredicted', 'unreserved predicted')]
RH18620422-V19-21-page3.txt: [('Thenitisaveteransoldier', 'Then it is a veteran soldier')]
RH18620422-V19-21-page8.txt: [('youseethepreparationsonbothsides', 'you see the preparations on both sides'), ('withallthekindredvices', 'with all the kindred vices')]
RH18620429-V19-22-page1.txt: [('itisreportedthathehadanappantion', 'it is reported that he had an app anti on')]
RH18620429-V19-22-page2.txt: [('AndIwilltakethelightofthesunfromyoureyes', 'And I will take the light of the sun from your eyes')]
RH18620429-V19-22-page6.txt: [('heetencommandments', 'he et en commandments')]
RH18620429-V19-22-page7.txt: [('cioynsitiotutlioins', 'c i o y n s i t i o t u t l i o i n s')]
RH18620429-V19-22-page8.txt: [('stormisoverIexpecttogotoWright', 'storm is over I expect to go to Wright'), ('HistoryoftheSabbath', 'History of the Sabbath')]
RH18620506-V19-23-page6.txt: [('inadiscoursepublishedin', 'in a discourse published in')]
RH18620506-V19-23-page8.txt: [('ofigtilieatrluepSeillebautIltiy', 'o fig til i eat r l u e p S e i l l e b a u t I l t i y'), ('TrumpetsofRevelationviiiandix', 'Trumpets of Revelation viii and ix')]
RH18620513-V19-24-page1.txt: [('insurreetionrilBuck', 'in sur ree t i o n r i l B u c k')]
RH18620513-V19-24-page2.txt: [('vantlaornettohsearythatnboefoohruertoilhe', 'v ant la or nett ohs ear y that n b o e f o o h r u e r t o i l h e'), ('BaisbflaeraBseetihdeeautheoyr', 'B a is b fla era B see t i h d e e a u t h e o y r'), ('nthaetureaolnlynoigfor', 'nth aet urea o l n l y n o i g f o r')]
RH18620513-V19-24-page5.txt: [('washingsandcarnalordinances', 'washings and carnal ordinances'), ('covenantinthesanctuaryinheaven', 'covenant in the sanctuary in heaven'), ('petukaelobligation', 'pet u k a e l o b l i g a t i o n')]
RH18620513-V19-24-page8.txt: [('liveredbybinsinBattleCreekontheSabbatitquestion', 'live red by bins in Battle Creek on the Sabbat it question')]
RH18620520-V19-25-page1.txt: [('Sabbatariancharacter', 'Sabbatarian character')]
RH18620520-V19-25-page2.txt: [('themselvbesyspendinpg', 'them s el v bes y spend in p g')]
RH18620520-V19-25-page4.txt: [('pricelessoftreasurrieg', 'priceless of treas ur rie g'), ('luminousbodiessmoved', 'luminous bodies s moved'), ('whowasotnhitshiessrosadt', 'who was ot n h i t s h i e s s r o s a d t')]
RH18620520-V19-25-page5.txt: [('throughoutthefirmat', 'throughout the firm at'), ('anditseereconcavewasth', 'and it see recon cave wast h'), ('strewhisearthlypathwaywithmanyjoys', 'strew his earthly pathway with many joys'), ('KnowforacertaintythattheLordyour', 'Know for a certainty that the Lord your')]
RH18620520-V19-25-page8.txt: [('OfScripturereferences', 'Of Scripture references')]
RH18620603-V20-01-page4.txt: [('iaahndarwehbiscfharies', 'i a ah n d a r w e h b i s c f h a r i e s')]
RH18620603-V20-01-page5.txt: [('hisplanhehadmadaesad', 'his plan he had mad a e s a d')]
RH18620610-V20-02-page2.txt: [('raeagarldiecilabeymtlaie', 'rae agar l die c ila bey m t l a i e')]
RH18620610-V20-02-page4.txt: [('continesaVseirvsretst', 'con tines a V seir vs ret st'), ('ohludrectttheEspehvi', 'oh lud rect t t h e E s p e h v i'), ('nofoltehsissthaenisle', 'no fol t e h s i s s t h a e n i s l e'), ('buthasevidentlybeencrowdedoutbythemodlaansdt', 'but has evidently been crowded out by the mod la ans d t'), ('andthelifeandpoweroftherelig', 'and the life and power of there l i g')]
RH18620610-V20-02-page8.txt: [('findthemoneyreceiptedfor', 'find the money receipted for'), ('showingthattheSecondComing', 'showing that the Second Coming'), ('Bopepnoervtounelltcye', 'B ope p no er v tou nell t c y e'), ('PROVIDENCEpermitting', 'PROVIDENCE permitting')]
RH18620617-V20-03-page2.txt: [('scripturereferences', 'scripture references')]
RH18620617-V20-03-page3.txt: [('perpetchastisement', 'per pet chastisement')]
RH18620617-V20-03-page4.txt: [('expressinthgevictories', 'express i nth g e v i c t o r i e s')]
RH18620624-V20-04-page2.txt: [('custwomasafpreaching', 'c us two mas a f p r e a c h i n g')]
RH18620624-V20-04-page6.txt: [('thatbyourwordsweshallbecondemned', 'that by our words we shall be condemned'), ('meetingeneralconferenceatsomeplace', 'meet in general conference at some place')]
RH18620701-V20-05-page2.txt: [('ajesticsigsultpleurab', 'a jest i c sig s ult pleura b')]
RH18620701-V20-05-page3.txt: [('commandmentsrwhich', 'commandments r w h i c h')]
RH18620701-V20-05-page7.txt: [('shipsgoingbytoeverypartoftheworld', 'ships going by to every part of the world'), ('lheaevethefrienAdsthey', 'l he a eve the fri en Ads they')]
RH18620708-V20-06-page1.txt: [('thousandgenerations', 'thousand generations')]
RH18620708-V20-06-page2.txt: [('proftessorsorfeligion', 'prof tess or s or fe l i g i o n')]
RH18620708-V20-06-page4.txt: [('droinheavenactourat', 'dr o in heaven act our at'), ('yatprayforvengeanicne', 'y at pray for venge an i c n e'), ('representeadscrying', 'represent eads crying')]
RH18620708-V20-06-page8.txt: [('elliSstaobyrbaPtia', 'ell iS sta o by r b a P t i a')]
RH18620715-V20-07-page4.txt: [('generalconferences', 'general conferences')]
RH18620722-V20-08-page3.txt: [('andhisheartfailshim', 'and his heart fails him')]
RH18620722-V20-08-page6.txt: [('cometotofuitliefris', 'come tot of u i t l i e f r i s'), ('akminegdsohmallofbheeacavL', 'a k m i n e g d s o h m a l l o f b h e e a c a v L'), ('twihnostoreerkitgadllomdooafnhdeatveanch', 'twi h no store erk it gad l lo md o oaf n h d e a t v e a n c h')]
RH18620722-V20-08-page7.txt: [('downathisrighthand', 'down a this right hand')]
RH18620729-V20-09-page8.txt: [('immediateactionOnthissubject', 'immediate action On this subject'), ('AaNtpeliteAvtpleIvilvu', 'A aN t p e l i t e A v t p l e I v i l v u'), ('SabbathTractsnumbersonetwo', 'Sabbath Tracts numbers one two')]
RH18620806-V20-10-page7.txt: [('suchaworldshouldcontributetowipeawayourtears', 'such a world should contribute to wipe away our tears')]
RH18620812-V20-11-page1.txt: [('Heralddenunciation', 'Herald denunciation')]
RH18620812-V20-11-page2.txt: [('shallegiavpeeascecsoaunytstomhim', 's hal le gia v pee as c e c s o a u n y t s t o m h i m')]
RH18620812-V20-11-page4.txt: [('isevidentlypreparingfor', 'is evidently preparing for')]
RH18620819-V20-12-page1.txt: [('infrontofthevessel', 'in front of the vessel'), ('withhishandmotioningCothe', 'with his hand motion ing Cot he'), ('Atthegateofthecitysatonlythe', 'At the gate of the city sat only the')]
RH18620819-V20-12-page6.txt: [('whereshallwefindourselves', 'where shall we find ourselves'), ('politicalsignificance', 'political significance'), ('TheturretsaretoheasbouIet', 'The turrets are to he as b o u I e t')]
RH18620819-V20-12-page8.txt: [('ChristianBalottsin', 'Christian B a lot t s i n')]
RH18620826-V20-13-page3.txt: [('Chhausrcahpparently', 'C h ha us r c a h p p a r e n t l y')]
RH18620826-V20-13-page7.txt: [('MyheartgoesoutinthankfulnesstoGodourheavenly', 'My heart goes out in thankfulness to God our heavenly')]
RH18620902-V20-14-page1.txt: [('becomingindifferent', 'becoming indifferent')]
RH18620902-V20-14-page6.txt: [('sandmightymenofvalort', 'sand mighty men of val ort'), ('heatmhightbeprepared', 'he atm hight be prepared'), ('ourvoicesuniteinsweetheart', 'our voices unite in sweetheart'), ('feltpraiseandlovein', 'felt praise and love in')]
RH18620902-V20-14-page8.txt: [('isHnotinbduteotile', 'is H not in b du t e o t i l e'), ('Reveellatnionsvgiirieasnsdoi', 'Rev eel lat n i o n s v g i i r i e a s n s d o i'), ('eonplriiacnedsgiva', 'eon p l r i i a c n e d s g i v a')]
RH18620909-V20-15-page5.txt: [('Heretheveryobjectoftheirkeepthat', 'Here the very object of their keep that'), ('isusedbyindividuals', 'is used by individuals')]
RH18620909-V20-15-page8.txt: [('toTowaolrlkivfhoorretahle', 'to Tow a o l r l k i v f h o o r r e t a h l e'), ('tInioenzitriatrhesi', 'tIn i o en zit ria t r h e s i')]
RH18620916-V20-16-page5.txt: [('andhopethattheseedsownmay', 'and hope that the seeds own may'), ('themhowdeeplyinterestedtheyare', 'them how deeply interested they are'), ('butonwhomsoietvsehrallfallitwillgrindhim', 'but on whom so i et vs e h r a l l f a l l i t w i l l g r i n d h i m')]
RH18620916-V20-16-page8.txt: [('BaptistMinisterofEngland', 'Baptist Minister of England')]
RH18620923-V20-17-page2.txt: [('Mustitnotalsobeadmittedbyall', 'Must it not also be admitted by all'), ('showstheforceswhichthePresidenthastoresist', 'shows the forces which the President has to resist')]
RH18620923-V20-17-page3.txt: [('asithasthatoftheslaveholders', 'as it has that of the slaveholders'), ('andthenbeencompelledtosendballs', 'and then been compelled to send balls')]
RH18620923-V20-17-page7.txt: [('exparenssumbyerfeeflings', 'exp ar ens sum by er fee flings'), ('edtoattractwideattention', 'ed to attract wide attention'), ('childrenwillbeunited', 'children will be united')]
RH18620923-V20-17-page8.txt: [('theReviewonthepresentwar', 'the Review on the present war'), ('ThatwenowheartilyinviteBrn', 'That we now heartily invite B r n')]
RH18620930-V20-18-page2.txt: [('spiritualswordthatPrevailsbylove', 'spiritual sword that Prevails by love')]
RH18620930-V20-18-page4.txt: [('proerakebiserenveidaenbtleywith', 'p roe rake bis er en v e i d a e n b t l e y w i t h'), ('Conferencethefollowing', 'Conference the following')]
RH18621007-V20-19-page3.txt: [('primitivemillennarian', 'primitive millen n a r i a n')]
RH18621007-V20-19-page8.txt: [('AdivenatnandteSabbatIht', 'A dive nat nan d t e S a b b a t I h t')]
RH18621014-V20-20-page5.txt: [('requestecDadmission', 'request e c D a d m i s s i o n')]
RH18621014-V20-20-page6.txt: [('intentionaldemands', 'intentional demands')]
RH18621014-V20-20-page8.txt: [('betakenholdofwithagooddegreeofzeal', 'be taken hold of with a good degree of zeal'), ('ElisaBbebhaPeaarkz', 'Elis a B be b ha Pea ark z')]
RH18621021-V20-21-page3.txt: [('worldandpreachthegospeltoevery', 'world and preach the gospel to every')]
RH18621021-V20-21-page4.txt: [('etlhareedmytestehriys', 'et l hare ed my test e h r i y s'), ('Godshallbfeinished', 'God shall b fe in i shed')]
RH18621021-V20-21-page6.txt: [('toplacethemselviens', 'to place them s el vi ens')]
RH18621028-V20-22-page6.txt: [('distressingldifficulties', 'distressing l difficulties')]
RH18621028-V20-22-page8.txt: [('towhichthemoneyreceiptedpays', 'to which the money receipted pays')]
RH18621104-V20-23-page3.txt: [('fareaSsertitusriems', 'fare a S ser tit us rie ms'), ('yontsheotperofuonulds', 'y ont she ot per of u o n u l d s'), ('ahninshootatsionasn', 'ah n i n s h o o t a t s i o n a s n'), ('hraedeibveenhoraistehdisup', 'h rae de i b vee n h o r a i s t e h d i s u p'), ('mighthappenintheirday', 'might happen in their day'), ('Avifotleercnethist', 'A v if ot leer c net hist')]
RH18621104-V20-23-page4.txt: [('whichpassedbeforetheeyeoftheprophetappeared', 'which passed before the eye of the prophet appeared'), ('evenasIalsoovercame', 'even as I also overcame'), ('andamsetdownwithmy', 'and am set down with my'), ('intheregionoccupiedbythesun', 'in the region occupied by the sun'), ('ThisshowsusthateJsuswhile', 'This shows us that e J s u s w h i l e')]
RH18621104-V20-23-page6.txt: [('systematicbenevolence', 'systematic benevolence')]
RH18621104-V20-23-page8.txt: [('twioonfouftiihleioSeveAnt', 'twi o on fou f t i i h l e i o S e v e A n t'), ('disytoSabsbearitehs', 'dis y to Sab s be a rite h s')]
RH18621111-V20-24-page3.txt: [('Someofthepropheciesseemtorelatesolelytooneadvent', 'Some of the prophecies seem to relate solely to one advent'), ('speaksthoaitetmhetyghhtaads', 'speaks tho a it et m h e t y g h h t a a d s'), ('otriginatIlyaspdeacrific', 'o trig in at I l y asp de a c r i f i c'), ('littoeroallptrheediecotitoanbs', 'lit to er o all p t r h e e d i e c o t i t o a n b s')]
RH18621111-V20-24-page7.txt: [('greatestprosperity', 'greatest prosperity')]
RH18621118-V20-25-page5.txt: [('antiorganizationists', 'anti organization i sts')]
RH18621118-V20-25-page7.txt: [('possessedoftheirlands', 'possessed of their lands'), ('andcouldobtainalastinginterest', 'and could obtain a lasting interest'), ('Itshouldberemarkedthatallthatclass', 'It should be remarked that all that class'), ('thesueblvjecsteistahlelplain', 'the sue b lv j e c s t e i s t a h l e l p l a i n'), ('lawsalnloiewPedashsim', 'law sal n l o i e w P e d a s h s i m'), ('increasesthepopulation', 'increases the population'), ('whichlastedsevendays', 'which lasted seven days'), ('andbecomedependent', 'and become dependent'), ('hispToshseeslasiwonuftotheeell', 'his p Tosh sees las i won u f t o t h e e e l l'), ('iriiwmhihchtamhanctanlebpossession', 'ir ii w m h i h c h t a m h a n c t a n l e b p o s s e s s i o n')]
RH18621118-V20-25-page8.txt: [('OurpresenteditionofblankSystematis', 'Our present edition of blank System at is')]
RH18621125-V20-26-page4.txt: [('Altruefearethtehey', 'A l true feareth t e h e y')]
RH18621125-V20-26-page5.txt: [('inflogekoryfoarnit', 'inf loge kor y f o a r n i t')]
RH18621125-V20-26-page8.txt: [('OnEarlyTrainingChildren', 'On Early Training Children'), ('TheLifeWorkofChristians', 'The Life Work of Christians'), ('OurDutyandtheNation', 'Our Duty and the Nation')]
RH18621202-V21-01-page4.txt: [('whollyinerrorinourapplicationofallthesethings', 'wholly in error in our application of all these things'), ('thefollowinrgeasons', 'the follow in r g e a s o n s')]
RH18621202-V21-01-page5.txt: [('uponthAendeatrhthe', 'upon thA end eat r h t h e')]
RH18621202-V21-01-page7.txt: [('Sayyetotherighteous', 'Say ye to the righteous'), ('itshallbewellwithhim', 'it shall be well with him')]
RH18621202-V21-01-page8.txt: [('TitiielesSaitisutIr', 'Tit ii el e s S a i t i s u t I r')]
RH18621209-V21-02-page3.txt: [('henceforthbecomeonly', 'henceforth become only')]
RH18621209-V21-02-page4.txt: [('Teliceesievehraovwe', 'Tel i cee sieve h r a o v w e')]
RH18621209-V21-02-page8.txt: [('Thelawrequirestheprepaymentofpostageonall', 'The law requires the prepayment of postage on all'), ('transientpublications', 'transient publications'), ('oitalenatrbyBigoes', 'o it a len at r b y B i g o e s')]
RH18621216-V21-03-page2.txt: [('themselveitshafoers', 'them s el v e i t s h a f o e r s'), ('havyeobuelieveisimproving', 'ha v ye o b uel i eve is improving'), ('shaottretnytiopnlefaodr', 's ha ot tret n y t i o p n l e f a o d r'), ('TheBecauseIlovemercy', 'The Because I love mercy'), ('becauseoftheirpartybickeringswhoredoms', 'because of their party bickerings whoredoms'), ('Thereareeightythousandpublicpros', 'There are eighty thousand public pros'), ('bnutshsayllInotbeginatJe', 'b nuts h say l l I not begin at J e'), ('jaetrinosnaallemdo', 'j aet r i n o s n a a l l e m d o')]
RH18621216-V21-03-page3.txt: [('entirenegexhortation', 'entire neg exhortation'), ('andofJohntheBaptist', 'and of John the Baptist'), ('diligentisbusiness', 'diligent is business'), ('aswellasferventinspirit', 'as well as fervent in spirit')]
RH18621216-V21-03-page4.txt: [('anedtlifvoedhdeliciohusly', 'an ed t l i f v o e d h d e l i c i o h u s l y')]
RH18621216-V21-03-page6.txt: [('Thereabrmeyilestillmena', 'There abr me y ile still men a')]
RH18621216-V21-03-page7.txt: [('ewwilliiblewaitinginforutnhdemr', 'ew will ii b le waiting info rut n h d e m r'), ('leotetrannadlloifse', 'leo tet ran n a d l l o i f s e'), ('lotIsietahllsshortlife', 'lot Is i eta h l ls short life')]
RH18621223-V21-04-page3.txt: [('comfortdestruction', 'comfort destruction')]
RH18621223-V21-04-page6.txt: [('atothercommandment', 'at other commandment')]
RH18621230-V21-05-page4.txt: [('ThoughtsontheReveveeialattiion', 'Thought so nth eR eve vee i a l att ii on')]
RH18630113-V21-07-page4.txt: [('daipsaroppvreovoef', 'd a i p s a r o p p v r e o v o e f')]
RH18630113-V21-07-page8.txt: [('Ihopetheywillsoongetit', 'I hope they will soon get it'), ('postageonalltransientpubin', 'postage on all transient pub in'), ('fowlllotwetinghleis', 'fowl l lot we ting h leis'), ('deofsickeningdefeats', 'de of sickening defeats'), ('butoftenwefindinitaccounts', 'but often we find in it accounts'), ('andtheTwohornedBeast', 'and the Two horned Beast')]
RH18630120-V21-08-page4.txt: [('ogslotrpyreocfioGuosda', 'og slot r p y r e o c f i o G u o s d a'), ('aboirmebienraleberlse', 'abo ir me b i en rale b er ls e')]
RH18630120-V21-08-page7.txt: [('quittheartevengefutlhantd', 'quit the a rte venge fut l h ant d'), ('throwouthardthreadtus', 'throw out hard thread t u s')]
RH18630127-V21-09-page2.txt: [('throughtheThereisah', 'through the There is ah')]
RH18630127-V21-09-page4.txt: [('ofayelloworgoldcolor', 'of a yellow or gold color'), ('saidtobethemeasureofthecity', 'said to be the measure of the city'), ('shitoarllybenonightotfhtehre', 'shit oar l l y be no night ot f h t e h r e')]
RH18630127-V21-09-page8.txt: [('AQuarterlymeetingatLapeer', 'A Quarterly meeting at Lapeer')]
RH18630203-V21-10-page8.txt: [('VIEWANDHERALDIllustrated', 'VIEW AND HERALD Illustrated')]
RH18630217-V21-12-page3.txt: [('whileincreasingtheflow', 'while increasing the flow'), ('torendertheexpectoration', 'to render the expect oration'), ('erleraesdurTerhaoft', 'er l era esd ur Ter ha oft'), ('thevoyageofWarrenHastingstothatcountry', 'the voyage of Warren Hastings to that country')]
RH18630217-V21-12-page6.txt: [('withoutcontroversy', 'without controversy'), ('theliteralmeaningisthatwhich', 'the literal meaning is that which'), ('osfuthpeiprcatolinsiseems', 'o s fut h pei p r c a t o l i n s i s e e m s')]
RH18630217-V21-12-page8.txt: [('takentopreventhisexamplefromdoingharm', 'taken to prevent his example from doing harm')]
RH18630224-V21-13-page4.txt: [('attheelysumnairsks', 'at the ely sum n a i r s k s'), ('accomplishinvitations', 'accomplish invitations')]
RH18630224-V21-13-page6.txt: [('initsfreshnessandinnocenceB', 'in its freshness and innocence B'), ('Inthehopeofmeetingyousoon', 'In the hope of meeting you soon'), ('Iwasforcedtogiveupmyold', 'I was forced to give up my old'), ('schoolBaptistdoctrine', 'school Baptist doctrine')]
RH18630224-V21-13-page8.txt: [('mailattheriskoftheAssociation', 'mail at the risk of the Association'), ('SaintsiInheritance', 'Saints i Inheritance')]
RH18630303-V21-14-page7.txt: [('behoovesustobeupanddoing', 'behooves us to be up and doing')]
RH18630303-V21-14-page8.txt: [('TheImmortalKingdomlorated', 'The Immortal Kingdom l orated'), ('nearlyeveryevening', 'nearly every evening'), ('SomehaveembracedtheSabbath', 'Some have embraced the Sabbath'), ('onfaLDthiteotiNiVnhoicahoktO', 'on f a L D t h i t e o t i N i V n h o i c a h o k t O')]
RH18630310-V21-15-page2.txt: [('suchsaleandpurchase', 'such sale and purchase')]
RH18630310-V21-15-page7.txt: [('THEREVIEWANDHERALD', 'THE REVIEW AND HERALD')]
RH18630317-V21-16-page8.txt: [('publaincdatoionnes', 'publ a in c dat o ion n e s')]
RH18630324-V21-17-page1.txt: [('slaveholdmaliciousness', 'slave hold maliciousness')]
RH18630331-V21-18-page4.txt: [('Christianityneededboth', 'Christianity needed both'), ('henceweseetheseespecial', 'hence we see these especial'), ('Whatisthesecondconsideration', 'What is the second consideration')]
RH18630331-V21-18-page8.txt: [('toyiewachiSrecaLtit', 'toy i ewa c hiS rec a L tit'), ('omaifsosionegoaTledr', 'oma if so sion ego aT le dr')]
RH18630407-V21-19-page3.txt: [('elsestioanfoefeloiunrg', 'else st i o an foe fe lo i u n r g')]
RH18630407-V21-19-page8.txt: [('youareintheleastdegreedissatisfiedwithourdeal', 'you are in the least degree dissatisfied with our deal'), ('Thelawrequiresthepre', 'The law requires the p r e')]
RH18630414-V21-20-page1.txt: [('Alviamoslaresusemett', 'A lvi amos lares use met t')]
RH18630414-V21-20-page5.txt: [('tocomparevicewithvirtue', 'to compare vice with virtue'), ('orattempttoweightruth', 'or attempt to weigh truth'), ('wheretheyoughttobe', 'where they ought to be'), ('prtehbendwidespher', 'p rte h bend wide s p her')]
RH18630421-V21-21-page5.txt: [('concernabomination', 'concern abomination')]
RH18630428-V21-22-page8.txt: [('Christiatillaptism', 'Christi a till apt ism')]
RH18630505-V21-23-page3.txt: [('mustcontinuetoresis', 'must continue to res is')]
RH18630505-V21-23-page4.txt: [('readytoreceivethem', 'ready to receive them')]
RH18630512-V21-24-page8.txt: [('NumbernoOftheREVIEW', 'Number no Of the REVIEW'), ('keepthecommandmentsofGodANDthefaith', 'keep the commandments of God AND the faith')]
RH18630519-V21-25-page5.txt: [('churchrespectively', 'church respectively')]
RH18630526-V21-26-page5.txt: [('committeediecharged', 'committee die charged')]
RH18630602-V22-01-page3.txt: [('Iftheseerrorswereofbutlittle', 'If these errors were of but little'), ('forwhiletheSeriptdurethsaptlai', 'for while theSe rip t d u r e t h s a p t l a i'), ('beinstructedandencouragedbyourmore', 'be instructed and encouraged by our more')]
RH18630602-V22-01-page6.txt: [('youlideliberations', 'you l i deliberations')]
RH18630602-V22-01-page8.txt: [('asweremanyinWisconsinfor', 'as were many in Wisconsin for'), ('theomissionshouldthenbegiven', 'the omission should then be given')]
RH18630609-V22-02-page5.txt: [('anddeathintoourworld', 'and death into our world'), ('thetransgressallegedinabilityofmantoactexceptinagivenline', 'the transgress alleged inability of man to act except in a given line')]
RH18630609-V22-02-page8.txt: [('Thelawrequirestheprepaymentofpostageonalltransientpub', 'The law requires the prepayment of postage on all transient pub'), ('Judgeofalltheearthwilldoright', 'Judge of all the earth will do right'), ('xiiiMiaryAFaoirbTahnokms', 'xii iM i ar y A F a o i r b T a h n o k m s')]
RH18630623-V22-04-page3.txt: [('Iupheraicdenhohvne', 'I up her ai c den ho h v n e'), ('yetnebgelfeocrtesit', 'yet neb gel fe o c rte sit')]
RH18630623-V22-04-page8.txt: [('Thelawrequirestheprepaymentofpostageonalltransientpublicatione', 'The law requires the prepayment of postage on all transient public at i one'), ('ReviewofCrozierontheInstitution', 'Review of Crozier on the Institution'), ('ConfereneetilVlissionary', 'Con fe renee til V lis sion ar y')]
RH18630630-V22-05-page3.txt: [('Aretheyimistatingthe', 'Are they im i stating the')]
RH18630707-V22-06-page3.txt: [('appwlicoatiaonrnis', 'app w l i c o a t i a o n r n i s'), ('dissunierceersinsarythin', 'dis sun ier cee r s i n s a r y t h i n')]
RH18630714-V22-07-page2.txt: [('andthatthishasbeen', 'and that this has been')]
RH18630728-V22-09-page4.txt: [('followintgestimony', 'follow int gest im on y'), ('concurrentagreement', 'concurrent agreement'), ('Whoseworkwerethesewallsandgatesthat', 'Whose work were these walls and gates that'), ('propheticperiodcanbefoundthenterminating', 'prophetic period can be found then terminating')]
RH18630728-V22-09-page7.txt: [('enabalesdtiatohmsaly', 'en a bal esd tia to h ms a l y')]
RH18630728-V22-09-page8.txt: [('Loughboroughshowingits', 'Loughborough showing its'), ('NumberoftheREVIEWd', 'Number of the REVIEW d'), ('SevenTractsinonebookontheSecond', 'Seven Tracts in one book on the Second')]
RH18630804-V22-10-page2.txt: [('meanofisattainingtohis', 'mean of is attaining to his')]
RH18630804-V22-10-page7.txt: [('panidehasbeenafirmbeliever', 'p a nide has been a firm believer')]
RH18630804-V22-10-page8.txt: [('inghloistioisnetheryoeliupTeedanadyisi', 'ing h lo i st i o is nether yoe l i up Teed an ady is i')]
RH18630811-V22-11-page3.txt: [('financialmovements', 'financial movements')]
RH18630811-V22-11-page5.txt: [('humanbeingswahopsepelite', 'human beings wah o p sep elite')]
RH18630811-V22-11-page7.txt: [('thloartioIusstiollaufesel', 't h l o a r t i o I u s s t i o l l a u f e s e l'), ('ocnonthssumilotioon', 'o c no nth s sum i lot i o on')]
RH18630818-V22-12-page8.txt: [('Therearemanythatareyetundecided', 'There are many that are yet undecided'), ('FalseTheoriesExposed', 'False Theories Exposed')]
RH18630825-V22-13-page3.txt: [('whichtheChristiansofGalltaitihaafdafllleln', 'which the Christians of Gall tait i ha a f d a f l l l e l n'), ('andmanyawoundisfeltbythosewho', 'and many a wound is felt by those who')]
RH18630825-V22-13-page7.txt: [('portfromtheMinnesota', 'port from the Minnesota'), ('ahilerlartayardisisthaitvIinmosaLbehiwsillieng', 'a hi l er l art a yard is is tha it v I in mos a L be hi w s i l l i e n g')]
RH18630901-V22-14-page5.txt: [('everlastingblessin', 'everlasting bless in')]
RH18630901-V22-14-page8.txt: [('itmakesaveryneatandcreditableappearance', 'it makes a very neat and creditable appearance'), ('Letthosewhocannotsendadelegatesendletters', 'Let those who cannot send a delegates end letters'), ('hefovliloiVnfhlistr', 'he f o v l i l o i V n f h l i s t r'), ('noisnetyherVecoeliupnticedsnpadyNsum', 'no is net y her V eco eli up n t i c e d s n p a d y N s u m')]
RH18630908-V22-15-page7.txt: [('fellowcreaturesforwhomChrist', 'fellow creatures for whom Christ'), ('ThalLitiihdethrefosionn', 'Tha l Lit ii h de t h r e f o s i o n n')]
RH18630908-V22-15-page8.txt: [('ForSharesinPublishingAssociation', 'For Shares in Publishing Association')]
RH18630915-V22-16-page5.txt: [('forhelprighteousness', 'for help righteousness')]
RH18630915-V22-16-page8.txt: [('notexpectedtobepresentatthismeeting', 'not expected to be present at this meeting'), ('Thelawrequiresthepre', 'The law requires the p r e'), ('inthefirstlineafter', 'in the first line after'), ('fwollowiihngelisItl', 'f w o l l o w i i h n g e l i s I t l'), ('jupzedapnadyHNsumcept', 'j up zed a p n a d y H N s u m c e p t'), ('Areplytoaseriesofdiscoursesdelivered', 'A reply to a series of discourses delivered'), ('representationofourprintedballot', 'representation of our printed ballot')]
RH18630922-V22-17-page3.txt: [('hatimmoertaBlitiye', 'hat im moe r t a B l i t i y e')]
RH18630929-V22-18-page2.txt: [('Ifweshouldproducenobetterforpurgatory', 'If we should produce no better for purgatory'), ('andusherthemintoenjoythegloriesof', 'and usher them into enjoy the glories of')]
RH18630929-V22-18-page5.txt: [('ofhewastaehrhbathptishm', 'of he wast a e h r h b a t h p t i s h m')]
RH18630929-V22-18-page7.txt: [('theLordwillbringhispeopleoutpurfiebdu', 'the Lord will bring his people out pur fie b du')]
RH18631006-V22-19-page3.txt: [('WheneveeuraIregivemyulvairel', 'When eve eur a Ire give my u l v a i r e l'), ('Milelewrietreethaet', 'Mile lew rie tree tha et')]
RH18631006-V22-19-page4.txt: [('Mandlaugartrraissionar', 'Man dl aug art r r a i s s i o n a r')]
RH18631006-V22-19-page8.txt: [('Nowthatwemaynotbetakenbysurprise', 'Now that we may not be taken by surprise'), ('andunofbetterdaysinIowaamongthosewhokeepthe', 'an dun of better days in Iowa among those who keep the')]
RH18631013-V22-20-page8.txt: [('SaintsiInheritance', 'Saints i Inheritance')]
RH18631020-V22-21-page5.txt: [('clastsheesminsselovceis', 'c last she e s m i n s s e l o v c e i s')]
RH18631020-V22-21-page8.txt: [('Extractsfromthewritingsof', 'Extracts from the writings of')]
RH18631027-V22-22-page4.txt: [('itofruitwantiPtvax', 'i to fruit want i P t v a x')]
RH18631027-V22-22-page8.txt: [('toitausitsitutiownaotfathde', 'to it a us its i tut i own a ot fath de'), ('Refutationofthedoctrine', 'Refutation of the doctrine')]
RH18631103-V22-23-page8.txt: [('Thenhecanadjustwindowsastheweatherandhis', 'Then he can adjust windows as the weather and his')]
RH18631110-V22-24-page7.txt: [('cheeredandrevivedinreadingyourlettersintheReview', 'cheered and revived in reading your letters in the Review'), ('IcommencedtokeeptheSabbathof', 'I commenced to keep the Sabbath of'), ('funeraldiscoursewas', 'funeral discourse was'), ('oftielnerwishedshme', 'of tie l ner wished s h me')]
RH18631117-V22-25-page7.txt: [('forthesunshinethat', 'for the sunshine that')]
RH18631117-V22-25-page8.txt: [('ChurchatBurlingtonMich', 'Church at Burlington Mich')]
RH18631124-V22-26-page7.txt: [('dailyassociatingwiththoseoflikepreciousfaith', 'daily associating with those of like precious faith')]
RH18631208-V23-02-page3.txt: [('wardayawninggulfofdestruction', 'ward a yawning gulf of destruction')]
RH18631215-V23-03-page4.txt: [('AsktheJewswhoclamoredforthebloodofthe', 'Ask the Jews who clamored for the blood of the')]
RH18631215-V23-03-page5.txt: [('converdescriptions', 'con v er descriptions')]
RH18631222-V23-04-page6.txt: [('ardetingrecordthat', 'ard et ing record that')]
RH18640105-V23-06-page2.txt: [('everlastingiltingdona', 'everlasting i l ting dona')]
RH18640105-V24-06-page4.txt: [('forhedistinctlyadmitted', 'for he distinctly admitted'), ('Theknowledgewhichlie', 'The knowledge which lie'), ('furtherstatementconcerningtheauthorityofthefatIters', 'further statement concerning the authority of the fat I ter s')]
RH18640105-V24-06-page5.txt: [('wacshoubrsehrvuniversally', 'w a c s h o u b r s e h r v u n i v e r s a l l y'), ('esdtitmonyiofthaenmostcerecsl', 'esd tit mon y i of tha en most cere c s l'), ('entitledtonosortofcreditw', 'entitled to no sort of credit w')]
RH18640105-V24-06-page7.txt: [('fitactoionlnisnuciod', 'fit a c to ion l n i s n u c i o d'), ('laitetswithdevaitoreitelzratitmenc', 'la it et s with de v a it ore it el z r a t i t m e n c')]
RH18640105-V24-06-page8.txt: [('stniciliVihEitenlienyw', 'st n i c i l i V i h E i t e n l i e n y w'), ('learsAfIoBroujnids', 'l ears A f I o B r o u j n i d s')]
RH18640112-V23-07-page6.txt: [('reamviongyioinIclloenyf', 'ream vi ong y i o in I c l lo en y f'), ('lictshaetrMithvoiyc', 'l i cts ha et r M i t h v o i y c')]
RH18640112-V23-07-page8.txt: [('liveredbyhiminBattleCrookontheSabbathquestion', 'live red by him in Battle Crook on the Sabbath question')]
RH18640119-V23-08-page5.txt: [('disappointcontinues', 'disappoint continues')]
RH18640126-V23-09-page7.txt: [('AlthoughwearealonehereinkeepingtheSabbath', 'Although we are alone here in keeping the Sabbath'), ('forthemessengersto', 'for the messengers to'), ('labormoreeffectually', 'labor more effectually')]
RH18640126-V24-09-page4.txt: [('asapnedakptaorhappsanbloitetuantileelm', 'asap ned a k p t a o r h a p p s a n b l o i t e t u a n t i l e e l m')]
RH18640126-V24-09-page6.txt: [('thepleoaysliunreesss', 'the p leo a y s l i u n r e e s s s'), ('remavinenatiyoritos', 'rem a vine nat i y or i to s'), ('aonttysitcatoLiveist', 'a ont ty sit c a to Live i st'), ('didetnotehaevreetbhle', 'did et note hae v ree t b h l e'), ('theaJoshansetoewyn', 'the a Josh an set o ew y n'), ('othuorspelwayorsaraenldahboyrionur', 'o thu or s p el way or s ara enl dah boy rion ur')]
RH18640202-V23-10-page4.txt: [('Wehavenumerouscallstolaborinthisand', 'We have numerous calls to labor in this and'), ('andcommittedtheaudiencetothefotser', 'and committed the audience to the f o t s e r'), ('ThedeadpraisenottheLord', 'The dead praise not the Lord')]
RH18640202-V24-10-page3.txt: [('sprightlidegrading', 's p right l i degrading')]
RH18640209-V23-11-page8.txt: [('tosympathizedeeply', 'to sympathize deeply'), ('Ithinknodayhaspassedin', 'I think no day has passed in'), ('whoshouldreadthatcoulddoubttheheavenlyorigin', 'who should read that could doubt the heavenly origin'), ('APamphletontheSabbath', 'A Pamphlet on the Sabbath')]
RH18640209-V24-11-page4.txt: [('havelearnedthatthatisnotareliablesourcefrom', 'have learned that that is not a reliable source from'), ('NowastotheoriginalAdventfaith', 'No was to the original Advent faith'), ('byremisspracticable', 'by remiss practicable'), ('IhfitahhelLesoaridnispleasedtonspearaeamjeliafheaavnedhealth', 'I h fit ah hel Le so arid n i s p l e a s e d t o n s p e a r a e a m j e l i a f h e a a v n e d h e a l t h')]
RH18640209-V24-11-page8.txt: [('liedaccordingtoyourirdecotins', 'lied according to your ir deco tins'), ('andReligiousLessonsfortheYoung', 'and Religious Lessons for the Young'), ('meatlawconcerningnon', 'meat law concerning non'), ('Werequesttheprayersofthe', 'We request the prayers of the'), ('HiltonontheStatefothoDead', 'Hilton on the State f o t h o D e a d')]
RH18640216-V23-12-page3.txt: [('Scriptourwebiucphown', 'Script our web i u c p h o w n'), ('totokaenetpicoipuarstelviets', 'to tok a en et pic o i p u a r s t e l v i e t s'), ('overrulingLoerdaand', 'overruling Lo er d a a n d')]
RH18640216-V23-12-page6.txt: [('powerfulmanifestation', 'powerful manifestation')]
RH18640216-V23-12-page8.txt: [('WILLthechurcheswithinthelimitsofthisConfer', 'WILL the churches within the limits of this Confer')]
RH18640216-V24-12-page7.txt: [('departmentsencouragingtopork', 'departments encouraging to pork'), ('twentycentsperpoun', 'twenty cents per p o u n')]
RH18640223-V23-13-page8.txt: [('sentinsevensubscribersatonetime', 'sent in seven subscribers atone time')]
RH18640223-V24-13-page4.txt: [('wrongforustobearfalsewitnessagainstanyone', 'wrong for us to bear false witness against anyone')]
RH18640301-V23-14-page5.txt: [('ilAfternoonowokeriensutmedbusinesswhich', 'i l Afternoon o wok eri ens u t m e d b u s i n e s s w h i c h')]
RH18640301-V24-14-page5.txt: [('eldofimnLslysinonartoyl', 'eld of im n L s l y s i n o n a r t o y l')]
RH18640308-V23-15-page1.txt: [('commandcommandments', 'command commandments')]
RH18640308-V24-15-page6.txt: [('surpaassingibseauty', 'sur p a as sin gib s eau ty')]
RH18640308-V24-15-page7.txt: [('quiteanumberoutsideofthechurchhere', 'quite a number outside of the church here'), ('MymeetingsclosedyesterdayatDane', 'My meetings closed yesterday at Dane'), ('feeltoipraiseIthmeayLolirvdefourtthpereseonlt', 'feel to i praise It h me a y Lo lir v de four t t h p e r e s e o n l t'), ('oarbofuthfoeurargwe', 'oar b o fut h foe ur arg we'), ('letziemavinenlyimjios', 'let z i e m a v i n e n l y i m j i o s'), ('romnththeefgoiuvititnagmhoafnsclo', 'rom nth thee f g o i u v i t i t n a g m h o a f n s c l o'), ('Ioccupiedaboutonehourwithremarksonthe', 'I occupied about one hour with remarks on the'), ('brightspotinourexperience', 'bright spot in our experience')]
RH18640308-V24-15-page8.txt: [('wouldratherreceivetheReview', 'would rather receive the Review'), ('illbeattheQuarterlyMeeting', 'ill be at the Quarterly Meeting')]
RH18640315-V23-16-page4.txt: [('typoigeraopfhtihcal', 'typo i ger a o p f h t i h c a l')]
RH18640315-V23-16-page7.txt: [('ymeairazajoilifeule', 'y me air a z a j o i l i f e u l e')]
RH18640315-V24-16-page3.txt: [('fworhalitispfampielyr', 'f w o r h a l i t i s p f a m p i e l y r')]
RH18640315-V24-16-page4.txt: [('obedienctoetihnestructions', 'obed i enc to et i h nest ruction s')]
RH18640322-V23-17-page4.txt: [('resurrecconsidering', 'res ur rec considering')]
RH18640322-V23-17-page8.txt: [('scattersedpirbitrethvvriellti', 'scatters ed p ir bit ret h v v riel l t i'), ('liveredbybiminBmattaletChrseekSabbathouestion', 'live red by bim in B matt a let Chr seek S abba thou est ion'), ('AddressELDERJAMESWHITE', 'Address ELDER JAMES WHITE')]
RH18640322-V24-17-page1.txt: [('SimplybytranslatingtheWord', 'Simply by translating the Word'), ('woulddestroyhistestimony', 'would destroy his testimony'), ('notonlyonOASquestion', 'not only on O AS question')]
RH18640322-V24-17-page4.txt: [('oleWcoenhnaevcetionlyshows', 'o l eW c o en h nae v c et i only shows')]
RH18640322-V24-17-page5.txt: [('ornamentingchurchbuildings', 'ornamenting church buildings')]
RH18640322-V24-17-page6.txt: [('theicsonsfhlioctrt', 'the i c sons f h l i o c t r t')]
RH18640329-V23-18-page8.txt: [('impressitsothoroughlyuponourmindsthatwecannot', 'impress it so thoroughly upon our minds that we cannot'), ('ortheterminationofthe', 'or the termination of the')]
RH18640329-V24-18-page8.txt: [('tohsecAurdedratsesnEtior', 'to h sec A ur de drat s e s n E t i o r'), ('christiantiaptioin', 'christ i anti apt i o in')]
RH18640405-V23-19-page2.txt: [('Itisstillobjectedthattheg', 'It is still objected that the g'), ('ingoftheSabbathandthechildrenwhomtheLordhathgivenme', 'ing of the Sabbath and the children whom the Lord hath given me'), ('areethtoanothertribe', 'are eth to another tribe'), ('ofwhichnomangaveattendance', 'of which no man gave attendance'), ('knownordistinguished', 'known or distinguished'), ('thisredemptionword', 'this redemption word')]
RH18640405-V23-19-page3.txt: [('yhabeipnegoizlesigono', 'y ha bei p nego i z l e s i g o n o'), ('hasvetahleredaudtystoafteaall', 'has vet ah le red aud ty st oaf tea all')]
RH18640405-V24-19-page5.txt: [('exceedingsinfulness', 'exceeding sinfulness')]
RH18640405-V24-19-page7.txt: [('aiinidutettremayin', 'ai in i du tet t r e m a y i n'), ('erfirvBitctaogeisi', 'er fir v Bit c tao g e i s i'), ('fortheprizeofthehighcallingofGodinChrist', 'for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ'), ('andItahmefaitligoftohkeepearllstohoe', 'and It ah me fait l igo f t o h k e e p e a r l l s t o h o e'), ('csinscdientainoudsedChristioan', 'c sins c di en tain oud s ed Christi o an')]
RH18640412-V23-20-page2.txt: [('andwithoutGeocdovinethnewsoorldp', 'and without Geo c do vi neth new so or l d p'), ('shedoolEnthaitsnefldesihn', 'she do o lE nth a its n e f l d e s i h n'), ('membetsofthecommonwealthofIsrael', 'mem bets of the commonwealth of Israel'), ('fortheLETTERICILLETH', 'for the LETTER I C ILL ETH'), ('isthteJlaeswuosfhoath', 'isth t e J l a e s w u o s f h o a t h')]
RH18640412-V23-20-page3.txt: [('featuresbespointed', 'features bes pointed')]
RH18640412-V23-20-page7.txt: [('ASKEDastudentwhatthreethingshemostwished', 'ASKED a student what three things he most wished'), ('airtittitidiehteiermavienaiytioionst', 'air tit titi die h t e i e r m a v i e n a i y t i o i o n s t')]
RH18640412-V24-20-page2.txt: [('wouldhavebeeninprimitivetimes', 'would have been in primitive times'), ('thechoicestsenseoftheterm', 'the choicest sense of the term')]
RH18640419-V23-21-page8.txt: [('Associationwillholditsfourthannual', 'Association will hold its fourth annual'), ('comepreparedtopaytheirs', 'come prepared to pay theirs'), ('JGansekiILIfaonrieAllsrsi', 'J Gans e k i I L I f a o n r i e A l l s r s i'), ('willbeholdenatmyhouseonSabbath', 'will beholden at my house on Sabbath'), ('iJnauneiilloeossxexrysnili', 'i J n a u n e i i l l o e o s s x e x r y s n i l i')]
RH18640419-V24-21-page6.txt: [('arsenicalpoisoning', 'arsenical poisoning')]
RH18640426-V23-22-page2.txt: [('astotrytobeinstills', 'as to try to be in stills'), ('theBeuotiDthDosueADwhsocitioh', 'the Be u o t i D t h D o s u e A D w h s o c i t i o h'), ('ewseiedshallsjeoeh', 'ew s e i e d s h a l l s j e o e h')]
RH18640426-V23-22-page5.txt: [('cannotdarkentheirmindsatthispoint', 'cannot darken their minds at this point'), ('mountainsbecastintothmeidstofthesea', 'mountains be cast in tot h me ids toft he sea')]
RH18640426-V23-22-page6.txt: [('rettiedrlymaemndbtirrsayo', 'ret tie dr l y mae m n d b t i r r s a y o')]
RH18640426-V24-22-page7.txt: [('tielanviennalymjiiovroienyTotAv', 'tie l an vi en n a l y m j i i o v r o i e n y T o t A v'), ('trfirvsitooliiiveisi', 't r f i r v s i t o o l i i i v e i s i')]
RH18640503-V23-23-page2.txt: [('WhatthendoesChristmeanbya', 'What then does Christ mean by a'), ('errtheLelattwermadecn', 'err the L el att we r m a d e c n'), ('theoldredcowontheothersideofthefield', 'the old red cow on the other side of the field')]
RH18640503-V23-23-page4.txt: [('Iwishsomeoneversedinlogicwouldstatethisargusilent', 'I wish some one versed in logic would state this argus i lent'), ('Wewantmorearticles', 'We want more articles'), ('egregioussmisstaternent', 'egregious s miss tat erne n t')]
RH18640503-V23-23-page7.txt: [('turnedfromtheplaceresolvedanewinthestrengthof', 'turned from the place resolved anew in the strength of'), ('erallPyrionvuolves', 'er all P y rion v u o l v e s')]
RH18640503-V23-23-page8.txt: [('constitutiodnuatly', 'con st i tut i o d n u a t l y')]
RH18640503-V24-23-page1.txt: [('shouldcometowhomthepromisewasmade', 'should come to whom the promise was made'), ('whenaschoolmasterteachefnaboygratis', 'when a schoolmaster tea chef nab o y gratis')]
RH18640503-V24-23-page5.txt: [('VermontandCanadaEastbebackward', 'Vermont and Canada East be backward'), ('havinbgycontrollfore', 'ha v in b g y c o n t r o l l f o r e'), ('fernalkhinstthitutil', 'fern alk h inst t h i t u t i l')]
RH18640503-V24-23-page8.txt: [('quiresustodenyourselvesof', 'quires us to deny ourselves of')]
RH18640510-V23-24-page2.txt: [('notwithstandingsomany', 'notwithstanding so many')]
RH18640510-V24-24-page4.txt: [('hdeavyeroftothheairveebkeetho', 'h de a v yer of tot h he air vee b k e e t h o'), ('enthsaivteltyhstapuoghet', 'enth s a iv tel ty h s tap u o g h e t'), ('madeotheirassertions', 'made o their assertions'), ('conversiontoChrist', 'conversion to Christ')]
RH18640510-V24-24-page7.txt: [('andhavecometotheirconclusionsafterlong', 'and have come to their conclusions after long'), ('inntestimobneystsointhgertersuttehd', 'inn test i mob ney st so i nth ger ter s utt e h d'), ('ccodomemapdawnihioon', 'c c o dome map dawn i hi o on'), ('sanctifyingsentiments', 'sanctifying sentiments'), ('sanctifyinginfluence', 'sanctifying influence')]
RH18640517-V23-25-page1.txt: [('commandcommandments', 'command commandments')]
RH18640517-V23-25-page2.txt: [('shallaelveecnavtkr', 'shall a el vee c nav t k r')]
RH18640517-V23-25-page4.txt: [('ThiswasoneofthemostinterestingmeetingsIofevliefre', 'This was one of the most interesting meetings I o fe v lief r e')]
RH18640517-V23-25-page5.txt: [('wordlyconsiderations', 'word l y considerations')]
RH18640517-V23-25-page6.txt: [('crippledenergieetoopposetheattack', 'crippled en er gie et o oppose the attack'), ('thebountiesofHeaven', 'the bounties of Heaven'), ('itlingersaroundthefew', 'it lingers around the few')]
RH18640517-V23-25-page7.txt: [('thatwemaycomeuptoourhighprivilegein', 'that we may come up to our high privilege in'), ('andfounddailywondersin', 'and found daily wonders in')]
RH18640517-V24-25-page4.txt: [('faithfullythoseany', 'faithfully those any'), ('anudlemsanysidtholaattrthe', 'anu dl ems any sid tho la att r t h e')]
RH18640517-V24-25-page5.txt: [('argumentdeviseclagainst', 'argument devise c l against'), ('PerTercetlyhmdeOnweehr', 'Per Ter c et l y h md e O n w e e h r')]
RH18640517-V24-25-page6.txt: [('thoughttillthewillandlife', 'thought till the will and life'), ('givingpowerofhisCreator', 'giving power of his Creator'), ('positivelydeclarethathecannotraisethedead', 'positively declare that he cannot raise the dead'), ('areghphesciousness', 'a reg h p he sci o us ness')]
RH18640517-V24-25-page7.txt: [('lookjingusfocrhrtishe', 'look j ing us f o c r h r t i s h e'), ('Halusotewhtaussosnomsetwuhffaattbusy', 'Hal us ot ew h taus so s nom set w u h f f a a t t b u s y'), ('ennablidnagysUstot', 'en nab lid nag y s Us tot'), ('irneattheestLoearrdt', 'ir neat the est Lo ear r d t')]
RH18640712-V24-07-page2.txt: [('makesJesusthustotriflewith', 'makes Jesus thus to trifle with')]
RH18640712-V24-07-page7.txt: [('cleansedfromallunrighteousness', 'cleansed from all unrighteousness')]
RH18640712-V24-07-page8.txt: [('iMoaoryxxAvinandjerml', 'iM o a or y xx A v in and jer m l')]
RH18640719-V24-08-page7.txt: [('cheeringtestimonies', 'cheering testimonies'), ('etbeelessaendbaeirind', 'et bee less a end b a e i r i n d')]
RH18641129-V25-01-page1.txt: [('AADSABBATirlIERALD', 'A AD SABBAT ir l IER ALD')]
RH18641129-V25-01-page4.txt: [('inspiredlanguagemeansanything', 'inspired language means anything'), ('itrimansthatonefol', 'it rim ans that one fol')]
RH18641129-V25-01-page7.txt: [('publiahingnnsociation', 'publ i ah ing n n s o c i a t i o n')]
RH18641201-V24-01-page4.txt: [('approachesnearertotheamountworthyofhislabors', 'approaches nearer to the amount worthy of his labors'), ('ovfoeurnederirnedtht', 'o v foe urn ed er ir ned t h t')]
RH18641206-V25-02-page3.txt: [('generalgsitueatitont', 'gen er alg s i tue at it ont')]
RH18641206-V25-02-page4.txt: [('greatiprophotiopiked', 'great i prop hot i o pi ked')]
RH18641206-V25-02-page5.txt: [('npugbAlisshsiociationwasinstitutedaccordingtolaw', 'n p u g b A l i s s h s i o c i a t i o n w a s i n s t i t u t e d a c c o r d i n g t o l a w'), ('Ustiotithisliroperty', 'Us t i o t i t h i s l i r o p e r t y')]
RH18641206-V25-02-page7.txt: [('colinnartettiadittS', 'col inn art et tia dit t S')]
RH18641206-V25-02-page8.txt: [('inettreattentiomMuatbeaccomeabied', 'in et treat tent i o m M u a t b e a c c o m e a b i e d'), ('itcligtetitrhaikiesliati', 'it c l i g t e t i t r h a i k i e s l i a t i')]
RH18641208-V24-02-page3.txt: [('agreeingtogiveafire', 'agreeing to give a fire'), ('enclosedinminwhecryestthse', 'enclosed in min whe cry est t h s e'), ('Shouldeluridesetsome', 'Should el uri de set some'), ('TheythatturnmanytotheLord', 'They that turn many to the Lord')]
RH18641213-V25-03-page3.txt: [('aocemplisheitairything', 'a o c emp lis he it airy thing'), ('impossiblifinteklx', 'im pos sib l if int e k l x')]
RH18641213-V25-03-page5.txt: [('secondresurrection', 'second resurrection'), ('ThoseWhowishtodonate', 'Those Who wish to donate'), ('andthosewhochooseto', 'and those who choose to'), ('themightymanshaltlhecrreyb', 'the mighty man shalt l he c r r e y b'), ('ortheywouldbelamented', 'or they would be lamented')]
RH18641213-V25-03-page7.txt: [('QuarterlyMeetinghasbeeanservice', 'Quarterly Meeting has bee an service'), ('instractienesoliindly', 'ins tract i en e s o l i i n d l y'), ('otherymemblersaYILTionseholdcoafTa', 'other y mem b l er saY I L T i o n s e h o l d c o a f T a')]
RH18641213-V25-03-page8.txt: [('SystettatieBenevolenee', 'Syst etta tie Be nev o len e e'), ('carefuliyearcilaked', 'careful i year c ila ked')]
RH18641215-V24-03-page7.txt: [('sistershotopersreati', 'sisters ho topers rea t i')]
RH18641220-V25-04-page7.txt: [('Toexplainadifficultytheywill', 'To explain a difficulty they will'), ('thatthejustaretheGentileorChristian', 'that the just are the Gentile or Christian'), ('leetieiretanvienialfiyo', 'lee tie ire tan vi en i a l f i y o'), ('andIamstilltryingtokeepthe', 'and I am still trying to keep the'), ('Altobesomesoulswaitine', 'Alto be some souls wait in e'), ('consolationofIsraA', 'consolation of I sra A'), ('muminedebryetflimeyassaisyteintt', 'mum in ede b rye t f l i m e y a s s a i s y t e i n t t')]
RH18641222-V24-04-page2.txt: [('manyinthemeridianofme', 'many in the meridian of me')]
RH18641222-V24-04-page3.txt: [('shouldspontaneously', 'should spontaneously')]
RH18641222-V24-04-page5.txt: [('speaktransgressions', 'speak transgressions')]
RH18641222-V24-04-page7.txt: [('hyperspiritualistic', 'hyp er spiritualistic')]
RH18641227-V25-05-page1.txt: [('Testamentwerewritten', 'Testament were written')]
RH18641227-V25-05-page2.txt: [('therriplacableineody', 'the r r i p l a c a b l e i n e o d y'), ('thesriptedlictions', 'the s rip ted l i c t i o n s'), ('andwhenallisdonehenevergainshisend', 'and when all is done he never gains his end'), ('accortdoingtheirtestimothnayt', 'acc ort doing their test i moth nay t')]
RH18641227-V25-05-page3.txt: [('deitthinstliytieifS', 'de it thin st l i y tie if S')]
RH18641227-V25-05-page4.txt: [('ofsinercyltitdgeothiese', 'of sin er c y l tit d g e o t h i e s e'), ('arebuttheoutwardformsofceremonies', 'are but the outward forms of ceremonies'), ('ivpnunanslweeeravbidencethatitis', 'iv p nun ans l wee era v bid enc eth at it is')]
RH18641227-V25-05-page5.txt: [('aPiritetspeculation', 'a P iri tet speculation')]
RH18641227-V25-05-page6.txt: [('whollOonottinitere', 'who l lO o not tin it ere')]
RH18641227-V25-05-page7.txt: [('theconikanalogionsfrom', 'the con i kan a log ions from')]
RH18641229-V24-05-page1.txt: [('ministersresponded', 'ministers responded')]
RH18641229-V24-05-page5.txt: [('quotationsintroducedbyEld', 'quotations introduced by Eld'), ('NthroiligththeLIbV', 'Nth roil i g t h t h e L I b V')]
RH18641229-V24-05-page8.txt: [('newsubscribersfortheReview', 'new subscribers for the Review')]
RH18650103-V25-06-page2.txt: [('diffusedthrongliOntitthe', 'diffused throng l iOn tit the'), ('thehistoryofSocrateswhichnobody', 'the history of Socrates which nobody'), ('ancientiMantuteript', 'ancient iM ant uteri p t')]
RH18650103-V25-06-page6.txt: [('remarkableproposition', 'remarkable proposition')]
RH18650103-V25-06-page7.txt: [('brethrenaiaSisters', 'brethren ai a Sisters')]
RH18650110-V25-07-page2.txt: [('therenorestitution', 'there no restitution')]
RH18650110-V25-07-page7.txt: [('pirlyclafoimrihnsgththatiswomo', 'p ir l y c la f o i m r i h n s g t h t h a t i s w o m o'), ('airgettronatvionnalyiorilrc', 'air get trona t v i o n n a l y i o r i l r c'), ('lionapainionagladlyi', 'lion a pain ion a gladly i'), ('whhiilleoevemaonoty', 'w h h i i l l e o e v e m a o n o t y'), ('thepresenttruthunder', 'the present truth under'), ('mpyacolOveHforleGooddo', 'm p y a c o l O v e H f o r l e G o o d d o')]
RH18650117-V25-08-page6.txt: [('athoendiffermeenectethe', 'a tho en differ me en e c t e t h e')]
RH18650124-V25-09-page2.txt: [('otherarofapparenlifinild', 'other ar of app ar enl if i nil d')]
RH18650124-V25-09-page3.txt: [('preceptsconcerning', 'precepts concerning')]
RH18650124-V25-09-page4.txt: [('entirelymisapprehend', 'entirely misapprehend')]
RH18650124-V25-09-page7.txt: [('someofoofouuptiblicet', 'some of o o fou up t i b l i c e t')]
RH18650124-V25-09-page8.txt: [('OnthlymeetingforOswe', 'Ont h l y meeting for O s we')]
RH18650131-V25-10-page8.txt: [('ofhiscommunicatiene', 'of his comm uni cat i en e'), ('wethinkarightspirit', 'we think aright spirit'), ('ThefollowingSabbathgand', 'The following Sabbath gand'), ('carefulofthereputationoftheirfriendsasthebrethhbroerathreninO', 'careful of the reputation of their friends as the bret h h b roe rath renin O'), ('someofthebmutbweinegfealbstehnetfrom', 'some of the b mut b wei neg fe alb ste h net from')]
RH18650207-V25-11-page3.txt: [('converyousaysoinplainlanguage', 'con v er you say so in plain language'), ('condidonsforadmissionintoHeaven', 'con did on s for admission into Heaven'), ('thethirdisintheCathedralofParins', 'the third is in the Cathedral of Par ins'), ('keeptheconsciencetender', 'keep the conscience tender'), ('norfollowedthesecond', 'nor followed the second'), ('andsoonallthreeofthem', 'and soon all three of them'), ('weellvveerlnettisl', 'we ell v veer l nett is l')]
RH18650207-V25-11-page4.txt: [('encouragementtoherin', 'encouragement to her in')]
RH18650207-V25-11-page8.txt: [('andsorryridiculeinmattersofreligion', 'and sorry ridicule in matters of religion')]
RH18650214-V25-12-page4.txt: [('THEREVIEWANDHERALD', 'THE REVIEW AND HERALD')]
RH18650214-V25-12-page7.txt: [('thatyesorrownotevenasotherswho', 'that ye sorrow not even as others who')]
RH18650307-V25-14-page5.txt: [('confineshwisarning', 'confines h wis ar n i n g')]
RH18650314-V25-15-page8.txt: [('contemplatingmoving', 'contemplating moving'), ('lsnanyldbbeifsnhcps', 'ls nan y l d b b e i f s n h c p s')]
RH18650321-V25-16-page3.txt: [('dayinthisthdaitsIpennsoatiodn', 'day i nth isth d a i t s I p e n n s o a t i o d n')]
RH18650321-V25-16-page6.txt: [('tossbeeekpiunriatyl', 'toss be eek pi u n r i a t y l'), ('inteatrigibliwieked', 'in tea trig i b l i w i e k e d')]
RH18650328-V25-17-page8.txt: [('ifhecanmakeitconvenient', 'if he can make it convenient')]
RH18650404-V25-18-page8.txt: [('PositiveInstitutions', 'Positive Institutions'), ('mattersittomeifthepopeshouldcondemnmeandunitedeffortofthechurchatthertesiemnte', 'matters it to me if the pope should condemn me and united effort of the church at the rte s i e m n t e')]
RH18650411-V25-19-page3.txt: [('THEREVIEWANDHERALD', 'THE REVIEW AND HERALD')]
RH18650411-V25-19-page4.txt: [('notwithataildinethese', 'not with a tail dine these')]
RH18650411-V25-19-page6.txt: [('clesirekinformation', 'cle sire kin formation')]
RH18650418-V25-20-page1.txt: [('indignationlrindles', 'indignation l rind les'), ('afirlbentradietorit', 'a fir l bent rad i et or it')]
RH18650418-V25-20-page4.txt: [('Widappptisliccideut', 'W i d a p p p t i s l i c c i d e u t')]
RH18650502-V25-22-page7.txt: [('THEREVIEWANDHERALD', 'THE REVIEW AND HERALD')]
RH18650509-V25-23-page5.txt: [('moreinterestingfrom', 'more interesting from')]
RH18650509-V25-23-page8.txt: [('respoansibiilliittyy', 'resp o an sib i ill i it ty y')]
RH18650516-V25-24-page2.txt: [('howunliketheChristianity', 'how unlike the Christianity')]
RH18650516-V25-24-page7.txt: [('xidfirvsticolliiveisi', 'xi d f i r v s t i c o l l i i v e i s i')]
RH18650523-V25-25-page8.txt: [('andthemagnitudeoftheworkthatisbeforeus', 'and the magnitude of the work that is before us')]
RH18650530-V25-26-page1.txt: [('worldconsternation', 'world consternation')]
RH18650530-V25-26-page3.txt: [('stitutiboniaallyssed', 'st i tut i bon i a ally s s ed')]
RH18650530-V25-26-page6.txt: [('esthesecircumstances', 'est he sec ir cum stances')]
RH18650613-V26-02-page6.txt: [('TheyservethePrinceof', 'They serve the Prince of'), ('iochaitelsterarespeincteing', 'i och a it els ter ares pe in c t e i n g'), ('enettirwitohsiotipopnosaintidonf', 'en et t i r w i t o h s i o t i p o p n o s a i n t i d o n f')]
RH18650613-V26-02-page7.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18650620-V26-03-page5.txt: [('bustointehseisrown', 'bus to int e h s e i s r o w n')]
RH18650620-V26-03-page8.txt: [('judiciouscollectionofanimals', 'judicious collection of animals')]
RH18650627-V26-04-page8.txt: [('IngrahamwillfillmyappointmentatMacklbaeornly', 'Ingraham will fill my appointment at Mack l b a e o r n l y'), ('ModernSpiritualism', 'Modern Spiritualism'), ('itsNatureandTendency', 'its Nature and Tendency')]
RH18650704-V26-05-page2.txt: [('Vvoaldibeiplitinly', 'V v o ald i bei p lit inly')]
RH18650704-V26-05-page3.txt: [('ourselvesirelovated', 'ourselves ire l ova ted')]
RH18650704-V26-05-page5.txt: [('tendeenncycytostrike', 'ten de en n c y c y t o s t r i k e')]
RH18650711-V26-06-page4.txt: [('differentmanifestations', 'different manifestations'), ('beyoncLougatmesphere', 'be yon c Lou gat me sphere'), ('theythayetoffepring', 'they tha yet of fe p ring')]
RH18650718-V26-07-page5.txt: [('THEREVIEWANDHERALD', 'THE REVIEW AND HERALD')]
RH18650718-V26-07-page7.txt: [('begintobearitalongthewaywehavechosen', 'begin to bear it along the way we have chosen'), ('Thereismoreinallthisthan', 'There is more in all this than'), ('wholiveinthevicinityt', 'who live in the vicinity t'), ('spokeintheforemeets', 'spoke in the fore meets'), ('eicnoitclieithecavrelyillyouLndel', 'e i c n o i t c l i e i t h e c a v r e l y i l l y o u L n d e l')]
RH18650725-V26-08-page2.txt: [('leighteencenturies', 'l eighteen centuries')]
RH18650725-V26-08-page6.txt: [('spilreitruealenough', 's pi l rei true a l enough')]
RH18650725-V26-08-page8.txt: [('htumbeiniketeltilx', 'h tum be in ike tel til x')]
RH18650801-V26-09-page2.txt: [('consultingHerodotus', 'consulting Herodotus')]
RH18650801-V26-09-page3.txt: [('iscahgainhbriosughtto', 'is c ah gain h brio s ugh t t o')]
RH18650801-V26-09-page4.txt: [('liberallysupported', 'liberally supported')]
RH18650808-V26-10-page5.txt: [('Especiallyarethospeo', 'Especially are tho s pe o')]
RH18650808-V26-10-page7.txt: [('withaboundingheart', 'with abounding heart'), ('ofTennesseeasutterlyillegalandvoid', 'of Tennessee as utterly illegal and void'), ('eteremavinaetyiojnos', 'et ere m a v i n a e t y i o j n o s'), ('lfirvsitcolriiveisr', 'l fir vs it col r i i v e i s r'), ('retsooldvoedtthoespwe', 'ret so old v o ed t t h o e s p w e'), ('realizethesethings', 'realize these things'), ('maybfeorabulsetthoa', 'may b fe or a bul set tho a')]
RH18650808-V26-10-page8.txt: [('footintheprosecutionofajourney', 'foot in the prosecution of a journey'), ('theGodofourfathers', 'the God of our fathers'), ('throughourblessedLord', 'through our blessed Lord')]
RH18650815-V26-11-page7.txt: [('lookupintheJournalOffice', 'look up in the Journal Office'), ('fearfullycutandslashedaman', 'fearfully cut and slashed a man'), ('Tenalvinenaityiojilos', 'Ten a lv in en a it y i o j i los'), ('ragingatthatcityandMecca', 'raging at that city and Mecca'), ('Ittakestheformboth', 'It takes the form both')]
RH18650822-V26-12-page3.txt: [('andEedvwerayrpasratshal', 'an dE ed v we ray r p a s r a t s h a l'), ('whichyJehovaliwill', 'which y J e h o v a l i w i l l')]
RH18650822-V26-12-page5.txt: [('Spiritualmindedness', 'Spiritual mindedness')]
RH18650822-V26-12-page8.txt: [('CashReceivedonAccount', 'Cash Received on Account')]
RH18650829-V26-13-page3.txt: [('atrodiscouragement', 'a trod is courage men t')]
RH18650829-V26-13-page4.txt: [('Heaveninpointofprivilege', 'Heaven in point of privilege'), ('butsunkenlowerthan', 'but sunken lower than')]
RH18650829-V26-13-page7.txt: [('Heneverstrutsinborrowedplumage', 'He never strut sin borrowed plumage'), ('threatenedtoexposehisconnectionwithaprostitute', 'threatened to expose his connection with a prostitute')]
RH18650829-V26-13-page8.txt: [('andregularandtemperatehabitsoflife', 'and regular and temperate habits of life')]
RH18650905-V26-14-page3.txt: [('theproceedsrealizedfrom', 'the proceeds realized from')]
RH18650905-V26-14-page4.txt: [('Thisannouncementwasmadein', 'This announcement was made in')]
RH18650905-V26-14-page8.txt: [('oftheiSoulsUndertheAltar', 'of the i Souls Under the Altar'), ('ClopgsshTaalrlblel', 'C lop g s s h T a a l r l b l e l')]
RH18650912-V26-15-page7.txt: [('apreferenceforagoodwarmplaceatthefireincold', 'a preference for a good warm place at the fire in cold'), ('andtakingtheshieldoffaith', 'and taking the shield of faith')]
RH18650919-V26-16-page4.txt: [('havingformerlymoved', 'having formerly moved'), ('construeappearance', 'construe appearance')]
RH18650926-V26-17-page7.txt: [('noneneedbeatalosstodetermine', 'none need be at a loss to determine'), ('Mayourpathwaywhich', 'May our pathway which'), ('throughtheworldbethusmarkedevenasthisblind', 'through the world be thus marked even as this blind')]
RH18651003-V26-18-page4.txt: [('anidanwahofhtahsepromised', 'an i dan wah of h t a h s e p r o m i s e d')]
RH18651003-V26-18-page7.txt: [('givealltheprophets', 'give all the prophets'), ('RepentancetowardGod', 'Repentance toward God'), ('Ithinkourcupwillthenbefull', 'I think our cup will then be full')]
RH18651010-V26-19-page3.txt: [('HOTWEATHERINALGERIA', 'HOT WEATHER INA L GER I A')]
RH18651017-V26-20-page2.txt: [('workingitwheastward', 'working it whe a st ward')]
RH18651017-V26-20-page3.txt: [('unwhOiasoilaefashions', 'u n w h O i a s o i l a e f a s h i o n s')]
RH18651017-V26-20-page6.txt: [('tagliSIIChrircithat', 'tag liS II Chr ir c i that')]
RH18651017-V26-20-page8.txt: [('genthathaththeblessingoftheLord', 'gen that hath the blessing of the Lord'), ('thatofNortAhfrrcicaa', 'that of Nor t A h f r r c i c a a')]
RH18651024-V26-21-page1.txt: [('incomprehensibilities', 'in comp r e h e n s i b i l i t i e s')]
RH18651024-V26-21-page7.txt: [('fastensuponthesurewordoftheLord', 'fastens upon the sure word of the Lord'), ('commuonoiceattehwat', 'com muon o ice att e h w a t'), ('maeldbparsayoefrtfVelyi', 'mae l d b p a r s a y o e f r t f V e l y i'), ('thisdelightsmysoul', 'this delights my soul'), ('thatwecankeepallthecom', 'that we can keep all the com'), ('Itisprincipallyacommercialtreaty', 'It is principally a commercial treaty'), ('ewssaaygetewtibllesforoen', 'ew s s a a y get ew t i b l l e s f o r o e n')]
RH18651024-V26-21-page8.txt: [('beingjustifteclinhigh', 'being just if t e c l i n h i g h'), ('hereanxioustohetahretruth', 'here anxious to h eta h ret ruth')]
RH18651031-V26-22-page6.txt: [('hilteventobeardirectlyagainsthim', 'hilt even to bear directly against him'), ('andsometaspeedyandterribleretribution', 'and so meta speedy and terrible retribution')]
RH18651107-V26-23-page4.txt: [('norindeedthetruthfulnessofthesentiment', 'nor indeed the truthfulness of the sentiment'), ('prayersofhispeopleandraisemeup', 'prayers of his people and raise me up')]
RH18651107-V26-23-page7.txt: [('atfeonredeliderhedreafuneratllteh', 'at fe on red eli der h ed rea fun er at l l t e h'), ('SussaanmBearniseas', 'S us s a an m B e a r n i s e a s'), ('SeciarrahyBaarrenel', 'Sec i ar rah y B a ar rene l'), ('andonefruitfulinall', 'and one fruitful in all'), ('Hadasweetheavenlytimetalking', 'Had a sweet heavenly time talking'), ('thatwouldpossessthe', 'that would possess the'), ('formedofthesicknessofmyfamily', 'formed of the sickness of my family')]
RH18651107-V26-23-page8.txt: [('thinkthatmenandwomenliveasmenandwomen', 'think that men and women live as men and women'), ('expeeledfromtheGeneralConference', 'exp eel ed from the General Conference')]
RH18651114-V26-24-page3.txt: [('TestamentScripture', 'Testament Scripture')]
RH18651114-V26-24-page4.txt: [('aelierfiplishedthrough', 'a eli er f i p l i s h e d t h r o u g h')]
RH18651114-V26-24-page8.txt: [('Sothosefriendswhowishtolay', 'So those friends who wish to lay'), ('foundmyselfinabetterconditionthanIwaswhenI', 'found myself in a better condition than I was when I'), ('orderyourbusinesssothatyou', 'order your business so that you'), ('omeettogethoenrsahthtahteji', 'o meet to get ho en r s a h t h t a h t e j i'), ('Richenreighborhood', 'Rich en rei g h b o r h o o d'), ('NOTWITITSTANIalain', 'NOT WIT IT STAN I a lain')]
RH18651121-V26-25-page3.txt: [('singleaffectionate', 'single affectionate')]
RH18651121-V26-25-page6.txt: [('exposedhoiuessesof', 'exposed ho i u e s s e s o f')]
RH18651121-V26-25-page7.txt: [('WefrunlIliLctoiomnmsucniciaotetswaitipa', 'We f r u n l I l i L c t o i o m n m s u c n i c i a o t e t s w a i t i p a'), ('ofsensferilveoslsity', 'of sens fer i lv eos ls it y')]
RH18651128-V26-26-page4.txt: [('Thisshowsourhumble', 'This shows our humble'), ('becomeincurablymortal', 'become incurably mortal')]
RH18651128-V26-26-page6.txt: [('siliuuLAareligious', 'sil i u u L A a r e l i g i o u s')]
RH18651205-V27-01-page7.txt: [('greatblessingthose', 'great blessing those')]
RH18651219-V27-03-page1.txt: [('Coroyilanitiiiehts', 'Cor o y ila nit iii e h t s')]
RH18651226-V27-04-page3.txt: [('andtherewasnotimetolose', 'and there was no time to lose'), ('forthetidewasrising', 'for the tide was rising'), ('uposwoeoirethyesrei', 'up o s woe o ir eth yes rei'), ('artetengdenueproanllyhisamworn', 'art et eng den u e p r o a n l l y h i s a m w o r n'), ('bElaamidedinhitmhefomr', 'b Ela amid ed in hit m h e f o m r')]
RH18651226-V27-04-page5.txt: [('notwithetandchange', 'not with et and change')]
RH18660102-V27-05-page1.txt: [('thosedangersreferredtobytheaposfromtheearthhisrighteousandGod', 'those dangers referred to by the a pos from the earth his righteous and God')]
RH18660102-V27-05-page5.txt: [('andinendeavoringtostirupthenegativeinsome', 'and in endeavoring to stir up the negative in some'), ('Histruthmustbepreachedbyhisministers', 'His truth must be preached by his ministers'), ('tellofunfaithfulness', 'tell of unfaithfulness')]
RH18660102-V27-05-page8.txt: [('wellifwehadamongusseveralreporterswhocould', 'well if we had among us several reporters who could')]
RH18660116-V27-07-page4.txt: [('areddivivinienleyl', 'a red div iv in i en ley l')]
RH18660123-V27-08-page2.txt: [('appearmetamorphosed', 'appear metamorphosed')]
RH18660123-V27-08-page7.txt: [('BrWooprdsifilyoumrpciaotahny', 'B r W o o p r d s i f i l y o u m r p c i a o t a h n y')]
RH18660130-V27-09-page2.txt: [('youwillseethathiswholelifewasaministry', 'you will see that his whole life was a ministry'), ('neontimshteasblolenngosmore', 'neon tim s h teas b lo len n g o s m o r e')]
RH18660130-V27-09-page4.txt: [('commandsubetitutes', 'command sub et it utes')]
RH18660130-V27-09-page5.txt: [('andtranslatedbyTorrey', 'and translated by Torrey')]
RH18660206-V27-10-page1.txt: [('ourunphilosophical', 'our unphilosophical')]
RH18660206-V27-10-page2.txt: [('assairtepscraminntioera', 'ass ai rte ps cram inn t i o e r a'), ('originallygathered', 'originally gathered'), ('nititidinfinietteteltytlytwileiser', 'nit it i din fin i et tete l ty t l y t w i l e i s e r')]
RH18660213-V27-11-page1.txt: [('afirAddressEtpraJAMES', 'a fir Address Et p r a J A M E S')]
RH18660213-V27-11-page6.txt: [('ainduilettielanvire', 'a in du i let tie l an vire')]
RH18660213-V27-11-page8.txt: [('appropriatedimmediately', 'appropriated immediately'), ('terforreflectioninthecontributionofBro', 'ter for reflection in the contribution of Bro')]
RH18660220-V27-12-page6.txt: [('iatosivsstehedeisrofcadliesucloartdionantdo', 'i a to s iv s ste he de is r o f c a d l i e s u c l o a r t d i o n a n t d o'), ('lithodsoewlnimnandumrdeisntitohye', 'lit hod so ew l nim nan du mr de is n t i t o h y e'), ('andfoastiapipliteoatitoenachiaisiabeben', 'and f o a s t i a p i p l i t e o a t i t o e n a c h i a i s i a b e b e n')]
RH18660227-V27-13-page2.txt: [('connecsupplications', 'conn e c s u p p l i c a t i o n s')]
RH18660306-V27-14-page1.txt: [('rigliteouitiesiSecured', 'rig lite oui ties i Secured')]
RH18660306-V27-14-page3.txt: [('beenaabbleleddsoso', 'been a abb le led d s o s o')]
RH18660306-V27-14-page4.txt: [('beforethetievenering', 'before the tie ven er ing')]
RH18660306-V27-14-page7.txt: [('tonguesconfessthat', 'tongues confess that'), ('letightointerruessitlinegdiilscsolunrsessondifferenstubjectsfitly', 'le tight o inter rues sit l i neg di i ls c so lu n r s e s s o n d i f f e r e n s t u b j e c t s f i t l y'), ('Whileiniquityabounds', 'While iniquity abounds'), ('Areyouthusseekingtopurifyyourself', 'Are you thus seeking to purify yourself'), ('Christialnothveeli', 'Christi a l not h v eel i')]
RH18660306-V27-14-page8.txt: [('politicithatatters', 'politic it ha tatters')]
RH18660313-V27-15-page3.txt: [('infiewroclwkenolsevarwtily', 'inf i ew roc l w k e n o l s e v a r w t i l y')]
RH18660313-V27-15-page8.txt: [('theliconstriiettion', 'the l icon str ii et t i o n')]
RH18660320-V27-16-page2.txt: [('ridiculouslyextended', 'ridiculously extended')]
RH18660320-V27-16-page6.txt: [('changeleesisthgerreesnh', 'change lees isth ger rees n h')]
RH18660320-V27-16-page8.txt: [('butSingularlyinharmonywiththe', 'but Singularly in harmony with the'), ('gationwaslargerthanontheSabbath', 'gat ion was larger than on the Sabbath')]
RH18660327-V27-17-page5.txt: [('yaorueraallpvetoed', 'y a o ru era all p vetoed')]
RH18660327-V27-17-page6.txt: [('peeavsisahfrightenedfly', 'pee a vs is ah frightened fly'), ('vexingthemselveswith', 'vexing themselves with'), ('inconnectionwiththeobservanceofGod', 'in connection with the observance of God'), ('doyoufeelthatyoucannotaddress', 'do you feel that you cannot address')]
RH18660327-V27-17-page8.txt: [('Irenzitriotnhosilmedr', 'Ir en zit riot n h o s i l m e d r')]
RH18660410-V27-19-page4.txt: [('perfectingholiness', 'perfecting holiness')]
RH18660410-V27-19-page7.txt: [('bythegraceofGodtoenterthe', 'by the grace of God to enter the')]
RH18660417-V27-20-page4.txt: [('thereforerecommend', 'therefore recommend')]
RH18660417-V27-20-page5.txt: [('thoughoriginalwords', 'though original words')]
RH18660417-V27-20-page6.txt: [('expectatransgression', 'expect a transgression')]
RH18660424-V27-21-page4.txt: [('Statesarerecmistructed', 'States are rec mist ru c ted')]
RH18660501-V27-22-page2.txt: [('uniorstentiprecisely', 'uni or stent i precisely')]
RH18660501-V27-22-page7.txt: [('flocksshallbescattered', 'flocks shall be scattered'), ('affordingavariedandpleasingexhibitionto', 'affording a varied and pleasing exhibition to'), ('leiogtolopeanneido', 'lei og to lope anne ido'), ('Iofshtohueldthibrde', 'I of s h to hue l d t h i b r d e')]
RH18660501-V27-22-page8.txt: [('meetingthechurchvotedtospendaportionofanhour', 'meeting the church voted to spend a portion of an hour'), ('itmusthavebeenademonwhichpresentll', 'it must have been a demon which present l l')]
RH18660508-V27-23-page1.txt: [('heavenlymindedness', 'heavenly mindedness')]
RH18660508-V27-23-page8.txt: [('Isendyouanextractofthestatutes', 'I send you an extract of the statutes'), ('SABBATHeveningafewofusmetforaprayermeet', 'SABBATH evening a few of us met for a prayer meet'), ('willholditssixthannualsessionatBattleCreek', 'will hold its sixth annual session at Battle Creek')]
RH18660515-V27-24-page8.txt: [('ScriptureIleferences', 'Scripture Ile fer enc e s')]
RH18660522-V27-25-page2.txt: [('TheneartusntsililtolsIfnievadrids', 'The near t u s n t s i l i l t o l s I f n i e v a d r i d s'), ('Doestroubleaftertroublerolloverthee', 'Does trouble after trouble roll over thee')]
RH18660522-V27-25-page4.txt: [('Itilibeercsasewoefdesheurciht', 'I til i beer c s a sew o e f d e s h e u r c i h t')]
RH18660522-V27-25-page7.txt: [('untilthehillsandhighestmoundayshouldovertakethemasathief', 'until the hills and highest mound a y should overtake them as a thief'), ('Dailyandhourafflich', 'Daily and hour a f f l i c h'), ('ccoamrpefaunliotno', 'c c o a mr pe f a u n l i o t n o'), ('againcursetheground', 'again curse the ground')]
RH18660529-V27-26-page5.txt: [('remarkableforhumilityandcontrition', 'remarkable for humility and contrition'), ('andforthesolemnityholy', 'and for the solemnity holy'), ('meltingSpiritofourblessedRedeemer', 'melting Spirit of our blessed Redeemer'), ('thatweyouwoulddowell', 'that we you would do well'), ('tobepaetawceithHimwhogave', 'to be p a eta w c e i t h H i m w h o g a v e')]
RH18660529-V27-26-page6.txt: [('experiencedpritacher', 'experienced p rit a cher'), ('oftaninhyoiledwmore', 'of tan in h y oiled w m o r e')]
RH18660605-V28-01-page6.txt: [('prteceioaubsienausea', 'p rte c e i o a u b s i e n a u s e a'), ('salvationofmankindhassoughttocorrupttheper', 'salvation of mankind has sought to corrupt the per'), ('unconvertedfriends', 'unconverted friends')]
RH18660605-V28-01-page8.txt: [('oftheHealthmovement', 'of the Health movement'), ('andaskthemtolendtheir', 'and ask them to lend their'), ('advancethemselvestowardit', 'advance themselves toward it')]
RH18660612-V28-02-page4.txt: [('sarareacraprocovra', 's a rare a crap roc o v r a'), ('Confersophisticated', 'Confer sophist i cat ed')]
RH18660619-V28-03-page3.txt: [('sympathizingcondescensiohne', 'sympathizing conde s c ens i oh n e')]
RH18660619-V28-03-page7.txt: [('livetwelvethousand', 'live twelve thousand'), ('VindicationoftheTrueSabbath', 'Vindication of the True Sabbath')]
RH18660626-V28-04-page8.txt: [('sometimepastinourOffice', 'sometime past in our Office'), ('Wehavejustissuedten', 'We have just issued ten'), ('willbeheldatLancaster', 'will beheld at Lancaster')]
RH18660703-V28-05-page1.txt: [('Corrixiialiciliiellta', 'Corr i xii ali c i lii ell t a')]
RH18660703-V28-05-page2.txt: [('sposedtodenyanceoffanaticismand', 's posed to deny an c e o f f a n a t i c i s m a n d'), ('centrecharacteristic', 'centre characteristic')]
RH18660703-V28-05-page3.txt: [('topopulouscountryextendingfrom', 'to populous country extending from')]
RH18660703-V28-05-page4.txt: [('oallabAoutbLanoaster', 'o all a b A out b La no aster')]
RH18660703-V28-05-page5.txt: [('dependsuponyouractions', 'depends upon your actions'), ('thediordAtilarsinfiIk', 'the di ord At i lars inf iI k')]
RH18660710-V28-06-page2.txt: [('reateeniradtetions', 'rea teen i rad tet ions')]
RH18660717-V28-07-page4.txt: [('sufficientlyrecovered', 'sufficiently recovered'), ('numerousreferences', 'numerous references')]
RH18660724-V28-08-page1.txt: [('follOWiniCeireintirinT', 'foll O Win i C eire int ir in T'), ('folloisiingiYhoPerfi', 'fol lois i ing i Y ho Per f i')]
RH18660724-V28-08-page4.txt: [('itiffieIncenpledeby', 'it if fie In cen p le de by'), ('dietihctioiainlawS', 'diet i h c t i o i a i n l a w S'), ('VAMitientlyconclude', 'V AM it i en t l y c o n c l u d e')]
RH18660724-V28-08-page5.txt: [('introdueenoneWmatter', 'intro due enon eW matter')]
RH18660724-V28-08-page8.txt: [('andtosendtedStatesandGreatBritain', 'and to send ted States and Great Britain'), ('inrelationtoprinted', 'in relation to printed'), ('jugraliamjpreached', 'jug r a l i a m j p r e a c h e d')]
RH18660731-V28-09-page4.txt: [('everlastunaccountable', 'ever last unaccountable')]
RH18660731-V28-09-page8.txt: [('testimonyhasbeenwellreceived', 'testimony has been well received'), ('powerstoinducemybrethrentofollowmeinmymad', 'powers to induce my brethren to follow me in my mad'), ('AsachurchwearemadetofeelsadinpartingwithcommencingonWednesdayA', 'Asa church we are made to feel sad in parting with commencing on Wednesday A')]
RH18660807-V28-10-page2.txt: [('withdrawourselvesfrothitsgenial', 'withdraw ourselves froth its genial'), ('fromtheScripturesthat', 'from the Scriptures that')]
RH18660814-V28-11-page1.txt: [('IndependenMresserts', 'In depend en Mr esse r t s'), ('ouritaprovementsin', 'our it a prove men t s i n')]
RH18660814-V28-11-page2.txt: [('Christiaphilogepher', 'Christi a phi loge p her')]
RH18660814-V28-11-page6.txt: [('lethimtakethewaterof', 'let him take the water of'), ('donebytheusualmedicalpractice', 'done by the usual medical practice'), ('inthsthiasvbeymetIS', 'i nth st hi as v bey met IS')]
RH18660814-V28-11-page7.txt: [('ThereianinehoPiMSition', 'There i a nine ho Pi MS it ion'), ('iwtsahsowninvision', 'i w t s a h s o w n i n v i s i o n'), ('andsnuffcouldnotdwell', 'and snuff could not dwell')]
RH18660821-V28-12-page2.txt: [('beautiefviersybook', 'beau tie f v i e r s y b o o k')]
RH18660821-V28-12-page4.txt: [('Ipresentedthesubjectfohealthbothfroom', 'I presented the subject f o h e a l t h b o t h f r o o m'), ('thathidethhisfacefromthehouseofJacob', 'that hideth his face from the house of Jacob')]
RH18660821-V28-12-page8.txt: [('willpleasestatewhetherornottheyhavereceived', 'will please state whether or not they have received'), ('Wecreditthebalancethisweek', 'We credit the balance this week'), ('catiownililleBertiongnionbPeilot', 'cat i own i l i l le Bert i ong n i o n b P e i l o t')]
RH18660828-V28-13-page3.txt: [('modernspiritualism', 'modern spiritualism')]
RH18660828-V28-13-page7.txt: [('TheLordissooncoming', 'The Lord is soon coming'), ('afysiaelevvaetrioyn', 'a f y s i a e l e v v a e t r i o y n'), ('Ohthatmenwouldpraise', 'Oh that men would praise'), ('kingdomwhichisabouttobesetupunderthewhole', 'kingdom which is about to be setup under the whole')]
RH18660904-V28-14-page1.txt: [('sorrowfulaccording', 'sorrowful according')]
RH18660904-V28-14-page3.txt: [('stronglyrespecting', 'strongly respecting'), ('evidenabielications', 'evi den abi eli cations')]
RH18660904-V28-14-page6.txt: [('immaterialimmortality', 'immaterial immortality')]
RH18660904-V28-14-page7.txt: [('upointnetorexpress', 'up o int net or express')]
RH18660904-V28-14-page8.txt: [('nauseatingadvertisementswhich', 'nauseating advertisements which'), ('ileisthelightwithyou', 'ile is the light with you'), ('Whatanawfulconditiontobein', 'What an awful condition to be in')]
RH18660911-V28-15-page4.txt: [('fromRometotheLondon', 'from Rome to the London')]
RH18660911-V28-15-page5.txt: [('deaidedVpreferable', 'de aided V preferable')]
RH18660911-V28-15-page7.txt: [('disappointmentAhet', 'disappointment Ah et')]
RH18660911-V28-15-page8.txt: [('elPdtiealePnaoYtiCe', 'el P d t i e a l e P n a o Y t i C e')]
RH18660918-V28-16-page4.txt: [('itspublicationwith', 'its publication with')]
RH18660918-V28-16-page5.txt: [('andwhichencouraged', 'and which encouraged')]
RH18660918-V28-16-page7.txt: [('oflingeringoonsamption', 'of lingering o on s amp t i o n')]
RH18660925-V28-17-page7.txt: [('TheSevenTrumpetsofRev', 'The Seven Trumpets of Rev')]
RH18661002-V28-18-page5.txt: [('theitatonieltinent', 'the it a toni el tin en t'), ('otmseconddiscourse', 'ot ms econ d d i s c o u r s e')]
RH18661002-V28-18-page7.txt: [('Everygoodgiftandeveryperfectgift', 'Every good gift and every perfect gift'), ('whoarenearbythetiesofnature', 'who are near by the ties of nature')]
RH18661002-V28-18-page8.txt: [('satisfactorymanner', 'satisfactory manner')]
RH18661009-V28-19-page2.txt: [('religianSiinpressions', 'rel i gia n S i i n p r e s s i o n s'), ('naturalVItlirdatiiiiItd', 'natural V It lir dat iii i It d'), ('sufferingleyerything', 'suffering l eyer y thing'), ('someimaginaryperskinage', 'some imaginary per skin age')]
RH18661009-V28-19-page3.txt: [('AndprovethatIamwitohliioli', 'And prove that I am wit oh lii o l i')]
RH18661009-V28-19-page5.txt: [('tindertheheadingof', 'tinder the heading of'), ('establisbecilOreOedent', 'est abl is be c i l Ore O ed en t'), ('revolutionaryCongress', 'revolutionary Congress'), ('PresidentsiiiendEtt', 'Presidents iii end Et t')]
RH18661009-V28-19-page7.txt: [('lialinostffionaSteries', 'l i a lino st f f i o n a S t e r i e s'), ('oarcommuniontables', 'oar communion tables'), ('deathwascausedbyinternalinjuriesreceivedin', 'death was caused by internal injuries received in'), ('overeerneravAgairithe', 'o v ere er ner a v Aga iri the'), ('canittliosewhoWishtobe', 'can it t l i o s e w h o W i s h t o b e'), ('hiswordteachesthatthey', 'his word teaches that they'), ('iiiilheSetipttires', 'iii i l he Set i p t t i r e s'), ('ansaythatbythegraceand', 'an say that by the grace and'), ('thathisnamemaybehonored', 'that his name may be honored'), ('oralnumbersoftheReview', 'oral numbers of the Review'), ('andthereadingofthese', 'and the reading of these'), ('gloritinereSurreoilon', 'glo rit in ere Sur r e o i l o n'), ('sieontlAiiventEalth', 's i eon t l A i i v e n t E a l t h'), ('PositiveDiatitutiOna', 'Positive Di at i tut iOn a')]
RH18661016-V28-20-page8.txt: [('ciltiliencifeealtthAtItbrintirit', 'c i l til i enc i fee alt thAt It b r i n t i r i t')]
RH18661023-V28-21-page2.txt: [('immediatelrappeare', 'immediate l rap pe are')]
RH18661023-V28-21-page4.txt: [('transladistinguiShing', 'trans la dist in gu iS h ing')]
RH18661023-V28-21-page5.txt: [('thelirethretirliew', 'the lir eth ret ir l i ew')]
RH18661023-V28-21-page7.txt: [('Stithetshsisccoutnety', 'St it h et s h sis c c out net y'), ('theasturibsjtosetseoef', 'the a stu ribs j to sets e o e f'), ('ienaltlhdeelsosvrol', 'i en alt l h dee l so s v r o l'), ('SavioyusrtawitheillsoUrsr', 'S a vi o y us r t a w i t h e i l l s o U r s r'), ('convictieffwithout', 'convict i eff without'), ('threeyealawrasyosld', 'three yea law r a s y o s l d'), ('tremblingatthelhought', 'trembling at the l h ought')]
RH18661023-V28-21-page8.txt: [('subscriptionsAated', 'subscriptions A a ted')]
RH18661030-V28-22-page3.txt: [('lengtheningshadows', 'lengthening shadows')]
RH18661030-V28-22-page4.txt: [('sinnifysomanykingdomsleaguedtogethertosupport', 's inn if y so many kingdoms leagued together to support'), ('Thesecondpartoftheextractsaysthatthecorrupted', 'The second part of the extract says that the corrupted')]
RH18661030-V28-22-page5.txt: [('theinselvessebough', 'the ins el v esse bough')]
RH18661106-V28-23-page1.txt: [('dispeninexorableness', 'dis pen inexorable ness')]
RH18661106-V28-23-page2.txt: [('ChriationSthemSelves', 'Chr i at ion S themSelves')]
RH18661106-V28-23-page3.txt: [('brilliancytillJune', 'brilliancy till June')]
RH18661106-V28-23-page7.txt: [('Inotnertalithoughts', 'I not ner tali thoughts')]
RH18661113-V28-24-page1.txt: [('wharvesweredemolished', 'wharves were demolished')]
RH18661113-V28-24-page2.txt: [('youtheavenlyFailier', 'y out heavenly Fail ier'), ('addresVivitKkamiliarity', 'add res V iv it K k a m i l i a r i t y')]
RH18661113-V28-24-page7.txt: [('discoUrageinpitits', 'disco Ur age in pit its')]
RH18661113-V28-24-page8.txt: [('friendselinallyinterested', 'friends el in ally interested')]
RH18661120-V28-25-page2.txt: [('firsitiniibunCement', 'firs it in ii bun Cement')]
RH18661120-V28-25-page7.txt: [('WitnessedintheUnitedStates', 'Witnessed in the United States'), ('ModOrnspiritualism', 'Mod Or n s p i r i t u a l i s m')]
RH18661120-V28-25-page8.txt: [('Theobjectofthisnoticeistosolicitsubscriptions', 'The object of this notice is to solicit subscriptions'), ('matterwithoutdelay', 'matter without delay'), ('Wedesigntoissuetheworkin', 'We design to issue the work in')]
RH18661127-V28-26-page1.txt: [('aneienthistorfaris', 'ane i en this tor far is')]
RH18661127-V28-26-page3.txt: [('theraselVeveomforiable', 'the rase lV eve o m f o r i a b l e')]
RH18661127-V28-26-page6.txt: [('trettitillyreceiVe', 'tret titi l lyre c e i V e'), ('adhispetthirigtheivair', 'ad his pet t h i r i g t h e i v a i r')]
RH18661211-V29-01-page10.txt: [('remadelightbythegoaltobewon', 'remade light by the goal to be won'), ('feiwtpartichlarsiof', 'fe i w t p a r t i c h l a r s i o f')]
RH18661211-V29-01-page11.txt: [('thornighinvestigation', 'thor nigh investigation'), ('werecommendtheHistoryofthe', 'we recommend the History of the'), ('VINDICATIONOFTHETRUESABBATH', 'VINDICATION OF THE TRUE SABBATH'), ('enargolliSTIltthatitu', 'en argo l l i ST I l t t h a t i t u'), ('twoorthreeofthesamekind', 'two or three of the same kind'), ('cannensetdimlloantewt', 'c ann en set dim l lo ant ew t')]
RH18661211-V29-01-page4.txt: [('fellawingbeentiftil', 'fell awing been t i f t i l'), ('comprehensivealnyd', 'comprehensive a l n y d')]
RH18661211-V29-01-page6.txt: [('Corinthianbrethren', 'Corinthian brethren'), ('thearkofhistestament', 'the ark of his testament'), ('thatthatarksuggeststhe', 'that that ark suggests the')]
RH18661211-V29-01-page8.txt: [('allocutionstudiously', 'allocution studiously'), ('especiallysevereon', 'especially severe on'), ('Italianperturbation', 'Italian perturbation')]
RH18661218-V29-02-page12.txt: [('isRotherVocoleTeedandNtunisf', 'is Rot her Voc o le Teed and N t u n i s f')]
RH18661218-V29-02-page4.txt: [('alLondeatmagiatratie', 'alL on de at magi at rat i e')]
RH18661218-V29-02-page6.txt: [('litageringirdotnenta', 'lit a ger in gird ot n e n t a')]
RH18661218-V29-02-page8.txt: [('boardofaldermenandinvitedguests', 'board of aldermen and invited guests'), ('hasgiventheGovernmentinformationofthe', 'has given the Government information of the'), ('andthereadercanbutbeinterested', 'and the reader can but be interested')]
RH18661218-V29-02-page9.txt: [('inthebottomofthesea', 'in the bottom of these a'), ('Tothosewhofearedthat', 'To those who feared that'), ('tellingthatthosesodeartome', 'telling that those so dear to me')]
RH18661225-V29-03-page6.txt: [('atisitiitsaitiofolyn', 'at is it i its a it i of o l y n')]
RH18661225-V29-03-page8.txt: [('knowntorepresentthesenaments', 'known to represent the sen aments')]
RH18661225-V29-03-page9.txt: [('vafaticsreffitviem', 'v a fat i c s ref fit vie m')]
RH18670101-V29-04-page10.txt: [('AtiaioareligionscoaVention', 'A tia i o a religions c o a Vent ion'), ('anuiseineritihimitiorelities', 'anu i seiner it i him it i or eli ties')]
RH18670101-V29-04-page12.txt: [('theytrustinandobeytheirLeader', 'they trust in and obey their Leader')]
RH18670101-V29-04-page3.txt: [('evidentlymomentous', 'evidently momentous')]
RH18670101-V29-04-page4.txt: [('authoritypractically', 'authority practically')]
RH18670101-V29-04-page6.txt: [('sanotifythemtlevough', 's a notify them t l e v o u g h'), ('chantpeculiarities', 'chant peculiarities'), ('righteoussacrifice', 'righteous sacrifice')]
RH18670101-V29-04-page8.txt: [('thehumiliationofChristinourbehalfand', 'the humiliation of Christ in our behalf and'), ('whohaveretiredtoyourclosetat', 'who have retired to your closet at'), ('tohfeJmapantonlthnet', 'to h fe J map anton l t h n e t')]
RH18670101-V29-04-page9.txt: [('universalincreasing', 'universal increasing'), ('inexorablymaintained', 'inexorably maintained'), ('Protestantglorious', 'Protestant glorious'), ('allyonogfthenearnessoftheaconspummation', 'ally on og fth en ear ness of the a cons p u m m a t i o n'), ('occupiesintheChurch', 'occupies in the Church'), ('heisunquestionablytheforemost', 'he is unquestionably the foremost')]
RH18670108-V29-05-page12.txt: [('WhenIclosedmymeetings', 'When I closed my meetings'), ('intersetofboundReviews', 'inter set of bound Reviews')]
RH18670108-V29-05-page4.txt: [('AAriidovcliteaesyseendthti', 'A Ar ii do v c lite a e s y s e e n d t h t i')]
RH18670108-V29-05-page6.txt: [('theHeraldattemptsasfollows', 'the Herald attempts as follows'), ('adailyvictoryoversin', 'a daily victory over sin'), ('elsewhatgroundhave', 'else what ground have')]
RH18670115-V29-06-page11.txt: [('toiccierTivieartnishel', 'to i c c ier T i v i e a r t n i s h e l'), ('Sababiaitdhicawiue', 'Sab abi a it d h i c a w i u e')]
RH18670115-V29-06-page4.txt: [('sofofhitahicshwrioart', 's of of hit a hic s h w r i o a r t')]
RH18670115-V29-06-page5.txt: [('browsforeverfreefromaching', 'brows forever free from aching'), ('CansotheeeyntbreavCytheriasltli', 'Canso thee e y n t b r e a v C y t h e r i a s l t l i'), ('hischambertoliedownanddie', 'his chamber to lie down and die')]
RH18670115-V29-06-page8.txt: [('IthentraveledfromOttawatoShabbonaGrove', 'I then traveled from Ottawa to Shabbona Grove'), ('manywillriseupandcallyoublessed', 'many will rise up and call you blessed'), ('mrestockouvhistopdlaonftait', 'mr esto c k o u v h i s t o p d l a o n f t a i t'), ('hopewdlitfipaitilf', 'ho pew dl it f i p a i t i l f'), ('thebleakwinterwinds', 'the bleak winter winds'), ('andtomeetthefrownsand', 'and to meet the frowns and'), ('IoSlfalnivyesvliollsatges', 'I o S l f a l n i v y e s v l i o l l s a t g e s'), ('spiritssinkwithdiscouragement', 'spirits sink with discouragement'), ('yourhusbandstogofromplacetoplace', 'your husbands to go from place to place'), ('paotsissessiiovnists', 'p a ot sis s e s s i i o v n i s t s')]
RH18670115-V29-06-page9.txt: [('indescribablYgrancIand', 'in des crib abl Y gran c I and'), ('givingthewholeworld', 'giving the whole world'), ('pyrotechincredible', 'p y rote chin credible')]
RH18670122-V29-07-page11.txt: [('Sralballtdhcewrearsnotea', 'Sra l bal ltd h c ew rears note a'), ('iodipercinatnedmonone', 'i o di per c in at ned mon one')]
RH18670122-V29-07-page12.txt: [('ThoseWhochoosetopay', 'Those Who choose to pay'), ('cansendtencentsacopy', 'can send ten cents a copy'), ('bycomplyingwiththelawsofhealth', 'by complying with the laws of health')]
RH18670122-V29-07-page4.txt: [('tealileTslnoirsivynaguzipatifoll', 'teal i l eT s l no ir s ivy nag u z i p a t i f o l l')]
RH18670122-V29-07-page8.txt: [('otpserovfandeosoradlilalthoeo', 'ot p ser o v fan de o so rad l i l alt hoe o'), ('vcitointsoergrieuncoes', 'v c i to int so erg rie u n c o e s')]
RH18670129-V29-08-page3.txt: [('foerasuislyeamchandagye', 'foe r a s u i s l y e a m c h a n d a g y e')]
RH18670129-V29-08-page4.txt: [('threeevangelistsalso', 'three evangelists also')]
RH18670129-V29-08-page8.txt: [('triedtoshowthatmanhadanimmortalsoul', 'tried to show that man had an immortal soul'), ('bmymamsoremcenwEll', 'b my mam so rem cen wE l l')]
RH18670129-V29-08-page9.txt: [('Plenipotentiaaries', 'P len i potent i a aries')]
RH18670205-V29-09-page10.txt: [('eachlitTelloiGthdO', 'each lit Tell o i G t h d O')]
RH18670205-V29-09-page12.txt: [('letuspraywithoutceasing', 'let us pray without ceasing'), ('andGodsavedhimfromthedesignofhisene', 'and God saved him from the design of hi sene'), ('fowlloiiwingileist', 'fowl lo ii wing ile i st'), ('ioisnetyherVeoecliupTeed', 'i o is net y her V e o e c l i u p T e e d')]
RH18670205-V29-09-page4.txt: [('Godhaswonderfullycondescendedtosaveyou', 'God has wonderfully condescended to save you'), ('ancientlearningofEgypt', 'ancient learning of Egypt'), ('acaptirnomgjiusedifcuilallosfeverit', 'a c apt ir nom g j i u s e d i f c u i l a l l o s f e v e r i t'), ('conSiderebielength', 'con Sid ere b i el eng t h')]
RH18670205-V29-09-page6.txt: [('ponriovedtobtyhethi', 'p on rio v ed tob ty heth i'), ('thatjustbeforewevisitedthischurch', 'that just before we visited this church'), ('andthereseemedtobeabreakingaway', 'and there seemed to be a breaking away')]
RH18670205-V29-09-page8.txt: [('omoainyelasttrotsieic', 'omo a in ye last trots i e i c')]
RH18670212-V29-10-page10.txt: [('ChritithaTexperience', 'Chr it it h aT experience')]
RH18670212-V29-10-page12.txt: [('confidencethatourbrethrenseetheneces', 'confidence that our brethren see then e c e s'), ('andthosecomingbyrailroadwillbemetby', 'and those coming by railroad will be met by'), ('thisnotyherVooelizedarndylluml', 'this not y her V o o eli zed ar n d y l l u m l'), ('theycanmakeoutashadowofauthorityforthe', 'they can make out a shadow of authority for the'), ('andadeterminationtoputyourshoulder', 'and a determination to put your shoulder'), ('whatiscommonlycalled', 'what is commonly called'), ('Thefollowingamountshavebeenpaidonpledgespreviouslygi', 'The following amounts have been paid on pledges previously g i')]
RH18670212-V29-10-page5.txt: [('Commandmentkeepers', 'Commandment keepers')]
RH18670219-V29-11-page11.txt: [('Ontrialforsixmonths', 'On trial for six months')]
RH18670219-V29-11-page4.txt: [('henerlongerTetained', 'he ner longer Teta in ed'), ('atonetnitiOnadeenrthIS', 'a to net nit iOn a de en r t h I S'), ('thatereratiniallawand', 'that ere rat in i all a wand'), ('thatypetecessitrily', 'that y pet e c e s s i t r i l y')]
RH18670219-V29-11-page9.txt: [('unconamonbrilliancy', 'u n c o n a m o n b r i l l i a n c y')]
RH18670226-V29-12-page10.txt: [('anSditshtersMabibtcahtehllinemibr', 'an S dit s h ter s M a b i b t c a h t e h l l i n e m i b r'), ('hdadthbaetenshasfawlloiut', 'h dad t h b a e t e n s h a s f a w l l o i u t')]
RH18670226-V29-12-page11.txt: [('lterwoifiELntlianl', 'l ter w o i f i E L n t l i a n l'), ('toTettiistitrulisoltl', 'to Tet t i i s t i t r u l i s o l t l')]
RH18670226-V29-12-page12.txt: [('wesawourchildrenidentifyingthemselvesmorefully', 'we saw our children identifying themselves more fully'), ('theOrleanschurchincreasedtheirfiguresabout', 'the Orleans church increased their figures about'), ('Thusitiswithourlittleones', 'Thus it is with our little ones'), ('andministersoftheMich', 'and ministers of the Mich'), ('getoutofthewayofourchit', 'get out of the way of our chit')]
RH18670226-V29-12-page5.txt: [('andthenwithholylongingsfortheappearing', 'and then with holy longings for the appearing')]
RH18670226-V29-12-page6.txt: [('ancltheCatholicsprinkling', 'an c l the Catholic sprinkling'), ('wherteinmSeasstanin', 'whe rte in m S e a s s t a n i n')]
RH18670305-V29-13-page11.txt: [('oiltsaimonpnanstas', 'oil t s a i m o n p n a n s t a s'), ('vietshItIsleITIldAnrcp', 'vi et s h It Isle IT I l d A n r c p')]
RH18670305-V29-13-page12.txt: [('immediatepreparation', 'immediate preparation'), ('menaretryingtogainHeaveninthesamewayin', 'men are trying to gain Heaven in the same way in'), ('TheAllowingamounts', 'The Allowing amounts')]
RH18670305-V29-13-page5.txt: [('csleoauvrecomocfiroeoucsloLe', 'c s leo au v rec omo cf i roe o u c s l o L e')]
RH18670305-V29-13-page8.txt: [('mWwihlalitnsghatoll', 'm W w i h l a l i t n s g h a t o l l')]
RH18670312-V29-14-page11.txt: [('andotherpublications', 'and other publications'), ('calculatedtoimpart', 'calculated to impart'), ('anewinteresttoagreatpartoftheBible', 'anew interest to a great part of the Bible'), ('tonAtSsSobIjSooTtoAN', 'ton At S s Sob I j So oT to AN')]
RH18670312-V29-14-page12.txt: [('aresusubbssccrriibed', 'ares usu b b s s c c r r i i b e d')]
RH18670312-V29-14-page3.txt: [('reedninemcbaistthe', 'reed nine m c b a i s t t h e')]
RH18670312-V29-14-page5.txt: [('ouorofIillothaaitliitoh', 'o u o r o f I i l l o t h a a i t l i i t o h')]
RH18670312-V29-14-page8.txt: [('oroicawroealcohionrg', 'oro i caw roe alco hi on r g'), ('dispatchalsowsstaptteres', 'dispatch a l sows st apt ter e s')]
RH18670319-V29-15-page12.txt: [('itlihmeoofflgsuubsecsritphtioeinpsaogltt', 'it l i h me o off l g s u u b s e c s r i t p h t i o e i n p s a o g l t t'), ('GeneiriailoiCaohiityiele', 'Gene iri ail o i C a oh ii ty i el e')]
RH18670319-V29-15-page4.txt: [('reevsetruipaosneixtsis', 'ree v set ru i p a o s n e i x t s i s')]
RH18670319-V29-15-page5.txt: [('ladehaureeahcailol', 'lade h au ree ah c ail o l')]
RH18670319-V29-15-page9.txt: [('CiatrtewatillieorfinGgie', 'C i at rte wat i l lie or fin G g i e')]
RH18670326-V29-16-page10.txt: [('saYeoiciewlonagsehdecanrd', 's a Ye o i c i ew lo nag s e h d e c a n r d'), ('thepracticeofspeakinginunknowntongues', 'the practice of speaking in unknown tongues')]
RH18670326-V29-16-page11.txt: [('publishedthissubject', 'published this subject'), ('VilortoliaillateNIaVlissitenary', 'Vil or to l i a ill at eN I a V lis site nary')]
RH18670326-V29-16-page5.txt: [('wheynbieteraestlaliynrseaclolgitntszbrilliyanpcuy', 'whey n b i e t e r a e s t l a l i y n r s e a c l o l g i t n t s z b r i l l i y a n p c u y'), ('whileallotherprecious', 'while all other precious')]
RH18670326-V29-16-page9.txt: [('fortriflesasitwere', 'for trifles as it were'), ('sevenyearssincethelight', 'seven years since the light')]
RH18670402-V29-17-page11.txt: [('tvaelriesuobniitlIiiesdi', 't v a e l r i e s u o b n i i t l I i i e s d i')]
RH18670402-V29-17-page12.txt: [('Annexedtoeachreoeiptinthewfoinllcohinglist', 'Annexed toea chr e o e i p t i n t h e w f o i n l l c o h i n g l i s t')]
RH18670402-V29-17-page4.txt: [('andthislastillnesshadcorn', 'and this last illness had corn')]
RH18670402-V29-17-page9.txt: [('suehplacesfrequentedby', 'sue h places frequented by')]
RH18670409-V29-18-page10.txt: [('HealthReformerIesteemveryhighly', 'Health Reformer I esteem very highly')]
RH18670409-V29-18-page11.txt: [('thoroughinvestigation', 'thorough investigation'), ('werecommendtheHistoryofthe', 'we recommend the History of the'), ('hiesdimonpglasnstui', 'hies dim on p g l a s n s t u i'), ('paleitiZensajyianChurc', 'pale it i Zen s a j y ian C hur c'), ('Intheforegoinglist', 'In the foregoing list'), ('ThetwoChartswithKey', 'The two Charts with Key'), ('Thetwoprintedoncloth', 'The two printed on cloth')]
RH18670409-V29-18-page12.txt: [('MANYofoursubscribersareinfavoroftheenlargement', 'MANY of our subscribers are in favor of the enlargement'), ('Conaboutonethirdofwhattheyshouldpay', 'Con about one third of what they should pay'), ('butonthecontraryareaben', 'but on the contrary are a ben'), ('InolautiLteotillloicahoktnlinevA', 'I no l au t i L t e o t i l l l o i c a h o k t n l i n e v A')]
RH18670409-V29-18-page3.txt: [('fourteenfifteenths', 'fourteen fifteenth s')]
RH18670409-V29-18-page5.txt: [('tillfropiolsghsihalen', 'till fro pi o ls g h s i h a l e n'), ('Andevenwhenwehademoftherelationstheysustaintothechurchandtruth', 'And even when we ha dem of the relations they sustain to the church and truth')]
RH18670409-V29-18-page8.txt: [('otherdistinguished', 'other distinguished')]
RH18670416-V29-19-page12.txt: [('WesendallwehaveofNo', 'We send all we have of No')]
RH18670416-V29-19-page2.txt: [('ethoatecsosveethreth', 'eth o ate c so s vee t h r e t h'), ('hfoisrsainksetshitall', 'h f o i s r s a i n k s e t s h i t a l l'), ('wasrichbeCarnepoor', 'was rich be Carne poor'), ('letusrememberthesovereignJoveofourdear', 'let us remember the sovereign Jove of our dear'), ('bythewordoftheLord', 'by the word of the Lord'), ('thatwewhicharealiveand', 'that we which are alive and')]
RH18670416-V29-19-page5.txt: [('iHdeolcaoturirdfrormos', 'i H de o l c a ot ur ir d f r o r m o s')]
RH18670423-V29-20-page11.txt: [('appendedafullreferenceto', 'appended a full reference to'), ('extensivemisunderstanding', 'extensive misunderstanding'), ('bockforthesedaysof', 'bock for these days of')]
RH18670423-V29-20-page12.txt: [('Wethankourcorrespondentfortheandaha', 'We thank our correspondent for the and aha'), ('TheredoesnotVilsOrto', 'There does not Vil s Or to')]
RH18670423-V29-20-page5.txt: [('eatnilfenrotpereuediguebagtiliint', 'eat nil fen rot pe reu ed i gu e b a g t i l i i n t')]
RH18670423-V29-20-page6.txt: [('candfidtobesiietrtiveevrsie', 'c and fid to bes ii et r t i v e e v r s i e')]
RH18670423-V29-20-page8.txt: [('Luxemburgnegotiations', 'Luxemburg negotiations'), ('anythingpreviouslyreceived', 'anything previously received'), ('militaryprejudices', 'military prejudices'), ('principtahlaittiews', 'p r i n c i p t a h l a i t t i e w s')]
RH18670430-V29-21-page10.txt: [('darknessconcerning', 'darkness concerning')]
RH18670430-V29-21-page2.txt: [('thoroughlyreformed', 'thoroughly reformed'), ('elerleivreaslosoarrheameeddayeforiftoreJovhirili', 'el er le iv rea s lo soar rhea meed day e f o r i f t o r e J o v h i r i l i')]
RH18670430-V29-21-page6.txt: [('recoverwhenIceasedtowork', 'recover when I ceased to work'), ('THEfollowingarticlebyEld', 'THE following article by Eld'), ('droveussteadilytowardthebloodysetday', 'drove us steadily toward the bloody set day')]
RH18670430-V29-21-page8.txt: [('isstillflourishing', 'is still flourishing')]
RH18670514-V29-23-page12.txt: [('regivbesutsuhehlnivreosriunsilonin', 'reg iv bes uts u h e h l n i v r e o s r i u n s i l o n i n'), ('LentPdratepnatitieeelf', 'Lent P dr ate p nat i tie eel f'), ('IwouLDliketohaveawagon', 'I wouLD like to have a wagon')]
RH18670514-V29-23-page4.txt: [('manymonthsunderwater', 'many months under water')]
RH18670517-V29-22-page10.txt: [('ConfeeretnocaenortiSlio', 'Con fee ret no caen or tiS l i o'), ('Wehavemorethanahundredvotersinthiscounty', 'We have more than a hundred voters in this county')]
RH18670517-V29-22-page12.txt: [('nowmorethanfourtimesaslargeasattheorganization', 'now more than four times as large as at the organization'), ('beastarisebyconquering', 'beast arise by conquering'), ('hereandfindthemstillstrivingtoservetheLord', 'here and find them still striving to serve the Lord'), ('theworldandleaveitsfolliesandfashionsandtake', 'the world and leave its follies and fashions and take')]
RH18670517-V29-22-page3.txt: [('Thehneigbiriotionifafiloewis', 'The h n e i g b i r i o t i o n i f a f i l o e w i s')]
RH18670517-V29-22-page9.txt: [('etainronsotouletahvieu', 'eta in ron so tou let ah vie u')]
RH18670528-V29-24-page10.txt: [('reeAtablishimentef', 'ree At abl is him en t e f'), ('politioattnanagement', 'polit i o attn an age men t')]
RH18670528-V29-24-page12.txt: [('providencepreventing', 'providence preventing'), ('ivliRDiectItaiownd', 'iv l iR Die c tIt ai own d')]
RH18670528-V29-24-page2.txt: [('representedasbeingsealed', 'represented as being sealed')]
RH18670528-V29-24-page3.txt: [('aAnlyiroledoarpnodraotion', 'a An l y i role do arp no dr a ot ion')]
RH18670528-V29-24-page6.txt: [('brethretreasembled', 'bret h ret rea sem bled'), ('followingresolutions', 'following resolutions'), ('cOnitiveneitigWith', 'cOn it iv en e i t i g W i t h')]
RH18670528-V29-24-page8.txt: [('theirConstitutions', 'their Constitutions')]
RH18670604-V29-25-page11.txt: [('raisiniderStanding', 'raisin ider Standing')]
RH18670604-V29-25-page12.txt: [('theirsubscriptions', 'their subscriptions')]
RH18670604-V29-25-page4.txt: [('evenasthegreenherbhaveIgivenyouall', 'even as the green herb have I given you all')]
RH18670604-V29-25-page6.txt: [('thetasucihanpplication', 'thetas u c i h a n p p l i c a t i o n'), ('theoneshallbetakenandtheotherleft', 'the one shall be taken and the other left')]
RH18670604-V29-25-page7.txt: [('seperatienbetweentherrighteaus', 'sep er at i en bet we enth er right eau s')]
RH18670611-V29-26-page2.txt: [('andthefilthymustbefilthystill', 'and the filthy must be filthy still'), ('andainblamndelesas', 'and a in b lam n d e l e s a s')]
RH18670611-V29-26-page6.txt: [('Webelievewehavetruthswhichareessenfully', 'We believe we have truths which are essen fully'), ('followingpersonstowardthenewset', 'following persons toward the new set')]
RH18670611-V29-26-page8.txt: [('eldictItaonkiinWoen', 'el dict It a on k i i n W o e n')]
RH18670618-V30-01-page10.txt: [('hearkenthehistoryofourrace', 'hearken the history of our race'), ('uptotothepresenthour', 'up to to the present hour'), ('edtomycommandments', 'ed to my commandments')]
RH18670618-V30-01-page11.txt: [('bepouredoutwithoutmixtureofmercy', 'be poured out without mixture of mercy'), ('andrecievethewordwithjoy', 'and rec i eve the word with joy'), ('parnoiLchowlsonevhi', 'par no i L c howls one v hi'), ('etitAgeliofyesainndtlaid', 'et it A gel i of yes a inn d t l a i d'), ('ariivedtoatgheothf', 'ar i iv ed to at g h e o t h f')]
RH18670618-V30-01-page13.txt: [('theSoforereexperiments', 'the So for ere experiments'), ('whichissaidtobeduetothesensationprodoted', 'which is said to be due to the sensation pro doted')]
RH18670618-V30-01-page15.txt: [('onEtIcteySabobFathiteNstIloEn', 'on Et I c t e y S a b o b F a t h i t e N s t I l o E n'), ('thorouighoslielletotiiiniisethremoaves', 'thor oui g h o s l i e l l e t o t i i i n i i s e t h r e m o a v e s'), ('theChristianchurches', 'the Christian churches')]
RH18670618-V30-01-page16.txt: [('Atanyratewerequestsingersnotto', 'At any rate we request singers not to')]
RH18670618-V30-01-page3.txt: [('elenavweisthHpeoawv', 'el en a v we isth H peoa w v'), ('IfanyobjectthatthisisnotthemeanofhgidsofmatsheorfDCahyrisdt', 'If any object that this is not the mean of h gid s of mats he or f D C a h y r i s d t'), ('anaVrahlenipsontoitsfeotruerperthedtheryoenre', 'an a V rah le nips on to its fe o truer pert h ed the r y o e n r e'), ('corrupinheritancae', 'corr up inherit an c a e'), ('oneHooeoaapapioenaraetdhirL', 'one Hoo e o a a p a p i o e n a r a e t d h i r L'), ('atopbaertaimkmerorotfalobita', 'atop b a ert aim k m e r o r o t f a l o b i t a'), ('glotransfiguration', 'glo transfiguration')]
RH18670618-V30-01-page5.txt: [('theirpastindebtedness', 'their past indebtedness')]
RH18670618-V30-01-page6.txt: [('sewnhcenofhethsebpowopsehiinmseVlifetnona', 'sewn h cen of heth s e b p o w o p s e h i i n m s e V l i f e t n o n a')]
RH18670618-V30-01-page7.txt: [('menanmienecIrsinbets', 'men an mien e c I r s i n b e t s')]
RH18670625-V30-02-page10.txt: [('Wherethestreetsarepavedwithgold', 'Where the streets are paved with gold'), ('neverwillthatfondhopebecrushed', 'never will that fond hope be crushed'), ('wandererfromthefold', 'wanderer from the fold'), ('andthinkignperhapsitmight', 'and think ign perhaps it might')]
RH18670625-V30-02-page13.txt: [('financiallyconsidered', 'financially considered'), ('Crowdswererushingaway', 'Crowds were rushing away'), ('Dearbrethrenandsisters', 'Dear brethren and sisters'), ('asyouvaluethepaper', 'as you value the paper'), ('andstoneswerefreelyused', 'and stones were freely used'), ('severalpersonsseverelyeaxlplosedpoints', 'several persons severe lye ax l p los ed points'), ('hrsolotnwsooofptihne', 'hrs o lot n w s o o o f p t i h n e')]
RH18670625-V30-02-page14.txt: [('goodpeopletoaidthem', 'good people to aid them')]
RH18670625-V30-02-page15.txt: [('Unanswerableillestions', 'Unanswerable ill est ions')]
RH18670625-V30-02-page5.txt: [('financiallyembarrassed', 'financially embarrassed')]
RH18670625-V30-02-page7.txt: [('aptrataheentSaudltananiVlIabf', 'apt rata he en t S a u d l t a n a n i V l I a b f'), ('fadaetspainseddealE', 'fad aet s pains ed de alE'), ('aavaenrsaiaotanataoatfh', 'a ava en r s a i a o t a n a t a o a t f h')]
RH18670625-V30-02-page8.txt: [('thatcapacityiscompleted', 'that capacity is completed'), ('Buthecomesbeforethe', 'But he comes before the'), ('performsepdirlftys', 'perform sep dir l f t y s'), ('meaningdisembeodsiedp', 'meaning di sem be o d s i e d p'), ('lamarmthoisinanycase', 'lam arm tho is in any case'), ('isnotdifficulttoconceive', 'is not difficult to conceive')]
RH18670702-V30-03-page11.txt: [('DEARBRETHRENANDSISTERS', 'DEAR BRETHREN AND SISTERS'), ('Istillfeeladetermination', 'I still feel a determination'), ('HowIwishsomeonewouldcomeand', 'How I wish some one would come and'), ('wandspeakatoiofourastruoggmlmesuand', 'wand speak a to i of our a st ru og g m l m e s u a n d'), ('testideterminations', 'test i determinations')]
RH18670702-V30-03-page14.txt: [('Theyshowthemarvelous', 'They show the marvelous'), ('Aofluoeurriunantsiounlaolum', 'A of lu o eur r i u n a n t s i o u n l a o l u m'), ('scriptionstakenforlessthansixmonths', 'script ions taken for less than six months')]
RH18670702-V30-03-page15.txt: [('thoroughoslietpotreieatise', 'thorough o s l i et pot rei eat is e'), ('andthedestinyofthewicked', 'and the destiny of the wicked')]
RH18670702-V30-03-page16.txt: [('GeoIButleratonsESr', 'Geo I Butler a tons E S r')]
RH18670702-V30-03-page3.txt: [('garoeweihthetrioenwt', 'gar o ewe i h the trio en w t')]
RH18670702-V30-03-page5.txt: [('novariablenessneithershadowof', 'no variableness neither shadow of'), ('Thatthenatureofthecommandmentsissuchas', 'That the nature of the commandments is such as'), ('hcoinoredmeeowyitaha', 'h coin or ed me e o w y i t a h a')]
RH18670702-V30-03-page9.txt: [('Thereisadarksideand', 'There is a dark side and'), ('theporkandthelagerbeer', 'the pork and the lager beer'), ('beenmadethatithasallthepreachers', 'been made that it has all the preachers'), ('toashsurmeiitistthtoatuGohdaiosonotdecieivedbyany', 'to ash sur me i it i st t h t o a t u G o h d a i o s o n o t d e c i e i v e d b y a n y'), ('toiinvtileidniofiitoodionees', 'to i inv tile i d n i o f i i t o o d i o n e e s'), ('isamarkedcontrastbetween', 'is a marked contrast between'), ('laboringbothdayandnighttofortifythetruth', 'laboring both day and night to fortify the truth'), ('ourehedaervtostinonhistolohvies', 'our e h e d a e r v t o s t i n o n h i s t o l o h v i e s')]
RH18670709-V30-04-page11.txt: [('ererrentceisodreamiit', 'er er rent c e i s o d r e a m i i t')]
RH18670709-V30-04-page16.txt: [('Theycannotalwayswithstandtemptationbetterthan', 'They cannot always withstand temptation better than'), ('eaafnoilbeginnisngbbSaatbhbaatnhd', 'e a a f n o i l b e g i n n i s n g b b S a a t b h b a a t n h d')]
RH18670709-V30-04-page2.txt: [('theprophetsandthemanofGod', 'the prophets and the man of God'), ('keepthecommandmentsofGod', 'keep the commandments of God'), ('hiswatershallbesure', 'his water shall be sure'), ('Thosewhopleadforaflesh', 'Those who plead for a flesh')]
RH18670709-V30-04-page3.txt: [('coenscexiecncbeoapp', 'c o ens c e x i e c n c b e o a p p')]
RH18670709-V30-04-page8.txt: [('aswoeshoaulvdesbeeengla', 'as woes ho aul v des bee eng la')]
RH18670709-V30-04-page9.txt: [('experienceinregard', 'experience in regard')]
RH18670716-V30-05-page10.txt: [('iscorrectitwillstandthetesteverytime', 'is correct it will stand the test every time')]
RH18670716-V30-05-page12.txt: [('adoorkeeperinthehouseofGod', 'a doorkeeper in the house of God')]
RH18670716-V30-05-page15.txt: [('rhapzieloiiilythheojsoty', 'r h a p z i e l o i i i l y t h h e o j s o t y')]
RH18670716-V30-05-page16.txt: [('againstthoyrfoceso', 'against tho y r f o c e s o'), ('WhenIlookforwardtotheglorytoberevealedat', 'When I look forward to the glory to be revealed at')]
RH18670716-V30-05-page3.txt: [('natritsdloetvoerayl', 'nat rit s dl o et v o era y l')]
RH18670716-V30-05-page5.txt: [('webelievethattheargumentspresentedhavebeenof', 'we believe that the arguments presented have been of'), ('theSaviourdesignedbythiswordtoteachthatwhoshiroecdksfaurlaimevienriasthendi', 'the Saviour designed by this word to teach that who s hi roe c d k s f a u r l a i m e v i e n r i a s t h e n d i'), ('hTtahiscourseaaonf', 'h T t a h i s c o u r s e a a o n f')]
RH18670716-V30-05-page6.txt: [('instrengthwasintheirrighthand', 'in strength was in their right hand'), ('tosubjectiontohimself', 'to subjection to himself'), ('Intheformerhalfofhis', 'In the former half of his')]
RH18670716-V30-05-page7.txt: [('Idonotliketohearhimpray', 'I do not like to hear him pray'), ('atthedoorwithhiswhip', 'at the door with his whip')]
RH18670723-V30-06-page11.txt: [('sometimesseemsimpossiblefor', 'sometimes seems impossible for')]
RH18670723-V30-06-page13.txt: [('itlhaerItsolathdat', 'it l ha er It so lath dat'), ('Pacifwicestaatessipseechlieyfly', 'P a c if w i c e s t a a t e s s i p s e e c h l i e y f l y'), ('thescbhurachhithefr', 'the s c b hur a c h hi the f r'), ('andconfessionofoursins', 'and confession of our sins'), ('legitimatensuccessoruornihteid', 'legit im a ten success o ru or n i h t e i d'), ('wyitshhallpbroevision', 'w y i t s h h a l l p b r o e v i s i o n'), ('thepeopleweredying', 'the people were dying'), ('disfiguringthemselves', 'disfiguring themselves'), ('andcomingbeforeGodwithdisrentifmceatant', 'and coming before God with dis rent if m c e a t a n t'), ('aosurpresentterritornye', 'a o sur present terri torn ye')]
RH18670723-V30-06-page15.txt: [('Wecallthespecialattentionofthereadertothe', 'We call the special attention of the reader to the'), ('oHnEthceySabobpathDQAueNstIioEnLA', 'o H n E t h c e y S a b o b p a t h D Q A u e N s t I i o E n L A')]
RH18670723-V30-06-page16.txt: [('LojjabLoriondusgalay', 'Lo j jab Lori on du s gala y')]
RH18670723-V30-06-page4.txt: [('neckswereeverworth', 'necks were ever worth'), ('thesemenwhohadseizedon', 'these men who had seized on'), ('spvfigewtirlalhavelaAmm', 's p v fig ew t i r l a l h a v e l a A m m')]
RH18670723-V30-06-page5.txt: [('aatautthhiosrittiymuei', 'a at a utt h hi o s rit t i y m u e i'), ('sleeptoheconsciousness', 'sleep to he consciousness'), ('theracehasbecomeenfeebledanddemoralizedastimepleaofignorance', 'the race has become enfeebled and demoralized as time plea of ignorance'), ('itwillfirstbenecessaryforthemto', 'it will first be necessary for them to'), ('Hereisthestatement', 'Here is the statement')]
RH18670723-V30-06-page7.txt: [('acceptedtheproposalwithoutreservation', 'accepted the proposal without reservation'), ('Butthatsettlementhasbecomesoobsolete', 'But that settlement has become so obsolete'), ('Atprielsentathjceiraecdisn', 'At p riel sent at h j c e i r a e c d i s n'), ('contafecsesaedsyittscelpfcari', 'cont a fe c s e s a e d s y i t t s c e l p f c a r i'), ('generousmematocctitoanl', 'generous mem a to c c tito an l'), ('satisfactoryactocehuictsae', 'satisfactory a c to c e h u i c t s a e'), ('acshitnctIcestistc', 'a c shit n c t I c e s t i s t c'), ('cmaucscetcoftfarketeadom', 'cm au c s c etc oft far k e t e a d o m'), ('satiltlbgatranedcetcrdsctcacle', 's atilt l b gat ran ed c etc r d s c t c a c l e'), ('notonlyalittleportion', 'not only a little portion')]
RH18670723-V30-06-page9.txt: [('troublejustbeforeus', 'trouble just before us'), ('wemaybeenabledtoliftup', 'we may be enabled to lift up'), ('ooffdeathhsomespeakitilla', 'o off death h some speak it ill a'), ('infutlfhiellineogdhihs', 'in fut l f h i e l l i n e o g d h i h s')]
RH18670730-V30-07-page10.txt: [('hesitsdownandfoldshisarmsaroundhisgun', 'he sits down and folds his arms around his gun'), ('bloovoenotfhtehiaslowrtorladw', 'b loo v o en ot f h t e h i a s l o w r t o r l a d w'), ('forwearelytoeohavekonfootuimrselvteos', 'for we a rely toe o have k o n f o o t u i m r s e l v t e o s'), ('Webelieveitisofgreatimportancetoall', 'We believe it is of great importance to all')]
RH18670730-V30-07-page12.txt: [('repioleolrptsoushtaezhr', 'rep i oleo l r p t s o u s h t a e z h r'), ('athpeewgoesdpehhprree', 'at h pe ew go esd pe h h p r r e e')]
RH18670730-V30-07-page13.txt: [('goronpAriationBillt', 'go ron p Ar i at ion Bill t'), ('ertcheentofthemoonveeyrpoanide', 'ert c he en toft he moon vee y r p o a n i d e')]
RH18670730-V30-07-page14.txt: [('ofscrofulousconsumption', 'of scrofulous consumption')]
RH18670730-V30-07-page15.txt: [('Extractsoliteuteml', 'Extract so lite ute m l'), ('churchesoftheUnitedSts', 'churches of the United Sts')]
RH18670730-V30-07-page5.txt: [('thoughdisguisedinthe', 'though disguised in the'), ('makinghimselfunderstood', 'making himself understood'), ('etonbmedtoarPlaitsiseftchi', 'eton b med to ar P la its is eft chi'), ('Buttoreturntooursubject', 'But to return to our subject'), ('Whatisthespiritoffendersofthisclassofcriminals', 'What is the spirit offenders of this class of criminals')]
RH18670730-V30-07-page7.txt: [('ofboathanaircvaelsstinofcearnity', 'of boa than air c v a els st in of c earn it y'), ('Buttheideawasdisimt', 'But the idea was dis im t'), ('isthetetdehalelmssostlreachedd', 'is the tet de hal elms so st l reached d'), ('etoncruetrshaotirotn', 'eton cruet r s h a o t i r o t n'), ('myoninctloinathtieonis', 'my on in c t l o i n a t h t i e o n i s')]
RH18670730-V30-07-page9.txt: [('Schanatellpennincic', 'Sch an a tell pen n i n c i c')]
RH18670806-V30-08-page11.txt: [('oftaPaattriacksaHoeurIz', 'oft a P a att ria c k s a H o e u r I z')]
RH18670806-V30-08-page13.txt: [('areiannaydeeandtasaxaesiumarposeocfl', 'are ian nay dee and t a s a x a e s i u m a r p o s e o c f l')]
RH18670806-V30-08-page14.txt: [('ButthatthereistobeapowerofChrist', 'But that there is to be a power of Christ'), ('thensuddendestructio', 'then sudden destruct i o')]
RH18670806-V30-08-page16.txt: [('ButaswenoticethattheVoicegivesthemin', 'But as we notice that the Voice gives them in')]
RH18670806-V30-08-page2.txt: [('ThiswastheSonofGod', 'This was the Son of God'), ('Atalaterperiodthequestion', 'At a later period the question')]
RH18670806-V30-08-page3.txt: [('scaffoldwtylchease', 'scaffold w t y l c h e a s e'), ('ebethelsdialasitsimo', 'e b e t h e l s d i a l a s i t s i m o'), ('ItisthegoodnewsthataSaviourhasbeenprovided', 'It is the good news that a Saviour has been provided')]
RH18670806-V30-08-page6.txt: [('andrpaowsneswordinhishand', 'an dr p a o w s n e s w o r d i n h i s h a n d'), ('toleadIsraelontotake', 'to lead Israel on to take'), ('AndTypicalBearingofthe', 'And Typical Bearing of the'), ('yearsinthewilderness', 'years in the wilderness'), ('theFrenchgovernment', 'the French government'), ('butalsoofallotherearthly', 'but also of all other earthly'), ('Christianityfromtheworld', 'Christianity from the world'), ('andthereignoftericneals', 'and the reign of teri c n e a l s'), ('governmentsoftheworld', 'governments of the world'), ('andallpeoplehavebeen', 'and all people have been'), ('painofdeathorbanishment', 'pain of death or banishment'), ('Thegreatbodyrefusof', 'The great body ref us of'), ('ItiIsrevidenthferottiimEex', 'It i Is rev i dent h fer ot t i i m E e x'), ('peoestablishmenetnooftghoevern', 'pe o establish men et no oft g h o e v e r n'), ('lstarusmenesnetsofofi', 'l star us menes nets of of i')]
RH18670806-V30-08-page8.txt: [('sothattheymightclosetogether', 'so that they might close together'), ('wholoveourLordJesusChrist', 'who love our Lord Jesus Christ')]
RH18670813-V30-09-page12.txt: [('eiltdstocitlsacilmaimss', 'e i l t d s t o c i t l s a c i l m a i m s s')]
RH18670813-V30-09-page13.txt: [('houseanddistillery', 'house and distillery'), ('Asuggestionortwomaynotbeoutofplace', 'A suggestion or two may not be out of place'), ('ourconvocationsbeafeastofunleavenedbreadand', 'our convocations be a feast of unleavened bread and'), ('wasconsequentvlyery', 'was consequent v l yer y')]
RH18670813-V30-09-page15.txt: [('Intheforegoinglist', 'In the foregoing list'), ('whohaveanyacquaintancewithit', 'who have any acquaintance with it'), ('revisedandenlarged', 'revised and enlarged'), ('Appealtomenofreason', 'Appeal to men of reason'), ('Physiotulgholsiellz', 'P h y s i ot u l g h o l s i e l l z')]
RH18670813-V30-09-page4.txt: [('ybalirdoancecording', 'y bal ir do an c eco r d i n g'), ('Thisisahealingbalm', 'This is a healing balm'), ('forwrathinsteadofmercyonoursouls', 'for wrath instead of mercy on our souls')]
RH18670813-V30-09-page9.txt: [('GoTdhairodlyilayThis', 'Go T d h a i r o d l y i l a y T h i s'), ('prosentdispensationisprovedbythe', 'pro sent dispensation is proved by the')]
RH18670820-V30-10-page11.txt: [('havinagtnotheeIfaithoefeJwesus', 'ha v in agt no thee If a it hoe fe J we s us'), ('encourragberomkeennt', 'enc our rag be rom keen n t')]
RH18670820-V30-10-page13.txt: [('oaunidusbioencrownewdowulidtheaxbhuorndtaynotusuicoeebss', 'o a uni du s bio en crow new dow u l i d t h e a x b h u o r n d t a y n o t u s u i c o e e b s s'), ('psohwoeurldttoeiflsicot', 'ps oh woe ur l d t t o e i f l s i c o t'), ('aftereighteenmonthsofvigilanceandcontest', 'after eighteen months of vigilance and contest')]
RH18670820-V30-10-page15.txt: [('Otherworksonthissubject', 'Other works on this subject'), ('Excellentindisproved', 'Excellent in disproved')]
RH18670820-V30-10-page16.txt: [('mostofwhomhoweverhavecomeintothetruthwithin', 'most of whom however have come into the truth within'), ('tryingtoextendthework', 'trying to extend the work'), ('andbyyourinfluence', 'and by your influence'), ('necessarypreparationtostandinthetimeoftrouble', 'necessary preparation to stand in the time of trouble'), ('AonriZligyeIoycaknit', 'A on r i Z l i g y e I o y c a k n i t'), ('ReformInstituteamountsaresuib', 'Reform Institute amounts are sui b')]
RH18670820-V30-10-page2.txt: [('titohnesiallWfhata', 'tit oh n e s i a l l W f h a t a')]
RH18670820-V30-10-page5.txt: [('hwehdeanybreturnse', 'h we h de any b returns e')]
RH18670820-V30-10-page7.txt: [('eithertherectororgeneralhadbeenaccessorytomy', 'either the rector or general had been accessory to my'), ('Ganredatmarvelousarethyworks', 'Gan red at marvelous are thy works'), ('traceitsintricaciesbelowacertainpoint', 'trace its intricacies below a certain point'), ('meovrentinhgtaensdhadllwell', 'me o v rent in h g t a e n s d h a d l l w e l l')]
RH18670827-V30-11-page10.txt: [('themwhaokeleshioftsof', 'them w h a o k e l e s h i o f t s o f')]
RH18670827-V30-11-page11.txt: [('lixLscywritesfromSteelCo', 'lix Ls c y writes from Steel C o'), ('thoughmyselfandhusbandarealoneinthetruthinthis', 'though myself and husband are alone in the truth in this')]
RH18670827-V30-11-page13.txt: [('mencedtowipeawaythereproachfromhispeople', 'men c ed to wipe away the reproach from his people'), ('OtherswhoknewSurrattsawhimonthatday', 'Others who knew Sur rat t s a w h i m o n t h a t d a y'), ('specfrealWashington', 's pe cf real Washington'), ('districtacaolmenmwanaders', 'district a c a o l men m w a n a d e r s'), ('AbeLeitnscofflnodiepsmar', 'A be Le it n s c o f f l n o d i e p s m a r')]
RH18670827-V30-11-page2.txt: [('ifnorertohoosslnonlybnwthforbtahtohseinit', 'if nor er to hoo s s l non l y b n w t h f o r b t a h t o h s e i n i t'), ('Thefourthwasdividedintoten', 'The fourth was divided into ten'), ('butnotsotoherwhofeelscalledtoadestinymore', 'but not so to her who feels called to a destiny more')]
RH18670827-V30-11-page6.txt: [('actualexcavationhavebeen', 'actual excavation have been')]
RH18670903-V30-12-page11.txt: [('wearyandheavilyladen', 'weary and heavily laden')]
RH18670903-V30-12-page12.txt: [('Doesthedailytreatmentwhichyourdumbbeastsreceive', 'Does the daily treatment which your dumb beasts receive'), ('iienparlelmacheenrs', 'ii en par l elm ache en r s')]
RH18670903-V30-12-page13.txt: [('avrilelapersepianritnlesiTilhabromrhaososs', 'a v rile la perse pi an rit n l e s i T i l h a b r o m r h a o s o s s'), ('Intheintervalbetweenpreaching', 'In the interval between preaching'), ('hadnothadameetingofthiskindforthepastsix', 'had not had a meeting of this kind for the past six'), ('solulegihteanwtralye', 'so lu leg i h tea n w t r a l y e'), ('theThIselasanidloarrseovf', 'the T h I s e l a s a n i d l o a r r s e o v f')]
RH18670903-V30-12-page15.txt: [('ioedayveoililythiljsofytohfe', 'i o ed a y v e o i l i l y t h i l j s o f y t o h f e'), ('rioSralaabnaatlecewraesmoInisatlitin', 'rio Sra la a b n a a t l e c e w r a e s m o I n i s a t l i t i n')]
RH18670903-V30-12-page16.txt: [('canyieldtotheinfluencesoftheenemyso', 'can yield to the influences of the enemy so'), ('adpanyoiAdvetnotists', 'ad p any o i Adv et not i sts'), ('keepingoftheSabbath', 'keeping of the Sabbath'), ('Itseemsstrangetomehow', 'It seems strange to me how'), ('conditiontaospbeelbalest', 'condition tao s p be el bale st')]
RH18670903-V30-12-page3.txt: [('daybelieversgenerallychair', 'day believers generally chair'), ('wothrshaitpthiefrtehey', 'wot hrs ha it p thief rte hey')]
RH18670903-V30-12-page4.txt: [('andsupposespreviousvoluntarywickedness', 'and supposes previous voluntary wickedness')]
RH18670903-V30-12-page6.txt: [('reservoirsabovementioned', 'reservoirs above mentioned'), ('andespeciallyintheirlower', 'and especially in their lower')]
RH18670910-V30-13-page11.txt: [('putthirnagretheanmdinwothnedewreayd', 'putt h ir nag ret he an md in wot h ned ew rea y d'), ('attledereitiltaheym', 'att led ere i tilt a hey m')]
RH18670910-V30-13-page15.txt: [('TractsinOtherLanguages', 'Tracts in Other Languages'), ('propertytotheAssociationtobedevotedtothespread', 'property to the Association to be devoted to the spread')]
RH18670910-V30-13-page16.txt: [('sttenpshouldthenbegiven', 'st ten p should then be given')]
RH18670910-V30-13-page7.txt: [('iowehterneasltillheiititlaies', 'i owe h tern e a s l t i l l h e i i t i t l a i e s'), ('concludingthoughts', 'concluding thoughts')]
RH18670917-V30-14-page13.txt: [('AreportfromanumberoflenagdiSpiritualists', 'A report from a number of le nag di Spiritualists'), ('Hewillnodoubtspeedilybeaskedtorerudeshocktosenditcrumblingintotheabyssbeneath', 'He will no doubt speedily be asked tore rude shock to send it crumbling into the abyss beneath')]
RH18670917-V30-14-page14.txt: [('thatthepeoplesosuddenlyexpanded', 'that the people so suddenly expanded')]
RH18670917-V30-14-page15.txt: [('woizthlhneaplathmfpullillei', 'w o i z t h l h n e a p l a t h m f p u l l i l l e i'), ('Dissertastructions', 'Dissert a st ruction s')]
RH18670917-V30-14-page3.txt: [('forminglepalsgincgonnections', 'for mingle pals gin c go n n e c t i o n s')]
RH18670917-V30-14-page8.txt: [('endcomeonallthemthatdwellonthefaceofthewhole', 'end come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole'), ('orholdtothecontinuanceof', 'or hold to the continuance of')]
RH18670924-V30-15-page13.txt: [('traditiopnolaiclyof', 'trad it i o p no laic l y of')]
RH18670924-V30-15-page14.txt: [('aswelearnbyaspecialCabledispatchtotheTribune', 'as we learn by a special Cable dispatch to the Tribune'), ('thewaypreparedforareconstructionofallEurope', 'the way prepared for are construction of all Europe'), ('thaendSambbeadtihatofriathi', 'tha end Sam b bead t i h a t o f r i a t h i')]
RH18670924-V30-15-page16.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18671001-V30-16-page11.txt: [('evilmenandseducersshallwaxworseand', 'evil men and seducers shall wax worse and')]
RH18671001-V30-16-page12.txt: [('TheInstitutionoftheSabbath', 'The Institution of the Sabbath')]
RH18671001-V30-16-page13.txt: [('ehelsepisblloincdo', 'e h e l s e p i s b l l o i n c d o'), ('prloahwibistowryith', 'p r l o a h w i b i s t o w r y i t h')]
RH18671001-V30-16-page15.txt: [('Wecallthespecialattention', 'We call the special attention'), ('POSITIVEINSTITUTIONS', 'POSITIVE INSTITUTIONS'), ('asadvertisedinourbook', 'as advertised in our book'), ('ltdheewriLismnolitilisatliTat', 'ltd he ew r i L i s m n o l i t i l i s a t l i T a t')]
RH18671001-V30-16-page4.txt: [('kindofrugormatofstrawgirdedtothe', 'kind of rug or mat of straw girded to the')]
RH18671001-V30-16-page5.txt: [('thatfallcropsarenearlyafailure', 'that fall crops are nearly a failure')]
RH18671001-V30-16-page9.txt: [('adventdistribution', 'advent distribution'), ('prareyfereancreafoyr', 'p rare y fere an c rea f o y r')]
RH18671008-V30-17-page13.txt: [('afeAwiryelatiresbard', 'a fe A wiry ela tires bard')]
RH18671008-V30-17-page14.txt: [('sympatheticreception', 'sympathetic reception'), ('terriblearmyetinvented', 'terrible arm yet invented'), ('thewNhoiorhhpGreorsnolianshStaltehseint', 'thew N h o i o r h h p G r e o r s n o l i a n s h S t a l t e h s e i n t')]
RH18671008-V30-17-page15.txt: [('ethremoveosfinarefnuasterly', 'eth remove o s fin a ref n u a s t e r l y')]
RH18671008-V30-17-page16.txt: [('certainlydeservesmore', 'certainly deserves more'), ('findfoodforreflectionintheastoundingfactthatten', 'find food for reflection in the astounding fact that ten'), ('eauGfNovrallplTgSh', 'eau G f N o v r a l l p l T g S h'), ('whichshouldcorrespondwiththeNumlberhstointhePalters', 'which should correspond with the Num l b er h s to in the P alters')]
RH18671008-V30-17-page2.txt: [('Herehemakethsegloryof', 'Here he maketh s e g l o r y o f')]
RH18671008-V30-17-page3.txt: [('henceforthexpecting', 'henceforth expecting'), ('thouatmyrighthanduntilImakethineenemiesthy', 'thou at my right hand until I make thine enemies thy'), ('notinfusingitselfintothekingdomsofthe', 'not infusing itself into the kingdoms of the'), ('nethmenertehenstafinerts', 'neth mene rte hen sta fin ert s')]
RH18671008-V30-17-page6.txt: [('transubstantiathought', 'tran sub st anti a thought')]
RH18671008-V30-17-page7.txt: [('hereofsomesingleburstofpassion', 'here of some single burst of passion')]
RH18671008-V30-17-page8.txt: [('thepleasantfourdaysof', 'the pleasant four days of')]
RH18671008-V30-17-page9.txt: [('theirsasseemubnlinsg', 'theirs as seem u b n l i n s g')]
RH18671015-V30-18-page1.txt: [('disagreeablelooking', 'disagreeable looking')]
RH18671015-V30-18-page10.txt: [('everythingofaseriousnature', 'everything of a serious nature'), ('Ifeelconthatweshouldperish', 'I feel con that we should perish')]
RH18671015-V30-18-page11.txt: [('IcanraisemyvoiceinpraisetoGodfor', 'I can raise my voice in praise to God for'), ('arestrivingtobuythegold', 'are striving to buy the gold')]
RH18671015-V30-18-page13.txt: [('Butdidyoueverconsiderwhat', 'But did you ever consider what'), ('TheJewsarecaredforastheyneverhave', 'The Jews are cared for as they never have'), ('aitIstlmiouthvtirhue', 'a it I st l m i o u t h v t i r h u e'), ('promptinterference', 'prompt interference')]
RH18671015-V30-18-page14.txt: [('friendsoftheRevieiew', 'friends of theRe vie i ew'), ('arettieneviirtendlatto', 'a ret tie nevi ir tend lat to')]
RH18671015-V30-18-page16.txt: [('Butmenwhoareabletobuild', 'But men who are able to build'), ('BtliernejearmailnesFs', 'Btl i erne j ear mail n e s F s'), ('usinesistiNesoticoest', 'us ines i st iN e s o t i c o e s t'), ('muchlesstoembellishandbeautify', 'much less to embellish and beautify')]
RH18671015-V30-18-page4.txt: [('thatIamtheLordwhichexercise', 'that I am the Lord which exercise'), ('withChristwescatter', 'with Christ we scatter'), ('thememplusdestoilisledinhim', 'the mem plus des toil is led in him'), ('hitteereplivauaidnabseasawn', 'hit tee rep liv au aid nab sea sawn')]
RH18671015-V30-18-page9.txt: [('garvoewranraoaunttofisa', 'gar v o ew ran r a o a u n t t o f i s a')]
RH18671022-V30-19-page3.txt: [('Nonresurrectionists', 'Non resurrection i sts')]
RH18671022-V30-19-page6.txt: [('elacweorizitpheofprdr', 'ela c we or i zit p he of p r d r')]
RH18671022-V30-19-page8.txt: [('AgoodthoughtbeingwrittenoutmaybeperpetuainmstRitsutesohRovuwlAdyhavvevbeeheanveapsa', 'A good thought being written out may be per pet u a i n m s t R i t s u t e s o h R o v u w l A d y h a v v e v b e e h e a n v e a p s a'), ('mthbeynicsaelllymesgowRiitlaimsmall', 'm t h b e y n i c s a e l l l y m e s g o w R i i t l a i m s m a l l')]
RH18671029-V30-20-page10.txt: [('whileheispleadingwithyou', 'while he is pleading with you'), ('TheHealthReformisdoingasilent', 'The Health Reform is doing a silent')]
RH18671029-V30-20-page12.txt: [('fthoremfearithfeualrslaboarnsd', 'fth o rem fear it h feu a l r s l a b o a r n s d')]
RH18671029-V30-20-page13.txt: [('possessionoriginal', 'possession original'), ('Itsguogogdeustiesuthfeordutoyffiteoeallupolitical', 'Its gu o gog deus ties u t h f e o r d u t o y f f i t e o e a l l u p o l i t i c a l')]
RH18671029-V30-20-page16.txt: [('asrillnotirnerengrwoeitab', 'as rill not ir ner eng r w o e i t a b')]
RH18671029-V30-20-page3.txt: [('amuseeSlteaatrelsy', 'amu see S l tea at rel s y'), ('Peeluletowleeranreoe', 'Pee lu le tow leer an r e o e')]
RH18671029-V30-20-page8.txt: [('ItonwatlibeeSababbath', 'It on wat l i bee Saba b bath')]
RH18671105-V30-21-page11.txt: [('Conferetnoceaenooittorcitaol', 'Confer et no c e a e n o o i t t o r c i t a o l'), ('hpaetaltihoefteCnono', 'h p aet alt i ho eft e C n o n o')]
RH18671105-V30-21-page14.txt: [('arethedeadwhichdieintheLordfromhenceforth', 'are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth')]
RH18671105-V30-21-page15.txt: [('Ircoedayveoililyth', 'Ir coe day v e o i l i l y t h'), ('PictorialIllustration', 'Pictorial Illustration')]
RH18671105-V30-21-page16.txt: [('whenadvocatingtheprincipleoftemperance', 'when advocating the principle of temperance'), ('hthneitraasbtihliteyl', 'h t h n e i t r a a s b t i h l i t e y l'), ('geloiTmCmoellrirliseI', 'gel o iT m C m o e l l r i r l i s e I')]
RH18671105-V30-21-page4.txt: [('butifthesalthavelosthis', 'but if the salt have lost his'), ('hasreacheditsappointedbounds', 'has reached its appointed bounds')]
RH18671112-V30-22-page13.txt: [('rilespoandieesrsthoaosd', 'rile s p o an die e s r s t h o a o s d'), ('hasarrirviesdonaetr', 'has arr ir vies dona et r')]
RH18671112-V30-22-page14.txt: [('requireamountainemploys', 'require a mountain employs'), ('voluemoftheMississippi', 'v o lu emo fth e M i s s i s s i p p i'), ('theconcavesidenofitsnumberlessbends', 'the concave side no fits numberless bends'), ('ArslsocBiatbtiloen', 'Ar s l soc B i at b til o en')]
RH18671112-V30-22-page16.txt: [('livingtakenalltogether', 'living taken all together'), ('Ineatinganddrinking', 'In eating and drinking'), ('stillpsatteuridistvetnilLdguiev', 'still ps att eur i dist vet nil L d g u i e v'), ('jISDIulotipolicsin', 'j IS DI u l o t i p o l i c s i n')]
RH18671112-V30-22-page3.txt: [('theemaiingthetyapa', 'thee mai ing the ty a p a'), ('perhapsunwittingly', 'perhaps unwittingly')]
RH18671112-V30-22-page9.txt: [('cabasteunderstandiing', 'c a baste understand i ing')]
RH18671119-V30-23-page10.txt: [('heaornthaeccloivuintgopfreacher', 'he a or nth a e c c l o i v u i n t g o p f r e a c h e r')]
RH18671119-V30-23-page13.txt: [('pointaprairiedevop', 'point a prairie de v o p')]
RH18671119-V30-23-page16.txt: [('myletterpublishedinReviewNo', 'my letter published in Review No')]
RH18671126-V30-24-page13.txt: [('thepurposeofdirectinggeneralattentiontothesubjest', 'the purpose of directing general attention to the sub jest'), ('andhermortalblowcame', 'and her mortal blow came'), ('freshfromthegloriousHeavens', 'fresh from the glorious Heavens'), ('Whatifitistestimony', 'What if it is testimony'), ('informeldiietfhileat', 'in for meld ii et f h i l e a t')]
RH18671126-V30-24-page14.txt: [('numberofsympathizingfriends', 'number of sympathizing friends')]
RH18671126-V30-24-page15.txt: [('thorsouagholsietctilteotlrivit', 'thor sou a g h o l s i e t c t i l t e o t l r i v i t')]
RH18671126-V30-24-page16.txt: [('TheVassarandTuscolachurcheswillmeettogether', 'The Vassar and Tuscola churches will meet together')]
RH18671126-V30-24-page2.txt: [('pgreepyareaftnioin', 'p gree p y are aft n i o i n'), ('hetatrteandsiwiler', 'he tat rte and s i wile r'), ('lastingyaspiryation', 'lasting y asp ir y at ion')]
RH18671126-V30-24-page3.txt: [('manytrialstopassthrough', 'many trials to pass through'), ('whatgiftinprayerandx', 'what gift in prayer and x'), ('ThusmySanctificationwenton', 'Thus my Sanctification went on')]
RH18671126-V30-24-page8.txt: [('isthelanguageofdependence', 'is the language of dependence'), ('andeversincemanbecame', 'and ever since man became')]
RH18671203-V30-25-page12.txt: [('respectivelyaccomplish', 'respectively accomplish')]
RH18671203-V30-25-page13.txt: [('tateremainstuobesseeen', 'tate remain stu o bes see en'), ('ohoavresaelstheantearly', 'oho a v res a els the ant early'), ('SoutherngRailroads', 'Southern g R a i l r o a d s'), ('lrioabsietofgoingttoucthourtch', 'l rio abs i et of going t t o u c t h o u r t c h')]
RH18671203-V30-25-page15.txt: [('Physioughlittletotirietitsiseuremovesina', 'P h y s i o ugh little tot iri et its is eur emo v e s i n a'), ('terrymannerthedifficurties', 'terry manner the diff i cur ties')]
RH18671203-V30-25-page3.txt: [('Capiwtoitlhshtieslegraph', 'Cap i w t o i t l h s h t i e s l e g r a p h'), ('Likethemajorityaroundme', 'Like the majority around me'), ('erclioevsowlheitctehrGs', 'er c l i o e v s o w l h e i t c t e h r G s'), ('otheardvberrosoikmty', 'ot heard v b err o so i k m t y'), ('hearveynoluyyspring', 'hear v e y n o l u y y s p r i n g')]
RH18671203-V30-25-page7.txt: [('inthatlanditdoesnotsufficientlyrepresentpopular', 'in that land it does not sufficiently represent popular'), ('WhatIshouldexpectatthe', 'What I should expect at the')]
RH18671210-V30-26-page1.txt: [('fiveprominentpoints', 'five prominent points')]
RH18671210-V30-26-page10.txt: [('letusallstrivetobethere', 'let us all strive to be there'), ('toovercomeandbereadyforthecomingof', 'to overcome and be ready for the coming of'), ('lawaLathLatorodurhelilfeuwsilalllhtavereaataztehetrhiencnefliunsaved', 'law a Lath La to rod ur heli l feu w s i l a l l l h t a v e r e a a t a z t e h e t r h i e n c n e f l i u n s a v e d'), ('throughthetendermercyofGod', 'through the tender mercy of God')]
RH18671210-V30-26-page13.txt: [('QUARTERLYMEETINGATPINEISLAND', 'QUARTERLY MEETING AT PINE ISLAND'), ('afterthemannerofabody', 'after the manner of a body'), ('prayerandconference', 'prayer and conference'), ('Godbegloryanddominionforeverandever', 'God be glory and dominion forever and ever'), ('TheReviewisgoingallrighttoB', 'The Review is going all right to B')]
RH18671210-V30-26-page2.txt: [('shaelvaattieonanbdebrtoraude', 's hae lv a at tie on an b deb r t o r a u d e')]
RH18671210-V30-26-page5.txt: [('gatheredtwicethequantity', 'gathered twice the quantity'), ('withlittleadditionallabor', 'with little additional labor'), ('Whenyoudoerrandsofthis', 'When you do errands of this')]
RH18671210-V30-26-page8.txt: [('signinthisrespectweconsiderwasfulfilledin', 'sign in this respect we consider was fulfilled in'), ('turnawayfromthemisnotbecausetheyhavethe', 'turn away from them is not because they have the'), ('thaendamthakewathsem', 'tha end amt hake wat h sem')]
RH18671217-V31-01-page13.txt: [('countryandthecolonies', 'country and the colonies'), ('actuallyflyingthrough', 'actually flying through')]
RH18671217-V31-01-page16.txt: [('wasdisfellowshipped', 'was disfellowshipped')]
RH18671217-V31-01-page4.txt: [('rilyioIoswaytwuinotoo', 'r i l y i o I o s w a y t w u i n o t o o'), ('revelanotwithstand', 'revel a not withstand')]
RH18671217-V31-01-page5.txt: [('hewentforwardalittle', 'he went forward a little'), ('myconsciencetellmeisfitandexpedientmfeortodom', 'my conscience tell me is fit and expedient m f e o r t o d o m')]
RH18671224-V31-02-page12.txt: [('sandtwoungentlemen', 'sand two ungentle men'), ('thfoisilochwoiinrga', 't h f o i s i l o c h w o i i n r g a'), ('beingchcolousedsain', 'being c h col o used sain')]
RH18671224-V31-02-page14.txt: [('beautifullymanifested', 'beautifully manifested'), ('BlessedarethedeadwhichdieintheLordfromhenceforth', 'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth'), ('allthedeliberations', 'all the deliberations')]
RH18671224-V31-02-page3.txt: [('lifedWishtiaatenverhe', 'l if ed Wish tia a ten v er he')]
RH18671224-V31-02-page5.txt: [('ceremonialpreeepts', 'ceremonial p ree e p t s'), ('ahTiedtwinensenrovwe', 'ah Tied twin ens en r o v w e')]
RH18671231-V31-03-page1.txt: [('writtenforthispaper', 'written for this paper'), ('andbearinganewname', 'and bearing anew name')]
RH18671231-V31-03-page14.txt: [('inierepresentations', 'in i ere presentations'), ('heaimedatobtainingnewguarantees', 'he aimed at obtaining new guarantees'), ('thabtedinegadheyetspeaketh', 'tha b ted i neg ad he yet speaketh'), ('Ashorttimebetionalmethodoftreatingdisease', 'A short time bet ion a l method of treating disease')]
RH18671231-V31-03-page15.txt: [('awnaithpahreisntMs', 'awn a it h p ah rei s n t M s')]
RH18671231-V31-03-page16.txt: [('churchnownumbersfifty', 'church now numbers fifty'), ('WewouldliketosaythroughtheReview', 'We would like to say through the Review'), ('hingbrethrenoeontcour', 'h ing brethren o eon t c o u r'), ('thedayhadbeenwellspent', 'the day had been well spent'), ('andweconcludedthatit', 'and we concluded that it'), ('AndmaytheLordmeetwithandbless', 'And may the Lord meet with and bless')]
RH18671231-V31-03-page7.txt: [('acctheleAaliletohim', 'acc the le A ali le to him'), ('theverdureallwasted', 'the verdure all wasted'), ('yewouldhaveeverymonth', 'ye would have every month'), ('perhapsconsciencewhispers', 'perhaps conscience whispers')]
RH18671231-V31-03-page9.txt: [('titiatrtehsenLtotrbdelrieasismannoywmayorteo', 'titi at rte h sen L tot r b d e l r i e a s i s m a n n o y w m a y o r t e o'), ('toeonbveefrsaaithiofun', 'to eon b vee frs a a it hi o fun')]
RH18680107-V31-04-page10.txt: [('Lietotakeusunawares', 'Lie to take us unawares')]
RH18680107-V31-04-page3.txt: [('ilaohnewiwilhdeoSeal', 'ila oh new i w i l h d e o S e a l')]
RH18680107-V31-04-page6.txt: [('Penemouritouleatty', 'Pen emo uri tou le atty')]
RH18680107-V31-04-page7.txt: [('clergyesfeaseednetsheir', 'c l erg yes fe a seed nets heir'), ('applietdoparliamfeonlt', 'app l i et do par liam fe on l t'), ('suisiapivecniaulsbeing', 'sui sia p iv e c n i a u l s b e i n g'), ('perpetualimprisonment', 'perpetual imprisonment'), ('aresaidtohavebeensacrificedtothegeniusofpopery', 'are said to have been sacrificed to the genius of popery'), ('iynetthuencpnilrloerdy', 'i y net thu enc p nil r l o e r d y'), ('Ahfortnightthoofrterewaar', 'Ah fortnight tho o frt er ewa ar')]
RH18680121-V31-06-page12.txt: [('Itisincrwedhibotleatop', 'It is incr wed hi bot lea top'), ('warrantsusinretaining', 'warrants us in retaining')]
RH18680121-V31-06-page14.txt: [('probabMiliatnieyspoefr', 'prob a b Mil i at n i e y s p o e f r'), ('havehispaperivtheeRe', 'have his paper iv the eR e')]
RH18680121-V31-06-page4.txt: [('whichthepeoplemightwalktocollectthem', 'which the people might walk to collect them'), ('uponthefacoeftheeearathr', 'upon the fac o eft he e e a r a t h r'), ('iAntnodtaeasrrlici', 'i Ant nod t a e a s r r l i c i'), ('lamgroenateLbuegclze', 'lam gro en ate L b u e g c l z e')]
RH18680121-V31-06-page7.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18680121-V31-06-page9.txt: [('aleitandworkwithunwontedwisdom', 'ale it and work with unwonted wisdom')]
RH18680128-V31-07-page10.txt: [('speakingupontheonenessofthechurch', 'speaking upon the oneness of the church'), ('Ishallnotwaitamoment', 'I shall not wait a moment')]
RH18680128-V31-07-page11.txt: [('ingandcompassionateistheLordtowardhiscreae', 'ing and compassionate is the Lord toward his c rea e')]
RH18680128-V31-07-page15.txt: [('usurpedtheplaceoftheBibleinstitutionoftheseventhday', 'usurped the place of the Bible institution of the seventh day')]
RH18680128-V31-07-page16.txt: [('andsinnersshallbeconverteduntothee', 'and sinners shall be converted unto thee'), ('acnroinCahsaPortarw', 'a c n r o i n C a h s a P o r t a r w'), ('ForWhiteningtheHan', 'For Whiten ing the Han')]
RH18680128-V31-07-page5.txt: [('servanetasnonfagloakieIyfoli', 'ser van etas non fag l oak i e I y f o l i')]
RH18680204-V31-08-page10.txt: [('anodtieseporairmateisonuntdriearltse', 'a nod tie sep or air mate is o nun t d r i e a r l t s e')]
RH18680204-V31-08-page11.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers'), ('fewwordstothebrethrenandsistersthroughtheReletusbefoundseparatingagoodworkfromthethird', 'few words to the brethren and sisters through theRe let us be found separating a good work from the third')]
RH18680204-V31-08-page12.txt: [('Theyareelementsofweakness', 'They are elements of weakness')]
RH18680204-V31-08-page14.txt: [('thewallsofthebuildingsandoverroofsandsteeples', 'the walls of the buildings and over roofs and steeples'), ('playedontheextremityofthecrossonthetopmost', 'played on the extremity of the cross on the topmost'), ('flightsofshootingstars', 'flights of shooting stars'), ('vastspacesoftheoceancoveredwithinflammable', 'vast spaces of the ocean covered with inflammable')]
RH18680204-V31-08-page16.txt: [('andthatitsutterancesareofaloftyandsoul', 'and that its utterances are of a lofty and soul'), ('inspirthebenefitsoftheHealthReform', 'insp ir the benefits of the Health Reform')]
RH18680204-V31-08-page3.txt: [('handIknowofseveralinthisvicinity', 'hand I know of several in this vicinity'), ('Godhasalwaysdoninetpheast', 'God has always don in et p h east'), ('manymoreaswillcome', 'many more as will come'), ('ausdonelfortisinbslittaspeofthl', 'a us done l fortis in b s l itta s pe oft h l')]
RH18680204-V31-08-page5.txt: [('redlihneboughtlfailade', 'red l i h neb ought l fail a de')]
RH18680204-V31-08-page7.txt: [('Gotidpofnorbhadestahbeb', 'Got i d p o f n o r b h a d e s t a h b e b'), ('ilypartakingafroull', 'i l y partaking afro u l l'), ('bheavdeocnerstatrinenwnorukslyto', 'b he a v de o c ner sta trine n w n o r u k s l y t o')]
RH18680204-V31-08-page9.txt: [('marblepsenitentrlifasuolrfphsoaulmrssatwnigphtm', 'marble p sen i tent r l i f a s u o l r f p h s o a u l m r s s a t w n i g p h t m')]
RH18680211-V31-09-page15.txt: [('ctsihonowbientweeiithe', 'cts i ho now b i en twee ii the')]
RH18680211-V31-09-page2.txt: [('hisygourtehatphyshicial', 'his y go ur t e h a t p h y s h i c i a l')]
RH18680211-V31-09-page4.txt: [('wbIihelaivIewhiabl', 'w b I i h e l a i v I e w h i a b l')]
RH18680211-V31-09-page5.txt: [('lwohnicishaswhaoll', 'l w o h n i c i s h a s w h a o l l')]
RH18680218-V31-10-page12.txt: [('excitetheirappetitesbystimulants', 'excite their appetites by stimulants'), ('andfinallytoretire', 'and finally to retire'), ('spetebalefamiliesbythecustomwhichhasbecomeso', 's pet e b a l e f a m i l i e s b y t h e c u s t o m w h i c h h a s b e c o m e s o')]
RH18680218-V31-10-page13.txt: [('blindedbytheenemyastobepartakersinthissinful', 'blinded by the enemy as to be partakers in this sinful'), ('evenarebetterforfruitgrowing', 'even are better for fruit growing'), ('Meetingonthefollowingday', 'Meeting on the following day'), ('uttirsloTwricErlhtarnail', 'utt ir s l oT w r i c E r l h t a r n a i l'), ('layrsteimgorsavichle', 'la yrs t e i m g o r s a v i c h l e')]
RH18680218-V31-10-page14.txt: [('andthepurposeofthenewlawbeingtohavean', 'and the purpose of the new law being to have an'), ('engageddemonstrating', 'engaged demonstrating'), ('perfeetandholylawofGod', 'per feet and holy law of God'), ('asembodiedinthedecalogue', 'as embodied in the decalogue')]
RH18680225-V31-11-page11.txt: [('ioinfasSoeaubbaonthworhatwtpoiadfnteolii', 'i o inf as So eau b b a o nth w o r h a t w t p o i a d f n t e o l i i'), ('oughhetistcontbenet', 'o ugh h et i st cont be net')]
RH18680225-V31-11-page12.txt: [('iTdhiisdisasitshouldbeth', 'iT d h i i s d i s a s i t s h o u l d b e t h'), ('foraitistcerdtoainely', 'for a it i st c er d t o a i n e l y')]
RH18680225-V31-11-page13.txt: [('bderisnegrithtieoinr', 'b der is neg rit h tie o in r'), ('askingmeifIcouldnotcometoNewPortland', 'asking me if I could not come to New Portland'), ('ticedeatyheteiniiaveerlsiflleapt', 'tice de a ty h et e i n i i a v e e r l s i f l l e a p t'), ('achdaapyteprsassoefs', 'a c h d a a p y t e p r s a s s o e f s')]
RH18680225-V31-11-page14.txt: [('Ontrialforsixmonths', 'On trial for six months')]
RH18680225-V31-11-page16.txt: [('therewasnofullmooninFebruary', 'there was no full moon in February'), ('Theofficeofthelymphatics', 'The office of the lymphatic s')]
RH18680303-V31-12-page10.txt: [('thoroughconclusion', 'thorough conclusion')]
RH18680303-V31-12-page14.txt: [('absorbinglinterest', 'absorbing l interest')]
RH18680303-V31-12-page16.txt: [('Noprovidencepreventing', 'No providence preventing'), ('istretnitiedguievetinm', 'is tret nit i ed gu i eve tin m')]
RH18680303-V31-12-page2.txt: [('tinsparingfaithfulness', 'tin sparing faithfulness')]
RH18680303-V31-12-page7.txt: [('evalrenastehseedifferencethbeetewteenr', 'eva l rena ste h see differ enc eth beet ew teen r'), ('impossibletcabring', 'im pos sib let c a bring')]
RH18680303-V31-12-page9.txt: [('gowithuswithallyour', 'go with us with all your'), ('andyouwillsoonfindyouranchor', 'and you will soon find your anchor'), ('thormeteerteapipnoinutmseenetascion', 'thor mete er tea pip no i nut ms e e n e t a s c i o n')]
RH18680310-V31-13-page10.txt: [('etiOcietnortoorcitaol', 'et i O c i et nor to or c it a o l')]
RH18680310-V31-13-page12.txt: [('soauithofththeiLneorodw', 'so au it ho fth the i L n e o r o d w')]
RH18680310-V31-13-page13.txt: [('thehomelessonsofpurity', 'the home lessons of purity'), ('andinandinptheenaltiesaffixedtoitspublicatioandsale', 'and in and in p the en a l ties affixed to its public at i o and sale')]
RH18680310-V31-13-page16.txt: [('onefoottoosmallinlengthandbreadth', 'one foot too small in length and breadth')]
RH18680310-V31-13-page3.txt: [('particularlylimited', 'particularly limited')]
RH18680310-V31-13-page7.txt: [('IattendedtheMaineEastern', 'I attended the Maine Eastern'), ('strikethechorusofeachverse', 'strike the chorus of each verse'), ('anddecidedthatthey', 'and decided that they'), ('thatIwouldpressmywaydirectlytowardthepulpit', 'that I would press my way directly toward the pulpit'), ('oftheLordIexpecttogotothelandoftheliving', 'of the Lord I expect to go to the land of the living'), ('Thatitwouldbecrueldtoecidetheirfitnefsostlolow', 'That it would be cru eld toe c i de their fit n e f s o s t l o l o w'), ('SeviiiSieofnutihaaui', 'S evi ii S i e o f n u t i h a a u i')]
RH18680317-V31-14-page11.txt: [('TheirSensibilities', 'Their Sen sib i l i ties')]
RH18680317-V31-14-page14.txt: [('deplorableconsequences', 'deplorable consequences')]
RH18680317-V31-14-page16.txt: [('interestinthelifeandexperienceofthesepioneersof', 'interest in the life and experience of these pioneers of'), ('CPRolaiIrmigilcdob', 'C P R o l a i I r m i g i l c d o b'), ('Weexpecttostayhere', 'We expect to stay here')]
RH18680317-V31-14-page7.txt: [('Onreticdharaamcthe', 'On ret i c d h a r a a m c t h e'), ('coemoyperitsoiunsg', 'c o emo y per it so i u n s g'), ('worksofftheitroughedgesm', 'works off the it rough edges m'), ('withsixeldersofeachtribe', 'with six elders of each tribe'), ('bytheinstrumentalityofthefinest', 'by the instrumentality of the finest'), ('calloffmyattentiontoolongfrom', 'call off my attention too long from'), ('Theantediluvianswerenotedforintemperanceand', 'The antediluvians were noted for intemperance and'), ('azealouicsiuolfryg', 'a zeal oui c s i u o l f r y g'), ('dholyislltahnedard', 'd h o l y i s l l t a h n e d a r d')]
RH18680317-V31-14-page9.txt: [('meetingatbhsaetntth', 'meeting at b h s aet n t t h'), ('onrastodrisicgauls', 'on r a s t o d r i s i c g a u l s')]
RH18680324-V31-15-page12.txt: [('Inditeesoftheviolationoftheseventhcommandment', 'In di tees of the violation of the seventh commandment'), ('thattheirprospectbrightens', 'that their prospect brightens'), ('Andafewarecomforted', 'And a few are comforted'), ('iftheywillnotdoastheyshould', 'if they will not do as they should'), ('ashewacnoduledrincomipnrehhisenmd', 'a shew a c no du le dr in com i p n r e h h i s e n m d')]
RH18680324-V31-15-page14.txt: [('thepublishingdepartment', 'the publishing department'), ('importantquestions', 'important questions')]
RH18680324-V31-15-page16.txt: [('MeetingatLancaster', 'Meeting at Lancaster')]
RH18680331-V31-16-page14.txt: [('whaovreldmiasdSeasrhaihp', 'w h a o v r e l d m i a s d S e a s r h a i h p'), ('PublishingAssociation', 'Publishing Association')]
RH18680331-V31-16-page4.txt: [('theSabbatandtheseother', 'the Sabbat and these other'), ('bleiliweveduthyaututhth', 'b lei l i we v ed u t h y a u t u t h t h')]
RH18680331-V31-16-page5.txt: [('delightinstudyingtheScriptureswhichIhadnotbefore', 'delight in studying the Scriptures which I had not before'), ('evenforeverandever', 'even forever and ever')]
RH18680407-V31-17-page1.txt: [('lielievhaveeierlrietinglife', 'lie lie v ha vee ier l rie ting life')]
RH18680407-V31-17-page12.txt: [('aslospoPelntogpping', 'as los p o P el n t o g p p i n g')]
RH18680407-V31-17-page16.txt: [('RTANTPUBLICATIONSI', 'R T A N T P U B L I C A T I O N S I')]
RH18680407-V31-17-page8.txt: [('comparativeindifference', 'comparative indifference')]
RH18680414-V31-18-page14.txt: [('contemptiblicharacter', 'contempt i b l i character')]
RH18680414-V31-18-page15.txt: [('NevzithIhnealthful', 'Nev zit hI h n e a l t h f u l'), ('MINISTRATIONOTFhisAisN', 'MINISTRATION OT F h i s A i s N')]
RH18680414-V31-18-page2.txt: [('arenotdulyimpressedwiththesomle', 'are not duly impressed with the som le'), ('endsinbitterepithets', 'ends in bitter epithets'), ('allthismightbeavoided', 'all this might be avoided'), ('Nopersonwhohasadeepandabiding', 'No person who has a deep and abiding'), ('sapsearysiongainny', 'saps ear y s i ong a inn y'), ('individuelselapailies', 'in di vi duels ela pai lies'), ('aisdatrdiitsiposition', 'a is dat r d i i t s i p o s i t i o n'), ('convaaearsasaatition', 'con v a a ears as a at it ion'), ('hideethaerofwoevleiat', 'hide eth a er of woe v lei at')]
RH18680414-V31-18-page7.txt: [('Andberightyourselves', 'And be right yourselves'), ('Secureandmainnowgtihven', 'Secure and main now g t i h v e n'), ('towashinthepurefounotaoinetaansdtbheecleanseodf', 'to wash in the pure fou not a o in eta ans d t b h e e c l e a n s e o d f'), ('elisfeanelsteornsal', 'elis fe an el ste or n s a l')]
RH18680421-V31-19-page10.txt: [('distinctionbetween', 'distinction between')]
RH18680421-V31-19-page11.txt: [('influenceofopSpirit', 'influence of o p Spirit')]
RH18680421-V31-19-page14.txt: [('Norforeveionthyknees', 'Nor for eve ion thy knees')]
RH18680421-V31-19-page16.txt: [('GileffiliStOiliTig', 'Gil eff i liS tO i liT i g'), ('keareporttotheSecretary', 'kea report to the Secretary'), ('yJaoneglipeonladrk', 'y J a o neg lip eon la dr k'), ('ltegfoLieareoshpoinsiobrititiotyn', 'l t e g f o L i e a r e o s h p o i n s i o b r i t i t i o t y n')]
RH18680421-V31-19-page3.txt: [('areOcfltoensedotoI', 'are O cf l to ens ed o to I'), ('Importantpromisesaremade', 'Important promises are made'), ('tintaoomobeedodifencetolCnhdrtidstv', 'tin tao omo bee do di fence to l C n h d r t i d s t v'), ('anddisplayinyourlife', 'and display in your life'), ('hisadmonitionsreformsaninebriate', 'his admonitions reforms an inebriate')]
RH18680421-V31-19-page5.txt: [('Anaandcombsinaknotbehindthehead', 'Ana and combs in a knot behind the head'), ('electricdischarges', 'electric discharges'), ('heavygalesandhightides', 'heavy gales and high tides')]
RH18680421-V31-19-page8.txt: [('Andmadestknownuntothem', 'And madest known unto them'), ('impressesoneveryunfavorably', 'impresses on every unfavorably')]
RH18680428-V31-20-page12.txt: [('commaanadmeandtsnaorte', 'comma an ad me and t s n a o r t e')]
RH18680428-V31-20-page14.txt: [('spbelamspoheumsosuus', 's p be lams p o he u m s o s u u s'), ('ireeCtiOHShowtogainthegloriousprize', 'i ree C t i O H S h o w t o g a i n t h e g l o r i o u s p r i z e'), ('aureesepterfoaritnhinbgy', 'au ree sep ter f o a r i t n h i n b g y')]
RH18680428-V31-20-page15.txt: [('heAnDiEstxipnocstitoinonsohfoRwenv', 'he An Di Est xi p no c s tito in on so h f o R w e n v')]
RH18680428-V31-20-page16.txt: [('largeandcloselyprintedpages', 'large and closely printed pages'), ('containingtheminutes', 'containing the minutes'), ('aesseengtiinasllymthe', 'a esse eng t i i n a s l l y m t h e')]
RH18680428-V31-20-page4.txt: [('conversationthanofquestionandansweritisnotpossi', 'conversation than of question and answer it is not poss i')]
RH18680428-V31-20-page5.txt: [('Burthenaturalmanreceivethnotthethingsof', 'Bur the natural man receiveth not the things of'), ('seemingdeviationfromwhathe', 'seeming deviation from what he'), ('Thisaworldofchance', 'This a world of chance'), ('ReadthestopyofHafed', 'Read the stop y of H a fed'), ('aendiawoeocacasioln', 'a end i a woe o c a c as i o l n'), ('besoinineidngitwas', 'be so i nine i d n g i t w a s'), ('greatlryiibsewcause', 'great l r y i i b s e w c a u s e')]
RH18680428-V31-20-page6.txt: [('rcaawstinagyopinion', 'r c a a w s t i n a g y o p i n i o n'), ('Christianexperience', 'Christian experience'), ('beamedfromeveryface', 'beamed from every face'), ('andwithinexpressibledeingtothemnottoapostatize', 'and with inexpressible de ing to them not to apostatize'), ('Andageneralimpress', 'And a general impress')]
RH18680428-V31-20-page7.txt: [('tomanifestforthintheirbehalfhisown', 'to manifest forth in their behalf his own')]
RH18680428-V31-20-page8.txt: [('longsincefromCalifornia', 'long since from California')]
RH18680505-V31-21-page11.txt: [('theirAleterminations', 'their Ale terminations')]
RH18680505-V31-21-page12.txt: [('benevolentprepossession', 'benevolent prepossession'), ('FelleneIhisilourse', 'Fell en e I h i s i l o u r s e')]
RH18680505-V31-21-page16.txt: [('pestssweepthroughthem', 'pests sweep through them'), ('andmenareconsciousthat', 'and men are conscious that'), ('ItrusteverythingunderGod', 'I trust everything under God')]
RH18680505-V31-21-page2.txt: [('congratulatingourselvnes', 'congratulating ours el v n e s'), ('snhinianygbrightly', 's n h i n i a n y g b r i g h t l y')]
RH18680505-V31-21-page9.txt: [('Duringthefirstpartofthemeetings', 'During the first part of the meetings'), ('Thisdiscoursewastrulymeatin', 'This discourse was truly meat in'), ('thephysicalstructure', 'the physical structure'), ('mysteiritoeuscombination', 'my ste iri toe us combination')]
RH18680512-V31-22-page10.txt: [('peculiarlyterrible', 'peculiarly terrible')]
RH18680512-V31-22-page12.txt: [('butwasinallpointstemptedlikeasweare', 'but was in all points tempted like as we are')]
RH18680512-V31-22-page14.txt: [('alesperateacourage', 'ales per a tea courage')]
RH18680512-V31-22-page4.txt: [('anythingbutduetotheirlong', 'anything but due to their long')]
RH18680512-V31-22-page7.txt: [('disretstslpeectful', 'dis ret sts l pee c t f u l'), ('orreligiousrestraint', 'or religious restraint'), ('onetowbiethspoiurrituoau', 'one tow b i eth s poi ur rit u o a u'), ('spitrqituaalilticehearianchtierieshticasr', 'spit r q i t u a a l i l t i c e h e a r i a n c h t i e r i e s h t i c a s r'), ('hestatedthattheleavingoffofallstimulants', 'he stated that the leaving off of all stimulants')]
RH18680526-V31-23-page15.txt: [('THELAWOFGODonaChartofasizetobe', 'THE LAW OF GOD on a Chart of a size to be'), ('ObjectionstoSecondAdvent', 'Objections to Second Advent'), ('Justthebookforthesedaysof', 'Just the book for these days of'), ('itsObservancefromCre', 'its Observance from C r e')]
RH18680526-V31-23-page7.txt: [('drivemyfamilytodestructoin', 'drive my family to destruct o in'), ('denTalniantdsuschh', 'den T a l n i a n t d s u s c h h'), ('andourwholepopulationdriftingintoParisov', 'and our whole population drifting into Paris o v'), ('bywhichalonemencancleansetheirway', 'by which alone men can cleanse their way'), ('andbecomehetoguslfanwararlol', 'and become he tog us l fan war ar lo l')]
RH18680602-V31-24-page15.txt: [('andyettherearebutfew', 'and yet there are but few'), ('agoofourworlddoubtful', 'ago of our world doubtful'), ('showingthatnotrueclaimsofGeology', 'showing that no true claims of Geology')]
RH18680602-V31-24-page5.txt: [('comraenceddreaming', 'c o mr a enc ed dreaming')]
RH18680602-V31-24-page6.txt: [('ofgoldinexistencein', 'of gold in existence in'), ('theirgeneralcoMplexion', 'their general coM p lex ion'), ('masillmiouncshofgdoelldas', 'mas ill m i o u n c s h o f g d o e l l d a s')]
RH18680602-V31-24-page9.txt: [('sufficientlynoticed', 'sufficiently noticed')]
RH18680609-V31-25-page14.txt: [('questionablereserts', 'questionable res ert s')]
RH18680609-V31-25-page15.txt: [('AllcommunicationsinreferencetothePublishing', 'All communications in reference to the Publishing'), ('AnAddressfromtheSeventh', 'An Address from the Seventh')]
RH18680609-V31-25-page16.txt: [('doryebstthanooydof', 'do rye b st than o o y do f')]
RH18680609-V31-25-page6.txt: [('othoupsoawndesOulsy', 'o thou p so awn des O u l s y')]
RH18680616-V31-26-page13.txt: [('isuiblsterhibeedirfo', 'i sui b l ster hi bee dir f o')]
RH18680616-V31-26-page16.txt: [('andBlasphemyagainst', 'and Blasphemy against')]
RH18680616-V31-26-page5.txt: [('norofthedutyordisobedienceofWhenactions', 'nor of the duty or disobedience of When actions'), ('whichareknowntobecriminal', 'which are known to be criminal'), ('yourofficeiismhpoirgtahnt', 'your office i ism h p o ir g t a h n t')]
RH18680623-V32-01-page1.txt: [('litainfinishedabroken', 'lit a in finished a broken'), ('intelligentcreatures', 'intelligent creatures')]
RH18680623-V32-01-page11.txt: [('aerrenteeisodresigned', 'a err en tee i sod resigned'), ('lioesletipelaceorilitphoef', 'l i o e s l e t i p e l a c e o r i l i t p h o e f')]
RH18680623-V32-01-page15.txt: [('andIwillreceiveyou', 'and I will receive you'), ('awndhichtoslidhuilsawrhdoilse', 'awn d h i c h t o s l i d h u i l s a w r h d o i l s e')]
RH18680623-V32-01-page16.txt: [('tothefallsthefrontendofthisloghitsquareagainst', 'to the falls the front end of this log hit square against'), ('WehavehadagoodConferencehere', 'We have had a good Conference here'), ('WhiteexpecttovisitOhio', 'White expect to visit Ohio'), ('itistheirintentiontohave', 'it is their intention to have'), ('legfaonrdearocshpoinsicbritliotyn', 'leg f a o n r d e a r o c s h p o i n s i c b r i t l i o t y n')]
RH18680623-V32-01-page3.txt: [('jiorwaitshmouatnTaas', 'j i or waits h m o u a t n T a a s'), ('mruaupsotssbiebltethat', 'mr u a u p s o t s s b i e b l t e t h a t')]
RH18680623-V32-01-page4.txt: [('andanexampletoallwho', 'and an example to all who')]
RH18680623-V32-01-page6.txt: [('Iptliasevssaiwniteasarelet', 'I p t l i a s e v s s a i w n i t e a s a r e l e t')]
RH18680623-V32-01-page7.txt: [('hadtheydivestedtheirmindsofprejudice', 'had they divested their minds of prejudice'), ('wehavealreadywrittenasanillustrationbywayof', 'we have already written as an illustration by way of'), ('Cantwowalktogetherexcepttheybeagreed', 'Can two walk together except they be agreed'), ('humanechomsLsapiresaenlitdisn', 'human echo ms L sap ire s a enl it dis n'), ('overthelovetalesofHarper', 'over the love tales of Harper')]
RH18680623-V32-01-page8.txt: [('Ofcourseallthelaudisnotuniformlygood', 'Of course all the laud is not uniformly good'), ('tillinthesooncomingofChrist', 'till in the soon coming of Christ'), ('etreasarmeweafradit', 'et rea s arm ewe afr ad it')]
RH18680630-V32-02-page11.txt: [('seektheenduringriches', 'seek the enduring riches'), ('eternallifeinthekingdom', 'eternal life in the kingdom'), ('passethunderstanding', 'passeth understanding')]
RH18680630-V32-02-page14.txt: [('amusementofwhippinganegrotodeath', 'amusement of whipping a negro to death'), ('ofthepoisonousatmosphereyouareobliged', 'of the poisonous atmosphere you are obliged')]
RH18680630-V32-02-page16.txt: [('TOwhichthemoneyreceiptedpays', 'TO which the money receipted pays')]
RH18680630-V32-02-page3.txt: [('oAnnoingsolentmknano', 'o An no ing so lent m k n a n o'), ('Testamentinstructsusthatthefirstday', 'Testament instructs us that the first day')]
RH18680630-V32-02-page7.txt: [('ofcfalaonwinztownhoiach', 'of cf ala on win z t o w n h o i a c h'), ('irlriaetvioentahliatyt', 'ir l ria et vi o en t a h l i a t y t'), ('punishmeanntdinthis', 'punish me ann t d i n t h i s')]
RH18680706-V32-03-page16.txt: [('thoseinvolvedbytheeindeception', 'those involved by thee in deception'), ('FarewelltotheWater', 'Farewell to the Water')]
RH18680706-V32-03-page2.txt: [('deeperthanatnhdies', 'deeper than at n h d i e s')]
RH18680714-V32-04-page16.txt: [('tolioenpsaarldistretnitiedglevetnim', 'to l i o en ps a ar l distr et nit i ed g l e v e t n i m')]
RH18680714-V32-04-page3.txt: [('everywhereestablished', 'everywhere established'), ('Forthecohledrraelsdt', 'For the c oh le dr rae ls d t'), ('recchopPyoettaLbgelinsf', 'rec chop P y o etta L b gel ins f')]
RH18680714-V32-04-page5.txt: [('greatdiscouragement', 'great discouragement')]
RH18680721-V32-05-page13.txt: [('ButIamwellconvincedthatnoState', 'But I am well convinced that no State'), ('sisacblbaaimthedththatatthPeauLleihrhadraecItao', 'sis a c b l baa im the d t h t h a t a t t h P e a u L l e i h r h a d r a e c I t a o')]
RH18680721-V32-05-page14.txt: [('wagalakinedifahreoud', 'wag a l akin ed if ah r e o u d'), ('sptheydidhvaedntifaotodr', 's p they did h v a ed n t i f a o t o d r')]
RH18680721-V32-05-page15.txt: [('ratherthanletyourehildren', 'rather than let your ehi l dr en')]
RH18680721-V32-05-page16.txt: [('whomIasLovehaveknown', 'whom I as Love have known'), ('YolleVrinjgcletJrjar', 'Y o l le V r i n j g c l e t J r j a r')]
RH18680721-V32-05-page3.txt: [('monroepcoavnietiootnhe', 'mon roe p c o a v n i e t i o o t n h e')]
RH18680721-V32-05-page9.txt: [('beasdividedbetween', 'be as divided between'), ('personscshaonugledi', 'persons c s ha on u g l e d i')]
RH18680728-V32-06-page12.txt: [('andfirmlybelievethatwearenotjustifiedbythelaw', 'and firmly believe that we are not justified by the law'), ('oNrboordhyaswthiiicohvrbounthdeanybody', 'oN r b o o r d h y a s w t h i i i c o h v r b o u n t h d e a n y b o d y'), ('LaesthnoownioanththeerareofopreenljuUdgreltlymopuhilngmeat', 'La esth no own i o a nth the er are of o preen l j u U d g r e l t l y m o p u h i l n g m e a t'), ('notavestigeremains', 'not a vestige remains')]
RH18680728-V32-06-page13.txt: [('aretransferredintotheChristiansystem', 'are transferred into the Christian system'), ('forjustitification', 'for just it if i cation'), ('timeandtalentsforthegloryofGodandthegoodof', 'time and talents for the glory of God and the good of'), ('reevaedrlaNsteibrig', 'ree v a ed r l a N s t e i b r i g')]
RH18680728-V32-06-page16.txt: [('devsiraeitroiehaovaeklMaonndthlaynMd', 'de vs i rae it r o i e h a o v a e k l M a o n n d t h l a y n M d'), ('spiritualwantsofthepeopleofGod', 'spiritual wants of the people of God'), ('oirErewspondWItaleNLuwmhbecrstohneZ', 'o ir Er ew s pond WIt a l eN Lu w m h b e c r s t o h n e Z')]
RH18680728-V32-06-page5.txt: [('bittertearsofsorrow', 'bitter tears of sorrow'), ('mayperhapsbefairlyawdedeupciendg', 'may perhaps be fair l yaw de de up c i end g'), ('Alreadyhadoneandanotherofhis', 'Already had one and another of his'), ('theworkoftheirownbands', 'the work of their own bands')]
RH18680728-V32-06-page7.txt: [('areemployedinnumerouspassagesto', 'are employed in numerous passages to'), ('eternallifeisthesubjectmatterofdeclaration', 'eternal life is the subject matter of declaration'), ('mnsotalecxcclunisihveslye', 'm n s o t a l e c x c c l u n i s i h v e s l y e'), ('nofestshexrcifulictievoeuts', 'no fests h exr c if u l i c t i e v o e u t s')]
RH18680728-V32-06-page8.txt: [('orthyofypourrayerful', 'or thy of y pour ray er f u l')]
RH18680804-V32-07-page15.txt: [('interestingAnswers', 'interesting Answers'), ('bestworkseverpublished', 'best works ever published'), ('retnarkableportion', 'ret nark able portion')]
RH18680804-V32-07-page16.txt: [('sttenpmeurldistretnii', 'st ten p me ur l distr et n i i'), ('Istatethisfortheinformationofour', 'I state this for the information of our'), ('andcheapesthealthjournalintheworld', 'and cheapest health journal in the world')]
RH18680804-V32-07-page5.txt: [('wateredwithfountains', 'watered with fountains'), ('andadornedwithgardens', 'and adorned with gardens'), ('Theworshipersofthesunrepresentedthatluminary', 'The worshipers of the sun represented that luminary'), ('orninehundredmillionssterling', 'or nine hundred millions sterling'), ('thisenormousquantity', 'this enormous quantity'), ('Supposeyethatmoney', 'Suppose ye that money'), ('thoughmultipliedasthesand', 'though multiplied as the sand'), ('areincreasedingoods', 'are increased in goods'), ('areyouproportionatelyiny', 'are you proportionately in y')]
RH18680811-V32-08-page11.txt: [('inaftertoilingalldayintheharvestfield', 'in after toiling all day in the harvest field'), ('untIabhlaovebutrtiabls', 'u n t I a b h l a o v e b u t r t i a b l s'), ('Startlingsignsintheheavensareviewedfromthe', 'Startling signs in the heavens a reviewed from the'), ('comegivisomreovvgarado', 'c o meg iv is o mr e o v v g a r a d o'), ('oCdoomtehtriwalisIl', 'o C doom t e h t r i w a l i s I l')]
RH18680811-V32-08-page12.txt: [('theLegilafturreeodf', 'the Le gil aft ur ree o d f'), ('materiialliissttiicc', 'mater ii all i is st t i i c c')]
RH18680811-V32-08-page13.txt: [('andanhadrugsrtocnooshabbylf', 'and an had rugs r t o c n o o s h a b b y l f')]
RH18680811-V32-08-page14.txt: [('fourteenthamendment', 'fourteenth amendment'), ('ofherreligiousbelief', 'of her religious belief'), ('wasaccordinglylockedupina', 'was accordingly locked up in a'), ('lawfullyseizeandimprison', 'lawfully seize and imprison')]
RH18680811-V32-08-page16.txt: [('gloveonlyaddthatageneralgatheringfromallparts', 'glove only add that a general gathering from all parts'), ('tractsIshallhaveassoonastheyareout', 'tracts I shall have as soon as they are out')]
RH18680811-V32-08-page3.txt: [('indisyewnshaeblete', 'in dis yew n s h a e b l e t e')]
RH18680811-V32-08-page5.txt: [('statementsthenandnowdonotagree', 'statements then and now do not agree'), ('naturalbecausehismindwassofullyoccupiedwiththe', 'natural because his mind was so fully occupied with the')]
RH18680811-V32-08-page7.txt: [('oldestandmoststupendousvegetableproductsexistandacquaintedwithgrief', 'oldest and most stupendous vegetable products exist and acquainted with grief'), ('despisedandrejectedof', 'despised and rejected of')]
RH18680818-V32-09-page9.txt: [('recomendationpublished', 'rec omen dat ion published')]
RH18680825-V32-10-page1.txt: [('theAmpracticability', 'the Am practicability')]
RH18680825-V32-10-page13.txt: [('Demodratefilmlnliing', 'De mod rate film l n l i i n g'), ('nationaPJegislation', 'nation a P J e g i s l a t i o n'), ('temporarilyfranchised', 'temporarily franc his ed')]
RH18680825-V32-10-page3.txt: [('FreemeSitisnbacsystem', 'Free me Sit is n b a c s y s t e m')]
RH18680825-V32-10-page4.txt: [('WildwithMuchknowledgeof', 'Wild with Much knowledge of'), ('strongfibreswhenyoung', 'strong fibres when young'), ('becauseoftheirlusteranddurability', 'because of their luster and durability')]
RH18680825-V32-10-page8.txt: [('sanctuaryworkinHeavencloses', 'sanctuary work in Heaven closes'), ('toGodexistsinthehtheeanrht', 'to God exists in the h thee an r h t'), ('itspossessorrealize', 'its possessor realize')]
RH18680901-V32-11-page3.txt: [('mutuallyinterested', 'mutually interested')]
RH18680915-V32-12-page5.txt: [('tighteningandlooseningto', 'tightening and loosening to')]
RH18680922-V32-13-page2.txt: [('ofallapproachingdanger', 'of all approaching danger')]
RH18680922-V32-13-page7.txt: [('onsofinsofanIshnnneanddvAslary', 'on so fins of an Is h n n n e a n d d v A s l a r y')]
RH18680929-V32-14-page4.txt: [('layeptobcreiltieTbeylong', 'la ye p tob c rei l tie T b e y l o n g')]
RH18680929-V32-14-page6.txt: [('sthpaetotchoefteCnonoter', 'st h p aet ot c ho eft e C n o n o t e r')]
RH18680929-V32-14-page7.txt: [('thecommandmentsofGodandthefaithofJesus', 'the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus'), ('serviceNsvbeyfeaerronewelliaByagiossteptrnenaocohenrt', 'ser vic eN s v bey fe a err one well i a By a g i o s s t e p t r n e n a o c o h e n r t')]
RH18681006-V32-15-page3.txt: [('andunscripturallength', 'and unscriptural length')]
RH18681006-V32-15-page6.txt: [('deliberatelyformed', 'deliberately formed'), ('bjelamaseliisriustnto', 'b j el am as el ii sri us t n t o'), ('withthechurchatIrasburgh', 'with the church at Irasburg h'), ('Brethrenandsisters', 'Brethren and sisters'), ('readthesetestimoniesdaily', 'read these testimonies daily'), ('theyaretouswhatthe', 'they are to us what the')]
RH18681006-V32-15-page7.txt: [('adstycitetrknoefshseraasgs', 'ad sty c it et r k n o e f s h s e r a a s g s'), ('stopreadingaltogether', 'stop reading altogether'), ('buttheLordhassustained', 'but the Lord has sustained')]
RH18681013-V32-16-page7.txt: [('heregwhilepchances', 'he reg while p chances'), ('imshiaasemliivgehdt', 'im s hi a a sem lii v g e h d t'), ('hIarheavtheeprayed', 'hI a rhea v thee prayed')]
RH18681020-V32-17-page8.txt: [('Perhapsyithtoertatruine', 'Perhaps y it h to ert at ruin e')]
RH18681027-V32-18-page2.txt: [('theamthayreceivethepromisebldesesning', 'the amt hay receive the promise b l des e s n i n g')]
RH18681027-V32-18-page7.txt: [('millionsmorehaverun', 'millions more have run'), ('ofastruthIngcannotsleneit', 'of as truth Ing cannot s len e i t'), ('tothedangerofbeingoverwhelmedindarkness', 'to the danger of being overwhelmed in darkness'), ('beurtligpaenciailleyeali', 'be ur t l i g p a e n c i a i l l e y e a l i')]
RH18681027-V32-18-page8.txt: [('ThesundoesnotsetinAsiaandAmeri', 'The sun does not set in Asia and Amer i'), ('whichhadbeenarrestedontheseubnjecteofCheri', 'which had been arrested on these u b n j e c t e o f C h e r i')]
RH18681103-V32-19-page4.txt: [('raisedfromtheearth', 'raised from the earth'), ('whichhasrolledoninsilence', 'which has rolled on in silence'), ('Noonelikestohearthisinanother', 'No one likes to heart his in another'), ('evbiiaiilltlhisitbsearyese', 'e v b i i a i i l l t l h i s i t b s e a r y e s e')]
RH18681103-V32-19-page7.txt: [('Tothosewhoarestandingindoubtin', 'To those who are standing in doubt in'), ('pathretahoabtelreabduetthI', 'path ret a ho a b tel rea b duet t h I'), ('darnedsishtitmbeaelaonues', 'darn eds is h tit m b e a e l a o n u e s')]
RH18681110-V32-20-page8.txt: [('andcalltheirmindstothefact', 'and call their minds to the fact')]
RH18681117-V32-21-page3.txt: [('animalpropensities', 'animal propensities')]
RH18681117-V32-21-page5.txt: [('theperpetuityoftheSabbathlaw', 'the perpetuity of the Sabbath law'), ('themessageinthisplacesincewecornhas', 'the message in this place since we corn has'), ('thingtowardstartingaBibleclassandSabbathschool', 'thing toward starting a Bible class and Sabbath school')]
RH18681117-V32-21-page7.txt: [('nedameeisethearsli', 'ned a me e i s e t h e a r s l i'), ('iofsclfialrlealciterland', 'i of s c l f i a l r l e a l c i t e r l a n d')]
RH18681117-V32-21-page8.txt: [('benefitofthispioneerofthecause', 'benefit of this pioneer of the cause'), ('Anagedcouplewishbaptism', 'An aged couple wish baptism'), ('SSATIoChamberilzaati', 'S SAT I o Chamber i l z a a t i')]
RH18681124-V32-22-page2.txt: [('andresurrectionogf', 'and resurrection og f'), ('sincetheScriptures', 'since the Scriptures')]
RH18681124-V32-22-page3.txt: [('Neithecclesiastical', 'N e i t h e c c l e s i a s t i c a l')]
RH18681124-V32-22-page5.txt: [('Letusforeverceaseseekinggloryoneofanother', 'Let us forever cease seeking glory one of another'), ('Afterfurtherexamination', 'After further examination')]
RH18681124-V32-22-page6.txt: [('saimdetiheathfaonr', 's ai md et i heath f a o n r')]
RH18681124-V32-22-page7.txt: [('sbutfrteyspohrotid', 's but frt e y s p o h r o t i d')]
RH18681124-V32-22-page8.txt: [('MichiganConferenceareremindedthattheirquarterly', 'Michigan Conference are reminded that their quarterly'), ('Howfullofmeaningthedectik', 'How full of meaning the dec t i k'), ('butwhosoconfessethandforsaketshthemallhave', 'but whoso confesseth and forsake t s h t h e m a l l h a v e'), ('aitiCluirtisBCornersdfosr', 'a it i C lu ir tis B Corners d f o s r')]
RH18681201-V32-23-page6.txt: [('etheaotleddwporolfdessSiopnesalof', 'et he a ot led d w p o r o l f d e s s S i o p n e s a l o f')]
RH18681201-V32-23-page7.txt: [('Wefoundnodifficultyinobtainingaplacetohold', 'We found no difficulty in obtaining a place to hold')]
RH18681201-V32-23-page8.txt: [('pirnavcittiactaiVe', 'p ir nav c it tia c tai V e'), ('MonthlyMeetinogftheOrleans', 'Monthly Meet in og fth e O r l e a n s'), ('vivierolasoadbloettatodd', 'vi vier ola so a dbl o et tat odd'), ('helephapsehroltsld', 'hel eph apse h r o l t s l d')]
RH18681208-V32-24-page7.txt: [('thecolTihreiWahabees', 'the col T i h r e i W a h a b e e s')]
RH18681222-V32-26-page6.txt: [('takentheirstandontheSabbath', 'taken their stand on the Sabbath'), ('oandtheinsdurbejrtdoien', 'o and the ins dur be jr t d o i e n')]
RH18681222-V32-26-page8.txt: [('objectionsanswered', 'objections answered')]
RH18681229-V33-01-page3.txt: [('troublethsometimes', 'troubleth sometimes'), ('companymorepleasure', 'company more pleasure')]
RH18681229-V33-01-page6.txt: [('prohibitorythelaws', 'prohibitory the laws')]
RH18681229-V33-01-page7.txt: [('waslaidawayinthegrave', 'was laid away in the grave'), ('theretowaitthesoundof', 'there to wait the sound of')]
RH18681229-V33-01-page8.txt: [('erehdopieotnhareoNVniels', 'ere h do pie ot n h a r e o N V n i e l s'), ('Thisindicatesamoveattention', 'This indicates a move attention'), ('ThattheSabbathwasrecognizedasa', 'That the Sabbath was recognized as a'), ('ithItcliossestiLantedd', 'it h It c l i o s s est i L anted d'), ('hastoldmefromtimeto', 'has told me from time to'), ('iratostnegiceIoffmtre', 'ira to st neg ice I off m t r e')]
RH18690105-V33-02-page3.txt: [('atihratnhleobvreersa', 'at i h rat n h l e o b v r e e r s a'), ('perigodewrhaicithfcnalllvevdlinfoerssso', 'peri go dew r h a i c i t h f c n a l l l v e v d l i n f o e r s s s o'), ('towtheenirtncelose', 'tow the en ir t n c e l o s e')]
RH18690112-V33-03-page3.txt: [('accetsfitsofAdassels', 'acc et s fits of Ad ass els')]
RH18690119-V33-04-page3.txt: [('hespsleofthekingodmo', 'hes ps le of the kin god m o')]
RH18690119-V33-04-page7.txt: [('Hewholivesinpeacewithall', 'He who lives in peace with all'), ('tiansissosimilarthatwhen', 'tia n s i s s o s i m i l a r t h a t w h e n'), ('thereforethyservant', 'therefore thy servant')]
RH18690119-V33-04-page8.txt: [('willpleaseobconfirmationofmany', 'will please o b confirmation of many'), ('TheSpiritofGodbathmade', 'The Spirit of God bath made'), ('generalinterestinregardtothedutyofwritingto', 'general interest in regard to the duty of writing to')]
RH18690126-V33-05-page2.txt: [('tyodushbaellienvoettohalt', 'ty o du s h b a el lien v o et to halt')]
RH18690126-V33-05-page3.txt: [('Ithechiefofsinnersam', 'I the chief of sinners am'), ('tothepoorandafflicted', 'to the poor and afflicted'), ('thantobeequalswiththe', 'than to be equals with the'), ('givenustoleadusofttoknowlegd', 'given us to lead us oft to know leg d'), ('circumstancesiissactually', 'circumstances i is s actually'), ('gracetokeepallhiscommandments', 'grace to keep all his commandments'), ('walkevenasChristwalked', 'walk even as Christ walked'), ('delicastemaupvpeetttnite', 'deli c a stem a up v pe et t t n i t e')]
RH18690126-V33-05-page6.txt: [('TheBaptistshadtheentirecontrolof', 'The Baptists had the entire control of')]
RH18690202-V33-06-page6.txt: [('seemeddeterminedto', 'seemed determined to')]
RH18690202-V33-06-page7.txt: [('theexcellenceofthesupper', 'the excellence of the supper')]
RH18690209-V33-07-page4.txt: [('Andaccordingtoallhumancalculation', 'And according to all human calculation'), ('andtheanticipatedcry', 'and the anticipated cry')]
RH18690209-V33-07-page7.txt: [('Weareunprofitableservants', 'We are unprofitable servants'), ('wehavedonethatwhich', 'we have done that which'), ('butastheprevailingprinciple', 'but as the prevailing principle')]
RH18690209-V33-07-page8.txt: [('minutesslowerttharnattat', 'minutes slow ert thar nat tat'), ('considerableopposition', 'considerable opposition'), ('oenpsairoeuridietnhet', 'o en ps ai roe uri diet n h e t')]
RH18690216-V33-08-page2.txt: [('eighteenthmeasurements', 'eighteenth measurements')]
RH18690216-V33-08-page6.txt: [('thatChristchangedhis', 'that Christ changed his'), ('Whileunionexistsintheirm', 'While union exists in their m')]
RH18690216-V33-08-page8.txt: [('pampletsqtpkiracts', 'p amp lets q t p k i r a c t s')]
RH18690223-V33-09-page3.txt: [('requiresalifetimetoundotheinjurythatmaybe', 'requires a lifetime to undo the injury that may be')]
RH18690302-V33-10-page7.txt: [('havileatnoatchhinagn', 'ha vile at no at c h hi nag n'), ('Verysoonaviefborelisetve', 'Very soon a vie f b o r e l i s e t v e'), ('forhimselfasilkendwelling', 'for himself a silken dwelling'), ('piresvheetnhdatmtahye', 'pi res v he et n h d a t m t a h y e'), ('vraineLcmpparlelosen', 'v rain eL cm p par le los en'), ('anorLorcitaolcAolineefoti', 'a nor L or c it a o l c A o line e f o t i'), ('eardeysttihsewseithblessed', 'ear dey st t i h s e w s e i t h b l e s s e d')]
RH18690302-V33-10-page8.txt: [('JdoewhnatIoVrilZyos', 'J do ew h nat I o V r i l Z y o s'), ('SvehvienhRpeissons', 'S v e h v i e n h R p e i s s o n s'), ('soontoconnectGreenvillewiththegreatlinesoftravel', 'soon to connect Greenville with the great lines of travel'), ('thatitisoneofthebestreligiousbooks', 'that it is one of the best religious books')]
RH18690309-V33-11-page4.txt: [('tothedivisionofthatempirethattheGodofHeeaven', 'to the division of that empire that the God of He eave n')]
RH18690309-V33-11-page7.txt: [('contrastbetweenitand', 'contrast between it and')]
RH18690309-V33-11-page8.txt: [('interesteedgeandoutog', 'inter este edge and out og'), ('IvisliAsileizeiTaaTa', 'Iv is l i As ile i z e i T a a T a')]
RH18690316-V33-12-page3.txt: [('fthreeinfdinviidulladl', 'fth ree inf din vii dull a dl')]
RH18690316-V33-12-page6.txt: [('gaveaofdiscourseitno', 'gave a of discourse it no')]
RH18690316-V33-12-page7.txt: [('ethpelawceorishitshoefpapeedr', 'eth pe law c e o r i s h i t s h o e f p a p e e d r'), ('andthattheworkmaymoveonhere', 'and that the work may move on here')]
RH18690316-V33-12-page8.txt: [('mebnedlocuhsinegartvholcuankoeess', 'me b ned lo c u h s i n e g a r t v h o l c u a n k o e e s s')]
RH18690323-V33-13-page3.txt: [('areinHeavenandintheearth', 'are in Heaven and in the earth')]
RH18690323-V33-13-page5.txt: [('pasitnorailoncdhaoiriger', 'pas it no rail on c d h a o i r i g e r')]
RH18690323-V33-13-page6.txt: [('attendedtheMonthly', 'attended the Monthly')]
RH18690323-V33-13-page7.txt: [('averwillingtowheanriuNs', 'aver willing to whe an r i u N s'), ('heryesianlvtheisaslaneverSoetmfeore', 'her ye sian lv the is as la never So et m f e o r e'), ('Godcannotandwillnotblessthosewhoreject', 'God cannot and will not bless those who reject')]
RH18690323-V33-13-page8.txt: [('Thiswouldberepresented', 'This would be represented'), ('tievnAerTahlomaosnat', 'tie v n A e r T a h l o m a o s n a t')]
RH18690330-V33-14-page3.txt: [('ejaourtionasadafwoirtlillesshse', 'e j a o u r t i o n a s a d a f w o i r t l i l l e s s h s e'), ('aenwiirterihritsiasleaveteradoicet', 'a en wii rte r i h r i t s i a s l e a v e t e r a d o i c e t'), ('giftisappreciatebdyHim', 'gift is appreciate b d y H i m')]
RH18690406-V33-15-page6.txt: [('oaunrdpocratllsfoirl', 'o au n r d p o c r a t l l s f o i r l'), ('inthatpartofthgeretaharvestfield', 'in that part oft h ger eta harvest field')]
RH18690406-V33-15-page7.txt: [('theirministertocallandseethem', 'their minister to call and see them')]
RH18690413-V33-16-page7.txt: [('saiinethpelawceorizitphoefpapuedr', 's a ii neth pe law c e o r i z i t p h o e f p a p u e d r')]
RH18690413-V33-16-page8.txt: [('aOurcleeaonptiAileichharaebubaitnhihAatrpial', 'a Our c lee a on p tiA ile i c h ha rae b u b a i t n h i h A a t r p i a l'), ('completelyexhausted', 'completely exhausted'), ('whatchanceisthereforrecovtheweek', 'what chance is there for rec o v the week'), ('Iregardthisasaviolationoftheeighthcompart', 'I regard this as a violation of the eighth com part')]
RH18690420-V33-17-page7.txt: [('elriestisonsosieloloyt', 'el rie st is on so s i el o loy t'), ('weoldestchieldopofonEtitinanOtitwo', 'we oldest chi el do p of on Et it in a nOt i two'), ('CoDIEvnyisApsfsitlelr', 'C o DIE v n y i s A p s f s i t l e l r')]
RH18690427-V33-18-page8.txt: [('erhbaYlfloeftttehe', 'er h b a Y l flo eft t t e h e'), ('crufaLhessAtsbsuotemiaatiyonn', 'cru f a L h e s s A t s b s u o t e m i a a t i y o n n'), ('wisingsthoeuroTrwspiio', 'wising s tho eur oT r w s p i i o')]
RH18690504-V33-19-page7.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers'), ('Whattremendousforce', 'What tremendous force')]
RH18690504-V33-19-page8.txt: [('StihaenpsaaeurlaistratuilLdgu', 'St i ha en ps a a eur la i str a tui l L d g u'), ('IleavetheInstituteasonewouldleaveapleasant', 'I leave the Institute as one would leave a pleasant'), ('bwetficohethoeulitltEcovrisE', 'b wet f i c o h e t h o e u l i t l t E c o v r i s E')]
RH18690511-V33-20-page7.txt: [('iacicultaaiindiiinerdifsettion', 'i a c i cult a ai ind iii nerd if sett ion')]
RH18690511-V33-20-page8.txt: [('anumberhaveresponded', 'a number have responded')]
RH18690518-V33-21-page3.txt: [('affairssufferlittle', 'affairs suffer little')]
RH18690518-V33-21-page7.txt: [('repairingthebreach', 'repairing the breach'), ('thattherewillbenoroomforanyintruder', 'that there will be no room for any intruder'), ('widelycontroverted', 'widely controverted')]
RH18690525-V33-22-page8.txt: [('WecouldnotunderstandhisIan', 'We could not understand his I an')]
RH18690601-V33-23-page3.txt: [('exceptthestatementwhenweweresuminIsaiahlxvi', 'except the statement when we were sum in Isaiah lxvi'), ('thattheSabbathistobekeptinthe', 'that the Sabbath is to be kept in the')]
RH18690601-V33-23-page4.txt: [('isthoughtbysotmoerefertothe', 'is thought by sot moe refer to the'), ('retirefromthefieldbeforethearrogantclaimsofthe', 'retire from the field before the arrogant claims of the'), ('isunknowntotheBible', 'is unknown to the Bible'), ('itanddevsotruorneg', 'it and de v sot ru or neg')]
RH18690601-V33-23-page8.txt: [('thatranfromhearttoheartwhenthe', 'that ran from heart to heart when the'), ('StopandthinkofHimwhowastrulynoble', 'Stop and think of Him who was truly noble'), ('Therewasaloveandonenessvisibleatthattime', 'There was a love and oneness visible at that time'), ('withthechurchgiCanaan', 'with the church g i C a n a a n'), ('preciousfaithatthismeeting', 'precious faith at this meeting')]
RH18690608-V33-24-page4.txt: [('fiveorsixtimesasdistantasitwasthen', 'five or six times as distant as it was then')]
RH18690622-V33-26-page2.txt: [('generallyunquenchable', 'generally unquenchable')]
RH18690622-V33-26-page5.txt: [('andwasthentoldthatitwaswrittenby', 'and was then told that it was written by'), ('reaPdhahridsasivcildOcataridnethoef', 'rea P d h a h r i d s a s i v c i l d O c a t a r i d n e t h o e f'), ('Cyrelaouptehdoiritvy', 'C y rel a o up t e h d o i r i t v y')]
RH18690622-V33-26-page7.txt: [('totlgOijObOztOmiLoyal', 'tot l gO i jO b O z t O m i L o y a l')]
RH18690629-V34-01-page7.txt: [('prepasrinegafroapr', 'prep a sri neg afro apr'), ('tobewillingtoloseallthatthisworldcanaffordfor', 'to be willing to lose all that this world can afford for')]
RH18690629-V34-01-page8.txt: [('thereporthasbeencopiedintotheDetroitpapersand', 'the report has been copied into the Detroit papers and'), ('whohasbeeninaveryfeebleandlow', 'who has been in a very feeble and low')]
RH18690706-V34-02-page1.txt: [('consciousexistence', 'conscious existence')]
RH18690706-V34-02-page3.txt: [('Christiansintheselastdays', 'Christians in these last days'), ('whicharefullofppereirl', 'which are full of p pere ir l'), ('hinatdwoainsgahwohnattahllehweisllaydotaanlldo', 'hin at d w o a i n s g a h w o h n a t t a h l l e h w e i s l l a y d o t a a n l l d o'), ('Thecommandfellonnounwillingear', 'The command fell on no unwilling ear'), ('becarefutldoefproarmt', 'be care fut l doe f p r o a r m t'), ('interestingautobiographyof', 'interesting autobiography of')]
RH18690706-V34-02-page5.txt: [('shourleclogemzdevoaustlya', 's hour le c lo gem z d e v o a u s t l y a')]
RH18690706-V34-02-page8.txt: [('brethrenmoreandmorebygettingenlargedviewsof', 'brethren more and more by getting enlarged views of'), ('andhaveeynejdosomeofhisblessing', 'and ha vee y n e j d o s o m e o f h i s b l e s s i n g'), ('Thebrethrenhavenocauseto', 'The brethren have no cause to'), ('cilioMreacretivneCdo', 'c i l i o Mr e a c r e t i v n e C d o'), ('aoknowleogedsimmeediato', 'a o know le og ed sim meed i a to')]
RH18690713-V34-03-page8.txt: [('ThankGodthateverythingismadethe', 'Thank God that everything is made the'), ('tooatlhlderenominationswho', 'too at l h l de renomination s who'), ('Lowohnerewerhittelsl', 'Low oh ner ewer hit tels l')]
RH18690720-V34-04-page3.txt: [('suttabaltisehrneii', 's utt a bal tis e h r n e i i')]
RH18690720-V34-04-page8.txt: [('wouldhavegainedeternallife', 'would have gained eternal life'), ('ameetingmaybeheldintheStateofNewYork', 'a meeting may beheld in the State of New York'), ('ilaTthebroeitnhite', 'i l aT the b roe it n h i t e'), ('eaclohelligtlocoudi', 'e a c l o h e l l i g t l o c o u d i'), ('WiMllisisNslicohnolasrlyeer', 'W i M l l i s i s N s l i c o h n o l a s r l y e e r')]
RH18690727-V34-05-page3.txt: [('hewasmindfuloftheresurrection', 'he was mindful of the resurrection'), ('wishedtoconvinceherthat', 'wished to convince her that'), ('seventhdayistheSabbathoftheLordthyGod', 'seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God'), ('exYpplliociciittlye', 'e x Y p p l l i o c i c i i t t l y e'), ('WhenwastheSabbathinstituted', 'When was the Sabbath instituted'), ('Testamenthdeisohpelnisation', 'Testament h de is oh p el n i s a t i o n'), ('Godthenfinallyconeluded', 'God then finally con eluded'), ('lwehliehotfhtehgaSbcr', 'l we h lie hot f h t e h g a S b c r')]
RH18690727-V34-05-page4.txt: [('leartfelfandearnest', 'le art fe l fan dear nest')]
RH18690727-V34-05-page7.txt: [('ahcloeneturoeltethdeseieletohneguesof', 'ah c lo en et ur o el teth des e i e l e t o h n e g u e s o f'), ('thaenhdlustidllefI', 'tha en h dl us t i d l l e f I'), ('taxedjinrtesleonvtertrourtialebo', 'taxed j in rte s leon v ter t r o u r t i a l e b o')]
RH18690803-V34-06-page3.txt: [('rotsrepresentations', 'rots representations')]
RH18690810-V34-07-page2.txt: [('havethelawwrittenintheirheartsbynalure', 'have the law written in their hearts by n a l u r e'), ('fromobligationtoobeyit', 'from obligation to obey it')]
RH18690817-V34-08-page4.txt: [('determinesitssinfulness', 'determines its sinfulness')]
RH18690824-V34-09-page5.txt: [('wastefulosathatemakesensesuohe', 'wasteful o sat hate make senses u o h e')]
RH18690824-V34-09-page8.txt: [('andthesealofimmortalityisputupon', 'and the seal of immortality is put upon'), ('Agoodworkisdoubtlessbegun', 'A good work is doubtless begun'), ('JIrnaiuoitionehyorwchaessweill', 'J Ir n a i u o i t i o n e h y o r w c h a e s s w e i l l'), ('stlilonpBeiteurlIstliretnitLedirvetinme', 'st l i lon p Be it eur l I st lir et nit Led ir vet in me')]
RH18690831-V34-10-page3.txt: [('aassnidontoonontleeti', 'a assn i don to on ont leet i')]
RH18690831-V34-10-page4.txt: [('itsraenderedquinteimpoessible', 'it sra end er ed quint e i m p o e s s i b l e')]
RH18690831-V34-10-page6.txt: [('foundpossibletoclosethemeeting', 'found possible to close the meeting'), ('Itwasoneofthesothatoneofhisleadingmemberstoldmehedindotdefinitetime', 'It was one of the so that one of his leading members told me he din dot definite time'), ('ThehourofHisJudgmentiscome', 'The hour of His Judgment is come'), ('thesteadfastnesjsYof', 'the steadfast n e s j s Y o f')]
RH18690907-V34-11-page1.txt: [('tflaellYaiversalist', 't f l a e l l Y a i v e r s a l i s t')]
RH18690907-V34-11-page6.txt: [('shamefuldeatchronstsh', 'shameful de at chr on sts h'), ('ethatwewhoarebornin', 'eth at we who are born in'), ('thatinthelastdapyesn', 'that in the last dap yes n')]
RH18690907-V34-11-page7.txt: [('presentbereavement', 'present bereavement'), ('beingmadetorejoicewiththethought', 'being made to rejoice with the thought')]
RH18690907-V34-11-page8.txt: [('whichshnousIldpeootTsupuogIveitahcti', 'which s h no us I l d p e o o t T s u p u o g I v e i t a h c t i')]
RH18690914-V34-12-page3.txt: [('himthepromiseisagaingiven', 'him the promise is again given'), ('andtheglorioushopeof', 'and the glorious hope of'), ('Thetwelveeampostlens', 'The twelve e a m p o s t l e n s')]
RH18690914-V34-12-page5.txt: [('Wespentthreedaysat', 'We spent three days at'), ('Therewereninetentsupontheground', 'There were nine tents upon the ground'), ('heaelstoodbeforoef', 'he a el stood be for o e f')]
RH18690914-V34-12-page7.txt: [('ofseeingthelightthatencirclesthefourth', 'of seeing the light that encircles the fourth'), ('nrsaithhileiriythanttsouscpaotn', 'n r s a i t h h i l e i r i y t h a n t t s o u s c p a o t n'), ('BlessedarethedeadwhichdieintheDorafromhenceforth', 'Blessed are the dead which die in the Dora from henceforth'), ('ptrespairsaftiiaodnanfotiii', 'p tres pairs aft ii a o d n a n f o t i i i'), ('prehceiouaszjallteh', 'p r e h c e i o u a s z j a l l t e h')]
RH18690921-V34-13-page6.txt: [('whichcomesbyhearing', 'which comes by hearing'), ('Theheathengenerallyconsuit', 'The heathen generally con suit')]
RH18690928-V34-14-page3.txt: [('grantthatthisconversionwhichPeterexperienced', 'grant that this conversion which Peter experienced'), ('Whereisthepromiseof', 'Where is the promise of')]
RH18691005-V34-15-page8.txt: [('tutthrsothnetlijaeopay', 'tut t h r s o t h n e t l i j a e o p a y'), ('ageneralattecnodtaincuee', 'a genera latte c nod tain cue e')]
RH18691012-V34-16-page2.txt: [('cirsioneCtberitniibible', 'cir s i one C t b e r i t n i i b i b l e')]
RH18691012-V34-16-page5.txt: [('Tinhothisweprinfciplel', 'Tin ho this we p r i n f c i p l e l'), ('marvelousdisplaysofpower', 'marvelous displays of power'), ('andsometimesinadifent', 'and sometimes in ad if en t'), ('inaaoterthpeoirwestrenufatholafvreesiJaensucseas', 'in a a ot ert h pe o ir we str en ufa tho la f v r e e s i J a e n s u c s e a s'), ('toabsringresistancoef', 'to abs ring resist an coe f'), ('nthlriodulgihesallofl', 'nth l rio du l g i h e s a l l o f l'), ('ofthebhumanocontsltlitasutvioyn', 'of the b human o cont s l t l i t a s u t v i o y n')]
RH18691019-V34-17-page6.txt: [('sameethpelawceorisnhitphoefpapoedr', 'same eth pe law c e o r i s n h i t p h o e f p a p o e d r')]
RH18691019-V34-17-page7.txt: [('wealkwedasbycafrarilth', 'we alk wed as by c afr aril t h'), ('Weneednotlookforanybettertimes', 'We need not look for any better times'), ('inthunthweitwhicked', 'in thu nth we it w h i c k e d')]
RH18691019-V34-17-page8.txt: [('CritoBlettsaijuJdodhrilalilC', 'Crit o B lett s ai j u J d o d h r i l a l i l C')]
RH18691026-V34-18-page6.txt: [('thesecvheraulrches', 'the sec v he raul r c h e s')]
RH18691026-V34-18-page7.txt: [('Indlivaioliluntlitailne', 'Ind liv ai o l i lu n t l i t a i l n e')]
RH18691026-V34-18-page8.txt: [('Provideceerepvents', 'Provide cee rep vents')]
RH18691102-V34-19-page4.txt: [('thesightofthatcinenotbloodremindedthejustJudge', 'the sight of that c in en ot blood reminded the just Judge')]
RH18691109-V34-20-page3.txt: [('responsetotheprayersofthewholechurchmilitant', 'response to the prayers of the whole church militant'), ('aunturionfthtieuothne', 'aunt uri on fth tie u o t h n e'), ('eltingodrissolvingof', 'el tin go dr is solving of'), ('Atriefieftyfshvefe', 'At rie fief ty f s h v e f e'), ('ptorebseagsyemalsotomisoolydlreueirs', 'p tore b sea g s y e m a l s o t o m i s o o l y d l r e u e i r s'), ('sasaididhhisisattendant', 's as ai did h his is attendant')]
RH18691109-V34-20-page6.txt: [('whowouldshowthemtheirerrorsandtheirdanger', 'who would show them their errors and their danger')]
RH18691116-V34-21-page3.txt: [('myseatinthecarsatthedeof', 'my seat in the cars at the de of')]
RH18691116-V34-21-page5.txt: [('foritisthisdivisionalonethatterminatesthere', 'for it is this division alone that terminates there'), ('Thefirstlotofbooksisreceived', 'The first lot of books is received')]
RH18691116-V34-21-page8.txt: [('geoamrdeenaegrairheceisvhede', 'geo a mr dee nae g r a i r h e c e i s v h e d e'), ('inanCdasoionnotvihmi', 'in an C d a s o i o n n o t v i h m i')]
RH18691123-V34-22-page3.txt: [('distinguishingbadges', 'distinguishing badges'), ('iaraatiosenlaflniwevhting', 'i ara at i o sen la f l n i w e v h t i n g'), ('athnedGreaeoktsinwhoconce', 'at h ned Gre a e o k t s i n w h o c o n c e'), ('realynilsfpilirailtlsiralt', 'real y nil s f p i l i r a i l t l s i r a l t')]
RH18691123-V34-22-page5.txt: [('thechaffisofnofurtherconsequence', 'the chaff is of no further consequence'), ('toagreaterorlessextent', 'to a greater or less extent'), ('ITisnowahistoricalfact', 'IT is now a historical fact'), ('pricesofourpublications', 'prices of our publications'), ('worthofpublications', 'worth of publications'), ('andduringthesametimewe', 'and during the same time we'), ('liheAsendalitehneatsitoinll', 'l i he A send a lite h neat sit o in l l'), ('coalurmeonosrdhaovfe', 'coal ur me ono s r d h a o v f e'), ('issuedbyothersocietiesunderfarmorefavorablecircumstance', 'issued by other societies under far more favorable circumstance'), ('lGanenderahleAldssembly', 'l Gan end era h le Ald s sem bly')]
RH18691123-V34-22-page7.txt: [('campetingdeartTerkpvoilwle', 'camp et ing de art Ter k p v o i l w l e')]
RH18691130-V34-23-page3.txt: [('litlseeretaltiosnsya', 'lit l see ret alt i o s n s y a'), ('whentheirlaborisworthabouthalfprice', 'when their labor is worth about half price'), ('givetheAssociationtheuseofallthemoneytheyhave', 'give the Association the use of all the money they have')]
RH18691130-V34-23-page4.txt: [('oneliketheSonofMancamewiththecloudsofxix', 'one like the Son of Man came with the clouds of xix')]
RH18691130-V34-23-page6.txt: [('yvbeeCcoamllienditfteoer', 'y v bee C c o am l lien dit f t e o e r')]
RH18691130-V34-23-page8.txt: [('inTieraormnstiveilLabset', 'in Tier a or m n s t i v e i l L a b s e t')]
RH18691207-V34-24-page3.txt: [('concerningspiritualemanationsfromthedivinenature', 'concerning spiritual emanations from the divine nature'), ('Therelationwhichthehuman', 'The relation which the human'), ('Platoplaceshisdoctrineofthehumansoulattheheadof', 'Plato places his doctrine of the human soul at the head of'), ('PlatoheldthatthesoulwasapartofGod', 'Plato held that the soul was apart of God'), ('reabsorbedintohimeitherat', 'reabsorbed into him either at'), ('ovorryespeownirienag', 'o v orr yes pe own i rie nag'), ('Chrisntoiaonasnpniori', 'Chris n t o i a o n a s n p n i o r i')]
RH18691207-V34-24-page7.txt: [('butforseveralmonthsbeforeBro', 'but for several months before Bro'), ('AsIbecamefirmlyestablished', 'As I became firmly established'), ('soundclycliicommenced', 'sound c l y c lii commenced')]
RH18691207-V34-24-page8.txt: [('fashionablereligionists', 'fashionable religionists')]
RH18691214-V34-25-page4.txt: [('testimoniesareleading', 'testimonies are leading'), ('ofthiehelivringrighteous', 'oft hie he liv ring righteous'), ('rectedtoimmortality', 'rect ed to immortality'), ('andthosewhoshallescapethe', 'and those who shall escape the'), ('thethingscomingupontheearth', 'the things coming upon the earth'), ('isalsocaonstantsuecess', 'is also c a on st ant sue cess')]
RH18691214-V34-25-page5.txt: [('youwieldthatswordoftheSpiritwhichcandealsuch', 'you wield that sword of the Spirit which can deal such'), ('denominatedthemark', 'denominated the mark'), ('terriblearehisassaults', 'terrible are his assaults'), ('Howvigilantshouldwebe', 'How vigilant should we be'), ('gatorsofapersecutionagainstthetruepeopleofGod', 'gator sofa persecution against the true people of God'), ('otfhietfieSasbabbabtha', 'ot f h i e t f i e S a s b a b b a b t h a')]
RH18691214-V34-25-page7.txt: [('Regardingthemchronologically', 'Regarding them chronologically'), ('reeltoandfrolikeadrunkard', 'reel to and fro like a drunkard'), ('bathpreparedforthemthatlovehim', 'bath prepared for them that love him'), ('yeHarescommenlcedkeenpainlegethilei', 'ye Hare s comm enl c ed keen pain le get hi lei'), ('chontyrvitifilnhealiindt', 'c hon tyr v it if i l n h e a l i i n d t')]
RH18691221-V34-26-page2.txt: [('Christovertheperiodoftheapostasy', 'Christ over the period of the apostasy'), ('thechildrenofJacob', 'the children of Jacob'), ('descendantsofthetwelvetribes', 'descendants of the twelve tribes'), ('wishienhIltdorednoorostotdI', 'wish i en hI ltd or ed no oro s tot dI')]
RH18691221-V34-26-page3.txt: [('itInatahRespiliageeono', 'it In at ah Resp ilia gee ono'), ('seventhtiesintnhewav', 'seventh ties int n h e w a v')]
RH18691221-V34-26-page5.txt: [('becausetheylovehimwhoistoappropheticlightareconvergedtoapracticalfocusin', 'because they love him who is to a p prophetic light are converged to a practical focus in'), ('Sabbdathdoquesttionf', 'S abb dat h do quest t i o n f'), ('youshouldputitintothehandsofall', 'you should put it into the hands of all'), ('ascribingthepraisetoGodandthe', 'ascribing the praise to God and the'), ('brosramparoaItnaindrephornt', 'bro s ram par o a It nain dr eph or n t')]
RH18691221-V34-26-page6.txt: [('givesomuchandsupporttheirfamilies', 'give so much and support their families'), ('strainedtoappeartodothesamething', 'strained to appear to do the same thing'), ('andIcansayofatruththattheSabbathisadelight', 'and I can say of a truth that the Sabbath is a delight'), ('forthespiritofsacrificethrough', 'for the spirit of sacrifice through'), ('denVintoeruersotingt', 'den V in toe ru er so ting t')]
RH18691221-V34-26-page7.txt: [('btelicpaupsehrovaTire', 'b tel i c p a ups e h r o v a T i r e'), ('sdraatdimwettanetileolvziLbeisiemertahz', 's dr a at dim wet tan et i leo lv z i L b e i s i e m e r t a h z'), ('ifyouhavenotalready', 'if you have not already'), ('AAroBbriNhZOrAilageh', 'A Ar o B b r i N h Z O r A i l a g e h'), ('Itmeltsthehardestheartintouni', 'It melts the hardest heart into uni')]
RH18691228-V35-01-page7.txt: [('andthetruthbeseenintheveryexpressionof', 'and the truth be seen in the very expression of')]
RH18691228-V35-01-page8.txt: [('willbethelastyearoflife', 'will be the last year of life'), ('Ifthepasthasbeenmssspent', 'If the past has been mss spent'), ('weshouldrememberthatwhiletheBiblesays', 'we should remember that while the Bible says'), ('andpIrlascbeusmrLa', 'and p Ir las c be us mr La'), ('oftheMichiganConference', 'of the Michigan Conference'), ('Wehavereceivedonehundrednewsubscribers', 'We have received one hundred new subscribers'), ('respectswemakenochange', 'respects we make no change'), ('Toillustratethediffer', 'To illustrate the differ')]
RH18700104-V35-02-page2.txt: [('absuatlastoCaotneBorods', 'abs u a t l a s t o C a o t n e B o r o d s')]
RH18700104-V35-02-page5.txt: [('generalcirculation', 'general circulation')]
RH18700104-V35-02-page7.txt: [('thefarmoreexceedingandeternalweightofglory', 'the far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory'), ('aftertherestofthesaints', 'after the rest of the saints'), ('Oneofthesetwopositions', 'One of these two positions'), ('rucifixiontooCthehbrt', 'ru c if ix ion too C the h b r t'), ('Iiinkitoigserbsrookri', 'Ii ink i to i g s e r b s r o o k r i'), ('isToohiesibololavnfeoltlioteipootutvthhoesfeifjohlilky', 'is Too hies i bol o lav n f e o l t l i o t e i p o o t u t v t h h o e s f e i f j o h l i l k y'), ('wordsofthepsalmist', 'words of the psalmist'), ('thoughIwalkthroughthe', 'though I walk through the')]
RH18700104-V35-02-page8.txt: [('eurldistretnilLdgnievto', 'eur l distr et nil L d g n i e v t o')]
RH18700111-V35-03-page5.txt: [('covetousarpeoneever', 'covetous ar pe one ever')]
RH18700111-V35-03-page6.txt: [('ourmeoxstperichurch', 'our me ox st peri church'), ('interestedbrethren', 'interested brethren')]
RH18700118-V35-04-page4.txt: [('bePowerfulApostate', 'be Powerful Apostate')]
RH18700125-V35-05-page5.txt: [('manifestolionshavebeensoseldom', 'manifesto lions have been so seldom'), ('ratherthanthatGodhas', 'rather than that God has'), ('thedisseminationofthistruthinEurope', 'the dissemination of this truth in Europe')]
RH18700201-V35-06-page4.txt: [('theservantsofGodaresealed', 'the servants of God are sealed')]
RH18700208-V35-07-page8.txt: [('orliesbAtosgsotoibaistiowninitserdooiong', 'or lies b A to s g s o t o i b a i s t i o w n i n i t s e r d o o i o n g'), ('oicitanvtoNrricsown', 'o i c it an v to N r r i c s o w n')]
RH18700215-V35-08,09-page15.txt: [('TothiseffectwritesMosheim', 'To this effect writes Mosheim'), ('moneybsduyubtystcoription', 'money b s du y u b t y s t c o r i p t i o n'), ('devexrypeCuhdrisbtiearn', 'de v exr y pe C u h d r i s b t i e a r n')]
RH18700222-V35-10-page3.txt: [('givinghimtheopportuni', 'giving him the opp ort uni'), ('Valleyansetanhadplayst', 'Valley an set an had play st')]
RH18700222-V35-10-page5.txt: [('enednoduseapevressur', 'en ed nod use ape v res sur')]
RH18700301-V35-11-page2.txt: [('lmandeonecaunpiessone', 'l man de one c au n p i e s s o n e')]
RH18700301-V35-11-page8.txt: [('SystematicBenevolence', 'Systematic Benevolence'), ('Rescheaityvtiejdck', 'Res c he a it y v tie j d c k'), ('IEJoSolharttelitic', 'I E J o S o l h a r t t e l i t i c')]
RH18700308-V35-12-page1.txt: [('sanctuaryconsisted', 'sanctuary consisted')]
RH18700308-V35-12-page3.txt: [('atllpassarwisaiynwgitshoaurrt', 'at l l pass ar wis ai y n w g i t s h o a u r r t')]
RH18700308-V35-12-page4.txt: [('itistobeexercisedalikeinthecaseofsinfulmen', 'it is to be exercised alike in the case of sinful men')]
RH18700308-V35-12-page5.txt: [('injtuodiactitoaucsk', 'in j t u o d i a c t i t o a u c s k'), ('themainpointsofourfaith', 'the main points of our faith'), ('Ofthislargeconcourseofpeople', 'Of this large concourse of people')]
RH18700308-V35-12-page8.txt: [('accordingtotheintentionspokenofinBro', 'according to the intention spoken of in Bro'), ('JosAiahDiaonracgays', 'Jos Ai ah Di a on r a c g a y s')]
RH18700315-V35-13-page3.txt: [('drermoinehdiatolilaatboar', 'dr er moi neh di a to lila at boar')]
RH18700315-V35-13-page5.txt: [('Assoociaiattiionii', 'As so o c i ai att ii on ii'), ('asenseofthevalueofsouls', 'a sense of the value of souls'), ('thesacrednessofthe', 'the sacredness of the'), ('fulldevelopmentoftheManSoifna', 'full development of the Man So if n a'), ('whichwereintroduced', 'which were introduced')]
RH18700315-V35-13-page7.txt: [('Thattheproceedingsofthismeetingbepubsight', 'That the proceedings of this meeting be pub sight'), ('ThegreatsanhedrimwhichourLordhadto', 'The great sanhedrim which our Lord had to'), ('boewfoarteonhvicst', 'b o ew f o a r t e o n h v i c s t')]
RH18700315-V35-13-page8.txt: [('bilityoftheGospelHistory', 'b i lit y of the Gospel History'), ('esteasblaisnhliang', 'este as b la is n h l i a n g')]
RH18700322-V35-14-page7.txt: [('thehdeayfromheprardnelaytshcs', 'the h de a y from he p r a r d n e l a y t s h c s')]
RH18700322-V35-14-page8.txt: [('tothneyVoreluelolpetearlpallyrsuppose', 'tot h ney Vore l uel o l pet earl pall yrs up pose'), ('shouldbesatisfiedwhenheshouldawakewith', 'should be satisfied when he should awake with'), ('reciprocalinthematter', 'reciprocal in the matter'), ('SowhenGodsaysofhispeople', 'So when God says of his people'), ('hegivesusgreatgrace', 'he gives us great grace'), ('theSandwichIslands', 'the Sandwich Islands'), ('TheGeysersbeartestimonyto', 'The Geysers bear testimony to')]
RH18700405-V35-16-page4.txt: [('againthatthespiritanDodspayowerofElijah', 'again that the spirit an Do d s p a y o w e r o f E l i j a h')]
RH18700412-V35-17-page2.txt: [('whentheycanputawaysinmoreeasilythannow', 'when they can put away sin more easily than now'), ('andlayupourtreasuresuponearth', 'and lay up our treasures upon earth')]
RH18700412-V35-17-page3.txt: [('ofrestrictionsfrom', 'of restrictions from'), ('expendeeluntoldmillions', 'expend eel untold millions')]
RH18700412-V35-17-page4.txt: [('ofallegiancetohisRedeemer', 'of allegiance to his Redeemer')]
RH18700412-V35-17-page7.txt: [('iLselliveePprofessors', 'i L sell i vee P professors')]
RH18700412-V35-17-page8.txt: [('teeidaotleenresipl', 'tee ida ot le en res i p l'), ('anotherproofthatthespiritofslaverylongcurnecessityofredeemingtheirpledgesatonce', 'another proof that the spirit of slavery long cur necessity of redeeming their pledges at once'), ('ChristianreicphapsehroijiBl', 'Christian rei c p h apse h r o i j i B l'), ('ReceivedonBookandTractFund', 'Received on Book and Tract Fund')]
RH18700419-V35-18-page3.txt: [('himselfearsehiesdaidkeiyt', 'himself ears ehi esd aid k e i y t')]
RH18700419-V35-18-page6.txt: [('triedtodescribetogave', 'tried to describe to gave')]
RH18700419-V35-18-page7.txt: [('JooersoupsoilDnelawiiaeresaC', 'Jo o er soup soil D n e l a w i i a e r e s a C')]
RH18700419-V35-18-page8.txt: [('ThechurchofBattleCreekhashadalargenumberof', 'The church of Battle Creek has had a large number of')]
RH18700426-V35-19-page3.txt: [('willwrangleforreligion', 'will wrangle for religion')]
RH18700426-V35-19-page6.txt: [('bpheillioelvoegdista', 'b p he ill i o el v o e g d i s t a')]
RH18700426-V35-19-page8.txt: [('Onthatdaytheatricalperformanceswere', 'On that day theatrical performances were'), ('Ourlaboringbrethrenhaveoftencomplainedthat', 'Our laboring brethren have often complained that')]
RH18700503-V35-20-page3.txt: [('ospfirtithehousehold', 'o s p fir tithe household')]
RH18700503-V35-20-page6.txt: [('andwereledcaptivebythe', 'and were led captive by the'), ('Loughboroughalsoreadabriefbut', 'Loughborough also read a brief but'), ('OhiviitlilattntohjI', 'Oh iv i it l i l attn to h j I'), ('fareithelnesstistoeuglest', 'fare it hel ness tis toe u g l e s t')]
RH18700503-V35-20-page7.txt: [('wasnotexpedienttohavemeetings', 'was not expedient to have meetings'), ('Thereisahiddenpowerimpellingit', 'There is a hidden power impelling it'), ('andhhatyselbabeenrsfafveorred', 'and h hat y s el b a been r s f a f v e o r r e d'), ('woiethliamsaltipLhtope', 'w o i e t h l i a m s a l t i p L h t o p e'), ('haelrovcehlaracter', 'hae l r o v c e h l a r a c t e r'), ('growingstrongerandstronger', 'growing stronger and stronger'), ('thoughtofthehumblerclasses', 'thought of the humbler classes'), ('eightmilesfromCenterville', 'eight miles from Centerville'), ('Ihavegiventhreehis', 'I have given three his'), ('commandmentthoughtful', 'commandment thoughtful')]
RH18700510-V35-21-page2.txt: [('athnewthruthofreerliegeihomnbiechatuasestwhey', 'at h new thru tho freer liege i ho m n b i e c h a t u a s e s t w h e y')]
RH18700510-V35-21-page3.txt: [('Areinappropriateness', 'Are in appropriateness')]
RH18700510-V35-21-page8.txt: [('isotlreyVorleuemelpetea', 'is ot l rey V or leu e m e l p e t e a')]
RH18700517-V35-22-page3.txt: [('hoardupispredominant', 'hoard up is predominant'), ('Howappropriateforusat', 'How appropriate for us at'), ('irleolaItiownontlod', 'ir leo la It i own ont lod'), ('believietainsynsoutchofthing', 'belie vie tain syn s out c h of thing'), ('slightelsetrcopnseq', 'slight el set r c o p n s e q'), ('throughthesetismamone', 'through the set is mam one')]
RH18700517-V35-22-page6.txt: [('thatifweknewwhattodo', 'that if we knew what to do'), ('secretdevotiongiveplacetothethingsofthisworld', 'secret devotion give place to the things of this world'), ('minhloenipoarteosf', 'min h lo en i p o art eos f'), ('iesarstthilylavoidwehainchfiIn', 'i esar st t h i l y l a v o i d w e h a i n c h f i I n'), ('ibeselfinsynaenire', 'i be self in syn a en ire')]
RH18700524-V35-23-page1.txt: [('theibillitiandments', 'the i bill it i and men t s')]
RH18700524-V35-23-page3.txt: [('PedenonaltlhtehSeawbbeactlh', 'Ped enon alt l h t e h S e a w b b e a c t l h')]
RH18700531-V35-24-page2.txt: [('inttheasignhtoffiHneaevengold', 'int the a sign h toff i H n e a e v e n g o l d')]
RH18700531-V35-24-page3.txt: [('clothidnognotperhmimitptoausnstyilou', 'clot hid nog not per h mim it p to a us n s t y i l o u')]
RH18700531-V35-24-page7.txt: [('Myhumbleprayershallbethatnonewhonowlove', 'My humble prayer shall be that none who now love'), ('confidentlyexpecting', 'confidently expecting'), ('mileillestHhisieIliintertbywabsei', 'mile ill est H his i e I l i i n t e r t b y w a b s e i'), ('psreohbhaetirohnhsati', 'ps r e o h b h a e t i r o h n h s a t i'), ('Butifapersonisconmybelievingsuch', 'But if a person is con my believing such'), ('holyandacceptableuntotheLord', 'holy and acceptable unto the Lord'), ('Imostsincerelybelievethatweare', 'I most sincerely believe that we are'), ('ahSerheeftreasetasrliy', 'ah Ser he eft rea set as r l i y')]
RH18700607-V35-25-page2.txt: [('hoeblaivtaisonotood', 'hoe b la iv tai so no too d')]
RH18700607-V35-25-page6.txt: [('imageofGodandtherightsofhischildren', 'image of God and the rights of his children')]
RH18700607-V35-25-page7.txt: [('toinvestigatethisveryimportantsubject', 'to investigate this very important subject')]
RH18700607-V35-25-page8.txt: [('inahighstateofexhilarationfromtheeffectsoflager', 'in a high state of exhilaration from the effects of lager'), ('theonetowhomyourefer', 'the one to whom you refer'), ('wethinkwouldbemoreef', 'we think would b emo reef'), ('Thedailyandcontinualques', 'The daily and continual ques'), ('ceatttilosnatoPfoattecraymilple', 'c eat t t i l o s n a t o P f o a t t e c r a y m i l p l e')]
RH18700614-V35-26-page7.txt: [('jontthyiaLPouagilehr', 'j ont thy i a L P o u a g i l e h r')]
RH18700614-V35-26-page8.txt: [('InterestingIncident', 'Interesting Incident')]
RH18700621-V36-01-page8.txt: [('requestthosewhoattendtocomepreparedtoremain', 'request those who attend to come prepared to remain'), ('scvpielloteivoonioeboir', 's c v pie l lot e i v o o n i o e b o i r'), ('tellseeCtitolenferencej', 'tell see C tito len fer enc e j'), ('whichshouldcorrespondwiththeNuo', 'which should correspond with theN u o'), ('oaotiitstiemehotiailvneopinpotAnitiguasetd', 'o a ot i its tie me hot i ail v n e o p i n p o t A n i t i g u a s e t d'), ('OrmTliniicercthoourcshteasotofiOatavt', 'Or m T l i n i i c e r c t h o o u r c s h t e a s o t o f i O a t a v t')]
RH18700628-V36-02-page4.txt: [('existingindependently', 'existing independently')]
RH18700628-V36-02-page8.txt: [('Thereisnothinginthat', 'There is nothing in that'), ('neverstoodaswellasnow', 'never stood as well as now'), ('Forthiswewillthank', 'For this we will thank'), ('willbeatheldTittbiasw', 'will be at held Tit t b i a s w'), ('publiehingdepartment', 'pub lie h ing department'), ('andthisisourmosteffiisnovictory', 'and this is our most eff i is no victory'), ('Exteriormeansareahelpinthebeet', 'Ext eri or means are a help in the beet'), ('DpDbililiaiintplsett', 'D p D b i l i l i a i i n t p l s e t t')]
RH18700705-V36-03-page7.txt: [('prisevnaLopplustednoblyvweekly', 'prise v n a L o p p l u s t e d n o b l y v w e e k l y')]
RH18700712-V36-04-page2.txt: [('Ofcoursemenwillbejudgedbythelaw', 'Of course men will be judged by the law')]
RH18700719-V36-05-page8.txt: [('Butthewarningwillgiveoffense', 'But the warning will give offense'), ('hardlybeartohavethesethingspressedupontheir', 'hardly bear to have these things pressed upon their')]
RH18700802-V36-07-page4.txt: [('thefdiniaslposition', 'the f d i n i a s l p o s i t i o n'), ('dayintheingnecessary', 'day in the ing necessary'), ('distinctionbetween', 'distinction between')]
RH18700802-V36-07-page7.txt: [('sisAtelsroSiallyWiratllY', 'sis A tels r o S i a l l y W i r a t l l Y'), ('onllmsooanththaensdatmwenptlya', 'on l l ms o o a nth tha ens dat m w e n p t l y a'), ('Mayheneverdaretotriflewith', 'May he never dare to trifle with'), ('deepslyavilinataer', 'deep sly a vil in at a er'), ('monnethwadursitnrgickwellh', 'mon neth wad ur sit n r g i c k w e l l h'), ('iflaltarrheecyirdcalenoaft', 'if l alt arr he e c y i r d c a l e n o a f t')]
RH18700802-V36-07-page8.txt: [('andwedoherebyextendanearnest', 'and we do hereby extend an earnest')]
RH18700809-V36-08-page3.txt: [('accompliehedlinlime', 'a c comp lie he dl in lime')]
RH18700809-V36-08-page8.txt: [('tenaporarilysiolds', 'ten a p or aril y s i olds')]
RH18700816-V36-09-page1.txt: [('carelesslydeceived', 'carelessly deceived')]
RH18700816-V36-09-page2.txt: [('aensibilitesbluntedte', 'a en sib i lite s blunted t e')]
RH18700816-V36-09-page4.txt: [('oelliecilltentirintaffed', 'o el lie c ill tent ir int a f f e d')]
RH18700816-V36-09-page7.txt: [('Soleresponsibility', 'Sole responsibility'), ('iandisparkertientto', 'i and is park ert i en t t o'), ('enchearnestileselhate', 'enc h earnest iles el hate'), ('ethereotrighteonsness', 'et here ot right eons ness')]
RH18700823-V36-10-page3.txt: [('Letuslookatthefacts', 'Let us look at the facts'), ('hiswonderfulworkofintercession', 'his wonderful work of intercession')]
RH18700823-V36-10-page4.txt: [('skillandunderetanding', 'skill and under et and ing')]
RH18700823-V36-10-page5.txt: [('darlinginetittitiem', 'darling in et it titi e m')]
RH18700823-V36-10-page6.txt: [('Nominationspresented', 'Nominations presented')]
RH18700823-V36-10-page7.txt: [('Ihavenetbeenableto', 'I have net been able to'), ('brighteninginthisdirection', 'brightening in this direction'), ('areseparatedfromthe', 'are separated from the'), ('epieituallyandpractically', 'e p i e i t u a l l y a n d p r a c t i c a l l y'), ('searithoutIlinitAtiagett', 'sear it h out I lin it A tia get t'), ('thepeepleseemedlothtoleavethePlace', 'the peep le seemed lot h to leave the Place'), ('apmrecoihoeusofaith', 'a p mr eco i hoe us o faith')]
RH18700823-V36-10-page8.txt: [('correspondingaction', 'corresponding action'), ('atthitetheetitagsouls', 'att hit et he et i tag souls'), ('VenWisiSwitzerland', 'Ven Wis i Switzerland'), ('siontdioilletthenlia', 's i ont di oil let then l i a')]
RH18700830-V36-11-page7.txt: [('Iiiacltetsthedvanuglaiteldt', 'Iii a c l tet st h ed v anu g l a i t e l d t'), ('profoundsentimentofdiscouragementwithregardto', 'profound sentiment of discouragement with regard to'), ('onepreachforfourteenyears', 'one preach for fourteen years'), ('buthaveoftenprayed', 'but have often prayed')]
RH18700830-V36-11-page8.txt: [('tothetruthcommitted', 'to the truth committed'), ('dissolvestheConcordatbecausethePopehasproclaimed', 'dissolves the Concordat because the Pope has proclaimed')]
RH18700906-V36-12-page7.txt: [('Swpaeyakofoilftoel', 'S w p a e y a k o f o i l f t o e l'), ('theLordhasabundantlyrefreshedmypoorsoul', 'the Lord has abundantly refreshed my poor soul'), ('Oureveningandmorning', 'Our evening and morning'), ('ovineaMontereAtleigraundCyoil', 'ovine a Mont ere At lei g r a u n d C y o i l')]
RH18700920-V36-14-page6.txt: [('publishedatSwanton', 'published at Swanton')]
RH18700920-V36-14-page7.txt: [('commandafflictions', 'command afflictions')]
RH18700927-V36-15-page1.txt: [('amtobuildmeanewhousewhichwillcostnosmall', 'am to build me anew house which will cost no small'), ('inflictionoffutureplagues', 'infliction of future plagues')]
RH18700927-V36-15-page7.txt: [('enluinintowtbhhuesasrot', 'en lu in in tow t b h h u e s a s r o t'), ('envtisaindeNteelIfaeErtoheni', 'en v tis a ind eN tee l If a e E r t o h e n i')]
RH18701004-V36-16-page6.txt: [('Itistheirobjecttosell', 'It is their object to sell'), ('Theconclusionsofthemind', 'The conclusions of the mind'), ('Ifyouwouldhaveahealthybrain', 'If you would have a healthy brain'), ('andIbelievetherearesomehonestandcandid', 'and I believe there are some honest and candid')]
RH18701004-V36-16-page7.txt: [('hewedpanodlishedbefore', 'hewed p a no dl i shed before'), ('aadnianacAoililaitceantioinn', 'a ad n i a n a c A o i l i l a i t c e a n t i o i n n'), ('ineltastleiarvseinthirvi', 'in el t a s t l e i a r v s e i n t h i r v i')]
RH18701004-V36-16-page8.txt: [('speakuponthepropheciesandtheSabbath', 'speak upon the prophecies and the Sabbath'), ('againsttheworshipandthemarkofthebeast', 'against the worship and the mark of the beast'), ('Conferencelissionary', 'Conference lis sion ar y')]
RH18701011-V36-17-page7.txt: [('namaildiohnisatfia', 'nam ail di oh n i s a t f i a'), ('etahuesetruotfhsisofftalitleintghicrodnad', 'eta hue set ru ot f h s i s o f f t a l i t l e i n t g h i c r o d n a d')]
RH18701011-V36-17-page8.txt: [('thenwemusttakeonemonthofA', 'then we must take one month of A'), ('knowwherethemosturout', 'know where the most ur out'), ('hearkinsomeofthevicissitudesthrough', 'he ark in some of the vicissitudes through'), ('euraelhemseeotfintileaf', 'eur a el hem see ot fin tile a f'), ('wEIniTavnicdhbCNonlfeir', 'wE In iT a v n i c d h b C N o n l f e i r'), ('SeacbobractItinditt', 'Sea c b o bra c tIt in dit t'), ('tobeabletopreachto', 'to be able to preach to')]
RH18701025-V36-19-page4.txt: [('arevmeainytihnethe', 'are v me a in y t i h n e t h e'), ('andcametoIndianatoarrangeforacamp', 'and came to Indiana to arrange for a camp')]
RH18701101-V36-20-page7.txt: [('putriczieidinbyBBeflovaan', 'put r i c z i e i d i n b y B B e f l o v a a n')]
RH18701108-V36-21-page7.txt: [('andhadthereforenot', 'and had therefore not'), ('thatImayliveatthefootofthe', 'that I may live at the foot of the')]
RH18701108-V36-21-page8.txt: [('vIciophmsiheorliteldncootrirnoiApuosatihrshatkheesLndlgbess', 'v I c i o p h ms i he or lit eld n c o o t r i r n o i A p u o s a t i h r s h a t k h e e s L n d l g b e s s'), ('ItoaExtkinoltieeloffottloirao', 'I to a Ext kino l tie el off ot t l o i r a o')]
RH18701115-V36-22-page1.txt: [('interpretationthat', 'interpretation that')]
RH18701115-V36-22-page3.txt: [('expreisliteCordeep', 'exp rei s lite Cor deep'), ('humblekonfeasictiCcif', 'humble k o n f e a s i c t i C c i f'), ('AAsthosewhoareverysickwillreceivetheatten', 'A As those who are very sick will receive the at ten'), ('NottheworksofhisFather', 'Not the works of his Father')]
RH18701115-V36-22-page5.txt: [('strikingsiltastratten', 'striking silt a str at ten'), ('eausingsthaisetiteris', 'eau sings thai set it er is')]
RH18701115-V36-22-page7.txt: [('anwdhoonLecphltyldieeys', 'an w d h o o n L e c p h l t y l d i e e y s')]
RH18701122-V36-23-page1.txt: [('PIPELifiNEDWEEKLYB', 'PIP EL if i NED WEEKLY B')]
RH18701122-V36-23-page2.txt: [('aetgeofcseubinmission', 'aet geo f c s e u b i n m i s s i o n')]
RH18701122-V36-23-page8.txt: [('Whataretheprevailingreligioussentimenta', 'What are the prevailing religious sentiment a'), ('tenpBahpoeiirldistleetnint', 'ten p Bah poe i ir l dist leet n i n t')]
RH18701129-V36-24-page3.txt: [('worldsAlissolution', 'worlds A lis solution'), ('aniindefinedierrer', 'an i in defined i err er')]
RH18701129-V36-24-page5.txt: [('charitahlehietithdons', 'char it ah le hie tit h dons')]
RH18701129-V36-24-page6.txt: [('tortimpublicationsyou', 'tor tim publications you')]
RH18701129-V36-24-page7.txt: [('frequentlyaSsertad', 'frequently a S ser tad')]
RH18701213-V36-26-page6.txt: [('Scriptureselsewhere', 'Scriptures elsewhere')]
RH18701213-V36-26-page7.txt: [('elderaofourchurcheshavetheauthoritytoattendtothis', 'elder a of our churches have the authority to attend to this'), ('joempsalliceurlivretniLtivtoinme', 'jo emp sal lice ur liv ret n i L t i v t o i n m e')]
RH18710207-V37-08-page2.txt: [('andpeacewillberestoredtoEuropethroughthePrussians', 'and peace will be restored to Europe through the Prussians'), ('whosummonedthecitytosur', 'who summoned the city to sur'), ('Afterafightofseveralhours', 'After a fight of several hours')]
RH18710228-V37-11-page7.txt: [('ConferenceCommittee', 'Conference Committee')]
RH18710228-V37-11-page8.txt: [('inthefollowinglist', 'in the following list')]
RH18710404-V37-16-page8.txt: [('wipeouttheusurpationsofthepartynowinpower', 'wipe out the usurpations of the party now in power')]
RH18710411-V37-17-page2.txt: [('receivesembassadors', 'receives embassadors')]
RH18710425-V37-19-page8.txt: [('attendthesemeetings', 'attend these meetings')]
RH18710509-V37-21-page5.txt: [('haveteamsmeetthematPellan', 'have teams meet them at Pell an')]
RH18710516-V37-22-page7.txt: [('wouldwaitforaconvenienttimetodoit', 'would wait for a convenient time to do it'), ('togiveupthosethingswhicharehurtful', 'to give up those things which are hurtful')]
RH18710523-V37-23-page8.txt: [('thefollowinglistos', 'the following lis to s')]
RH18710530-V37-24-page8.txt: [('Senditbyanyoneyouplease', 'Send it by anyone you please')]
RH18710606-V37-25-page2.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers'), ('commandmentbreakers', 'commandment breakers')]
RH18710613-V37-26-page5.txt: [('duringiAlleAiiholo', 'during i A l le A ii ho lo')]
RH18710620-V38-01-page8.txt: [('dueiimeaoknowledged', 'due ii me a o know l edged')]
RH18710725-V38-06-page1.txt: [('Withlovingandskillfulcare', 'With loving and skillful care'), ('othatasitcameinwith', 'o that as it came in with'), ('fromthecommonaffairsoftheworld', 'from the common affairs of the world'), ('Lordfromthebeginningabovethelightof', 'Lord from the beginning above the light of')]
RH18710801-V38-07-page2.txt: [('represenperfection', 'rep res en perfection')]
RH18710912-V38-13-page6.txt: [('ATIldiVsiljelliler', 'AT I l di V sil jell i l er')]
RH18710919-V38-14-page4.txt: [('ofhhaalllolowwinigng', 'of h ha all lo low win ign g')]
RH18710926-V38-15-page3.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18711003-V38-16-page1.txt: [('Ildveatiethiblishing', 'I l d v e a t i e t h i b l i s h i n g')]
RH18711212-V38-26-page5.txt: [('MayInotomitstidutyandstillbesaved', 'May I not omit st i duty and still be saved')]
RH18711212-V38-26-page7.txt: [('PrayformethatImayprove', 'Pray for me that I may prove')]
RH18711219-V39-01-page1.txt: [('Forgoldencrownsthevictorswear', 'For golden crowns the victors wear'), ('IwasintheSpiritonthe', 'I was in the Spirit on the'), ('asGodhadprosperedthemduringthelastsixworking', 'as God had prospered them during the last six working'), ('ismentionedbutonce', 'is mentioned but once')]
RH18711219-V39-01-page8.txt: [('tillafterthesessionoftheGeneralConference', 'till after the session of the General Conference'), ('Whenorderedbyfrieada', 'When ordered by fri e a d a'), ('fortheirfriendaontrial', 'for their friend a on trial'), ('YmeetingottheAlleganychurchat', 'Y meeting ot the Allegany church at')]
RH18711226-V39-02-page1.txt: [('ofsupportingtheministry', 'of supporting the ministry')]
RH18711226-V39-02-page2.txt: [('anequalperiodofmenta', 'an equal period of men t a'), ('Mankindhadjustbeguntoenjoy', 'Mankind had just begun to enjoy'), ('Andwhenitwaseveninghisdisciples', 'And when it was evening his disciples')]
RH18711226-V39-02-page3.txt: [('raisedfromthedeadbeforeChristwas', 'raised from the dead before Christ was'), ('willbetheendofsuchanone', 'will be the end of such an one'), ('familypeaeeableandconsi', 'family pea e e a b l e a n d c o n s i'), ('Makenofriendshipwithanan', 'Make no friendship with an an'), ('assurelyasbeastswithcords', 'as surely as beasts with cords'), ('Ihaveovercometheworld', 'I have overcome the world')]
RH18711226-V39-02-page4.txt: [('accomplishquestion', 'accomplish question'), ('obediencetoItsmandates', 'obedience to Its mandates'), ('isusedasafiguretoillustratecerterminedbythelawwhichtheykeep', 'is used as a figure to illustrate cert er mined by the law which they keep')]
RH18711226-V39-02-page5.txt: [('extractthedeadliestjuices', 'extract the deadliest juices'), ('Westwhoexactlyfilltheabovebill', 'West who exactly fill the above bill'), ('abolishedonceisenough', 'abolished once is enough'), ('IftheSabbathlawhad', 'If the Sabbath law had')]
RH18711226-V39-02-page6.txt: [('ethatpetbforthandweepetb', 'eth at pet b forth and weep et b'), ('MaytheLordpreserveusfromtroub', 'May the Lord preserve us from t r o u b')]
RH18711226-V39-02-page7.txt: [('subventistelderridiculethem', 'sub vent is tel der ridicule them'), ('continuetooffertoGodintheplaceof', 'continue to offer to God in the place of'), ('Mysoulstarvestodeathin', 'My soul starves to death in'), ('righteousingshavebeentohelpeasetheburdensofness', 'righteous ings have been to help ease the burdens of ness'), ('ThesamemaybesaidofandallthatIteachwilldonothingformysoul', 'The same may be said of and all that I teach will do nothing for my soul'), ('otherwillbeseenapeople', 'other will be seen a people'), ('governmentsbasedupontherightsofmanandad', 'governments based upon the rights of man and ad'), ('incapableofadmittingatruthwithoutdouble', 'incapable of admitting a truth without double')]
RH18711226-V39-02-page8.txt: [('isaquestionwhichnoonecananswernow', 'is a question which no one can answer now'), ('TheProphetieandLawofGod', 'The Prop he tie and Law of God')]
RH18720102-V39-03-page1.txt: [('andinorderthatthisbedonesuccessfnlly', 'and in order that this be done success f n l l y')]
RH18720102-V39-03-page2.txt: [('Worlduponworldwill', 'World upon world will'), ('MyLorddelayethhiscoming', 'My Lord delayeth his coming'), ('thatsacrificethingardens', 'that sacrificeth in gardens'), ('thehumansystemisbeyonddescription', 'the human system is beyond description'), ('shadowshavingservedthepurposeforwhichthey', 'shadows having served the purpose for which they'), ('caretocortectinyourself', 'care toco rte c tin yourself')]
RH18720102-V39-03-page3.txt: [('fessthenhavewetowatchuntoprayer', 'fess then have we to watch unto prayer'), ('utterancetlikeonejustfainting', 'utter an c et like one just fainting'), ('fitreplellenfationofone', 'fit rep l ellen fat ion of one'), ('ourprofessionisvain', 'our profession is vain')]
RH18720102-V39-03-page4.txt: [('andweshallbemuchmore', 'and we shall be much more'), ('tantandinterestingnature', 'tan tan dint ere sting nature'), ('aidinspreadingthetruthamongthatpeople', 'aid in spreading the truth among that people'), ('stoodbeforetheworldasvindicatorsofthem', 'stood before the world as v indicators of them'), ('womentotheobservanceoftheSabbath', 'women to the observance of the Sabbath'), ('cordialreceptionBro', 'cordial reception Bro'), ('sufficientnumberofSabbath', 'sufficient number of Sabbath'), ('Thatweconsiderthatthisfavorablestate', 'That we consider that this favorable state'), ('aredifferentlyorgamzed', 'are differently or gam zed'), ('theheadofthepublishinginterest', 'the head of the publishing interest'), ('whoareconstrainedbytheloveofChrist', 'who are constrained by the love of Christ'), ('ferwithusanyfortllerthanwedifferwiththem', 'fer with us any fort l l er than we differ with them'), ('raisedfromaverysmallbeginningtoalarge', 'raised from a very small beginning to a large')]
RH18720102-V39-03-page6.txt: [('heartilyupontheplannowcarriedoutbyour', 'heartily upon the plan now carried out by our'), ('threemilesfromNewAlbany', 'three miles from New Albany'), ('theverybestofallforthechurch', 'the very best of all for the church'), ('arevastlyinthemajority', 'are vastly in the majority'), ('neatandcomfortable', 'neat and comfortable'), ('andthevillageisasaidtotherichyoungman', 'and the village is a said to the rich young man'), ('someofthefriendsfromLeslienextmorning', 'some of the friends from Leslie next morning'), ('leavingtheJieldforme', 'leaving the J i eld for me')]
RH18720102-V39-03-page7.txt: [('cannotgraspitasasubstance', 'cannot grasp it as a substance'), ('allthelampsthatarelighted', 'all the lamps that are lighted')]
RH18720102-V39-03-page8.txt: [('putitoutoftheheartsofpoliticianstodosuchiniquity', 'put it out of the hearts of politicians to do such iniquity')]
RH18720109-V39-04-page1.txt: [('notaskforthebodyuntilevenhadcome', 'not ask for the body until even had come'), ('purposesareeverbest', 'purposes are ever best'), ('Thatourdictionariesandchronologies', 'That our dictionaries and chr ono lo gie s'), ('historiesareallwronginthismatter', 'histories are all wrong in this matter'), ('accordingtothecommandment', 'according to the commandment'), ('onwhatunderstoodwewillsupposeasab', 'on what understood we will suppose a sab'), ('fourhoursforthewholeday', 'four hours for the whole day'), ('EachoneofchangeoftheSabbath', 'Each one of change of the Sabbath'), ('Tousitappearsexthese', 'To us it appear sex these')]
RH18720109-V39-04-page3.txt: [('whichhavebeenheldon', 'which have been held on'), ('hiSshoUldenindyaned', 'hiS shoUld en ind yan ed')]
RH18720109-V39-04-page4.txt: [('andtheclaimwhichthepopeunwittinglyputs', 'and the claim which the pope unwittingly puts'), ('hadthemarkofthebeast', 'had the mark of the beast'), ('actofchangingtheSabbathintoSunday', 'act of changing the Sabbath into Sunday'), ('beremindertotheEonsofmen', 'be reminder to the Eons of men'), ('thisissuebeforethepeople', 'this issue before the people'), ('andalsothatthechangebasbeen', 'and also that the change b as been')]
RH18720109-V39-04-page5.txt: [('isshowninhisexpression', 'is shown in his expression')]
RH18720109-V39-04-page6.txt: [('Hadpreciousseasonsatall', 'Had precious seasons at all'), ('commandaffectionately', 'command affectionately'), ('rangesmessagewereIS', 'ranges message were IS')]
RH18720109-V39-04-page7.txt: [('theearlylaborsofBro', 'the early labors of Bro'), ('thatIwouldgiveitall', 'that I would give it all'), ('whereresultsaretobeearnestadvocateofthe', 'where results are to be earnest advocate of the'), ('doctrinesheldbySeventh', 'doctrines held by Seventh'), ('andherloveforthecauseofGod', 'and her love for the cause of God'), ('youhavelargemeansatyourcommand', 'you have large means at your command'), ('Thetwoministersshould', 'The two ministers should')]
RH18720109-V39-04-page8.txt: [('lreadybeenwroughtinUtah', 'l ready been wrought in Utah')]
RH18720116-V39-05-page1.txt: [('Thechildrenofthelosttentribeswho', 'The children of the lost ten tribes who'), ('thetrueIsraelofGodtowhom', 'the true Israel of God to whom')]
RH18720116-V39-05-page2.txt: [('Wenowcometothespeciallightofthewriters', 'We now come to the special light of the writers'), ('waschieflyinhimself', 'was chiefly in himself'), ('Theywerechildrenofthedevil', 'They were children of the devil'), ('Thecommonwealthoflsrael', 'The commonwealth of l sra el'), ('Wedgewaslefttofinishhisjobonthedoor', 'Wedge was left to finish his job on the door'), ('everdonewithallofthemputtogether', 'ever done with all of them put together')]
RH18720116-V39-05-page3.txt: [('Sheiseagertodeclareherinapernatural', 'She is eager to declare her in a per natural'), ('Theygotupashamtrial', 'They got up a sham trial'), ('continuanceofthelittlesupplytillrainfortsarethemostcensured', 'continuance of the little supply till rain forts are the most censured'), ('playwasamarkofvulgarityatsuchtimeisopenedbytheknifeofthepearl', 'play was a mark of vulgarity at such time is opened by the knife of the pearl'), ('Itisasifariflemanonthebatglomera', 'It is as if a rifle man on the bat glom era'), ('fromyourgoodpurposesbythem', 'from your good purposes by them')]
RH18720116-V39-05-page4.txt: [('Toquietthecryraisedbythepublicfears', 'To quiet the cry raised by the public fears'), ('itneverwouldhavebeenma', 'it never would have been m a'), ('deonlyforthefolscarcity', 'de only for the fol scarcity'), ('trytodeludethemdistrict', 'try to delude them district'), ('somethingsbythestrongarmof', 'some things by the strong arm of')]
RH18720116-V39-05-page5.txt: [('ingforthfruitmeetforrepentance', 'ing forth fruit meet for repentance'), ('GodmeansTheysaytheycannotseethingsalike', 'God means They say they cannot see things alike'), ('failingsouroeofhappinesS', 'failing sou roe of happinesS'), ('Jlisrepresentatlon', 'J lis represent at lon'), ('sofarfromourtakingourdoc', 'sofar from our taking our doc'), ('Middletownbeforethecamp', 'Middletown before the camp'), ('Webstersaysendisth', 'Webster says end isth'), ('areenthemeetingsthere', 'are en the meetings there'), ('alilignificationin', 'ali l ign if i cation in')]
RH18720116-V39-05-page6.txt: [('ereISachancetosowourappreetay', 'ere ISa chance to sow our app ree t a y'), ('asprofessedAdventists', 'as professed Adventists'), ('ButIamgoingtospeaknow', 'But I am going to speak now'), ('understandthehealthreform', 'understand the health reform'), ('estbvelongontheearth', 'est b vel ong on the earth'), ('worthofbooksthatweregivenawayfrom', 'worth of books that were given away from'), ('ifthedailylifecorrespondswiththesublimity', 'if the daily life corresponds with the sublimity'), ('HolySpiritkindlesaflameandpointsthetruth', 'Holy Spirit kindles aflame and points the truth'), ('messagemustgowithaloudcry', 'message must go with aloud cry'), ('amongtheleadingarticlesofthe', 'among the leading articles of the')]
RH18720116-V39-05-page7.txt: [('gatesaretwelveangels', 'gates are twelve angels'), ('aarethedeadwhichlllelntheLordhillheDceforth', 'a are the dead which l l le l nth eL ord hill h eD c e f o r t h'), ('themightycityofthemightyGod', 'the mighty city of the mighty God'), ('toguideusamidtheperilsoftheselastdays', 'to guide us amid the perils of these last days')]
RH18720116-V39-05-page8.txt: [('Ithasthreeillustrations', 'It has three illustrations'), ('TheSneathPartofTime', 'The S neath Part of Time')]
RH18720123-V39-06-page1.txt: [('themultitudeofthosethatworshipGod', 'the multitude of those that worship God')]
RH18720123-V39-06-page2.txt: [('theapostlesettlesbeyonda', 'the apostle settles beyond a'), ('wordsareunobjectiona', 'words a reu nob j e c t i o n a'), ('sprungfromareturntotheWordofGodItmaylooklikesuccess', 'sprung from a return to the Word of God It may look like success')]
RH18720123-V39-06-page3.txt: [('concasewouldbewhollydifferent', 'con case would be wholly different'), ('andeverypresentstepoflifeasteptofa', 'and every present step of life a step to f a'), ('willbeirresistablysuggestedbyanycomic', 'will be ir resist ably suggested by any comic'), ('businessofministryistoseekandtosave', 'business of ministry is to seek and to save')]
RH18720123-V39-06-page4.txt: [('notaunionwhicharisesfie', 'not a union which arises fie'), ('Andnowtheystandwaita', 'And now they stand wait a')]
RH18720123-V39-06-page5.txt: [('Indoingfortheworthy', 'In doing for the worthy'), ('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18720123-V39-06-page7.txt: [('amiaprinceofdarkness', 'ami a prince of darkness'), ('isalmostreadytowork', 'is almost ready to work'), ('everythoughtbepureandright', 'every thought be pure and right')]
RH18720123-V39-06-page8.txt: [('TheProphetlendLawofGOd', 'The Prophet lend Law of GOd'), ('TheSeventhPartofTime', 'The Seventh Part of Time'), ('SermonontheSabbath', 'Sermon on the Sabbath')]
RH18720130-V39-07-page1.txt: [('isdecreedbyGodtOcometopass', 'is decreed by God tO come to pass'), ('greatGodtomterfere', 'great God tom ter fere'), ('ItcertainlyhadnotcomeconsecratingmyselfmorefullytoGodand', 'It certainly had not come consecrating myself more fully to God and')]
RH18720130-V39-07-page2.txt: [('beentheoreticallytossedintotheimaginary', 'been theoretically tossed into the imaginary'), ('menfromrunningintoruin', 'men from running into ruin')]
RH18720130-V39-07-page3.txt: [('ANDbethynameadoredbyearthandHeaven', 'AND be thy name adored by earth and Heaven'), ('BEAUTlFULLYparaphrased', 'BEAU T l F U L L Y p a r a p h r a s e d'), ('ofintellifollowing', 'of in tell i following')]
RH18720130-V39-07-page4.txt: [('greatdealofpraying', 'great deal of praying')]
RH18720130-V39-07-page5.txt: [('stheSabbathbecauseitis', 's the Sabbath because it is')]
RH18720130-V39-07-page6.txt: [('cametogetheronfirst', 'came together on first')]
RH18720130-V39-07-page7.txt: [('theupperclassesshall', 'the upper classes shall'), ('knoworcareanything', 'know or care anything'), ('regardlessoftheconsequences', 'regardless of the consequences'), ('nottoloseholdortorelaxeffort', 'not to lose hold or to relax effort'), ('preparedwiththoughts', 'prepared with thoughts'), ('whentheyaretoldtodoanything', 'when they are told to do anything')]
RH18720130-V39-07-page8.txt: [('quitetimetocedeCubatotheUnitedStates', 'quite time to cede Cuba to the United States'), ('Andletallthelaborers', 'And let all the laborers'), ('fortheinformationandcom', 'for the information and com'), ('TheideaofcedingCubatothe', 'The idea of ceding Cuba to the'), ('Thismattermustbeattendedto', 'This matter must be attended to'), ('ppealtotheBaptists', 'p peal to the Baptists'), ('TheSerenthPartorTlae', 'The Ser enth Part or T l a e'), ('aSermonontheSabbath', 'a Sermon on the Sabbath')]
RH18720206-V39-08-page2.txt: [('butlayupforyourselvestreasuresinHeaven', 'but lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven'), ('willgofartherintheaccomplishment', 'will go farther in the accomplishment'), ('lastdayofeachoftheirweeks', 'last day of each of their weeks'), ('dispensathemselves', 'dis pens a themselves'), ('remotcircumstances', 'rem ot circumstances')]
RH18720206-V39-08-page3.txt: [('ChristiansabouttheSabbath', 'Christians about the Sabbath'), ('ItismentionedintheNewTestament', 'It is mentioned in the New Testament'), ('Noneoftheholyprophetseverkeptit', 'None of the holy prophets ever kept it'), ('Itiscalledaworkingday', 'It is called a working day'), ('andmaygoverysudgrown', 'and may go very sud grown'), ('Noblessingispromisedforitsobservmay', 'No blessing is promised for it sobs er v may'), ('throughhimastherepresentative', 'through him as the representative'), ('Andgotoagoodlawyertohave', 'And go to a good lawyer to have'), ('Onlyonereligiousmeetingisrecorded', 'Only one religious meeting is recorded'), ('itssublimerobjects', 'its sublimer objects')]
RH18720206-V39-08-page4.txt: [('legislaexceedingly', 'leg isla exceedingly')]
RH18720206-V39-08-page6.txt: [('mymindthatadisturbingelementinthechurch', 'my mind that a disturbing element in the church'), ('mightbefilledwiththeknowledgeof', 'might be filled with the knowledge of')]
RH18720206-V39-08-page7.txt: [('testimonyoftheSaviour', 'testimony of the Saviour'), ('willsoondawnuponus', 'will soon dawn upon us'), ('wouldallbeinsomebodyelse', 'would all be in somebody else'), ('matterofwhatnature', 'matter of what nature')]
RH18720206-V39-08-page8.txt: [('constitutionallawyer', 'constitutional lawyer'), ('ppealtotheBaptists', 'p peal to the Baptists'), ('Canyenotdlacernthelignaof', 'Can ye not dl acer nth el ign a of')]
RH18720213-V39-09-page3.txt: [('Ashepherdwaspassingbeneathit', 'A shepherd was passing beneath it'), ('policetypographical', 'police typographical'), ('Thisistrueofbooksaswellasnewspapers', 'This is true of books as well as newspapers')]
RH18720213-V39-09-page4.txt: [('extentweareaChristiannation', 'extent we are a Christian nation'), ('itmaywellbedestroyme', 'it may well be destroy me'), ('tofulfillinjustasaccurateamannereverytruly', 'to fulfill in just as accurate a manner every truly'), ('fashionandfollycomplaints', 'fashion and folly complaints')]
RH18720213-V39-09-page5.txt: [('Leteverymanbefully', 'Let everyman be fully'), ('Wedonotknowwhatobject', 'We do not know what object'), ('thepriesthoodsofAaronandChristiscorrect', 'the priesthoods of Aaron and Christ is correct'), ('Onthesecondpartofthisversetherecanbe', 'On the second part of this verse there can be')]
RH18720213-V39-09-page6.txt: [('privigregationalism', 'priv i gre gat ion a l ism'), ('AssoonasreachingSantaRosa', 'As soon as reaching Santa Rosa'), ('adistanceoffifteenmiles', 'a distance of fifteen miles'), ('heartmayfeelthattheyaredoingsomethingto', 'heart may feel that they are doing something to'), ('motivesexertastrongerinfluence', 'motives exert a stronger influence')]
RH18720213-V39-09-page7.txt: [('enjoymentfluctuates', 'enjoyment fluctuate s'), ('ortheunrestrainedbirdtocleavewhileinnearlyeveryrespectitwouldanswer', 'or the unrestrained bird to cleave while in nearly every respect it would answer'), ('Thywordisalighttomypath', 'Thy word is a light to my path')]
RH18720220-V39-10-page1.txt: [('Ifthereisaspiritin', 'If there is a spirit in'), ('Ifanoxgoreamanorawoman', 'If an ox gore a man or a woman')]
RH18720220-V39-10-page2.txt: [('senttheliteralresurrectionofthesaints', 'sent the literal resurrection of the saints'), ('gatesofhellcannotprevail', 'gates of hell cannot prevail'), ('Whosoeverwasnotfoundwritten', 'Whosoever was not found written'), ('Argumentdrawnfromtextsthatprove', 'Argument drawn from texts that prove'), ('Yearedeadandyourlifeishidwith', 'Ye are dead and your life is hid with'), ('Absentfromthismortal', 'Absent from this mortal'), ('IsnotGodtheGodofthedead', 'Is not God the God of the dead'), ('Argumentdrawnfromtextsthatteach', 'Argument drawn from texts that teach')]
RH18720220-V39-10-page3.txt: [('everythingthatoughttobedoneisre', 'everything that ought to be done is r e'), ('toahomewherethelawofkindnessreigned', 'to a home where the law of kindness reigned'), ('andthenIdropitinamoment', 'and then I drop it in a moment'), ('putyourfootonthefirstroundofthelad', 'put your foot on the first round of the lad')]
RH18720220-V39-10-page4.txt: [('Massachuspiritualistic', 'Massa c hus pi ritualistic')]
RH18720220-V39-10-page5.txt: [('ofherteachinganddiscipleship', 'of her teaching and discipleship'), ('BishopWhitetopleadintheirbehalfthemeritsofhisdeath', 'Bishop White to plead in their behalf the merits of his death'), ('hewasdecidedIyofareligiousturnofmind', 'he was decided I y of a religious turn of mind'), ('neitherdidyoueverhearakeeper', 'neither did you ever hear a keeper')]
RH18720220-V39-10-page7.txt: [('receivedduringthepast', 'received during the past'), ('almostanylengthoftimedesired', 'almost any length of time desired'), ('Supposethewordmeat', 'Suppose the word meat'), ('therewillcomediscouragements', 'there will come discouragements')]
RH18720220-V39-10-page8.txt: [('fortheirfriendlontrial', 'for their friend lon trial')]
RH18720227-V39-11-page3.txt: [('glassesofchampagne', 'glasses of champagne')]
RH18720227-V39-11-page6.txt: [('accordorganization', 'accord organization')]
RH18720227-V39-11-page7.txt: [('bytheblessingoftheLord', 'by the blessing of the Lord'), ('whichisnotthatofChristianity', 'which is not that of Christianity'), ('gatheringcloudscastadismalgloom', 'gathering clouds cast a dismal gloom')]
RH18720227-V39-11-page8.txt: [('Ourbestmenreceivetwelvedollarsperweek', 'Our best men receive twelve dollars per week'), ('Arsoncomesswiftlybehind', 'Ar son comes swiftly behind')]
RH18720305-V39-12-page1.txt: [('enduringsuchprivationsinhopesofahomestead', 'enduring such privations in hopes of a homestead'), ('independredemption', 'in depend redemption'), ('orbethemeansofsavingmoreorfarmoftheirowninafewyears', 'or be the means of saving more or farm of their own in a few years')]
RH18720305-V39-12-page4.txt: [('respectivedenominations', 'respective denominations'), ('Notonlytherepresentativemenofthechurches', 'Not only the representative men of the churches'), ('Ishouldhavetoanswerinthenegative', 'I should have to answer in the negative'), ('hapsthatisamatterofopinion', 'hap s that is a matter of opinion'), ('whichaffordedthemunspeakablejoy', 'which afforded them unspeakable joy')]
RH18720305-V39-12-page6.txt: [('seethematterinthatlight', 'see the matter in that light'), ('andsoallwerenotfree', 'and so all were not free'), ('priwhichmyconvictionoftheabilityoftheSpirit', 'p r i w h i c h m y c o n v i c t i o n o f t h e a b i l i t y o f t h e S p i r i t'), ('shopedtheywillallcomeoutfree', 's hoped they will all come out free')]
RH18720305-V39-12-page7.txt: [('Intemperanceplaysthepartofasturdy', 'Intemperance plays the part of a sturdy'), ('andtheyrequirelongandcarefulculture', 'and they require long and careful culture')]
RH18720312-V39-13-page1.txt: [('witnessthatthegospelwaspreservedamong', 'witness that the gospel was preserved among'), ('theVaudoishavedeparted', 'the Vaudois have departed'), ('peopledothecontrary', 'people do the contrary'), ('actersmentionedhere', 'act er s mentioned here'), ('alltheparisheswheretheydwelt', 'all the parishes where they dwelt'), ('hadinonthesameinMatt', 'had in on the same in Matt'), ('tothatwhereinweWEREheld', 'to that wherein we WERE held')]
RH18720312-V39-13-page2.txt: [('andthatwemustremembertokeepsaying', 'and that we must remember to keep saying'), ('Webelieveandaresurethatthou', 'We believe and are sure that thou'), ('littlebelowhischin', 'little below his chin')]
RH18720312-V39-13-page3.txt: [('Tohomesandheartsnea', 'To homes and hearts n e a'), ('obtheuttermostpartsoftheearthforthyposses', 'o b the uttermost parts of the earth for thy posses'), ('SadlytheoldmanshookagaiDh', 'Sadly the old man shook aga i D h'), ('WhatdoesGodwantmetodo', 'What does God want me to do')]
RH18720312-V39-13-page4.txt: [('ofthedecadenceoftheCatholicChurchre', 'of the decadence of the Catholic C hur chr e'), ('itnotafactthatthereisagreatdealofmaking', 'it not a fact that there is a great deal of making'), ('andourapeopletoactasS', 'and our a people to act as S'), ('Adventistsareactingin', 'Adventists are acting in')]
RH18720312-V39-13-page5.txt: [('keepingthemindcontinually', 'keeping the mind continually')]
RH18720312-V39-13-page7.txt: [('Theseweredaysofsolemn', 'These were days of solemn'), ('absorbingcorruptProtestantism', 'absorbing corrupt Protestantism'), ('isaleopartiallyorganized', 'is a leo partially organized'), ('ifitwouldstormitswayin', 'if it would storm its way in')]
RH18720312-V39-13-page8.txt: [('Whenorderedbyfriends', 'When ordered by friends'), ('ThekingdomofHeannIIathand', 'The kingdom of He ann II at hand'), ('twoEnglisharchbishopsdispose', 'two English archbishops dispose'), ('afullExpositionofthechap', 'a full Exposition of the chap')]
RH18720319-V39-14-page1.txt: [('transgressionwhich', 'transgression which')]
RH18720319-V39-14-page2.txt: [('thatthegreatruleofmoralduty', 'that the great rule of moral duty')]
RH18720319-V39-14-page3.txt: [('Youhavemerelytousethelanguage', 'You have merely to use the language')]
RH18720319-V39-14-page4.txt: [('himtoimaginehehasmadeamoreorlesstell', 'him to imagine he has made a more or less tell'), ('Andwhatmusttakeplace', 'And what must take place')]
RH18720319-V39-14-page5.txt: [('AndtheLordsaidtoSamuel', 'And the Lord said to Samuel'), ('Donottrytotellallyouknowinone', 'Do not try to tell all you know in one'), ('whenIbeginIwillalsomakeanend', 'when I begin I will also make an end'), ('nineteentwentieths', 'nineteen twentieths')]
RH18720319-V39-14-page8.txt: [('TheSeventhPartofTime', 'The Seventh Part of Time'), ('SermonontheSJbbatn', 'Sermon on the S J b bat n'), ('makingpreparations', 'making preparations')]
RH18720326-V39-15-page2.txt: [('MicheletsLifeofLuther', 'Mic he lets Life of Luther')]
RH18720326-V39-15-page4.txt: [('SanctifythemthroughTh', 'Sanctify them through T h'), ('theystrivetomaintain', 'they strive to maintain'), ('WhychoosetobeinignorutJceof', 'Why choose to be in ign o rut J c e o f'), ('millionsofyearsofglorywillleavealleternityyet', 'millions of years of glory will leave all eternity yet'), ('knowledgeofthepresentcareofourHeavenlyFawhen', 'knowledge of the present care of our Heavenly F a w h e n')]
RH18720326-V39-15-page7.txt: [('Afterwaitingafewminutes', 'After waiting a few minutes'), ('ofthesocietyinMichigan', 'of the society in Michigan'), ('IrasburghandSutton', 'Irasburg hand Sutton'), ('thatwithoutfaithitisimpossibletoplease', 'that without faith it is impossible to please')]
RH18720326-V39-15-page8.txt: [('WesternNewYorkwillbeheldatParma', 'Western New York will beheld at Parma'), ('earthdidyougetsuchasum', 'earth did you get such a sum'), ('TheSeventhPartofTime', 'The Seventh Part of Time'), ('Wheaorderedbyothersforthepoor', 'Whe a ordered by others for the poor')]
RH18720402-V39-16-page2.txt: [('Professorsofreligionaregoing', 'Professors of religion are going'), ('Itcametothedoubtingdiscipleand', 'It came to the doubting disciple and'), ('canbefoundholdingtheimmortal', 'can be found holding the immortal'), ('immortalityofthesoul', 'immortality of the soul'), ('andshallshowgreatsignsandwonders', 'and shall show great signs and wonders')]
RH18720402-V39-16-page3.txt: [('willholdupthygoings', 'will hold up thy goings')]
RH18720402-V39-16-page4.txt: [('Duringtheentireperiodofourmarried', 'During the entire period of our married'), ('satisfacquirements', 'sat is fac quire men t s')]
RH18720402-V39-16-page6.txt: [('ItwasstronglyurgedfromDeut', 'It was strongly urged from Deut'), ('Otherwiseourmeetawaythosesinsthatwouldpreventourbeingingin', 'Otherwise our meet away those sins that would prevent our being ing in'), ('CommitteeonNominationsreported', 'Committee on Nominations reported'), ('shipwhereIheldafewmeetingsamonthago', 'ship where I held a few meetings a month ago'), ('heldmeetingseverySabbathandfirst', 'held meetings every Sabbath and first')]
RH18720402-V39-16-page7.txt: [('inthevicinityofthesemeetingswillbeblessed', 'in the vicinity of these meetings will be blessed'), ('Andmyprayeristhatnotanyofgratificationwouldnotsendachildtoschool', 'And my prayer is that not any of gratification would not send a child to school')]
RH18720402-V39-16-page8.txt: [('intheneningofeachday', 'in then en ing of each day'), ('uswhatitistobeintheworld', 'us what it is to be in the world')]
RH18720409-V39-17-page2.txt: [('hllmilitygeneralizing', 'h l l mil it y generalizing'), ('Theyaretheverylastonesthatwill', 'They are the very last ones that will')]
RH18720409-V39-17-page3.txt: [('wateredmanyathirstyspot', 'watered many a thirsty spot')]
RH18720409-V39-17-page5.txt: [('compliancewithalltheseconditionswouldjustrepentancetowardGod', 'compliance with all these conditions would just repentance toward God'), ('formakethhisangels', 'for maketh his angels'), ('andhisministersaflam', 'and his ministers a fla m'), ('meetingnearIonialastfall', 'meeting near Ionia last fall'), ('ecclesiastiinfluence', 'ecclesia st i influence')]
RH18720409-V39-17-page6.txt: [('liethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'lie that goeth forth and weepeth'), ('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed')]
RH18720416-V39-18-page1.txt: [('characterprofessors', 'character professors'), ('Thesecondgreatfactisthat', 'The second great fact is that'), ('manyofthefirstpublicistsofItaly', 'many of the first publicists of Italy'), ('inaletteralreadypuplished', 'in a letter already pup l i shed'), ('Itistobefearedthat', 'It is to be feared that')]
RH18720416-V39-18-page2.txt: [('onittravelsleavingruinand', 'on it travels leaving ruin and')]
RH18720416-V39-18-page3.txt: [('passedbyoneofthepleasuresoflife', 'passed by one of the pleasures of life'), ('Whileyehavethelight', 'While ye have the light')]
RH18720416-V39-18-page4.txt: [('heavenlysanctuarybegan', 'heavenly sanctuary began'), ('aboutthistimetoinp', 'about this time to in p')]
RH18720416-V39-18-page6.txt: [('celebratingtheLord', 'celebrating the Lord')]
RH18720416-V39-18-page7.txt: [('busypartofmankindareengagedinmultiplythathewillbetherewithhistemptations', 'busy part of mankind are engaged in multiply that he will be therewith his temptations'), ('andbringitintosubjecserviceofGod', 'and bring it into subj e c s e r v i c e o f G o d'), ('andhavingformanyyearsfaithing', 'and having for many years faith ing')]
RH18720423-V39-19-page2.txt: [('blastingwinterfollow', 'blasting winter follow')]
RH18720423-V39-19-page3.txt: [('foundsufferingpainfulenoughinside', 'found suffering painful enough inside')]
RH18720423-V39-19-page5.txt: [('andreturnedtherest', 'and returned the rest'), ('butbytheworldlivingin', 'but by the world living in'), ('THEsimpleamberfromthemouthofa', 'THE simple amber from the mouth of a'), ('receivedatthehandsofPope', 'received at the hands of Pope'), ('correspondexplanatory', 'correspond explanatory')]
RH18720423-V39-19-page6.txt: [('topreachbuttheSabbath', 'to preach but the Sabbath'), ('therecouldbeagreat', 'there could be a great'), ('thunderandlightning', 'thunder and lightning'), ('Heiskinduntotheunthankfuland', 'He is kind unto the unthankful and'), ('thelifeandactsofanewcreature', 'the life and acts of anew creature')]
RH18720423-V39-19-page7.txt: [('interpretahumility', 'interpret a humility'), ('consecanreasonablycomplainofanytreatmentof', 'con sec an reasonably complain of any treatment of')]
RH18720423-V39-19-page8.txt: [('onlyanapproximation', 'only an approximation'), ('Thecauseseemstodemandsomeminislera', 'The cause seems to demand some minis l era')]
RH18720430-V39-20-page1.txt: [('Thistestimonyistoodirecttobemistaken', 'This testimony is too direct to be mistaken'), ('henceforthtobetheeternalabodeofthesaints', 'henceforth to be the eternal abode of the saints')]
RH18720430-V39-20-page4.txt: [('thattermisappliedtoman', 'that ter misapplied to man'), ('whythrustitwithinthisprison', 'why thrust it within this prison')]
RH18720430-V39-20-page5.txt: [('seeafearfulwantoffaithfulmenofresponsinounceduponthosewhoare', 'see a fearful want of faithful men of resp on sin ounce du p on those who are'), ('hedeprivedhimselfofmanytemporalblessings', 'he deprived himself of many temporal blessings'), ('Itthereforebecomesthedutyoftheminbility', 'It therefore becomes the duty of them in b i lit y'), ('worktodointhecauseofGodr', 'work to do in the cause of Go dr')]
RH18720430-V39-20-page6.txt: [('fieldshavesufferedforthisverylaborthuscalled', 'fields have suffered for this very labor thus called'), ('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed'), ('Tabernacleofservice', 'Tabernacle of service')]
RH18720430-V39-20-page8.txt: [('willbelessministeriallaborintheStatethanusual', 'will be less ministerial labor in the State than usual'), ('ingbeforethegovernmenttroops', 'ing before the government troops'), ('otherchurchesareinTited', 'other churches are in Tit ed')]
RH18720507-V39-21-page3.txt: [('insweetestmelodies', 'in sweetest melodies'), ('noticedtheexpansibilityoflight', 'noticed the exp an sib i lit y of light')]
RH18720507-V39-21-page4.txt: [('quesifhewaseventbenthere', 'ques if he was event bent here'), ('Wehavenottimeatpresent', 'We have not time at present')]
RH18720507-V39-21-page5.txt: [('togetherwithhissignaljudgmentsfrom', 'together with his signal judgments from'), ('anditishardlyprobabletheywillgo', 'and it is hardly probable they will go'), ('thatabrotherMasoncould', 'that a brother Mason could'), ('cannotqorscientiouslybelongtoasocietywhose', 'cannot q o r s c i e n t i o u s l y b e l o n g t o a s o c i e t y w h o s e')]
RH18720507-V39-21-page6.txt: [('particinstrumentality', 'part i c instrumentality')]
RH18720507-V39-21-page7.txt: [('IfIstillholdcloselytohim', 'If I still hold closely to him'), ('Insteadoftakingouttheir', 'Instead of taking out their'), ('thatwasforthechurch', 'that was for the church')]
RH18720507-V39-21-page8.txt: [('Sabbathbrethrenlivingino', 'Sabbath brethren living in o'), ('localitywherethiskindoflabor', 'locality where this kind of labor')]
RH18720514-V39-22-page3.txt: [('Seeingthenthatallthese', 'Seeing then that all these')]
RH18720514-V39-22-page4.txt: [('ogousonesarefoundinanimallifealso', 'o go us ones are found in animal life also'), ('OldTestamentisfrom', 'Old Testament is from'), ('orwhereitissaidtobeimmortal', 'or where it is said to be immortal'), ('andsoulandbodybepreservedblamelessuntothe', 'and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the')]
RH18720514-V39-22-page6.txt: [('Hethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'He that goeth forth and weepeth'), ('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed'), ('bringiughissheaveswithhim', 'bring i ugh is sheaves with him')]
RH18720514-V39-22-page7.txt: [('misfortuneexcepted', 'misfortune excepted'), ('Waittillafterbreakfast', 'Wait till after breakfast'), ('lishedanaccountofavoyagedowntheAmoor', 'lis he dan account of a voyage down the A moor'), ('heavensareabovetheearth', 'heavens are above the earth'), ('turningtowasburiedwithherSaviorbybaptismonlya', 'turning to was buried with her Savior by baptism only a')]
RH18720514-V39-22-page8.txt: [('Superintendpresent', 'Sup er intend present'), ('Thechiefobjecthasbeenalatedtoaidthosewho', 'The chief object has been a lated to aid those who'), ('WedesiretoseethecauseinthislargeConference', 'We desire to see the cause in this large Conference')]
RH18720521-V39-23-page2.txt: [('theretogoawayforhelp', 'there to go away for help')]
RH18720521-V39-23-page4.txt: [('buttosaythatitcanexistinaconsciousstateintion', 'but to say that it can exist in a conscious state inti on'), ('whenthecommandment', 'when the commandment')]
RH18720521-V39-23-page7.txt: [('approachthetableoftheLord', 'approach the table of the Lord'), ('Hisgreatplansarenotwroughtout', 'His great plans are not wrought out'), ('sharethegloriousrewardthatawaitsthefaithful', 'share the glorious reward that awaits the faithful')]
RH18720521-V39-23-page8.txt: [('preciousopportunity', 'precious opportunity')]
RH18720528-V39-24-page1.txt: [('bladesofgrassasgreenasJune', 'blades of grass as green as June')]
RH18720528-V39-24-page5.txt: [('Astronomiappointed', 'A str o nom i appointed'), ('costofthesemeetingstothecauseisnosmallitem', 'cost of these meetings to the cause is no small item'), ('theseconcessionsonthissubject', 'these concessions on this subject'), ('andifyouandIarenotfaithfulto', 'and if you and I are not faithful to'), ('hastherebeenaninstitutionwhichhasbeenlike', 'has there been an institution which has been like'), ('TheyweretheintelligentandstudiouRcitizens', 'They were the intelligent and studio uR citizens'), ('shiningoveritsbrow', 'shining over its brow'), ('weredesolatingthefairest', 'were desolating the fairest'), ('Henceitisthattheseforeigners', 'Hence it is that these foreigners'), ('intheproclamationofthefirstmessagerprophecyofour', 'in the proclamation of the first mes sager prophecy of our')]
RH18720528-V39-24-page6.txt: [('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed'), ('Systemconstitution', 'System constitution')]
RH18720528-V39-24-page7.txt: [('understandreligious', 'understand religious')]
RH18720604-V39-25-page1.txt: [('yetthisseventhdayisnry', 'yet this seventh day is n r y'), ('onthesixthdaywouldkeepovertheSa', 'on the sixth day would keep over the S a'), ('portionfellonthesixthday', 'portion fell on the sixth day')]
RH18720604-V39-25-page3.txt: [('Andwhoarethefathers', 'And who are the fathers'), ('theyformanacquaintancewiththedivine', 'they for man acquaintance with the divine'), ('andoneoftheirnumber', 'and one of their number'), ('whirlofearthlylifeisnotgoingonforever', 'whirl of earthly life is not going on forever')]
RH18720604-V39-25-page4.txt: [('thatwhichbefalleththe', 'that which befalleth the'), ('Landiswouldexclaim', 'Landis would exclaim'), ('ennonethingbefalleththem', 'en none thing befalleth them'), ('coningthespiritofman', 'coning the spirit of man'), ('Thusdefiniteandpositiveistheteachingofsciousindeath', 'Thus definite and positive is the teaching of sci o us in death'), ('thenequivalenttainlybelievedhewaspreachingthetruth', 'then equivalent tain l y believed he was preaching the truth'), ('thatweareignorantofitsessentialqual', 'that we are ignorant of its essential qua l'), ('andnooneretainshisviewsintactforany', 'and no one retains his views intact for any'), ('thisexpiringprayer', 'this expiring prayer')]
RH18720604-V39-25-page5.txt: [('Thecalamityovershadowed', 'The calamity overshadowed'), ('andalthoughtheyearendsmorepeacefully', 'and although the year ends more peacefully')]
RH18720604-V39-25-page6.txt: [('IleftthatplacewithBro', 'I left that place with Bro'), ('willresponsibilities', 'will responsibilities')]
RH18720604-V39-25-page8.txt: [('AllthememtomaandPlainfieldareorganized', 'All the mem tom a and Plainfield are organized')]
RH18720611-V39-26-page2.txt: [('knowjustwhenitoccurred', 'know just when it occurred'), ('unutterableloveofGodtothattimidspirit', 'unutterable love of God to that timid spirit'), ('beensuggestedbythosewhoknewmoreof', 'been suggested by those who knew more of')]
RH18720611-V39-26-page3.txt: [('nomoretowritheunder', 'no more to writhe under')]
RH18720611-V39-26-page4.txt: [('hardlypassoveritwithoutthinking', 'hardly passover it without thinking'), ('spiritsofjustmenmadeperfect', 'spirits of just men made perfect'), ('Ifitreferstotheformer', 'If it refers to the former'), ('punctuatetheirsentences', 'punctuate their sentences'), ('butonlyassignifyingthatthefurnacewas', 'but only as signifying that the furnace was')]
RH18720611-V39-26-page5.txt: [('opinnotjustifytheopiniontheyhold', 'o pin not justify the opinion they hold'), ('anyfieldwherethereisa', 'any field where there is a'), ('andifmuchcoldfoodistaken', 'and if much cold food is taken'), ('ingsthelinencoatofthedayshouldbeexchanged', 'ings the linen coat of the day should be exchanged'), ('Jandthechillingairofevening', 'J and the chilling air of evening'), ('haulinaloadofhaylestashowercommgup', 'haul in a load of hay lest a shower comm gu p')]
RH18720611-V39-26-page7.txt: [('seathefollowingdefinitionsoftheword', 'sea the following definitions of the word'), ('QuARTERLYmeetingofthe', 'QuARTERLY meeting of the'), ('AdventistsatUlysses', 'Adventists at Ulysses'), ('hinkthatmystayinKen', 'h ink that my stay in Ken'), ('itsignifiesproperlysomething', 'it signifies properly something')]
RH18720611-V39-26-page8.txt: [('EuropeanOpinionofAmerican', 'European Opinion of American'), ('PeopleGetwhattheyGofor', 'People Get what they Go for'), ('HivingBeesontheSabbath', 'Hiving Bees on the Sabbath'), ('TheWarningCriesinMammothCave', 'The Warning Cries in Mammoth Cave'), ('PreciousandPractical', 'Precious and Practical'), ('TheVoiceofConscience', 'The Voice of Conscience'), ('ConsecratedCulturE', 'Consecrated Cult ur E'), ('TheInfidelandWorkofGod', 'The Infidel and Work of God'), ('DeathofSisterAndrews', 'Death of Sister Andrews'), ('SuggestionsonDistributingTracte', 'Suggestions on Distributing Tract e'), ('TheNewHeavensandEarth', 'The New Heavens and Earth'), ('TheSpiritReturnstoGod', 'The Spirit Returns to God'), ('WhatSpiritualismisDoing', 'What Spiritualism is Doing'), ('TheHardestTimeofAll', 'The Hardest Time of All')]
RH18720618-V40-01-page1.txt: [('Itcannotbeaquestionwithusastothe', 'It cannot be a question with us as to the')]
RH18720618-V40-01-page2.txt: [('assistcomparatively', 'assist comparatively')]
RH18720618-V40-01-page3.txt: [('Ifyoudonotcutabitoff', 'If you do not cut a bit off'), ('Atfirsthetooknonotice', 'At first he took no notice'), ('thatisnottheworkofaman', 'that is not the work of a man'), ('ItissimplyafamilyalbumthatI', 'It is simply a family album that I'), ('ThroughthestreetsoftheNewJerusalem', 'Through the streets of the New Jerusalem')]
RH18720618-V40-01-page5.txt: [('itscompanionshipsreal', 'its companionships real')]
RH18720618-V40-01-page8.txt: [('Ineversignedforthatpaper', 'I never signed for that paper'), ('Inattemptingtogaina', 'In attempting to gain a'), ('moneytothepaperisnotindnetimeacknowledged', 'money to the paper is not ind net i me acknowledged'), ('immediatenoticeIItnotpaidInthreeraonthl', 'immediate notice I It not paid In three r a o n t h l'), ('findnameswedonotknow', 'find names we do not know'), ('ourobligationstoourfellow', 'our obligations to our fellow'), ('othetlltortilepoor', 'ot h et l l tor tile poor'), ('fortheirfriendsontrial', 'for their friends on trial'), ('Wherewindsanhavesarehushedinsleep', 'Where winds an haves are hushed in sleep')]
RH18720625-V40-02-page1.txt: [('domindthethingsoftheflesh', 'do mind the things of the flesh'), ('thatsacredatrectionsshowthemselvesina', 'that sacred at rect ions show themselves in a'), ('thecharacterofthelawgiverwouldbeof', 'the character of the lawgiver would be of'), ('spreadsthroughthat', 'spreads through that'), ('whoisimpassionedoneveryothersubject', 'who is impassioned on every other subject')]
RH18720625-V40-02-page4.txt: [('ISgmmgInItsaccompIS', 'IS g m m g I n I t s a c c o m p I S'), ('translaconstitutesthe', 'trans la constitutes the')]
RH18720625-V40-02-page7.txt: [('toendureallhertrials', 'to endure all her trials')]
RH18720625-V40-02-page8.txt: [('inquiringforthetruth', 'inquiring for the truth'), ('thatcurviewofthisprophecyiscorrect', 'that cur view of this prophecy is correct'), ('thethirdSabbathandfirst', 'the third Sabbath and first'), ('sayingthatinthethi', 'saying that int heth i'), ('WhenorderedbJfriends', 'When ordered b J friends'), ('andaretobeheldalter', 'and are to beheld alter')]
RH18720702-V40-03-page2.txt: [('thisschoolofphilosophyarequicklylearned', 'this school of philosophy are quickly learned')]
RH18720702-V40-03-page4.txt: [('Inhellhelifteduphiseyes', 'In hell he lifted up his eyes'), ('woterebyareliabletolose', 'wot ere by a reliable to lose'), ('Theproductiondayafterdayofaseriesofthemost', 'The production day after day of a series of the most')]
RH18720702-V40-03-page5.txt: [('circumstanquestion', 'cir cum stan question')]
RH18720702-V40-03-page6.txt: [('viewsontheconditionofthedeadandSabbath', 'views on the condition of the dead and Sabbath')]
RH18720702-V40-03-page8.txt: [('arrivedsafeinBattleCreek', 'arrived safe in Battle Creek')]
RH18720709-V40-04-page1.txt: [('foritrepentethmethatIshortenlifeandbringthemiseryabove', 'for it repenteth me that I shorten life and bring the misery above')]
RH18720709-V40-04-page2.txt: [('oftheworldarenotthehabitsandcustomsure', 'of the world are not the habits and custom sure'), ('thathemaycomeinandhelp', 'that he may come in and help'), ('anandanawfulscenepresentsitselfbeforeus', 'an and an awful scene presents itself before us'), ('thesteadycurrentofwhichis', 'the steady current of which is'), ('uponthemountainsofpurity', 'upon the mountains of purity')]
RH18720709-V40-04-page3.txt: [('sthedaysheesteemedasSabbath', 's the days he esteemed as Sabbath'), ('continuehisjourneyasifitwereanyother', 'continue his journey as if it were any other'), ('thehourofapproachingdeath', 'the hour of approaching death'), ('Itwaseasytoseethattherelay', 'It was easy to see that there lay'), ('strengthlknowwouldhaveeome', 'strength l know would ha vee o me')]
RH18720709-V40-04-page4.txt: [('inseputestotheseholymartyrs', 'in sep utes to these holy martyrs'), ('arableattributeofthesoul', 'arable attribute of the soul'), ('ironextractedfromourpoorerandweakerAmernearathand', 'iron extracted from our poorer and weaker Amer near at hand'), ('ecomingoftheLordwa', 'eco ming of the Lord w a')]
RH18720709-V40-04-page5.txt: [('thetransfiguration', 'the transfiguration')]
RH18720709-V40-04-page6.txt: [('EdwardsandCalvinKelsey', 'Edwards and Calvin Kelsey')]
RH18720709-V40-04-page7.txt: [('therelearnthatareckoning', 'there learn that a reckoning'), ('letnothinginterferewitha', 'let nothing interfere with a'), ('SisterJohnsoncommenced', 'Sister Johnson commenced'), ('votedtotheacquisitionofsubstantialknowltime', 'voted to the acquisition of substantial know l time')]
RH18720716-V40-05-page1.txt: [('soundingthetrumpetof', 'sounding the trumpet of')]
RH18720716-V40-05-page2.txt: [('athenewtestamentinmyblood', 'a the new testament in my blood')]
RH18720716-V40-05-page3.txt: [('reformingandsavinga', 'reforming and saving a'), ('pockethandkerchief', 'pocket handkerchief'), ('Butearthanditsworksweresuchtrifles', 'But earth and its works were such trifles'), ('Butyourinfantilemind', 'But your infantile mind'), ('Itbringssalvationtohispeowas', 'It brings salvation to his pe o was'), ('fromthepulpitsofthosethathave', 'from the pulpits of those that have'), ('JiirNATUREhaslefteverymanacapaclil', 'J i ir NATURE has left everyman a capac l i l')]
RH18720716-V40-05-page4.txt: [('HadtheSabbatheverbeenobharborof', 'Had the Sabbath ever bee nob harbor of'), ('hasneverenteredachurchsincethatday', 'has never entered a church since that day'), ('nogreaterevidencethattheheartis', 'no greater evidence that the heart is'), ('WITHINthelastcentury', 'WITHIN the last century'), ('butifthesecondisthemeanaccomplished', 'but if the second is the mean accomplished'), ('beengreatlylowered', 'been greatly lowered'), ('andevidencesoftrue', 'and evidences of true'), ('Thereisbutoneremed', 'There is but one rem ed'), ('imprisoouldspeakonhisarrival', 'imp r i s o o u l d s p e a k o n h i s a r r i v a l'), ('meetsuggestionswhioh', 'meet suggestions w h i o h'), ('ofthegorillainstinct', 'of the gorilla instinct')]
RH18720716-V40-05-page5.txt: [('Thescenelastedperhaps', 'The scene lasted perhaps'), ('nheconfinedisjailsandcells', 'n h e c o n f i n e d i s j a i l s a n d c e l l s'), ('Insomeofourchurchestherehasbeen', 'In some of our churches there has been'), ('atmosindescribable', 'at mos indescribable')]
RH18720716-V40-05-page6.txt: [('Hethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'He that goeth forth and weepeth'), ('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed')]
RH18720716-V40-05-page7.txt: [('IAVAILmyselfoftheprivilegegrantedto', 'I A VAIL myself of the privilege granted to'), ('NomancanbeelevatedwJiodoesnotiove', 'No man can be elevated w J i o d o e s n o t i o v e'), ('Itisnonearerendingthen', 'It is none are rending then')]
RH18720716-V40-05-page8.txt: [('Itisdirectlycontradictedbythetestimony', 'It is directly contradicted by the testimony')]
RH18720723-V40-06-page2.txt: [('letitnotbethatoutwardadorning', 'let it not be that outward adorning'), ('andofwearingofgold', 'and of wearing of gold'), ('earlywilllseekthee', 'early will l seek thee'), ('whoseheartsburnwith', 'whose hearts burn with')]
RH18720723-V40-06-page3.txt: [('estabcitiesofisraei', 'est a b cities of is rae i'), ('importanceofthepointaboveconsidered', 'importance of the point above considered'), ('minethosepassageswhichspeakof', 'mine those passages which speak of'), ('althoughhenowappearedsimplyasama', 'although he now appeared simply as am a'), ('andindulgingindreams', 'and indulging in dreams'), ('dispensationistoclosewiththelong', 'dispensation is to close with the long'), ('lessthanayearfromthatpoint', 'less than a year from that point'), ('plainlyconveystheid', 'plainly conveys the i d'), ('whichwasnevertobede', 'which was never to bede'), ('sarytoconsiderthecoming', 's ar y to consider the coming')]
RH18720723-V40-06-page4.txt: [('andtheespecialviewsof', 'and the especial views of')]
RH18720723-V40-06-page5.txt: [('neithershallweagainacceptof', 'neither shall we again accept of'), ('orevencorrectingseoond', 'or even correcting s e o o n d'), ('shouldbesoplainlywrittenthatbecanread', 'should be so plainly written that be can read')]
RH18720723-V40-06-page6.txt: [('Hethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'He that goeth forth and weepeth'), ('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed'), ('willingsoulswereburiedwithChristinbaptism', 'willing souls were buried with Christ in baptism'), ('Itseverytowerisimpregnable', 'Its every tower is impregnable'), ('theyatpfoundinthewordofGod', 'they at p found in the word of God'), ('Thevalleyofhumilityisa', 'The valley of humility is a')]
RH18720723-V40-06-page7.txt: [('wherewecanseektheLord', 'where we can seek the Lord'), ('Thesegoldenmomentstosecureeternallifewillc', 'These golden moments to secure eternal life will c'), ('Willamanrobthesnareofthedevil', 'Willa man rob the snare of the devil'), ('Caroandrestorewhatwehavenottakenthanto', 'Caro and restore what we have not taken than to'), ('withholdwhatshouldberestored', 'withhold what should be restored'), ('giveatitheoronepercent', 'give a tithe or one percent')]
RH18720723-V40-06-page8.txt: [('Applicationsforspacetoexhibit', 'Applications for space to exhibit'), ('necessarytorepresentthemselvesfullyatthismeetthe', 'necessary to represent themselves fully at this meet the'), ('fullExpositionofthechap', 'full Exposition of the chap')]
RH18720730-V40-07-page2.txt: [('disobediunfriendly', 'dis obed i unfriendly'), ('emigrationwouldbetotlteni', 'emigration would be tot l ten i'), ('ovorherownsoiltoherbaseofsupplieP', 'o v or her own soil to her base of supp lie P'), ('theLordwouldnotcome', 'the Lord would not come')]
RH18720730-V40-07-page3.txt: [('aocordinstobiBpromiSe', 'a o cord ins to biB promiSe'), ('ThewordisdefinedbyRobinsonthus', 'The word is defined by Robinson thus'), ('Yewhichhavefollowedmein', 'Ye which have followed me in')]
RH18720730-V40-07-page4.txt: [('actuallyapcouldhaveseenhimaswellasthewoman', 'actually a p could have seen him as well as the woman'), ('provetheimmortalityof', 'prove the immortality of'), ('havebeenbeneficial', 'have been beneficial'), ('Theyhaveresultedintheeda', 'They have resulted in the ed a'), ('themassesofthepeople', 'the masses of the people'), ('andofattachingtoomuch', 'and of attaching too much'), ('toaidherinherunholyworkof', 'to aid her in her unholy work of'), ('onlyamanifestationofancientnecromancy', 'only a manifestation of ancient necromancy'), ('byanoperationofthe', 'by an operation of the')]
RH18720730-V40-07-page5.txt: [('accompanyaccomplished', 'accompany accomplished'), ('naturaldisposition', 'natural disposition')]
RH18720730-V40-07-page6.txt: [('PresandMethodistsstartedoppositionmeet', 'Pres and Methodists started opposition meet'), ('Brethrenandsistersherearequitescatteredindifferent', 'Brethren and sisters here are quite scattered indifferent'), ('bringinghiesheaveswithhim', 'bringing hie sheaves with him'), ('aremakinggreateffortstokeepthepeoplefrom', 'are making great efforts to keep the people from'), ('whichweregardasaninterestingfeatureofthe', 'which we regard as an interesting feature of the')]
RH18720730-V40-07-page8.txt: [('partiallytohissenses', 'partially to his senses'), ('andhedisclosedthefacttbat', 'and he disclosed the fact t b a t')]
RH18720806-V40-08-page2.txt: [('posihimaswereenjoinedordivinelyrecognized', 'pos i him as were enjoined or divinely recognized'), ('restauthoritatively', 'rest authoritatively'), ('Sofarasourreadersareconcerned', 'So far as our readers are concerned'), ('preponderatinglyto', 'preponderating l y to')]
RH18720806-V40-08-page4.txt: [('opponentstosaytothisargumentf', 'opponents to say to this argument f'), ('heofcourseappearedasadis', 'he of course appeared a sad is'), ('shouldmakesuchastatement', 'should make such a statement')]
RH18720806-V40-08-page5.txt: [('experiinefficiency', 'exp eri inefficiency'), ('bestschoolinouroonntry', 'best school in our o on n t r y'), ('tolayagoodfoundation', 'to lay a good foundation')]
RH18720806-V40-08-page6.txt: [('bearingpreclousseed', 'bearing p rec lo us seed'), ('meetingwithoutseeingverymanyintears', 'meeting without seeing very many in tears')]
RH18720806-V40-08-page7.txt: [('aninsurancecompany', 'an insurance company'), ('oldRomanprovinceofBithynia', 'old Roman province of Bithynia'), ('thereisasmallonesinsilenceanddarkness', 'there is a small ones in silence and darkness'), ('thattheinstitutionslocatedhereglowofbrighthopeandtangibleresults', 'that the institutions located here glow of bright hope and tangible results'), ('anditsuntoldgloriesfortherighteous', 'and its untold glories for the righteous')]
RH18720813-V40-09-page2.txt: [('behavehimselfproudlyagainsttheancient', 'be have himself proudly against the ancient')]
RH18720813-V40-09-page5.txt: [('theHolyOneofIsrael', 'the Holy One of Israel'), ('Godneveremployedinfidelsanddoubtersto', 'God never employed infidels and doubters to'), ('regainsthefavorofGod', 'regains the favor of God'), ('andhisspiritissaved', 'and his spirit is saved'), ('youneedtobeapartaker', 'you need to be a partaker'), ('Yousmileatthenaturalnessofthe', 'You smile at the naturalness of the')]
RH18720813-V40-09-page7.txt: [('Neverleaveanitobedottedorat', 'Never leave an i to be dotted or at')]
RH18720813-V40-09-page8.txt: [('Inthelettersabovenamed', 'In the letters above named'), ('carelessnessfering', 'carelessness fer ing')]
RH18720820-V40-10-page1.txt: [('Thatnoinatitutioncanbe', 'That no in at i tut ion can be'), ('AndGodblessedtheseventh', 'And God blessed the seventh')]
RH18720820-V40-10-page2.txt: [('netificacommandments', 'net if i c a commandments')]
RH18720820-V40-10-page3.txt: [('atonetimeasanother', 'atone time as another'), ('theyshallbegathered', 'they shall be gathered')]
RH18720820-V40-10-page5.txt: [('pleasantremembrances', 'pleasant remembrances')]
RH18720820-V40-10-page7.txt: [('theLordwouldoftenspeakmoresoftlyifwewould', 'the Lord would often speak more softly if we would')]
RH18720820-V40-10-page8.txt: [('Thepeoplearepreparedtoread', 'The people are prepared to read'), ('Ifearthatunlessheshallbeableto', 'I fear that unless he shall be able to')]
RH18720827-V40-11-page1.txt: [('morethananyotherday', 'more than any other day')]
RH18720827-V40-11-page3.txt: [('thingsheoncehatedhenowloves', 'things he once hated he now loves'), ('hecursesandanathematizes', 'he curses and anathematizes')]
RH18720827-V40-11-page7.txt: [('Ihavenothingtolookfor', 'I have nothing to look for')]
RH18720827-V40-11-page8.txt: [('fortheirfriendaontrial', 'for their friend a on trial')]
RH18720903-V40-12-page2.txt: [('Bywhattroubledsoul', 'By what troubled soul'), ('induceconfectionery', 'induce confectionery'), ('anddashtopiecesthe', 'and dash to pieces the'), ('becomesourdutytoreassertourfaith', 'becomes our duty to reassert our faith'), ('allincreaseforthenext', 'all increase for the next'), ('Isnotthisbeingdone', 'Is not this being done'), ('themthesongofredeeminglove', 'them the song of redeeming love'), ('Wehavetoomanyinthereservecorps', 'We have too many in the reserve corps'), ('ortocommitanyothercrime', 'or to commit any other crime'), ('tablealittlerarerwine', 'table a little rarer wine'), ('myideaisthatthefirstthingreligiondoesis', 'my idea is that the first thing religion does is'), ('partywillbeoneofmoralaswellasofcivil', 'party will be one of moral as well as of civil')]
RH18720903-V40-12-page6.txt: [('Bethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'Be that goeth forth and weepeth'), ('NewYorkandBrooklyn', 'New York and Brooklyn')]
RH18720903-V40-12-page7.txt: [('longforthisfinalconsummationofallthings', 'long for this final consummation of all things'), ('thesethingssufficiently', 'these things sufficiently')]
RH18720910-V40-13-page1.txt: [('Thehiddenevilsofmyheart', 'The hidden evils of my heart'), ('Intenttoaggravatemywoe', 'Intent to aggravate my woe'), ('ifhehadmorecarefullyreadmyargument', 'if he had more carefully read my argument'), ('Iosescomedowninthisline', 'I oses come down in this line'), ('portionofJaoobisnotlikethem', 'portion of J a o obis not like them'), ('anydifficultyinunderstandingme', 'any difficulty in understanding me'), ('istheonlytextcitedfromthat', 'is the only text cited from that')]
RH18720910-V40-13-page2.txt: [('therealandsubstantial', 'the real and substantial')]
RH18720910-V40-13-page3.txt: [('lifeismadeupofcares', 'life is made up of cares'), ('wouldbeentreatedtoreand', 'would be entreated tore and'), ('Wonderifanybodycantell', 'Wonder if anybody can tell'), ('importanttimeinthehistoryofthethird', 'important time in the history of the third'), ('Buttheremustbeyielding', 'But there must be yielding'), ('whichbyaccidentorincautionhasgot', 'which by accident or in caution has got'), ('fleettransformation', 'fleet transformation'), ('Jesushasbornethecrossbedays', 'Jesus has borne the cross be days'), ('Thisisindeedawonderfulphenomeacquainted', 'This is indeed a wonderful p he no me acquainted'), ('andHarborPolicecourts', 'and Harbor Police courts')]
RH18720910-V40-13-page8.txt: [('venomeansofknowing', 'ven o means of knowing')]
RH18720917-V40-14-page1.txt: [('estabunprogressive', 'est a bun progressive')]
RH18720917-V40-14-page2.txt: [('tobaccoandalcholicdrinks', 'tobacco and a l c ho l i c drinks'), ('andprospertheirway', 'and prosper their way'), ('thatwilltellinourfavorinthefinaldayof', 'that will tell in our favor in the final day of')]
RH18720917-V40-14-page3.txt: [('witheverysecretthing', 'with every secret thing'), ('itwasdisreputabletorejectthe', 'it was disreputable to reject the'), ('inordertobewhatChristiansoughttobe', 'in order to be what Christian sought to be')]
RH18720917-V40-14-page4.txt: [('responsibilcommandments', 'resp on sib i l commandments')]
RH18720917-V40-14-page5.txt: [('misunderstoodauthenticate', 'misunderstood authenticate'), ('Chrisencouragement', 'Chris encouragement'), ('onmeaswellasonhimthisfineday', 'on me as well as on him this fine day')]
RH18720917-V40-14-page6.txt: [('Hethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'He that goeth forth and weepeth'), ('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed'), ('Fromonetofifteenmiles', 'From one to fifteen miles'), ('Theycanunderstandingcommencingnearby', 'They can understanding commencing near by')]
RH18720917-V40-14-page8.txt: [('anexclusivelyecclesia', 'an exclusively ecclesia')]
RH18720924-V40-15-page3.txt: [('supernaturalorderISitan', 'supernatural order IS it an')]
RH18720924-V40-15-page4.txt: [('butshoulddirectoureffortsagainsttb', 'but should direct our efforts against t b'), ('sionoftheirGeneralConference', 'sion of their General Conference'), ('andotherimporcapitalthatacashbusinessmll', 'and other imp or capital that a cash business m l l'), ('haveknownithadyounottold', 'have known it had you not told')]
RH18721001-V40-16-page1.txt: [('andthosewhowerewithhim', 'and those who were with him'), ('esttheymanifesttoinstructtheirchildrenisnotworthyofme', 'est they manifest to instruct their children is not worthy of me'), ('andhethattakethnothis', 'and he that taketh not his'), ('ofinvestigationandofprogresstowardskepit', 'of investigation and of progress toward skep it')]
RH18721001-V40-16-page3.txt: [('Thepolityintrusted', 'The polity intrusted'), ('expostulaambitions', 'expo stu la ambitions'), ('itistousasacredtreasure', 'it is to us a sacred treasure'), ('Wewantthemostmanly', 'We want the most manly'), ('themostsensitiveofanimals', 'the most sensitive of animals'), ('bythepowerofresignawhen', 'by the power of resign a when'), ('membersofonebodyandifwewouldhave', 'members of one body and if we would have'), ('theystillesteemtheirmothercountry', 'they still esteem their mother country'), ('andherexamplebemoredangerous', 'and her example be more dangerous'), ('repulsiveexchanged', 'repulsive exchanged'), ('statesplifythelifeof', 'states p l if y the life of'), ('Itcostsmoretoavengewrongsthantobearthem', 'It costs more to avenge wrongs than to bear them')]
RH18721001-V40-16-page4.txt: [('totohisdeathbuttohisbodilyascension', 'to to his death but to his bodily ascension'), ('Therearebuttwoprobablewaysinwhich', 'There are but two probable ways in which'), ('thoushaltbewithmein', 'thou shalt be with me in'), ('wordoccursbutthreetimesintheEnglishversion', 'word occurs but three times in the English version'), ('wehavetheexampleofsome', 'we have the example of some'), ('theworkingsofthecause', 'the workings of the cause'), ('inthishourofmydained', 'in this hour of my d a i n e d'), ('Itiswithpleasurethatwemention', 'It is with pleasure that we mention')]
RH18721001-V40-16-page6.txt: [('Rethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'Ret hat goeth forth and weepeth'), ('Wethinkwearenotaloneinsaying', 'We think we are not alone in saying'), ('offormingaStateConference', 'of forming a State Conference')]
RH18721001-V40-16-page7.txt: [('AndIknowofnowaythatIcandoso', 'And I know of noway that I can do so'), ('amountofmoneyreceived', 'amount of money received')]
RH18721001-V40-16-page8.txt: [('compriseamembershipofabout', 'comprise a membership of about'), ('newassolemnlysetaparttotheworkSabbath', 'new as solemnly set apart to the work Sabbath'), ('Andwherethesupplyofdishesissuffi', 'And where the supply of dishes is s u f f i'), ('FarBeviewanaHerald', 'Far Be view an a Herald')]
RH18721008-V40-17-page2.txt: [('whomyeyieldyourselves', 'whom ye yield yourselves'), ('thathasbyfraudusurpedthe', 'that has by fraud usurped the'), ('Togooutamongthelow', 'To go out among the low')]
RH18721008-V40-17-page5.txt: [('theirlastandonlyenemy', 'their last and only enemy'), ('affordedusinourpastexperience', 'afforded us in our past experience'), ('affectedwiththesethings', 'affected with these things')]
RH18721008-V40-17-page7.txt: [('Itmakesnodifferenceifthose', 'It makes no difference if those'), ('buttheBibleisthere', 'but the Bible is there'), ('sacredbooksofMohammedthou', 'sacred books of Mohammed thou')]
RH18721008-V40-17-page8.txt: [('IfnotpaidInthreemonths', 'If not paid In three months'), ('tisalreadywhiteforthegreatharvestday', 'tis already white for the great harvest day'), ('aconfiscationofallhisestates', 'a confiscation of all his estates'), ('publicmoneytohisownuse', 'public money to his own use'), ('JohnLargercirculateappointment', 'John Larger circulate appointment'), ('Whenorderedbyothersforthepoor', 'When ordered by others for the poor'), ('friendsinOdessaattendtheOrange', 'friends in Odessa attend the Orange'), ('Whenorderedbyfriend', 'When ordered by friend'), ('moneyreceiptedinVol', 'money receipted in Vol')]
RH18721015-V40-18-page1.txt: [('Bibathwasgivenatcreation', 'B i bath was given at creation'), ('toriginatedwithhim', 'to rig in a ted with him')]
RH18721015-V40-18-page2.txt: [('reformatherseeninthis', 'reform at her seen in this'), ('SupposenowthatallmyEld', 'Suppose now that all my Eld'), ('endingwithaSabarguments', 'ending with a Sab arguments'), ('Itwasputinthearkasapartofthat', 'It was put in the ark as apart of that'), ('Itisasignthattheymight', 'It is a sign that they might')]
RH18721015-V40-18-page5.txt: [('apparentlyentirely', 'apparently entirely')]
RH18721015-V40-18-page7.txt: [('Theapostleneverfailed', 'The apostle never failed'), ('Donottreatyourwifewithinattention', 'Do not treaty our wife within attention')]
RH18721015-V40-18-page8.txt: [('Whenorderedbyfrienda', 'When ordered by friend a'), ('TheSeventhPartcfTime', 'The Seventh Part cf Time')]
RH18721022-V40-19-page1.txt: [('lonelyanddespondingones', 'lonely and desponding ones'), ('thetopofitreachedtoheaven', 'the top of it reached to heaven'), ('madebystatutoryprovision', 'made by statutory provision')]
RH18721022-V40-19-page2.txt: [('isdiametricallyopposedtoyourefforts', 'is diametrically opposed to your efforts'), ('Yetthiswillnotbebroughtaboutinamoplainly', 'Yet this will not be brought about in amo plainly')]
RH18721022-V40-19-page3.txt: [('thatIwillcallandsee', 'that I will call and see')]
RH18721022-V40-19-page4.txt: [('resurrecthemselves', 'resurrect hem selves'), ('Itisevidentthatifitissucha', 'It is evident that if it is such a'), ('Scripturesprospered', 'Scriptures prospered')]
RH18721022-V40-19-page6.txt: [('bringinghissheaveswithhim', 'bringing his sheaves with him'), ('guideinthiseviltime', 'guide in this evil time'), ('Lookingthesethings', 'Looking these things'), ('Congregatiomaverage', 'Cong reg at i oma v er age'), ('Onemorehastakenadecidedstandinity', 'One more has taken a decided stand in it y'), ('shouldbecarefullyconfavor', 'should be carefully con favor')]
RH18721022-V40-19-page7.txt: [('Yeshallknowthemhyt', 'Ye shall know them h y t'), ('Workinginthesilenceof', 'Working in the silence of'), ('madeaneloquentappealtothejudgeto', 'made an eloquent appeal to the judge to'), ('Wewillnotservethygods', 'We will not serve thy gods')]
RH18721022-V40-19-page8.txt: [('treasurerswillpleasereport', 'treasurers will please report'), ('pageofourhistoryarethese', 'page of our history are these'), ('Itnotpaidinthreemonths', 'It not paid in three months'), ('Whoorderedbyfriends', 'Who ordered by friends'), ('fortheirfriendsontrial', 'for their friends on trial')]
RH18721029-V40-20-page2.txt: [('VogelsaysthesectionIquoted', 'V o gel says the section I quoted'), ('secondmentionandmerelya', 'second mention and merely a')]
RH18721029-V40-20-page4.txt: [('thedeadthereinistheverypointinquestion', 'the dead therein is the very point in question'), ('inspeakingoftheconnection', 'in speaking of the connection'), ('thatasingleinstancehasrlapsed', 'that a single instance has r l a p s e d')]
RH18721029-V40-20-page5.txt: [('representaphilosophical', 'represent a philosophical')]
RH18721029-V40-20-page6.txt: [('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed'), ('andwefollowedonseekingtheLord', 'and we followed on seeking the Lord')]
RH18721029-V40-20-page7.txt: [('dinooneisaetoecieJUStowarour', 'di no one is aet o e c i e J U S t o w a r o u r'), ('terminedthatthereshallbenoroomforde', 'ter mined that there shall be no room for de')]
RH18721029-V40-20-page8.txt: [('Missionvestigation', 'Mission vest i gat ion'), ('thefarmsinthelocalitywherethetailofthefunnel', 'the farms in the locality where the tail of the funnel'), ('henorderedbyfriends', 'hen ordered by friends'), ('fortheirfriendsontrial', 'for their friends on trial')]
RH18721105-V40-21-page2.txt: [('Haveyougrievedthemawa', 'Have you grieved the maw a')]
RH18721105-V40-21-page3.txt: [('usamostsignificantfact', 'us a most significant fact')]
RH18721105-V40-21-page6.txt: [('thatgoethforthandweepeth', 'that goeth forth and weepeth'), ('blefromthefactthatmanyofthesehad', 'b le from the fact that many of these had')]
RH18721105-V40-21-page7.txt: [('Ionceheardafriendsay', 'I once heard a friend say')]
RH18721112-V40-22-page4.txt: [('worldininterpretingthefather', 'world in interpreting the father'), ('noavoidingthispreached', 'no avoiding this preached'), ('intheDanishlanguage', 'in the Danish language')]
RH18721112-V40-22-page5.txt: [('whichisitspresentsize', 'which is its present size'), ('presstosendfortheditionafter', 'press to send forth edition after'), ('Conferencewasappointedamonth', 'Conference was appointed a month')]
RH18721112-V40-22-page6.txt: [('bearingprecionsseed', 'bearing p rec ions seed')]
RH18721119-V40-23-page1.txt: [('isputintohishandandheis', 'is put into his hand and he is')]
RH18721119-V40-23-page4.txt: [('taughtbythewordofGod', 'taught by the word of God'), ('andbysomenotablerectionofthedead', 'and by some not abl erection of the dead'), ('Hcannotbeappliedto', 'H cannot be applied to'), ('IfIwaitthegraveisminehouse', 'If I wait the grave is mine house'), ('AndifChristbenotraised', 'And if Christ be not raised'), ('tellmewhytheybenotinasgoodcasea', 'tell me why they be not in as good case a'), ('butthedeadknownotanything', 'but the dead know not anything'), ('argumentfortheresurrectionofChristwouldlackofdiscernmentoralackofhonesty', 'argument for the resurrection of Christ would lack of discernment or a lack of honesty')]
RH18721119-V40-23-page5.txt: [('jealouseyestolookonandmisconhappentobekilledincooking', 'jealous eyes to look on and m i s c o n h a p p e n t o b e k i l l e d i n c o o k i n g'), ('Butthesedisalmostfeelthatthatwordcrossshouldbe', 'But these dis almost feel that that word cross should be')]
RH18721119-V40-23-page7.txt: [('gatedatthisprecisepointoftime', 'gated at this precise point of time'), ('Isitbeitspowerbybringingthebrightestlightoutofthe', 'Is it be its power by bringing the brightest light out of the')]
RH18721119-V40-23-page8.txt: [('meansofbringingmultitudestothefootstoolofmercy', 'means of bringing multitudes to the footstool of mercy'), ('chewersnottowastethedelicatejuice', 'chewers not to waste the delicate juice'), ('Itnotpaidlnthreemonths', 'It not paid l nth ree months'), ('fortheirfriendsontrial', 'for their friends on trial')]
RH18721126-V40-24-page1.txt: [('insupportdiscovered', 'in support discovered')]
RH18721126-V40-24-page3.txt: [('andtheidolofthoselessfavored', 'and the idol of those less favored'), ('Thisleftthesaltcodandthesingleword', 'This left the salt cod and the single word'), ('THEREisgoodsoundsenseintheremarkmade', 'THERE is good sound sense in the remark made'), ('interlardingourconversationwithexclamations', 'interlard ing our conversation with exclamations')]
RH18721126-V40-24-page4.txt: [('WEshowedlastweekthatafutureresurrection', 'WE showed last week that a future resurrection'), ('notbebesttoinsertthewholeofthis', 'not be best to insert the whole of this')]
RH18721126-V40-24-page6.txt: [('wemetatthehouseofwithBro', 'we met at the house of with Bro'), ('ondonationstotractenterprise', 'on donations to tract enterprise'), ('theresponsibilities', 'the responsibilities')]
RH18721126-V40-24-page7.txt: [('wardtheaccomplishmentofagreatand', 'ward the accomplishment of a great and')]
RH18721203-V40-25-page1.txt: [('recandiscernthefaceofthesky', 'rec an discern the face of the sky'), ('whystandyegazingupintoheaven', 'why stand ye gazing up into heaven')]
RH18721203-V40-25-page5.txt: [('SomeoftheJewsbelieved', 'Some of the Jews believed'), ('itwasonlybecausethemerchantmenare', 'it was only because the merchantmen are'), ('iedinthisarticleofaChrist', 'i ed in this article of a Christ')]
RH18721203-V40-25-page6.txt: [('Ifanyoneistobeblamedformany', 'If anyone is to be blamed for many'), ('turnedouttohearthestranger', 'turned out to hear the stranger'), ('Thiswasaboutthesituation', 'This was about the situation'), ('Hewasanintelligentmanofconsioerable', 'He was an intelligent man of cons i o er able')]
RH18721203-V40-25-page7.txt: [('tomeeteachotherwhentheLife', 'to meet each other when the Life')]
RH18721203-V40-25-page8.txt: [('ThevalueoffaithintheworkofGodwillsoonbe', 'The value of faith in the work of God will soon be'), ('takewarningandgetready', 'take warning and get ready'), ('Thisisaquestionforeach', 'This is a question for each'), ('Whenorderedbyothersforthepoor', 'When ordered by others for the poor')]
RH18721210-V40-26-page2.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers'), ('theyunhesitatinglyproclaimed', 'they unhesitatingly proclaimed'), ('withalltheleadingtruths', 'with all the leading truths'), ('demonmisunderstood', 'demon misunderstood'), ('thetonguecanspeakwordsthat', 'the tongue can speak words that'), ('yourpastliferisesupbeforeyoum', 'your past life rises up before you m')]
RH18721210-V40-26-page3.txt: [('thatwearereadyforduty', 'that we are ready for duty'), ('andheletusseewhatpos', 'and he let us see what pos'), ('IBperpexityofnations', 'I B per p exit y of nations'), ('stentothelastwordsofJesusaswri', 's ten to the last words of Jesus as w r i'), ('becausethISISanageo', 'be causeth ISIS an age o'), ('Thesewordsarefullofmeanh', 'These words are full of mean h'), ('slakeyourthirstatthe', 'slake your thirst at the'), ('sufferedhishousetobebrokenup', 'suffered his house to be broken up'), ('andreadthecommandourLordandMastemple', 'and read the command our Lord and Mas temple')]
RH18721210-V40-26-page4.txt: [('indestructibilreasonable', 'in destruct i b i l reasonable')]
RH18721210-V40-26-page6.txt: [('Soonwilldawntheeternalday', 'Soon will dawn the eternal day'), ('liethatgoethforthandwespsth', 'lie that goeth forth and we s p st h'), ('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed'), ('Whatafearfulposipower', 'What a fearful pos i power'), ('UporitheriseofMahometitobtained', 'Up or it he rise of Mahomet it obtained'), ('thingsutteredbytheseventhunders', 'things uttered by the seven thunders')]
RH18721210-V40-26-page7.txt: [('reinthedifferentlocalitieswillseethatalldelinquents', 'rein the different localities will see that all delinquents'), ('weexpectourbrethren', 'we expect our brethren'), ('WhenorderedbyothenforiheJlOor', 'When ordered by o then for i he J lO or')]
RH18721210-V40-26-page8.txt: [('LightBecomeDarkness', 'Light Become Darkness'), ('SomeThingsyouWillnotBeSorryFor', 'Some Things you Will not Be Sorry For'), ('StatementsandSuggestions', 'Statements and Suggestions')]
RH18721217-V41-01-page6.txt: [('Themoutfromthewildernessintomyfold', 'Them out from the wilderness into my fold'), ('dayofreckoningwillsooncome', 'day of reckoning will soon come'), ('andgivewarnthecommandmentsofGod', 'and give warn the commandments of God'), ('comnotwithstanding', 'com notwithstanding')]
RH18721217-V41-01-page7.txt: [('IseethemostastonishingthingsVoltaire', 'I see the most astonishing things Voltaire'), ('Iwilltranscribeaportionofhis', 'I will transcribe a portion of his'), ('andwroteseverallargeoneortwominuteslater', 'and wrote several large one or two minutes later')]
RH18721224-V41-02-page1.txt: [('visiblesecondadvent', 'visible second advent')]
RH18721224-V41-02-page5.txt: [('editorswriteaboutit', 'editors write about it'), ('andpoliticianshold', 'and politicians hold')]
RH18721224-V41-02-page7.txt: [('itisasiftheypickedupthemoments', 'it is as if they picked up the moments')]
RH18721224-V41-02-page8.txt: [('OfficeshouldbecomeamemberofthisSociety', 'Office should become a member of this Society'), ('wrathagainstthedayofwrath', 'wrath against the day of wrath')]
RH18721231-V41-03-page4.txt: [('manyotherplacesofScripture', 'many other places of Scripture')]
RH18721231-V41-03-page6.txt: [('MetwiththefewscatteredbrethrennearTrem', 'Met with the few scattered brethren near T r e m'), ('determinapreceding', 'deter mina preceding')]
RH18721231-V41-03-page7.txt: [('ftheweekwastheSctbbalhortheLord', 'fth ew eek was the S c t b b a l h o r t h e L o r d'), ('LetthechainsrepresenttheSabbath', 'Let the chains represent the Sabbath'), ('rulesofhonorablediscuosion', 'rules of honorable disc u o s i o n'), ('whichhebasviolated', 'which heb as violated'), ('Thebearingsofthepotentialact', 'The bearings of the potential act')]
RH18730114-V41-05-page6.txt: [('Sabbathappointment', 'Sabbath appointment')]
RH18730121-V41-06-page6.txt: [('whohadcomeinhiswagon', 'who had come in his wagon')]
RH18730128-V41-07-page3.txt: [('withpdoeblriesiaotino', 'with p doe b l rie sia ot in o')]
RH18730204-V41-08-page2.txt: [('tilefirstMondayinMarchwaslost', 'tile first Monday in March was lost'), ('spokeIendangeredthesoulsofthosepresent', 'spoke I endangered the souls of those present'), ('havenoobjectionthatthisthemebediscussed', 'have no objection that this the me be discussed'), ('Ifthedoctrineofdestruction', 'If the doctrine of destruction')]
RH18730204-V41-08-page3.txt: [('havewroughthisjudgment', 'have wrought his judgment'), ('astostatutesandjudgments', 'as to statutes and judgments'), ('hidinthedayoftheLord', 'hid in the day of the Lord'), ('henceallhisnicetalkabr', 'hence all his nice talk abr'), ('Thecircumstancesshowthatheness', 'The circumstances show that he ness'), ('finditinthepersonofourSaviour', 'find it in the person of our Saviour'), ('afterthewickedarecutoff', 'after the wicked are cutoff')]
RH18730204-V41-08-page5.txt: [('showingtheneededpreparation', 'showing the needed preparation'), ('Theinvitationisstillopen', 'The invitation is still open')]
RH18730204-V41-08-page6.txt: [('thenmetmyappointmentatvVaterloo', 'then met my appointment at v V ater loo'), ('earnestlyseekingGod', 'earnestly seeking God'), ('getacquaintedwithit', 'get acquainted with it')]
RH18730204-V41-08-page7.txt: [('llpartsofthecountry', 'l l parts of the country'), ('weshallbethismatterhasbeenprettywellventilated', 'we shall be this matter has been pretty well ventilated'), ('unrighteousbeoonung', 'unrighteous be o o nun g')]
RH18730211-V41-09-page2.txt: [('thatsisterhoodoflean', 'that sisterhood of lean')]
RH18730211-V41-09-page3.txt: [('universallybelieveafalsehood', 'universally believe a falsehood')]
RH18730211-V41-09-page4.txt: [('anyappealfromthemisavain', 'any appeal from them is a vain'), ('andmustofnecessityinvolvegreatandimportant', 'and must of necessity involve great and important')]
RH18730211-V41-09-page5.txt: [('calledatthehousethe', 'called at the house the'), ('timeagainrestorethekingdomtoIsrael', 'time again restore the kingdom to Israel')]
RH18730211-V41-09-page6.txt: [('fiethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'fie that goeth forth and weepeth'), ('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed'), ('theirheartstoGodwithacontritespirit', 'their hearts to God with a contrite spirit')]
RH18730211-V41-09-page7.txt: [('HAVEwemadethechoice', 'HAVE we made the choice')]
RH18730211-V41-09-page8.txt: [('starvmeteorological', 'star v meteorological')]
RH18730311-V41-13-page5.txt: [('thoughttoawakenthedeepestemotions', 'thought to awaken the deepest emotions'), ('Thenhearhisconclusion', 'Then hear his conclusion'), ('theydidinthepreviousone', 'they did in the previous one'), ('Paulhasnoreferenee', 'Paul ha snore fe renee'), ('butjustthereverseofthis', 'but just the reverse of this'), ('thattherighteousness', 'that the righteousness')]
RH18730311-V41-13-page6.txt: [('liethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'lie that goeth forth and weepeth'), ('bBilringprecloneeeed', 'b B i l ring p rec lone e e e d'), ('beenourprivilegetoenjoythesocietyand', 'been our privilege to enjoy the society and')]
RH18730311-V41-13-page8.txt: [('ThisseedremaininginhisheartpreattendY', 'This seed remaining in his heart p rea t t e n d Y'), ('Eachdirectorisreqnestedtosendareport', 'Each director is req nested to send a report')]
RH18730325-V41-15-page7.txt: [('sinisnotimputedwhenthereis', 'sin is not imputed when there is'), ('insteadofthetencommandments', 'instead of the ten commandments')]
RH18730401-V41-16-page1.txt: [('concurcollectively', 'concur collectively')]
RH18730401-V41-16-page4.txt: [('measurablyshesitating', 'measurably s hesitating')]
RH18730401-V41-16-page7.txt: [('BlessedarethedeadwhichdieintheLordfromhenceforth', 'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth')]
RH18730408-V41-17-page3.txt: [('gospeldispensation', 'gospel dispensation'), ('commandedobservance', 'commanded observance')]
RH18730408-V41-17-page6.txt: [('bytheassistinggraceof', 'by the assisting grace of'), ('theeldersmettoprayforher', 'the elders met to pray for her'), ('theirconvictionsofduty', 'their convictions of duty')]
RH18730408-V41-17-page7.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18730415-V41-18-page2.txt: [('whenthedayofPenteurday', 'when the day of Pent eur day')]
RH18730415-V41-18-page3.txt: [('touchthisindependentquestion', 'touch this independent question'), ('whoisnotwillingthatanyshouldperish', 'who is not willing that any should perish'), ('selvessevenSabbathsfromthedaythatthey', 'selves seven Sabbaths from the day that they'), ('wemustconcludethattherewassomeand', 'we must conclude that there was some and'), ('itmustbeconcededbeentakendownonFriday', 'it must be conceded been taken down on Friday'), ('insofarasitisbaseduponthetransby', 'in sofar as it is based upon the trans by'), ('allowedthePentecosttofalluponMonday', 'allowed the Pentecost to fall upon Monday'), ('foraChristiangirlwillnotforgetthatameek', 'for a Christian girl will not forget that a meek'), ('thesixthdayoftheweek', 'the sixth day of the week'), ('plansofDeitywithgreatcaution', 'plans of Deity with great caution'), ('oftheidlewindcantakeamillionoftheseeds', 'of the idle wind can take a million of the seeds')]
RH18730415-V41-18-page4.txt: [('ainstoppositionandopprobriumfor', 'a inst opposition and opprobrium for'), ('Petercallsayokewhichneithertheir', 'Peter calls a yoke which neither their'), ('ObjectionstotheSabbathAnswered', 'Objections to the Sabbath Answered'), ('brokentheceremoniallawoftheJews', 'broken the ceremonial law of the Jews'), ('Buttheyarejustwhatanearnestpeowas', 'But they are just what an earnest pe o was'), ('PaulandBarnabashadnosmall', 'Paul and Barnabas had no small'), ('Thesepositionsarebecoming', 'These positions are becoming')]
RH18730415-V41-18-page5.txt: [('regardingcircumcision', 'regarding circumcision'), ('aconfidingtrustinhimandbeishurry', 'a confiding trust in him and be is hurry'), ('frommorningtillnight', 'from morning till night')]
RH18730415-V41-18-page6.txt: [('liethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'lie that goeth forth and weepeth'), ('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed'), ('andamseeingsomefruitofmylabor', 'and am seeing some fruit of my labor'), ('Itwaswithgreatdifficultythatwereached', 'It was with great difficulty that we reached'), ('SevenarekeepingtheSabbath', 'Seven are keeping the Sabbath'), ('gracesofhomeconversation', 'graces of home conversation'), ('aretojudgeofthecharacterandpo', 'are to judge of the character and p o')]
RH18730415-V41-18-page7.txt: [('ItmattersnothowoftenSabbath', 'It matters not how often Sabbath'), ('agreeconstitutional', 'agree constitutional'), ('Maynardembracedthe', 'Maynard embraced the')]
RH18730415-V41-18-page8.txt: [('ofprophecyareinthepast', 'of prophecy are in the past'), ('observaapprehensions', 'obs er v a apprehensions'), ('insignifitemporarily', 'in sign if i temporarily')]
RH18730422-V41-19-page3.txt: [('difficultywhichisurgedconcerningthewords', 'difficulty which is urged concerning the words')]
RH18730422-V41-19-page4.txt: [('andtheystandhowshecanthinkoractwiclvmtthe', 'and they stand how she can think or a c twi c lv m t t h e'), ('sdebatewithBishopPurcell', 's debate with Bishop Purcell')]
RH18730422-V41-19-page7.txt: [('whicharebutforamoment', 'which are but for a moment'), ('Whosoevershallbeashamed', 'Whosoever shall be ashamed'), ('hefollowedtheMaster', 'he followed the Master'), ('andearnestfriendofthecauseofpresenttruth', 'and earnest friend of the cause of present truth')]
RH18730422-V41-19-page8.txt: [('mercyandloveinbringingmeIoaknow', 'mercy and love in bringing me I oak now')]
RH18730429-V41-20-page6.txt: [('bringinghissheaveswithhim', 'bringing his sheaves with him')]
RH18730506-V41-21-page3.txt: [('andthankfulaboveallthatwemay', 'and thankful above all that we may'), ('reandisaliloliabletosomeabuses', 'rea n d i s a l i l o l i a b l e t o s o m e a b u s e s')]
RH18730506-V41-21-page4.txt: [('circumnavresurrection', 'cir cum nav resurrection')]
RH18730506-V41-21-page5.txt: [('Comforterinvitation', 'Comforter invitation'), ('Dearbrethrenandsisters', 'Dear brethren and sisters'), ('therewasevidentlysome', 'there was evidently some')]
RH18730506-V41-21-page7.txt: [('correspondentsboth', 'correspondents both')]
RH18730506-V41-21-page8.txt: [('meetinginthatState', 'meeting in that State'), ('couldtheybeproperlysupported', 'could they be properly supported'), ('andpartlybegrievances', 'and partly be grievances'), ('goodwordsinthisnumberuponthesubjectofThe', 'good words in this number upon the subject of The')]
RH18730513-V41-22-page2.txt: [('everyloverofhiskind', 'every lover of his kind'), ('SabbathwastoliveaccordingtoJudaism', 'Sabbath was to live according to Judaism'), ('preservedbyEusebius', 'preserved by Eusebius'), ('daywetheblessingofGod', 'day we the blessing of God'), ('itcarrielconfusion', 'it car riel confusion'), ('therenderingwhichhe', 'the rendering which he')]
RH18730527-V41-24-page2.txt: [('eatinganddrinkingdam', 'eating and drinking dam'), ('knowsnochangeinanyparticular', 'knows no change in any particular'), ('theapostlesandfirstorganizedcongregationsCananysuppositionsmakegreaterdenation', 'the apostles and first organized congregations Can any suppositions make greater de nation')]
RH18730527-V41-24-page3.txt: [('transiaccomplishment', 'trans i accomplishment')]
RH18730527-V41-24-page4.txt: [('SanctifythemthroughThytruth', 'Sanctify them through Thy truth'), ('isinitselfamostpowitthedayofthesun', 'is in itself a most pow it the day of the sun')]
RH18730527-V41-24-page6.txt: [('liethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'lie that goeth forth and weepeth'), ('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed')]
RH18730527-V41-24-page7.txt: [('aretheunmistakablemarksofthe', 'are the unmistakable marks of the'), ('Buthasthechurchpowertomake', 'But has the church power to make'), ('itisanunalterableandunchangeable', 'it is an unalterable and unchangeable'), ('religiousoftheSunday', 'religious of the Sunday'), ('whilsttheytakenono', 'whilst they taken ono'), ('statuteofConstantine', 'statute of Constantine')]
RH18730603-V41-25-page7.txt: [('ScandinavianMethodistchurches', 'Scandinavian Methodist churches')]
RH18730603-V41-25-page8.txt: [('fullExpositionofthechap', 'full Exposition of the chap')]
RH18730610-V41-26-page3.txt: [('soalsoisthetimewhentheconflagrationwas', 'so also is the time when the conflagration was'), ('groundforhiswildandintangibletheories', 'ground for his wild and intangible theories'), ('hallinnowisebecastont', 'hall in nowise be cast ont')]
RH18730610-V41-26-page4.txt: [('tocirculatetheREVIEW', 'to circulate the REVIEW'), ('whichbasthusfarhonorabletothefirstdayoftheweekthanto', 'which b as thus far honorable to the first day of the week than to'), ('onwhichalsoournotadayofidleness', 'on which also our not a day of idleness'), ('butofactiveparticipation', 'but of active participation')]
RH18730610-V41-26-page5.txt: [('andtohimthatknocketh', 'and to him that knocketh'), ('wailingandgnashingofteeth', 'wailing and gnashing of teeth')]
RH18730610-V41-26-page7.txt: [('havebeeninthedischargeofmyobligations', 'have been in the discharge of my obligations')]
RH18730610-V41-26-page8.txt: [('TheWordofGodDefamed', 'The Word of God De famed'), ('FranklinandHoraceGreeley', 'Franklin and Horace Greeley'), ('PowertoWorkMiracles', 'Power to Work Miracles'), ('GreatStormintheWest', 'Great Storm in the West')]
RH18730617-V42-01-page1.txt: [('limitaanticipating', 'limit a anticipating'), ('wouldbeasortofsatisfactionfoundinpreparthat', 'would be a sort of satisfaction found in prep ar that'), ('commandinstitution', 'command institution')]
RH18730617-V42-01-page4.txt: [('livingspeakercanmorereadilyaffect', 'living speaker can more readily affect'), ('worshipGodhimselfalone', 'worship God himself alone'), ('onlyastheyspentaportionofit', 'only as they spent a portion of it'), ('perjuredpersonorathiefamongyou', 'perjured person or a thief among you'), ('poragainstusbywickedmenanddemons', 'p or against us by wicked men and demons')]
RH18730617-V42-01-page5.txt: [('Fewarethepersonsthatseekthe', 'Few are the persons that seek the'), ('withalicensetorepresentusmay', 'with a license to represent us may'), ('thattheyarescoffingabout', 'that they are scoffing about')]
RH18730617-V42-01-page6.txt: [('Hetbatgoethforthandweepeth', 'H et bat goeth forth and weepeth'), ('bearingprecionsseed', 'bearing p rec ions seed'), ('soonreturnedtothisValleyandwentthrough', 'soon returned to this Valley and went through'), ('joiceinreadingreportsfrom', 'joice in reading reports from')]
RH18730617-V42-01-page7.txt: [('introducedthemtothethreemessagesofHere', 'introduced them to the three messages of Here'), ('ImustaddawordfromJ', 'I must add a word from J'), ('wouldindeedbeararequestionfordiscussion', 'would indeed bear are question for discussion'), ('assemblingforanypurposeonanyday', 'assembling for any purpose on any day'), ('positiveinstitution', 'positive institution'), ('dayisanewinstitution', 'day is anew institution')]
RH18730624-V42-02-page1.txt: [('thathavepaidforhardpine', 'that have paid for hard pine'), ('Theirstrengthisfeeble', 'Their strength is feeble'), ('istoimpresstheirmin', 'is to impress their min'), ('theirprobationbelengthenedinanswertoour', 'their probation be lengthened in answer to our')]
RH18730624-V42-02-page2.txt: [('Ifweknewthatthisday', 'If we knew that this day'), ('forventilationisaquestionofdollarsand', 'for ventilation is a question of dollars and'), ('asweshallhereaftersee', 'as we shall hereafter see'), ('whichaccountsforallthe', 'which accounts for all the'), ('anypointbetweenthesetwoenntsis', 'any point between these two en n t s i s')]
RH18730624-V42-02-page3.txt: [('wasaboutbightdaysafter', 'was about bight days after'), ('thebeginningandendingfractionofadayasa', 'the beginning and ending fraction of a day as a')]
RH18730624-V42-02-page4.txt: [('notonedoubtinmyheartthatthi', 'not one doubt in my heart that t h i')]
RH18730624-V42-02-page5.txt: [('byvisitingthechurches', 'by visiting the churches')]
RH18730624-V42-02-page7.txt: [('thefirsttobeheldatBro', 'the first to beheld at Bro'), ('superintendentoftheBible', 'superintendent of the Bible'), ('ElderPrenticeofthe', 'Elder Prentice of the'), ('othersundertheirwatchcare', 'others under their watch care'), ('toappointaNominatingCommitteeofthree', 'to appoint a Nominating Committee of three')]
RH18730701-V42-03-page6.txt: [('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed'), ('ofnoreligiousdenominationwhosefaithhecould', 'of no religious denomination whose faith he could'), ('havelaboredhardtocrowdusoutofthis', 'have labored hard to crowd us out of this'), ('welongforthatstrength', 'we long for that strength')]
RH18730708-V42-04-page1.txt: [('indangerofbeingputtoconfusionwiththem', 'in danger of being put to confusion with them')]
RH18730708-V42-04-page2.txt: [('toaglowofenthusiasm', 'to aglow of enthusiasm')]
RH18730708-V42-04-page3.txt: [('commandinneglectingtohaveourchildrenbaptized', 'command in neglecting to have our children baptized'), ('everyplausiblesubstituteforeritlencethatispresented', 'every plausible substitute for er it len c eth at is presented'), ('butthenitisanoldhouse', 'but then it is an old house'), ('elsecouldIforgetit', 'else could I forget it'), ('Ihavebeenintimatelyacquaint', 'I have been intimately acquaint'), ('theChristianSabbathisthefirstday', 'the Christian Sabbath is the first day')]
RH18730715-V42-05-page3.txt: [('approachinstitutions', 'approach institutions'), ('neithercanheknowthem', 'neither can he know them')]
RH18730715-V42-05-page4.txt: [('farasonehundredtalentsofsilver', 'far as one hundred talents of silver'), ('asalsothechronologyofsuch', 'as also the chronology of such'), ('whenthereissolittleverynumerousthatifwehadonehundred', 'when there is so little very numerous that if we had one hundred')]
RH18730715-V42-05-page6.txt: [('Hisdiligentresearcheswerequicktheir', 'His diligent researches were quick their'), ('andtheyfeltkeenlytheneedofcomfortanddiscourage', 'and they felt keenly the need of comfort and discourage'), ('Vhyitisthatpeoplewillaser', 'V h y it is that people will as er'), ('spirituallyandphysically', 'spiritually and physically'), ('isnowabouteighteenyearssinceI', 'is now about eighteen years since I'), ('sertthatwerelyupon', 's ert that we rely upon')]
RH18730722-V42-06-page2.txt: [('richandincreasedwithgoods', 'rich and increased with goods'), ('beuntrueandunrighteou', 'be untrue and unright e o u')]
RH18730722-V42-06-page3.txt: [('convinceallthatare', 'convince all that are')]
RH18730722-V42-06-page4.txt: [('discouragefurnished', 'discourage furnished')]
RH18730722-V42-06-page5.txt: [('lightandknowledgeweretoogreattogivethem', 'light and knowledge were too great to give them'), ('takenoutoftheroomdeadcorpses', 'taken out of the room dead corpses'), ('Itshowsthepoweroffalsesympathyalso', 'It shows the power of false sympathy also'), ('feelingsmightbeengendered', 'feelings might be engendered'), ('inggratitudeandcontinuedpraiseofhis', 'ing gratitude and continued praise of his')]
RH18730722-V42-06-page6.txt: [('necessityofaproperperson', 'necessity of a proper person')]
RH18730722-V42-06-page7.txt: [('ButImustholdonorIshalldriftoffona', 'But I must hold on or I shall drift off on a')]
RH18730729-V42-07-page2.txt: [('institutconsecutive', 'inst i tut consecutive')]
RH18730729-V42-07-page3.txt: [('thoughpositiveinstitutiom', 'though positive inst i tut i o m'), ('arenotpresentedtoChristians', 'are not presented to Christians'), ('asfactsareconcaned', 'as facts are con caned'), ('thetestimonyisentirelyagainst', 'the testimony is entirely against')]
RH18730729-V42-07-page4.txt: [('Isautontywasnottocease', 'Is au ton ty was not to cease'), ('speakmorefullyofthe', 'speak more fully of the')]
RH18730729-V42-07-page6.txt: [('Hethatgoethforthandv', 'He that goeth forth and v')]
RH18730729-V42-07-page7.txt: [('IfanorthodoxNewEnglandChristianoftbe', 'If an orthodox New England Christian oft be')]
RH18730805-V42-08-page1.txt: [('Jetusthereforecomeboldlyuntothethroneofners', 'Jet us therefore come boldly unto the throne of ner s'), ('IfGodsparednothisownSon', 'If God spared not his own Son'), ('Youseetheyweretroub', 'You see they we ret r o u b'), ('andusethemtohisownends', 'and use them to his own ends'), ('conscientiousextremely', 'conscientious extremely')]
RH18730805-V42-08-page7.txt: [('totheentiresatisfactionofallwhogaveat', 'to the entire satisfaction of all who gave at'), ('StrouthascommencedtokeeptheSab', 'S trout has commenced to keep the Sab'), ('andprobablyduringthis', 'and probably during this'), ('responsibilibility', 'resp on sib i lib i lit y')]
RH18730805-V42-08-page8.txt: [('ortootherpersonsontnal', 'or to other persons ont n a l'), ('Rootisexpectedtomeetwithus', 'Root is expected to meet with us')]
RH18730812-V42-09-page3.txt: [('incalculablyvastthat', 'incalculably vast that')]
RH18730812-V42-09-page4.txt: [('theLordcomethwithtenthousandofhissaints', 'the Lord cometh with ten thousand of his saints'), ('soarchangelmeanstheheadoverangels', 'so archangel means the head over angels'), ('AndinthemidstofwordsofPaultotheGentilebelieversofthe', 'And in the midst of words of Paul to the Gentile believers of the')]
RH18730812-V42-09-page5.txt: [('adaptadistinctness', 'adapt a distinctness'), ('whenhetookournature', 'when he took our nature')]
RH18730812-V42-09-page7.txt: [('thisworldorthenext', 'this world or the next'), ('thereshallbearevcoming', 'there shall be are v coming'), ('Petersaysofthepresentheavens', 'Peter says of the present heavens'), ('ousforallthekindreddoctrinesofthethird', 'o us for all the kindred doctrines of the third')]
RH18730819-V42-10-page1.txt: [('terririghteousness', 'terri righteousness')]
RH18730819-V42-10-page6.txt: [('Ibelievethetimewasspentwith', 'I believe the time was spent with')]
RH18730819-V42-10-page7.txt: [('ItISlmposstbletofulfillGodsWll', 'It IS l m p o s s t b l e t o f u l f i l l G o d s W l l')]
RH18730819-V42-10-page8.txt: [('Theywereoriginallywrittenwithconsonants', 'They were originally written with consonants'), ('boldtheirnextquarterlymeetingattheochool', 'bold their next quarterly meeting at the o c hoo l'), ('thattherebeafullattendanceat', 'that there be a full attendance at')]
RH18730826-V42-11-page1.txt: [('encedbyconstitutionalpeculiarity', 'enc ed by constitutional peculiarity'), ('Ihadmadeanarrangementtojoina', 'I had made an arrangement to join a'), ('Schoonerconversion', 'Sch o on er conversion')]
RH18730826-V42-11-page5.txt: [('teredintheadoptionofthepresentRystemceas', 'ter ed in the adoption of the present R y s t e m c e a s'), ('ministerinobrethren', 'minister in o brethren')]
RH18730826-V42-11-page6.txt: [('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed')]
RH18730826-V42-11-page7.txt: [('stiffneckexpressed', 'stiff neck expressed')]
RH18730826-V42-11-page8.txt: [('preventconfusiononthecars', 'prevent confusion on the cars'), ('meetingatLexington', 'meeting at Lexington'), ('blessingmayrestuponus', 'blessing may rest upon us'), ('ortootherpersonsontrial', 'or to other persons on trial')]
RH18730902-V42-12-page5.txt: [('TherewasaJudasamoug', 'There was a Judas amo u g'), ('butwhileliketheBethlehem', 'but while like the Bethlehem')]
RH18730902-V42-12-page6.txt: [('photonotwithstanding', 'photo notwithstanding')]
RH18730902-V42-12-page8.txt: [('toarriveTuesdayevening', 'to arrive Tuesday evening'), ('TheConstitutionalAmend', 'The Constitutional Amend'), ('ThekingdomofHeavenisathand', 'The kingdom of Heaven is at hand'), ('ourConferenceissmall', 'our Conference is small')]
RH18730909-V42-13-page4.txt: [('alselfsustainingunderthe', 'a l self sustaining under the')]
RH18730909-V42-13-page6.txt: [('neithermothnorrustdothcorrupt', 'neither moth nor rust doth corrupt'), ('beingahappyChristian', 'being a happy Christian'), ('Ofthevasteternalshore', 'Of the vast eternal shore'), ('howimportantthatmeetconsist', 'how important that meet consist'), ('Thisisawordforpoorbelievers', 'This is a word for poor believers'), ('therecametoourvillageoneweeking', 'there came to our village one week ing')]
RH18730909-V42-13-page7.txt: [('manifestruthfulness', 'manifest ruth fulness'), ('batsystemofthoughtwhichdeclaresallsoulsto', 'bat system of thought which declares all souls to'), ('thatthepeoplehadtocarryintothe', 'that the people had to carry into the')]
RH18730909-V42-13-page8.txt: [('itjoinstheestuaryoftheDneiper', 'it joins the estuary oft h eD n e i p e r'), ('sonmeetmeatFreelandsasearlyasWednesday', 'son meet meat Freeland s as early as Wednesday')]
RH18730916-V42-14-page4.txt: [('gerousinhisinfluenceasisHenryWardBeechsister', 'ger o us in his influence as is Henry Ward Beech sister'), ('fulfillsubordination', 'fulfill subordination')]
RH18730916-V42-14-page6.txt: [('thechurchesofwhich', 'the churches of which'), ('earnestlystriveforthatloveandunion', 'earnestly strive for that love and union'), ('Conferencecommencethefirstof', 'Conference commence the first of')]
RH18730916-V42-14-page8.txt: [('Wehavepublishedeveryreportreceived', 'We have published every report received')]
RH18730923-V42-15-page1.txt: [('Seethatyerefusenothimthatspeaketh', 'See that ye refuse not him that speaketh'), ('andmycurtainsinamoment', 'and my curtains in a moment'), ('weknowitisthesamethatwasforetoldby', 'we know it is the same that was foretold by'), ('thisISnotthefinalc', 'this IS not the final c')]
RH18730923-V42-15-page2.txt: [('resurrecreligiously', 'res ur rec religiously')]
RH18730923-V42-15-page3.txt: [('Agodlywalkandchastecon', 'A godly walk and chaste con'), ('andaquietpeacewhichgoldcouldnever', 'and a quiet peace which gold could never'), ('authorofthebeautiful', 'author of the beautiful')]
RH18730923-V42-15-page5.txt: [('throughunconsecrated', 'through unconsecrated')]
RH18730923-V42-15-page6.txt: [('Hathatgoethforthandweepoth', 'H a that goeth forth and weep ot h'), ('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed'), ('sothattheirinfltiencemayalble', 'so that their in flt i enc e m a y a l b l e'), ('Theygiveusnoguidancointheir', 'They give us no gu i dan coin their')]
RH18730923-V42-15-page7.txt: [('ifweconsiderthenatureofthemessageand', 'if we consider the nature of the message and')]
RH18730930-V42-16-page4.txt: [('manseehowanywhoheardhimcaningoodcon', 'man see how any who heard him can in good con'), ('instrucacquaintance', 'inst ru c acquaintance')]
RH18730930-V42-16-page6.txt: [('againstusontheSabbathquestion', 'against us on the Sabbath question'), ('llethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'l le that goeth forth and weepeth'), ('bearingpreciouBBeed', 'bearing p rec i o u B B e e d')]
RH18730930-V42-16-page7.txt: [('AmIanxioustoinvestmeansinthecause', 'Am I anxious to invest means in the cause'), ('studiouscheerfully', 'studious cheerfully'), ('AnddotheytrustintheLord', 'And do they trust in the Lord')]
RH18730930-V42-16-page8.txt: [('sonsofthepoorwillshunit', 'sons of the poor will shun it'), ('ortootherpersonaontrial', 'or to other persona on trial')]
RH18731007-V42-17-page2.txt: [('personswhowereenthusiasticandanxiouschildrenofIsraelleftthehouseofbondage', 'persons who were enthusiastic and anxious children of Israel left the house of bondage'), ('filledwiththickvaporsandisathand', 'filled with thick vapors and is at hand'), ('pabilityascribedtothatbythesacredhisthefeelingofthedevoutandphilosophical', 'p ability ascribed to that by the sacred his the feeling of the devout and philosophical'), ('Atmanyadinnertablenofoodwaseaten', 'At many a dinner table no food was eaten')]
RH18731007-V42-17-page5.txt: [('seventyfulfillment', 'seventy fulfillment'), ('interpretainvolving', 'interpret a involving'), ('itwillnotstopinitspresentstateofdevelopment', 'it will not stop in its present state of development'), ('Corwillruneverythirtyminutesupto', 'Cor will run every thirty minutes up to'), ('teenStateConferences', 'teen State Conferences'), ('memproductionsallthetime', 'mem productions all the time')]
RH18731007-V42-17-page8.txt: [('wellmixedandstrong', 'well mixed and strong')]
RH18731014-V42-18-page1.txt: [('righteousnessshallnot', 'righteousness shall not'), ('thefourthcommandment', 'the fourth commandment')]
RH18731014-V42-18-page2.txt: [('nebetakeninitsbroadestacceptation', 'neb eta ken in its broadest acceptation'), ('enactinganypartofit', 'enacting any part of it'), ('anyonelovesthetruth', 'anyone loves the truth'), ('transgresscommandments', 'transgress commandments')]
RH18731014-V42-18-page5.txt: [('Christianitycontains', 'Christianity contains')]
RH18731014-V42-18-page6.txt: [('Hethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'He that goeth forth and weepeth'), ('booringpreciousseed', 'boor ing precious seed')]
RH18731014-V42-18-page7.txt: [('Forsincethebeginningof', 'For since the beginning of'), ('ontheworkofsavingmen', 'on the work of saving men')]
RH18731014-V42-18-page8.txt: [('Republicanjournals', 'Republican journals')]
RH18731021-V42-19-page1.txt: [('Scriptdistinguishes', 'Script distinguishes')]
RH18731021-V42-19-page6.txt: [('cthattruththaturesentsation', 'c that truth that ur e s e n t s a t i o n'), ('Henotonlysaystothestingyones', 'He not only says to the stingy ones'), ('itseemstohomelessm', 'it seems to homeless m')]
RH18731021-V42-19-page7.txt: [('appointedforCommitteeon', 'appointed for Committee on'), ('fissionFunclproposedintheConfercneead', 'fission Fun c l proposed in the Confer c n e e a d')]
RH18731028-V42-20-page2.txt: [('sanctifiedhavebeenoftenenforcedbycivilenactand', 'sanctified have been often enforced by civil enact and'), ('andwhatevidenceitbasthatGod', 'and what evidence it b as that God')]
RH18731028-V42-20-page4.txt: [('Manywillsaytomeinthat', 'Many will say to me in that')]
RH18731104-V42-21-page3.txt: [('Mahometincongruous', 'Mahomet incongruous')]
RH18731104-V42-21-page5.txt: [('haveactedasiftheythoughtthatthegreatestcompelledtodosowithathief', 'have acted as if they thought that the greatest compelled to do so with a thief'), ('muchthebemakingadvancementinthatwhichisof', 'much the be making advancement in that which is of'), ('obstaclesinthewayoftheadvancementofthe', 'obstacles in the way of the advancement of the'), ('iftheychosetopresstheirpresence', 'if they chose to press their presence')]
RH18731104-V42-21-page6.txt: [('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed')]
RH18731104-V42-21-page7.txt: [('testisnomoreprogress', 'testis no more progress'), ('Webelievethatwehavereceivedgreat', 'We believe that we have received great'), ('ThywordhaveIhidinmyheart', 'Thy word have I hid in my heart')]
RH18731104-V42-21-page8.txt: [('ortootherpersonaontrial', 'or to other persona on trial')]
RH18731111-V42-22-page3.txt: [('congressionastrous', 'congress ion a str o us')]
RH18731111-V42-22-page4.txt: [('Pauldidnotregretthat', 'Paul did not regret that'), ('Wehavecelebratedthe', 'We have celebrated the'), ('rignoranceorexposetheirdishonestv', 'rig no rance or expose their dishonest v'), ('Christianoscelebrare', 'Christian o s c el e b r a r e')]
RH18731111-V42-22-page6.txt: [('HethatgoethforthanJweepeth', 'He that goeth for than J weepeth'), ('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed'), ('thatthyhealthmayberestored', 'that thy health may be restored'), ('lawistheknowledgeofsin', 'law is the knowledge of sin')]
RH18731118-V42-23-page5.txt: [('appointnonessential', 'appoint nonessential'), ('circumciscessfully', 'cir cum cis cess fully')]
RH18731118-V42-23-page6.txt: [('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed')]
RH18731125-V42-24-page1.txt: [('orroworpainwhichbringstroubletothee', 'or row or pain which brings trouble to thee'), ('thoughtswhichithadintheNewTestament', 'thoughts which it had in the New Testament')]
RH18731125-V42-24-page3.txt: [('tosetourwholenatureblazingwithdivine', 'to set our whole nature blazing with divine'), ('Thefactthatwefindabookincluded', 'The fact that we find a book included')]
RH18731125-V42-24-page4.txt: [('righteousmissionary', 'righteous missionary')]
RH18731125-V42-24s-page1.txt: [('imporcorresponding', 'imp or corresponding')]
RH18731125-V42-24s-page4.txt: [('beallowedthesameprivilege', 'be allowed the same privilege'), ('maywinsoulsasstarsinthecrownoftheir', 'may win souls as stars in the crown of their'), ('andtogivehimatractwithamildrequestthat', 'and to give him a tract with a mild request that')]
RH18731202-V42-25-page1.txt: [('ltimentspringsupamongstudents', 'l tim en tsp rings up among students'), ('derisionthedistinctionofourLord', 'derision the distinction of our Lord'), ('bedifficulttosaywhetherthefear', 'be difficult to say whether the fear')]
RH18731202-V42-25-page3.txt: [('socialsmalltalkrobsthe', 'social small talk robs the'), ('professorofreligion', 'professor of religion'), ('whoselackofprinciplespoiled', 'whose lack of principle spoiled')]
RH18731202-V42-25-page4.txt: [('theresponsibilities', 'the responsibilities')]
RH18731202-V42-25-page5.txt: [('exceedseverythingelsein', 'exceeds everything else in')]
RH18731209-V42-26-page1.txt: [('mademanifestbywords', 'made manifest by words'), ('therewithmemanyatime', 'therewith me many a time')]
RH18731209-V42-26-page2.txt: [('hadheeverreallyknownmanysuch', 'had he ever really known many such'), ('havemadetheDeaconaneatspeech', 'have made the Deacon a neat speech'), ('toconsiderthesenotknow', 'to consider these not know')]
RH18731209-V42-26-page5.txt: [('thatitwilltendtodestroytheir', 'that it will tend to destroy their')]
RH18731216-V43-01-page3.txt: [('Beforethattimewordsandsentenceswerepu', 'Before that time words and sentences were p u')]
RH18731216-V43-01-page7.txt: [('IlleseedarethedeadwhichdieintheLordfromhenceforth', 'I l le seed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth')]
RH18731230-V43-03-page3.txt: [('thatIhavebuttheonetalent', 'that I have but the one talent'), ('inmylackoftrustinginhim', 'in my lack of trusting in him')]
RH18731230-V43-03-page5.txt: [('iscomethattheyshouldbejudged', 'is come that they should be judged'), ('areasencouragingomensaswouldbethemost', 'are as encouraging omens as would be the most'), ('Thefirstnumberwillprobablybeissuednot', 'The first number will probably be issued not')]
RH18740113-V43-05-page7.txt: [('complainingwillcorrodetheirmindsbeyondminded', 'complaining will corrode their minds beyond minded')]
RH18740127-V43-07-page2.txt: [('Notwithstandnouncemc', 'Not withstand noun c e m c'), ('isfactorilyexplainthevariousdevelopmentsisjustwalkingwithmyHeavenlyFather', 'is factor i l y explain the various developments is just walking with my Heavenly Father'), ('wenotefirstandatotalloss', 'we note first and a total loss'), ('Allthepassengersweresaved', 'All the passengers were saved'), ('chancelloroftheUniversityofNewJersey', 'chancellor of the University of New Jersey'), ('destroyingmanyhouses', 'destroying many houses'), ('Iftheforegoingconclusionsarecorrect', 'If the foregoing conclusions are correct'), ('Thefutureisanunmappedterritory', 'The future is a nun mapped territory')]
RH18740127-V43-07-page3.txt: [('Weshouldthinkoftenofthissentence', 'We should think often of this sentence'), ('dayobservanceissome', 'day observance is some'), ('Irelandwillthenbebroughtpainfullyto', 'Ireland will then be brought painfully to'), ('Backbitingandtalebearingaretheenemy', 'Backbiting and talebearing are the enemy'), ('commemorarespective', 'com me mora respective')]
RH18740127-V43-07-page4.txt: [('mustneedsgoandseeit', 'must needs go and see it')]
RH18740203-V43-08-page2.txt: [('andthemthatworshiped', 'and them that worshiped'), ('roundthecityofthesaints', 'round the city of the saints')]
RH18740203-V43-08-page3.txt: [('practicalgodliness', 'practical godliness')]
RH18740203-V43-08-page6.txt: [('translatetothepeople', 'translate to the people'), ('Ifeltveryfreeinspirit', 'I felt very free in spirit'), ('couragetolaboranywhere', 'courage to labor anywhere'), ('neartofeelthatonceawee', 'near to feel that once a wee'), ('populationinintelligenceandrefinement', 'population in intelligence and refinement'), ('muchninesubscribersforREVIEw', 'much nine subscribers for REVIEw')]
RH18740203-V43-08-page8.txt: [('ACoNFERENCEwasheld', 'A CoNFERENCE was held'), ('thatthereareatpresentnearlyfivemillionsof', 'that there are at present nearly five millions of')]
RH18740210-V43-09-page2.txt: [('triumphsatisfaction', 'triumph satisfaction')]
RH18740210-V43-09-page3.txt: [('eryotherhandthatwuul', 'er y other hand that w u u l')]
RH18740210-V43-09-page4.txt: [('quotedWebsterastothe', 'quoted Webster as to the'), ('itisrepresentedbythesymbolofawomanseated', 'it is represented by the symbol of a woman seated')]
RH18740210-V43-09-page6.txt: [('sooftenlongsandgrieves', 'so often longs and grieves'), ('Hethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'He that goeth forth and weepeth'), ('bearingpreciousset', 'bearing precious set')]
RH18740210-V43-09-page7.txt: [('cefficientworkerinthecentralregionofthe', 'c efficient worker in the central region of the')]
RH18740210-V43-09-page8.txt: [('causethatisthemustcentralpointinNewEngland', 'cause that is the must central point in New England'), ('andneighboringchurches', 'and neighboring churches')]
RH18740217-V43-10-page3.txt: [('ismoredefinitelydeclaredinRev', 'is more definitely declared in Rev'), ('themonefromanother', 'them one from another'), ('whomtheyhavescatter', 'whom they have scatter')]
RH18740217-V43-10-page5.txt: [('repairedtothethreshing', 'repaired to the threshing'), ('lartruthtoshowwhatprinciplesactuatemBDand', 'lar truth to show what principles actuate m B D a n d')]
RH18740217-V43-10-page7.txt: [('conscientiousconvictions', 'conscientious convictions')]
RH18740303-V43-12-page1.txt: [('proporresentatives', 'prop or resent at ives'), ('ageofrapidtransition', 'age of rapid transition'), ('Eventsdevelophouseofthistabernaclebedissolved', 'Events develop house of this tabernacle be dissolved'), ('sandyearsfromthecreationofmanareverysi', 'sand years from the creation of man are very s i'), ('llsandwondersinIsraelfromtheLord', 'l ls and wonders in Israel from the Lord')]
RH18740303-V43-12-page2.txt: [('aperiodscarcelylonger', 'a period scarcely longer')]
RH18740303-V43-12-page7.txt: [('commandcommandments', 'command commandments')]
RH18740310-V43-13-page4.txt: [('Hencethewayispreparedforthefulfillment', 'Hence the way is prepared for the fulfillment'), ('tremblesunremyfeet', 'tremble sun rem y feet'), ('andHeavenweepsblood', 'and Heaven weeps blood'), ('wouldcompletethesellupon', 'would complete the sell upon')]
RH18740317-V43-14-page6.txt: [('discriminateegainst', 'dis crim in a tee gain st')]
RH18740324-V43-15-page2.txt: [('foreshadinstruction', 'fores had instruction'), ('attractingthousands', 'attracting thousands')]
RH18740324-V43-15-page7.txt: [('indiscriminvirtnous', 'in dis crim inv ir t n o u s')]
RH18740331-V43-16-page3.txt: [('unrighteouscommunion', 'unrighteous communion')]
RH18740331-V43-16-page7.txt: [('selfthoughtfulness', 'self thoughtfulness')]
RH18740407-V43-17-page2.txt: [('wefindthememorialofthe', 'we find the memorial of the'), ('toremembrancethegrandfactthatdistinversedfacetofacewithGod', 'to remembrance the grand fact that dist in versed face to face with God')]
RH18740407-V43-17-page3.txt: [('Howexistencebutthejealousiesofothernations', 'How existence but the jealousies of other nations')]
RH18740407-V43-17-page5.txt: [('FormyownpartIwaittoseethedaywhen', 'For my own part I wait to see the day when'), ('thesaintsthaUhekingdom', 'the saint st h aU he kingdom')]
RH18740407-V43-17-page6.txt: [('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed'), ('andseveralwereverymuch', 'and several were very much'), ('Wewereoutonanopenprairie', 'We were out on an open prairie')]
RH18740407-V43-17-page7.txt: [('itwasbecausehedied', 'it was because he died'), ('intheroomJusticedemandshislife', 'in the room Justice demands his life')]
RH18740407-V43-17-page8.txt: [('EachnumberoftheHealthReformeriscomplete', 'Each number of the Health Reformer is complete'), ('EducationallJoolet', 'Education all Jo o let')]
RH18740414-V43-18e-page3.txt: [('HAVINGlilsisttened', 'HAVING l i ls i st ten ed')]
RH18740421-V43-19-page6.txt: [('itsTtransgressions', 'it sT transgressions')]
RH18740505-V43-21-page7.txt: [('Constantinoreceive', 'Constant in o receive'), ('transubstantiafaithful', 'tran sub st anti a faithful')]
RH18740512-V43-22-page2.txt: [('mediatoriahkingdom', 'mediator i ah kingdom')]
RH18740512-V43-22-page6.txt: [('considerableuneasiness', 'considerable uneasiness')]
RH18740512-V43-22-page7.txt: [('conconcerningeCheist', 'con concern inge C heist')]
RH18740519-V43-23-page3.txt: [('finalgoalmustprove', 'final goal must prove')]
RH18740602-V43-25-page1.txt: [('commandmentbreaker', 'commandment breaker'), ('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18740616-V44-01-page1.txt: [('changedfromtheseventhtothefirstday', 'changed from the seventh to the first day'), ('Buthavingopenedthewayoflifethrough', 'But having opened the way of life through')]
RH18740616-V44-01-page3.txt: [('theninthesamecityandontheearthJesusChrist', 'then in the same city and on the earth Jesus Christ'), ('WhatmustIdotobesaved', 'What must I do to be saved')]
RH18740616-V44-01-page4.txt: [('wherethecomingoftheLord', 'where the coming of the Lord'), ('rapturousviewsofHeavenin', 'rapturous views of Heaven in'), ('togetherofPaulandhisbrethrentohim', 'together of Paul and his brethren to him'), ('forthenitmightbeevadedasmeaning', 'for then it might be evaded as meaning'), ('ForIamnowreadytobeoffered', 'For I am now ready to be offered')]
RH18740616-V44-01-page5.txt: [('thebeginninghassometimesrevealeddutyis', 'the beginning has sometimes revealed duty is'), ('Thenweshallnothavelivedinvain', 'Then we shall not have lived in vain'), ('uponthemostimportantand', 'upon the most important and')]
RH18740616-V44-01-page6.txt: [('mostofthoselaborsult', 'most of those labors ult')]
RH18740616-V44-01-page8.txt: [('whichshouldcorrespondwiththeNumbersonthe', 'which should correspond with the Numbers on the'), ('ThoughtsonImmortality', 'Thoughts on Immortality'), ('ThoughtsfortheCudid', 'Thoughts for the Cud i d')]
RH18740623-V44-02-page6.txt: [('Hethatgoethforthandweepetb', 'He that goeth forth and weep et b'), ('churchesshowthefollowing', 'churches show the following')]
RH18740630-V44-03-page1.txt: [('TermsTwoDollarsaYE', 'Terms Two Dollars a YE'), ('itwillbeaccomplished', 'it will be accomplished'), ('theycrywithyouforalltheabominations', 'they cry with you for all the abominations'), ('paidbytractsocietiesiesorindividualsforthepoor', 'paid by tract societies i e s o r i n d i v i d u a l s f o r t h e p o o r'), ('andifyourheartdoesnotsink', 'and if your heart does not sink'), ('andifyourspiritdoe', 'and if your spirit doe')]
RH18740630-V44-03-page2.txt: [('Thisbeastalsoblasphemed', 'This beast also blasphemed'), ('signaturestopetitionsforaConstitutional', 'signatures to petitions for a Constitutional'), ('shouldnowgrowstrong', 'should now grow strong'), ('Itisinthefurnaceoftrialthat', 'It is in the furnace of trial that'), ('Constitutionallaws', 'Constitutional laws')]
RH18740630-V44-03-page3.txt: [('infinitelyoutweighs', 'infinitely outweighs'), ('shewillstandforeverburningandscorched', 'she will stand forever burning and scorched')]
RH18740630-V44-03-page5.txt: [('wrathofGodwaitstillthedayofwrath', 'wrath of God wait still the day of wrath')]
RH18740630-V44-03-page7.txt: [('thecauseinitsinfancy', 'the cause in its infancy'), ('aDdwhenmeaDewereofIngerm', 'aDd when me a De were of In germ')]
RH18740630-V44-03-page8.txt: [('crossonthemarginofyourpapersignifiesthat', 'cross on the margin of your paper signifies that')]
RH18740707-V44-04-page1.txt: [('interpretationappearstobethis', 'interpretation appears to be this'), ('HenceandthattheSunofRighteousnessshallbe', 'Hence and that the Sun of Righteousness shall be')]
RH18740707-V44-04-page4.txt: [('ItiscertainthereforethatmandoesnotshalllivewhenGoddoeththis', 'It is certain therefore that man does not shall live when God doeth this')]
RH18740714-V44-05-page2.txt: [('andallwhohavedweltinheathen', 'and all who have dwelt in heathen'), ('haseverprevailedamongtheheathen', 'has ever prevailed among the heathen'), ('thenthatsalvationisnot', 'then that salvation is not'), ('andofcourseprobationinthisdi', 'and of course probation in this di'), ('Christandtheintroductionofthedayof', 'Christ and the introduction of the day of')]
RH18740714-V44-05-page6.txt: [('wasorganizedbythenameoftheRiverFalls', 'was organized by the name of the River Falls'), ('Thisisexclusiveoftheadditionstotheold', 'This is exclusive of the additions to the old'), ('Ineversawpeopleappearmorereadytore', 'I never saw people appear more ready tore'), ('Isentapackageoftracts', 'I sent a package of tracts'), ('Aswehavebornetheimageoftheearthly', 'As we have borne the image of the earthly'), ('myheartfeltthankstothebrethreninIowaetsa', 'my heartfelt thanks to the brethren in Iowa et s a')]
RH18740714-V44-05-page8.txt: [('addresswillbeforthepresent', 'address will be for the present'), ('sincethisworkcommenced', 'since this work commenced')]
RH18740721-V44-06-page3.txt: [('cleanupyoursurround', 'clean up your surround'), ('tobringthemtotrial', 'to bring them to trial'), ('Julyisprecededbyexpensiveandlaborious', 'July is preceded by expensive and laborious'), ('Itismorenecessarythanintheabove', 'It is more necessary than in the above')]
RH18740721-V44-06-page5.txt: [('veliberallysuppliedthemeans', 'vel i be rally supplied the means'), ('usthatthepersonwithatrainedmindhasallthe', 'us that the person with a trained mind has all the'), ('IfweloveGodwewillkeephiscommandments', 'If we love God we will keep his commandments'), ('betobreakawayfromtherestraintandwatchcare', 'be to break away from the restraint and watch care')]
RH18740721-V44-06-page7.txt: [('thattheywerewantinginfeeling', 'that they were wanting in feeling')]
RH18740721-V44-06-page8.txt: [('printedmonthegatesshouldbeonthegroundthefirstdayof', 'printed mon the gates should be on the ground the first day of')]
RH18740728-V44-07-page1.txt: [('everlastingcovenant', 'everlasting covenant'), ('starariseinyourhearts', 'star arise in your hearts')]
RH18740728-V44-07-page3.txt: [('pleasinoattractions', 'pleas in o attractions'), ('EdwardHornbyarelikeashowerof', 'Edward Hornby are like a shower of')]
RH18740728-V44-07-page4.txt: [('perpetuatcomparatively', 'per pet u a t c o m p a r a t i v e l y')]
RH18740728-V44-07-page5.txt: [('thatIcandomoreformyGodthanIcan', 'that I can do more for my God than I can'), ('sacimportanceintheworld', 'sac importance in the world'), ('consistentandbecomingthoseprofessinggodliness', 'consistent and becoming those professing godliness'), ('whathasbecomeofhim', 'what has become of him')]
RH18740728-V44-07-page6.txt: [('WEclosedourmeetingsatSt', 'WE closed our meetings at St')]
RH18740728-V44-07-page7.txt: [('Youareconstantlygivingtoall', 'You are constantly giving to all')]
RH18740804-V44-08-page3.txt: [('andjewelryofdifferentkinds', 'and jewelry of different kinds')]
RH18740804-V44-08-page4.txt: [('themtomakehastetoobey', 'them to make haste to obey'), ('wecanbutconcludethat', 'we can but conclude that'), ('butnotwithstanding', 'but notwithstanding'), ('isalmostequaltotheworstlocal', 'is almost equal to the worst local'), ('Itwasbecausetheconscientiousness', 'It was because the conscientiousness')]
RH18740804-V44-08-page7.txt: [('Thewickedwalkoneveryside', 'The wicked walk on every side'), ('referstotheforethetimeofPaul', 'refers to the fore the time of Paul'), ('Andmanyofthemthatsleep', 'And many of them that sleep')]
RH18740804-V44-08-page8.txt: [('mostimportantmeetingeverheldinNewEngland', 'most important meeting ever held in New England')]
RH18740818-V44-09-page1.txt: [('wemayknowthatChristisnear', 'we may know that Christ is near'), ('topassthanforthewordsofChristonthiswhichwaspresentedtohiminA', 'to pass than for the words of Christ on this which was presented to him in A'), ('whenthosepropheciesareeitherfulfilledor', 'when those prophecies are either fulfilled or'), ('unlessforthepurposeof', 'unless for the purpose of')]
RH18740818-V44-09-page2.txt: [('appreconsistencies', 'app recon sis ten c i e s'), ('inconsistenbetween', 'in consist en between')]
RH18740818-V44-09-page3.txt: [('consideradescended', 'consider a descended'), ('andhehadobtainedstrengthandexperils', 'and he had obtained strength and exp eri ls')]
RH18740818-V44-09-page5.txt: [('subdivisprovidence', 'sub div is providence')]
RH18740818-V44-09-page8.txt: [('manydiscouragements', 'many discouragements')]
RH18740825-V44-10-page2.txt: [('andthattheirpersonaleffortsferinghumanityinthepersonsofthesufferdoesnotcompelmentogive', 'and that their personal efforts fer ing humanity in the persons of the suffer does not compel men to give'), ('dingiftsandofferings', 'din gifts and offerings')]
RH18740825-V44-10-page3.txt: [('stylehekeepsuporthe', 'style he keeps up or the')]
RH18740825-V44-10-page8.txt: [('Ifmoneyforthepaperisnotinduetimeacknowledged', 'If money for the paper is not in due time acknowledged'), ('disgracetoEuropeanstatesmen', 'disgrace to European statesmen'), ('fidelCnilsConsidered', 'fidel C nil s Considered')]
RH18740901-V44-11-page1.txt: [('kingdomsoftheworldinamomentoftime', 'kingdoms of the world in a moment of time'), ('amazeattheexpenseofhealth', 'amaze at the expense of health'), ('Thishadthehappyeffectof', 'This had the happy effect of')]
RH18740901-V44-11-page4.txt: [('ourcomparativeyouth', 'our comparative youth')]
RH18740901-V44-11-page5.txt: [('WhatisittofeedtheflockofGod', 'What is it to feed the flock of God'), ('ofthechurchofEphesus', 'of the church of Ephesus'), ('promiseisbeingfulfilled', 'promise is being fulfilled'), ('BarBellinhisNotesonRev', 'Bar Bell in his Notes on Rev'), ('Whatwouldwethinkof', 'What would we think of')]
RH18740901-V44-11-page6.txt: [('aethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'a eth at goeth forth and weepeth'), ('bearingpreelonsseed', 'bearing p reel on s seed'), ('boreaverypointedrequesttobeadmittedtotheNewEugla', 'bore a very pointed request to be admitted to the New E u g l a'), ('settledsurroundingcommunity', 'settled surrounding community')]
RH18740901-V44-11-page8.txt: [('MaytheblessingofGodattendthese', 'May the blessing of God attend these')]
RH18740908-V44-12-page1.txt: [('meansdesigntoassailthepersonalcharacdomofHeaven', 'means design to assail the personal char a c dom of Heaven')]
RH18740908-V44-12-page3.txt: [('consecraprediction', 'con sec rap red i c t i o n'), ('inspiteofthetorturesof', 'in spite of the tortures of')]
RH18740908-V44-12-page4.txt: [('Heattemptsanargumentontheword', 'He attempts an argument on the word'), ('actofthinkingtochange', 'act of thinking to change'), ('bestqualifiedtodothisworkofanyinthe', 'best qualified to do this work of any in the')]
RH18740908-V44-12-page6.txt: [('Conferspontaneously', 'Confer spontaneously'), ('Hethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'He that goeth forth and weepeth'), ('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed'), ('beattendedtothanworldlybusiness', 'be attended to than worldly business'), ('truthsapplicabletooursituation', 'truths applicable to our situation')]
RH18740908-V44-12-page7.txt: [('theremnantofwilldestroyed', 'the remnant of will destroyed'), ('naturaloutgrowthofthatsystemoflawlessness', 'natural outgrowth of that system of lawlessness'), ('Buttheriskistoogreatthustoprocrasor', 'But the risk is too great thus to proc r a s o r'), ('supposeIclaimthateachmediumisaspiritualist', 'suppose I claim that each medium is a spiritualist')]
RH18740908-V44-12-page8.txt: [('asgiveninthetranslationofLuther', 'as given in the translation of Luther'), ('Itakethismethodofinforming', 'I take this method of informing')]
RH18740915-V44-13-page1.txt: [('andtheseareonlythemoreno', 'and these are only the more no'), ('GreatfloodatEureka', 'Great flood at Eureka')]
RH18740915-V44-13-page2.txt: [('accomplishsentation', 'accomplish sent at ion'), ('evidentlygiveninthe', 'evidently given in the')]
RH18740915-V44-13-page3.txt: [('forthiscansealsowasheburiedin', 'for this can seal so was he buried in'), ('marriedthePrincessOigaConstantinowna', 'married the Princess O i g a C o n s t a n t i n o w n a')]
RH18740915-V44-13-page4.txt: [('VermontandtheNewYorkConference', 'Vermont and the New York Conference'), ('hidethemfromtheoverwhelminggloryofhis', 'hide them from the overwhelming glory of his'), ('accomplishedforthesaintsoftheNew', 'accomplished for the saints of the New'), ('AcomtoteachwhataharmonyoftheScriptureswillnot', 'A com to teach what a harmony of the Scriptures will not'), ('asheappearsinthecloudsofheaven', 'as he appears in the clouds of heaven')]
RH18740915-V44-13-page6.txt: [('Andragingwindscomehowlingthroughtheskies', 'And raging winds come howling through the skies'), ('theresponsibilitiesGodwouldhaveusbear', 'the responsibilities God would have us bear'), ('Hethatgoethforthandweepetb', 'He that goeth forth and weep et b'), ('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed'), ('Mayweallbeimbuedwiththetruespirit', 'May we all be imbued with the true spirit'), ('establishedjournals', 'established journals')]
RH18740915-V44-13-page8.txt: [('quarterlymeetingoftheGrant', 'quarterly meeting of the Grant'), ('WarrenandMcKeanCos', 'Warren and McKean Cos'), ('ThisquestionisaskedbyseveralcoiTespondents', 'This question is asked by several c o iT esp on dents'), ('butforthebenefitofthosewho', 'but for the benefit of those who')]
RH18740922-V44-14-page2.txt: [('Christtellsuswhomto', 'Christ tells us whom to'), ('fortheyshallseeGod', 'for they shall see God')]
RH18740922-V44-14-page3.txt: [('hearoncemorethevoiceofChristsay', 'hear once more the voice of Christ say'), ('curredseveralminorcalamitiesfroma', 'cur red several minor calamities from a'), ('Someofthesecalamitiesmighthavebeen', 'Some of these calamities might have been')]
RH18740922-V44-14-page4.txt: [('inwhicharegivenextractsfromCathoolic', 'in which are given extracts from Cat hoo l i c'), ('Itisnottillwecomedownwellintothecentuandmcense', 'It is not till we come down well into the cent u a n d m c e n s e'), ('andinpersecutionofthethereforehavenotthepowertocommunicate', 'and in persecution of the therefore have not the power to communicate'), ('thatstoodeveninthatday', 'that stood even in that day')]
RH18740922-V44-14-page6.txt: [('Hethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'He that goeth forth and weepeth'), ('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed'), ('fixedpurposetowalkinthatlight', 'fixed purpose to walk in that light'), ('ofmereconjectureandspeculation', 'of mere conjecture and speculation'), ('themeanasmanytimesfailed', 'the mean as many times failed'), ('prophhavegrownupinthetruth', 'prop h have grownup in the truth'), ('mindhasbeentroubledat', 'mind has been troubled at'), ('tillthetimeofitsoverthrow', 'till the time of its overthrow'), ('Thefulfillmentofprophecy', 'The fulfillment of prophecy'), ('Thusweseethattheinter', 'Thus we see that the inter'), ('thespoilofconqueringforces', 'the spoil of conquering forces')]
RH18740922-V44-14-page7.txt: [('bearinmindthatthefollowingextractsprove', 'bear in mind that the following extracts prove'), ('attracaccomparried', 'att r a c a c c o m p a r r i e d'), ('purposetoadoptaplatformandto', 'purpose to adopt a platform and to'), ('Ithasbanishedpeacefromhappy', 'It has banished peace from happy'), ('thefrightfulconsequences', 'the frightful consequences'), ('YoumaythinkIamdomg', 'You may think I am dom g'), ('alloverthebodysocial', 'all over the body social')]
RH18740929-V44-15-page4.txt: [('everysuchindividual', 'every such individual'), ('Thesesinnersthemselvesareleftunwarned', 'These sinners themselves are left unwarned'), ('alightthatshinethinadark', 'a light that shineth in a dark'), ('RightlyDividingtheWordofTruth', 'Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth'), ('righteousopportunity', 'righteous opportunity')]
RH18740929-V44-15-page5.txt: [('Fortheinformationofthosewhodonotknow', 'For the information of those who do not know'), ('concerningallthese', 'concerning all these')]
RH18740929-V44-15-page6.txt: [('Hethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'He that goeth forth and weepeth'), ('Committeeremembertheminthematterof', 'Committee remember them in the matter of')]
RH18740929-V44-15-page7.txt: [('inrealityabodyofpagans', 'in reality a body of pagans'), ('thosewhoacttheworstwillprogressthefast', 'those who act the worst will progress the fast'), ('soentireamasteryoveritsvictimsasto', 'so entire a mastery over its victims as to'), ('notastraythoughtintheconventionisHeragea', 'not astray thought in the convention is He rage a')]
RH18740929-V44-15-page8.txt: [('generalquarterlymeet', 'general quarterly meet'), ('Wehopeourbrethrenwithinareasonabledis', 'We hope our brethren within a reasonable dis'), ('TheviewtakenbyBaptistsofMatt', 'The view taken by Baptists of Matt'), ('Spiritinconversion', 'Spirit in conversion'), ('whichwemustexperience', 'which we must experience'), ('Letthedirectorsgivenoticeintheirreard', 'Let the directors give notice in their rear d'), ('onethoughtlesslyspoke', 'one thoughtlessly spoke')]
RH18741013-V44-16-page2.txt: [('overthrownominations', 'overthrow nominations')]
RH18741013-V44-16-page3.txt: [('yerejectthecommandlyingoneagainstanother', 'ye reject the command lying one against another')]
RH18741013-V44-16-page6.txt: [('Wehadourtentonthepublicplaza', 'We had our tent on the public plaza'), ('ThequestionofdonatingtotheGen', 'The question of donating to the Gen'), ('theywereengagedwiththesubject', 'they were engaged with the subject'), ('Oethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'O eth at goeth forth and weepeth'), ('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed'), ('Twochurcheswerereceived', 'Two churches were received')]
RH18741013-V44-16-page7.txt: [('Iftheyseekmeeknessanddotheirduty', 'If they seek meekness and do their duty'), ('examinetheConferencerecords', 'examine the Conference records')]
RH18741013-V44-16-page8.txt: [('willbeheldatKenyon', 'will beheld at Kenyon'), ('ThePerfectionoftheTenCommandments', 'The Perfection of the Ten Commandments')]
RH18741020-V44-17-page3.txt: [('ifyouaregoingintotheAnanias', 'if you are going into the Ananias')]
RH18741020-V44-17-page4.txt: [('Thebeliefofthisdependsentireinggospel', 'The belief of this depends entire ing gospel'), ('thefirstdayoftheweek', 'the first day of the week'), ('ButifChristortheapostles', 'But if Christ or the apostles'), ('justwheretheproclamcttion', 'just where the pro clam c t t i o n'), ('thesametlmeweareassuredthatthewhole', 'the s a met l me we are assured that the whole'), ('notbeaftersixdaysoflabor', 'not be after six days of labor'), ('astheyhadrestedall', 'as they had rested all'), ('Howcouldtheychangeit', 'How could they change it'), ('Allothergreatwordswhichtenitory', 'All other great words which ten i tory'), ('Ifthefulfillmentisinthefuture', 'If the fulfillment is in the future')]
RH18741027-V44-18-page2.txt: [('commandgovernments', 'command governments'), ('finalunhesitatingly', 'final unhesitatingly')]
RH18741027-V44-18-page4.txt: [('Christhasundertakentheredemptionofhispeoanditsglory', 'Christ has undertaken the redemption of his pe o and its glory'), ('Notbyaspiritshootingoffinto', 'Not by a spirit shooting off into'), ('withtheleastpossibledangerofanadverse', 'with the least possible danger of an adverse'), ('Fromthefourwindsthebreathof', 'From the four winds the breath of'), ('thatthefourthcommandmentdiffersinitsnature', 'that the fourth commandment differs in its nature'), ('operationsoftheothertwobodiesofbarbarians', 'operations of the other two bodies of barbarians')]
RH18741027-V44-18-page5.txt: [('unfoundedsuspicion', 'unfounded suspicion'), ('domesticarrangements', 'domestic arrangements'), ('accomplishmentsmusic', 'accomplishments music')]
RH18741027-V44-18-page6.txt: [('thatgoethforthandweepeth', 'that goeth forth and weepeth'), ('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed')]
RH18741103-V44-19-page2.txt: [('constitutionfilling', 'constitution filling'), ('andwaspresidedoverbyGov', 'and was presided over by Gov'), ('numbersandinfluence', 'numbers and influence')]
RH18741103-V44-19-page3.txt: [('intheirmostsplendiddays', 'in their most splendid days'), ('torevivethespiritofthehumble', 'to revive the spirit of the humble'), ('andtorepreparesthegravesofwholecommunities', 'and tore prepares the graves of whole communities')]
RH18741103-V44-19-page5.txt: [('Thecombinedcirculationofthesepapersisover', 'The combined circulation of these papers is over'), ('hopetheSiynswillnowbe', 'hope the S i y n s w i l l n o w b e'), ('seeifhecanobtainmorecopiesoftheSignsC', 'see if he can obtain more copies of the Signs C')]
RH18741103-V44-19-page7.txt: [('decepindispensable', 'dec e p i n d i s p e n s a b l e')]
RH18741110-V44-20-page1.txt: [('Hethatturnethawayhis', 'He that turneth away his'), ('noreasonwhythelawisnotbindingnow', 'no reason why the law is not binding now')]
RH18741110-V44-20-page2.txt: [('ontheveryhighestplane', 'on the very highest plane'), ('thatoursoulsmaybesofullyconvertedthat', 'that our souls may be so fully converted that'), ('lookingoutfrombetween', 'looking out from between'), ('Itfollowsinthepathofright', 'It follows in the path of right')]
RH18741110-V44-20-page3.txt: [('leapedovertheboundsofhonesty', 'leaped over the bounds of honesty'), ('Manhasbeenasbadashecanbe', 'Man has been as bad as he can be'), ('Whenwewouldchoosea', 'When we would choose a'), ('accusehisowncriticsoffreshlycrucifying', 'accuse his own critics of freshly crucifying')]
RH18741110-V44-20-page4.txt: [('coisnotfoundamongthispeople', 'c o is not found among this people'), ('largementofoperations', 'large men to fop er at ions'), ('carryforwardtheirworkbymeans', 'carry forward their work by means')]
RH18741110-V44-20-page5.txt: [('Sotheworkmovesalloverthefield', 'So the work moves all over the field')]
RH18741110-V44-20-page6.txt: [('wouldcomefarshortofdoingthegood', 'would come far short of doing the good'), ('withthematerialonhand', 'with the material on hand'), ('membersoftheMichiganConference', 'members of the Michigan Conference'), ('nancialstandingofthe', 'nan c i a l standing of the'), ('infaiththatGodwillblessintheeffortstosave', 'in faith that God will bless in the efforts to save')]
RH18741110-V44-20-page7.txt: [('inthislineofprophecy', 'in this line of prophecy'), ('Greeleysoastoleadhimtodevotehistime', 'Greeley so as to lead him to devote his time'), ('TheamountofSsstematieBenevolencepledged', 'The amount of S s stem a tie Benevolence pledged')]
RH18741110-V44-20-page8.txt: [('ThediscountonBoundBookswillbe', 'The discount on Bound Books will be'), ('otherpaythanwhatweoffertoourministers', 'other pay than what we offer to our ministers'), ('CrosbyCarletonMDlOc', 'Crosby Carleton MD lO c'), ('thesubscriptionprices', 'the subscription prices'), ('erbrethrenthatthenumberofhalf', 'er brethren that the number of half'), ('beautifulPictureis', 'beautiful Picture is')]
RH18741117-V44-21-page2.txt: [('oftheagedpersonsuffer', 'of the aged person suffer'), ('ifthecrowdwilldomethefavortoreturn', 'if the crowd will dome the favor to return')]
RH18741117-V44-21-page3.txt: [('Youhaveheardofthescienc', 'You have heard of the sci enc'), ('quiteoftentheabovescriptureis', 'quite often the above scripture is'), ('sinlessanduprightcondition', 'sinless and upright condition'), ('arenotthepersonsofwhomhewasborn', 'are not the persons of whom he was born'), ('andeachotherandcannotbeseparated', 'and each other and cannot be separated'), ('somescriptureuponthispoint', 'some scripture upon this point')]
RH18741117-V44-21-page4.txt: [('gentleorganization', 'gentle organization'), ('andthetempleofGodwasopened', 'and the temple of God was opened')]
RH18741117-V44-21-page6.txt: [('atwagesofaboutfifty', 'at wages of about fifty')]
RH18741117-V44-21-page7.txt: [('whichdieIntheLordfromhenceforth', 'which die In the Lord from henceforth'), ('Hislastworkwastranslating', 'His last work was translating'), ('ifhehadamonkeyinhistrunk', 'if he had a monkey in his trunk')]
RH18741117-V44-21-page8.txt: [('andbyanenlightenedpublicsentiment', 'and by an enlightened public sentiment'), ('Ifmoneyforthepaperisnotinduetimeacknowledge', 'If money for the paper is not in due time acknowledge'), ('wellasinthegreattruthsofGod', 'well as in the great truths of God'), ('itnitationisextendedtoalltocometothis', 'it nit at ion is extended to all to come to this')]
RH18741124-V44-22-page1.txt: [('othershadesofsense', 'other shades of sense'), ('ItwassaidofBezaleel', 'It was said of Bezaleel')]
RH18741124-V44-22-page2.txt: [('Ifanyofyoulackwisdom', 'If any of you lack wisdom')]
RH18741124-V44-22-page3.txt: [('Ifthevarioustimeswhichhavebeen', 'If the various times which have been'), ('ThattheSpiritofGodwaspromisedtn', 'That the Spirit of God was promised t n')]
RH18741124-V44-22-page4.txt: [('worldthewarningofthenearar', 'world the warning of the near ar'), ('contradicconclusion', 'contra di c conclusion')]
RH18741124-V44-22-page5.txt: [('determinewhetherwewillprofitbythem', 'determine whether we will profit by them'), ('onTheVoiceofTrutltj', 'on The Voice ofT rut l t j'), ('withthespeedofahurricane', 'with the speed of a hurricane'), ('thatcloudsdisappear', 'that clouds disappear')]
RH18741124-V44-22-page6.txt: [('oppositionfromtheMethodistpreachthe', 'opposition from the Methodist preach the'), ('realofficeofthewordstheystriveaboutisasforandartistic', 'real office of the words they strive about is as for and artistic'), ('decorousandimpressivetothesensfs', 'decorous and impressive to the sens f s')]
RH18741124-V44-22-page7.txt: [('andsullentheocertn', 'and sullen the o cert n'), ('thattheChinesehadsome', 'that the Chinese had some'), ('Biblicalgeographers', 'Biblical geographers')]
RH18741124-V44-22-page8.txt: [('therestitutionoftheLord', 'the restitution of the Lord'), ('prayersgoupdailyfortheblessingofGoduponhis', 'prayers go up daily for the blessing of God upon his'), ('especiallythegreatenemy', 'especially the great enemy'), ('andareanevidencetowl', 'and are an evidence tow l')]
RH18741201-V44-23-page1.txt: [('ceremonialprecepts', 'ceremonial precepts')]
RH18741201-V44-23-page2.txt: [('ofGodbyyourtradition', 'of God by your tradition')]
RH18741201-V44-23-page3.txt: [('InavolumeoftheGermanBible', 'In a volume of the German Bible'), ('loversofpleasuremore', 'lovers of pleasure more'), ('theassaultsmadeuponit', 'the assaults made upon it')]
RH18741201-V44-23-page5.txt: [('accomplishperfecting', 'accomplish perfecting')]
RH18741208-V44-24-page1.txt: [('stilllookedforward', 'still looked forward'), ('wheredoyousupposewewouldfind', 'where do you suppose we would find')]
RH18741208-V44-24-page2.txt: [('ThePerfectionoftheTen', 'The Perfection of the Ten')]
RH18741208-V44-24-page4.txt: [('oldorfirstcovenant', 'old or first covenant')]
RH18741208-V44-24-page6.txt: [('Hereisourfittingpattern', 'Here is our fitting pattern'), ('nopublicopposition', 'no public opposition'), ('classwereabouttocommencet', 'class were about to com men c et')]
RH18741208-V44-24-page7.txt: [('encountmonomaniacs', 'en count monomaniac s')]
RH18741208-V44-24-page8.txt: [('hichthenhadnoexistence', 'hic h then had no existence'), ('arebasedonconditions', 'are based on conditions'), ('Theprincipleonwhich', 'The principle on which'), ('thatallreportsarcsentinatthismeetingintime', 'that all reports arc sent in at this meeting in time'), ('Itisexpectedthateachdirector', 'It is expected that each director'), ('tosupporttheirfamilies', 'to support their families')]
RH18741215-V44-25-page2.txt: [('maketheirpleMureandselfish', 'make their p le Mure and selfish'), ('Bignedthattheirpowersofbodyandmmdshould', 'Big ned that their powers of body and m m d s h o u l d'), ('Ishouldthinkyouought', 'I should think you ought'), ('snosacrificethatIwouldnotmakeforhim', 's no sacrifice that I would not make for him'), ('Whosoeverforsakethnotallthathehathc', 'Whosoever forsaketh not all that he hath c')]
RH18741215-V44-25-page3.txt: [('butweprilllednotthe', 'but we p rill led not the')]
RH18741215-V44-25-page5.txt: [('beputinsomesuchformasthis', 'be put in some such form as this'), ('Andmayallwhoprofessfaith', 'And may all who profess faith'), ('Asasignoftheendoftheworld', 'Asa sign of the end of the world'), ('Yehavecausedmanyto', 'Ye have caused many to'), ('thantobecontinuallyraisingjury', 'than to be continually raising jury'), ('Hehasdamagedtheveryfountainof', 'He has damaged the very fountain of')]
RH18741215-V44-25-page7.txt: [('proclamationunconsciously', 'proclamation unconsciously')]
RH18741215-V44-25-page8.txt: [('ScriptureBiography', 'Scripture Biography'), ('Wehopetoseeagoodlynumberatthismeeting', 'We hope to see a goodly number at this meeting'), ('atonlyonedollarayear', 'at only one dollar a year'), ('areinvitedtoattend', 'are invited to attend'), ('andmembersthatcannot', 'and members that cannot')]
RH18741222-V44-26-page1.txt: [('ofthevariousintoxicatingbeveragesin', 'of the various intoxicating beverages in'), ('whatheisworthspiritually', 'what he is worth spiritually'), ('itbaffledthewisdomoftheofficersto', 'it baffled the wisdom of the officers to'), ('piledonthetopofevidence', 'piled on the top of evidence')]
RH18741222-V44-26-page7.txt: [('thefieldstoworkforJesus', 'the fields to work for Jesus'), ('QuARTERLYmeetingofthechurchatPatricks', 'QuARTERLY meeting of the church at Patrick s'), ('Brethrenandsisters', 'Brethren and sisters'), ('aMemberoftheBaptist', 'a Member of the Baptist')]
RH18741222-V44-26-page8.txt: [('AVeritableCuriosity', 'A V eri table Curiosity'), ('ABondofRelationship', 'A Bond of Relationship'), ('AppreciatingBlessings', 'App rec i at ing Blessings'), ('GreatWritersinaNewField', 'Great Writers in a New Field'), ('ConvincedbutnotObedient', 'Convinced but not Obedient'), ('SufferingwithChrist', 'Suffering with Christ')]
RH18750101-V45-01-page1.txt: [('PnblishingAspeiatiolt', 'P n b l i s h i n g A s p e i a t i o l t')]
RH18750101-V45-01-page3.txt: [('thelstirringinfluence', 'the l stirring influence')]
RH18750101-V45-01-page4.txt: [('everlastingapprobation', 'everlasting approbation')]
RH18750101-V45-01-page5.txt: [('blackstablishnaents', 'black stablish nae n t s')]
RH18750101-V45-01-page6.txt: [('againhvithefoicing', 'again h vi the f o i c i n g')]
RH18750101-V45-01-page8.txt: [('ThoughtsontheReveloatfioMn', 'Thoughts on the Revel oat f i o M n')]
RH18750108-V45-02-page5.txt: [('AnntialOthiference', 'Ann tia lOt hi fer enc e')]
RH18750108-V45-02-page6.txt: [('Seactagootceitocti', 'Sea c tag o ot c e i t o c t i'), ('whoismeekandlowlyofheart', 'who is meek and lowly of heart'), ('sessionatCharlesCity', 'session at Charles City')]
RH18750108-V45-02-page8.txt: [('exceptdescriptions', 'except descriptions')]
RH18750115-V45-03-page2.txt: [('sunandthetoosfheaven', 'sun and the too s f h e a v e n'), ('dayAdventistPublishingAssociation', 'day Adventist Publishing Association'), ('applytomaninhisfirststateascertainlyas', 'apply to man in his first state as certainly as'), ('andhisrighttogovern', 'and his right to govern')]
RH18750121-V45-04-page1.txt: [('Theharvestistheendoftheworld', 'The harvest is the end of the world')]
RH18750121-V45-04-page5.txt: [('chantsungbythehiredvocalists', 'chant sung by the hired vocalists')]
RH18750128-V45-05-page2.txt: [('Christianprinciples', 'Christian principles')]
RH18750128-V45-05-page3.txt: [('Righteousunwavering', 'Righteous unwavering')]
RH18750211-V45-07-page2.txt: [('characshortcomings', 'char a c shortcomings')]
RH18750211-V45-07-page6.txt: [('Gleaningsscattered', 'Gleanings scattered')]
RH18750218-V45-08-page6.txt: [('Methodsponsibility', 'Methods p on sib i lit y')]
RH18750225-V45-09-page1.txt: [('andrestedtheseventhday', 'and rested the seventh day'), ('sothatalargenumberof', 'so that a large number of'), ('saysantheSabbathprecepttothehighestmoralimpreachingthegospelandteachingeverywhere', 'says an the Sabbath precept to the highest moral im preaching the gospel and teaching everywhere'), ('heathenwhohaveneverheardofthetrueGod', 'heathen who have never heard of the true God')]
RH18750225-V45-09-page8.txt: [('TheCompleteTestimonyoftheFathersconcern', 'The Complete Testimony of the Fathers concern')]
RH18750415-V45-16-page3.txt: [('SeeIndependentDefender', 'See Independent Defender'), ('probablynotazoenmembersbeinga', 'probably not azo en members being a')]
RH18750415-V45-16-page7.txt: [('resultiwereglorious', 'result i were glorious'), ('SmehaththeFatheralso', 'S me hath the Father also'), ('edgingtheobligationtogivetithes', 'edging the obligation to give tithes')]
RH18750422-V45-17-page5.txt: [('transgressorbefore', 'transgressor before')]
RH18750429-V45-18-page8.txt: [('ThekingdomofHeayenisathand', 'The kingdom of He a yen is at hand')]
RH18750506-V45-19-page3.txt: [('andtheresurrection', 'and the resurrection')]
RH18750506-V45-19-page6.txt: [('semseerattontfelte', 'sem seer att ont felt e')]
RH18750513-V45-20-page2.txt: [('awaywiththeerrorofthewicke', 'away with the error of the wick e')]
RH18750520-V45-21-page7.txt: [('godlinessbrotherly', 'godliness brotherly')]
RH18750527-V45-22-page2.txt: [('Mediatransgression', 'Media transgression')]
RH18750603-V45-23-page7.txt: [('justonehoureachday', 'just one hour each day')]
RH18750610-V45-24-page2.txt: [('publishedatPhiladelphia', 'published at Philadelphia'), ('Asitisafairexponent', 'As it is a fair exponent'), ('thegospelareyetourstoaccept', 'the gospel are yet ours to accept')]
RH18750617-V45-25-page4.txt: [('hopeouryoungpreacherstherewillnotbeinlishingAssociationisastronginstitution', 'hope our young preachers there will not be in lis h ing Association is a strong institution'), ('forthanksgivingandgratitude', 'for thanksgiving and gratitude'), ('theteamswerechitedandfed', 'the teams were chit ed and fed')]
RH18750617-V45-25-page5.txt: [('eThebulkofthesedelegations', 'eT he bulk of these delegations')]
RH18750617-V45-25-page7.txt: [('evidenceofthetruthfulnessofourposition', 'evidence of the truthfulness of our position'), ('themwithhonorintheircoming', 'them with honor in their coming'), ('thankfulyrecognize', 'thankful y recognize')]
RH18750624-V45-26-page7.txt: [('ofSouthNorridgeWock', 'of South Norridge W o c k')]
RH18750624-V45-26-page8.txt: [('TheCauseinEuropeOnWard', 'The Cause in Europe On Ward'), ('AdventistsAreDoing', 'Adventists Are Doing')]
RH18750701-V46-01-page7.txt: [('ourresponsibilities', 'our responsibilities')]
RH18750708-V46-02-page2.txt: [('startingintroduced', 'starting introduced')]
RH18750708-V46-02-page8.txt: [('Strikinganaverageat', 'Striking an average at')]
RH18750715-V46-03-page6.txt: [('mrelaimasmaccoismikomm', 'mr el aim as mac c o ism i k o m m')]
RH18750715-V46-03-page7.txt: [('andweherebyextendourfraternalgreetnotbemakingsomuchsacrificebygiving', 'and we hereby extend our fraternal greet not be making so much sacrifice by giving'), ('andkeepmycommandments', 'and keep my commandments')]
RH18750722-V46-04-page2.txt: [('spirteartysteriehe', 's pi rte arty st erie he'), ('Whatacheeringthought', 'What a cheering thought'), ('liteiaVresurrection', 'lite i a V resurrection'), ('Petertellsustoaddtoityipi', 'Peter tells us to add to it y i pi')]
RH18750722-V46-04-page3.txt: [('andstraightforward', 'and straightforward'), ('theiisortOwingfriendi', 'the ii sort Owing friend i'), ('otheikidispleasing', 'o the i kid is pleasing')]
RH18750722-V46-04-page6.txt: [('COniiiietieectfolotOr', 'C On iii i et i e e c t f o l o t O r')]
RH18750729-V46-05-page3.txt: [('existencoebUtinuOs', 'exist en coe bUt in u O s'), ('constitutionourselves', 'constitution ourselves')]
RH18750729-V46-05-page5.txt: [('reindiscriminating', 'rein discriminating')]
RH18750729-V46-05-page6.txt: [('iminortalitylquestion', 'i minor tali ty l question')]
RH18750805-V46-06-page2.txt: [('Hecersibedtheattendantdrunkenness', 'He c er sib ed the attendant drunkenness'), ('dethatmadewidowsandorphans', 'de that made widows and orphans')]
RH18750805-V46-06-page6.txt: [('commandmentkeeping', 'commandment keeping')]
RH18750812-V46-07-page3.txt: [('changedacomitonance', 'changed a com i to nance')]
RH18750812-V46-07-page7.txt: [('byMohammedaredevoteebnt', 'by Mohammed are devotee b n t'), ('hebeddirectreference', 'he bed direct reference')]
RH18750902-V46-09-page3.txt: [('adevastatingitaree', 'a devastating it a ree')]
RH18750902-V46-09-page4.txt: [('intelligentlywritten', 'intelligently written')]
RH18750902-V46-09-page8.txt: [('andcontinuingtoSept', 'and continuing to Sept')]
RH18750909-V46-10-page2.txt: [('spectacleforothere', 'spectacle for o there')]
RH18750909-V46-10-page4.txt: [('buthethatbelieveth', 'but he that believeth')]
RH18750916-V46-11-page1.txt: [('confidenceasserted', 'confidence asserted'), ('ThereforolVateIrtv', 'There for o lV ate Ir t v')]
RH18750916-V46-11-page3.txt: [('teachingSabbathssehocila', 'teaching Sabbaths s e h o c i l a'), ('stichSinalitiditids', 'stich Sina lit i dit ids'), ('exceedinglyeimportent', 'exceeding lye im portent'), ('beetsieniOreaprean', 'beets i en i O reap rea n')]
RH18750916-V46-11-page4.txt: [('intelligentstanding', 'intelligent standing')]
RH18750916-V46-11-page6.txt: [('Thateenewilbendeavor', 'Tha tee new i l b endeavor')]
RH18750916-V46-11-page7.txt: [('properfainyeetigation', 'proper fain ye et i gat ion')]
RH18750923-V46-12-page8.txt: [('sramarreffermorsassuilain', 'sra mar ref fer mors as sui lain')]
RH18750930-V46-13-page2.txt: [('subscriptionipaper', 'subscription i paper')]
RH18751104-V46-18-page1.txt: [('shallenterintothekingdomovfeean', 'shall enter into the kingdom o v fee an')]
RH18751118-V46-20-page2.txt: [('blessingpronounced', 'blessing pronounced')]
RH18751202-V46-22-page1.txt: [('ineffablepublished', 'ineffable published')]
RH18751216-V46-24-page2.txt: [('comeriandsustained', 'comer i and sustained'), ('righteousknowledge', 'righteous knowledge')]
RH18751216-V46-24-page6.txt: [('tearfulitendetness', 'tearful it end et ness')]
RH18751223-V46-25-page8.txt: [('SingularPhenomenon', 'Singular Phenomenon'), ('TotheMembersoftheVt', 'To the Members of the V t'), ('HowtoPreachsoastoConvertNo', 'How to Preach so as to Convert No'), ('ProgressoftheWorkamongthe', 'Progress of the Work among the'), ('ObjectofMissionaryWork', 'Object of Missionary Work')]
RH18760113-V47-02-page5.txt: [('Yetfaithfulnessanddevotion', 'Yet faithfulness and devotion'), ('Thenearthlytiesshallsnaplikethread', 'Then earthly ties shall snap like thread')]
RH18760120-V47-03-page1.txt: [('theMacedonianEmpire', 'the Macedonian Empire')]
RH18760120-V47-03-page8.txt: [('frequentlyreceiving', 'frequently receiving')]
RH18760124-V47-04-page5.txt: [('andespeciallyrecently', 'and especially recently')]
RH18760124-V47-04-page6.txt: [('shalldoubtlesscomeagainwithrejoicing', 'shall doubtless come again with rejoicing'), ('bringinghissheaveswithhim', 'bringing his sheaves with him')]
RH18760124-V47-04-page7.txt: [('Sabbathaspeakdiers', 'Sabbath a speak di er s')]
RH18760203-V47-05-page4.txt: [('reeonatnenclatiori', 'ree on at n e n c l a t i o r i'), ('Itisfourdinalltheprinted', 'It is four din all the printed'), ('terpretationoftheprophecies', 'ter pret at ion of the prophecies')]
RH18760203-V47-05-page5.txt: [('instituteamemorial', 'institute a memorial')]
RH18760217-V47-07-page6.txt: [('AccordinglyIappointed', 'Accordingly I appointed')]
RH18760302-V47-09-page4.txt: [('thereestablishment', 'the reestablishment')]
RH18760309-V47-10-page2.txt: [('Agoodwaynodoubttodoit', 'A good way no doubt to do it')]
RH18760316-V47-11-page1.txt: [('SocietiesorindjOilials', 'Societies or ind jO ilia ls')]
RH18760316-V47-11-page2.txt: [('descendinstrumentality', 'descend instrumentality')]
RH18760323-V47-12-page1.txt: [('presentappearances', 'present appearances')]
RH18760323-V47-12-page2.txt: [('thesupremacyoverall', 'the supremacy over all'), ('todrawaconclusionfrompremises', 'to draw a conclusion from premises'), ('butwhentheforlornduckheardthenate', 'but when the forlorn duck heard the nate'), ('hesweetnessoftheliberty', 'he sweetness of the liberty')]
RH18760330-V47-13-page1.txt: [('religioussocieties', 'religious societies'), ('reformatoryinstitutions', 'reformatory institutions')]
RH18760330-V47-13-page2.txt: [('IVlyselfsrighteousness', 'IV l y self s righteousness')]
RH18760330-V47-13-page3.txt: [('Whenhereturnedhecalledthose', 'When he returned he called those'), ('distinguishinghetween', 'distinguishing he tween'), ('littleredbreasthascometoour', 'little red breast has come to our'), ('sorttothealtarofprayerforafreshsupply', 'sort to the altar of prayer for afresh supply')]
RH18760413-V47-15-page2.txt: [('youraattetenntitoion', 'your a at tet en n t i t o i o n'), ('iunderstandsertion', 'i understands ert ion')]
RH18760413-V47-15-page3.txt: [('accordresponsibility', 'accord responsibility')]
RH18760413-V47-15-page6.txt: [('Ellsworthyesterday', 'Ellsworth yesterday')]
RH18760504-V47-18-page6.txt: [('aclministeredhaptism', 'a c l ministered h apt ism')]
RH18760504-V47-18-page7.txt: [('isallowedtorisetosuchapitchas', 'is allowed to rise to such a pitch as'), ('trueenjoymentofdoinggood', 'true enjoyment of doing good'), ('shouldconicelleertillY', 'should conic el leer till Y')]
RH18760518-V47-20-page4.txt: [('administratiomesof', 'admin i st ratio mes of')]
RH18760525-V47-21-page3.txt: [('affectionateebuthave', 'affection a tee but have')]
RH18760525-V47-21-page6.txt: [('Cenfederatesqldiers', 'Cen fe de rates q l d i e r s')]
RH18760615-V47-24-page2.txt: [('hereisadutytobeattendedto', 'here is a duty to be attended to'), ('ninecasesoutoftentherealreasonis', 'nine cases out often the real reason is'), ('objectionsarereallyinthemindsofourau', 'objections are really in the minds of our au'), ('Everyprayershouldbeofferedin', 'Every prayer should be offered in')]
RH18760622-V47-25-page2.txt: [('isSIMMEceelinealeit', 'is SIM ME cee line ale it')]
RH18760622-V47-25-page3.txt: [('withfrequentintermissions', 'with frequent intermissions'), ('invitationofthechurchbellanddropin', 'invitation of the church bell and drop in'), ('therockismonotonous', 'the rock is monotonous')]
RH18760622-V47-25-page7.txt: [('MtieVICIICIMMIZOISINIM', 'M t i e V I C I I C I M M I Z O I S I N I M')]
RH18760706-V48-02-page6.txt: [('distributedseveral', 'distributed several')]
RH18760720-V48-04-page1.txt: [('transcendentalizing', 'transcendental i zing'), ('safelystealkintrusted', 'safely steal kin trusted'), ('uncontrollableindignation', 'uncontrollable indignation')]
RH18760720-V48-04-page2.txt: [('worstcharmediately', 'worst char mediately'), ('disobedideclarations', 'dis obed i declarations')]
RH18760720-V48-04-page6.txt: [('Methodistbrethrenkindlygaveustheuse', 'Methodist brethren kindly gave us the use'), ('heldattheresidenceoftherdd', 'held at the residence oft herd d')]
RH18760720-V48-04-page8.txt: [('andNumberoftheREVIEWRc', 'and Number of the REVIEW R c')]
RH18760803-V48-06-page1.txt: [('rearrangethemselves', 'rearrange themselves')]
RH18760803-V48-06-page5.txt: [('religiousamendment', 'religious amendment')]
RH18760810-V48-07-page3.txt: [('whenreadonthelefthandsidefronttop', 'when read on the left hand side front top'), ('thouthatteachestthataman', 'thou that teachest that a man'), ('makeothersunderstand', 'make others understand'), ('housetohouseamongthemthis', 'house to house among them this')]
RH18760810-V48-07-page8.txt: [('andNumberoftheReview', 'and Number of the Review'), ('IhaiALDTOwhichthemo', 'I hai ALD TO which them o')]
RH18760831-V48-10-page2.txt: [('withoutthefearofGod', 'without the fear of God'), ('patientenduranceofwrongsandobedience', 'patient endurance of wrongs and obedience')]
RH18760831-V48-10-page3.txt: [('speculaconsternation', 'specula consternation')]
RH18760831-V48-10-page5.txt: [('eternityunprepared', 'eternity unprepared')]
RH18760831-V48-10-page7.txt: [('dieintheLordfromhenceforth', 'die in the Lord from henceforth')]
RH18760907-V48-11-page2.txt: [('constitutingaIsrael', 'constituting a Israel')]
RH18760907-V48-11-page5.txt: [('Scripturerespecting', 'Scripture respecting'), ('Scripturerespecting', 'Scripture respecting')]
RH18760921-V48-13-page2.txt: [('andshouldsunhesitatingly', 'and should s unhesitatingly')]
RH18760921-V48-13-page3.txt: [('Babylenishgarments', 'Baby len is h garments')]
RH18760921-V48-13-page4.txt: [('deughteraanswering', 'de ugh ter a answering')]
RH18760921-V48-13-page6.txt: [('intelligibleaccount', 'intelligible account')]
RH18760921-V48-13-page8.txt: [('perfectlySatisfiecl', 'perfectly Sat is fie c l'), ('gentlemanlydisputant', 'gentlemanly disputant'), ('Missionshouldbogiven', 'Mission should b o given'), ('TheSeventhPartofTime', 'The Seventh Part of Time')]
RH18761012-V48-15-page2.txt: [('transgresprudential', 'trans gres prudential'), ('respectivestitution', 'respective st i tut ion'), ('ofthesestatutesseems', 'of these statutes seems'), ('andthethreeannualfestivalordinances', 'and the three annual festival ordinances'), ('ofsecuringaproperobservanceofthet', 'of securing a proper observance oft h et')]
RH18761012-V48-15-page4.txt: [('meetingtheprospect', 'meeting the prospect')]
RH18761019-V48-16-page4.txt: [('TheSIGNSisourpioneer', 'The SIGNS is our pioneer'), ('Andprobablynomeansofgracearemorefavorable', 'And probably no means of grace are more favorable'), ('Takingthisviewofthe', 'Taking this view of the'), ('beforethemassesthefactsconcerningourreligisius', 'before the masses the facts concerning our rel i g i s i u s'), ('aretakenadvanishthemeans', 'are taken ad vanish the means'), ('theextremesoferrorinoppositedirection', 'the extremes of error in opposite direction')]
RH18761102-V48-18-page5.txt: [('uachnindinvuidinubaolsi', 'u a c h n i n d i n v u i d i n u b a o l s i')]
RH18761102-V48-18-page7.txt: [('tothatsweietfamilyofhumility', 'to that s wei et family of humility'), ('Shehadbeenaprofessor', 'She had been a professor')]
RH18761116-V48-20-page1.txt: [('theybeblindleadersofthe', 'they be blind leaders of the')]
RH18761123-V48-21-page7.txt: [('remarkablytolerent', 'remarkably tole rent')]
RH18761123-V48-21-page8.txt: [('Annexedtoeachreceiptinthefollowing', 'Annexed to each receipt in the following')]
RH18761130-V48-22-page3.txt: [('andexplicitonthepointoflibetality', 'and explicit on the point of lib eta lit y')]
RH18761130-V48-22-page7.txt: [('Vanwinkoverflowing', 'Van wink overflowing')]
RH18761207-V48-23-page4.txt: [('pleasantlythanwedidthisof', 'pleasantly than we did this of'), ('Thereistobefoundtheonlymeans', 'There is to be found the only means'), ('Priestwillhavecomeforthfromthesanctuary', 'Priest will have come forth from the sanctuary'), ('undeniablelegalbasisintit', 'undeniable legal basis in tit')]
RH18761207-V48-23-page5.txt: [('ofvotetotakeanyalmanacs', 'of vote to take any almanacs'), ('abletheyshoulddothis', 'able they should do this')]
RH18761221-V48-25-page1.txt: [('speaksvolumesinaword', 'speaks volumes in a word'), ('neitherisweamenofthenation', 'neither is we a men of the nation'), ('hedidnotexaminethe', 'he did not examine the')]
RH18770104-V49-01-page1.txt: [('agreementintroicneandworship', 'agreement intro i c n e a n d w o r s h i p'), ('isurgedasanobjectionagainstthesoon', 'is urged as an objection against the soon'), ('ofitisacustomloathsometoheeye', 'of it is a custom loathsome to he eye')]
RH18770104-V49-01-page5.txt: [('IHADthepleasureofbeing', 'I HAD the pleasure of being')]
RH18770118-V49-03-page8.txt: [('howIlovethisSabbath', 'how I love this Sabbath'), ('Annexedtoeachreceiptinthefollowinglist', 'Annexed to each receipt in the following list')]
RH18770125-V49-04-page2.txt: [('withpowertodeceive', 'with power to deceive')]
RH18770201-V49-05-page4.txt: [('cleasestdeclarations', 'cle as est declarations')]
RH18770208-V49-06-page1.txt: [('vancestepwhichsabeentaken', 'vance step which s a been taken'), ('gatheroutthestones', 'gather out the stones')]
RH18770208-V49-06-page3.txt: [('Moneyreceivedformernbership', 'Money received former n b e r s h i p')]
RH18770215-V49-07-page8.txt: [('ThekingdomofHeavenisathand', 'The kingdom of Heaven is at hand')]
RH18770315-V49-11-page6.txt: [('brethrenandsistersfeltgreatlyencouragin', 'brethren and sisters felt greatly enc our a gin'), ('thansympathetically', 'than sympathetically')]
RH18770322-V49-12-page1.txt: [('portionconsecrated', 'portion consecrated')]
RH18770322-V49-12-page8.txt: [('Herhusbandwasaprofessional', 'Her husband was a professional')]
RH18770329-V49-13-page8.txt: [('Avomitemptationfor', 'A vomit emp tat ion for')]
RH18770405-V49-14-page8.txt: [('differentlinestoChicago', 'different lines to Chicago'), ('andldoingmeetingsin', 'and l doing meetings in')]
RH18770412-V49-15-page1.txt: [('declaraconveniences', 'decl ara conveniences'), ('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18770424-V49-21-page2.txt: [('seehowtheSabbathwaschanged', 'see how the Sabbath was changed'), ('mayindicatetothosewhoarerethe', 'may indicate to those who are ret he')]
RH18770426-V49-17-page1.txt: [('IllbnIroLAtNsCooRair', 'Ill b n I r o L A t N s C o o R a i r'), ('geographprobabilities', 'geo graph probabilities')]
RH18770531-V49-22-page2.txt: [('wegainanexperiencebyaproperimprove', 'we gain an experience by a proper improve'), ('andconscientiousinit', 'and conscientious in it')]
RH18770531-V49-22-page3.txt: [('requireimmortality', 'require immortality')]
RH18770621-V49-25-page1.txt: [('havingtheirmindscompletely', 'having their minds completely'), ('whichwouldsoonstrandthe', 'which would soon strand the'), ('thecovenantwasinfullforce', 'the covenant was in full force')]
RH18770628-V50-01-page2.txt: [('Tositintheirpompandpride', 'To sit in their pomp and pride')]
RH18770705-V50-02-page7.txt: [('memuchgoodtoseewithwhateas', 'me much good to see with what e a s'), ('Thattopreventtheimpositions', 'That to prevent the impositions')]
RH18770712-V50-03-page3.txt: [('methemeaningofScriptures', 'me the meaning of Scriptures'), ('Onegemfromthatoceanis', 'One gem from that ocean is'), ('viousverseiscontinuedinthis', 'vi o us verse is continued in this')]
RH18770712-V50-03-page7.txt: [('inthelossofhisonlyson', 'in the loss of his only son'), ('andalsotosisnumbering', 'and also to sis numbering')]
RH18770719-V50-04-page2.txt: [('appearanceselectricity', 'appearances electricity')]
RH18770719-V50-04-page7.txt: [('TheNominatingCommitteereportedin', 'The Nominating Committee reported in')]
RH18770726-V50-05-page2.txt: [('selfishcommandment', 'selfish commandment')]
RH18770726-V50-05-page3.txt: [('ofetireaslasnashes', 'of et ire as las n a s h e s')]
RH18770726-V50-05-page5.txt: [('THEimportanceofalwayskeepingin', 'THE importance of always keeping in'), ('andfeelinglytothem', 'and feelingly to them')]
RH18770726-V50-05-page7.txt: [('Wehavecanvassedquite', 'We have canvassed quite')]
RH18770802-V50-06-page6.txt: [('leascomeagainwithrstioieing', 'leas come again wit hrs t i o i e i n g'), ('bripginghiesheaveswithbin', 'b rip gin g h i e s h e a v e s w i t h b i n')]
RH18770809-V50-07-page6.txt: [('commandmentkeeping', 'commandment keeping')]
RH18770809-V50-07-page8.txt: [('VBanfoNNIMorrisville', 'V Ban f o N N I M o r r i s v i l l e')]
RH18770816-V50-08-page1.txt: [('DayAdventistPublishingAssociation', 'Day Adventist Publishing Association'), ('statistiespecially', 'stat is tie specially')]
RH18770823-V50-09-page2.txt: [('thirtydispensation', 'thirty dispensation')]
RH18770823-V50-09-page7.txt: [('butshallremainontheground', 'but shall remain on the ground')]
RH18770906-V50-11-page3.txt: [('sserableimprisonment', 's ser able imprisonment')]
RH18770913-V50-12-page2.txt: [('thebrotherofMartha', 'the brother of Martha'), ('workwhilethedaylasts', 'work while the day lasts'), ('butcheriesoftheReignofTerror', 'butcheries of the Reign of Terror')]
RH18770920-V50-13-page1.txt: [('communicapectation', 'comm uni cape c tat ion'), ('CONGRECIATIONALIft', 'C ONG REC I AT ION A L If t')]
RH18770920-V50-13-page3.txt: [('languagedeservesmore', 'language deserves more')]
RH18770920-V50-13-page4.txt: [('intereetthemsehres', 'int ere et them s e h r e s')]
RH18770920-V50-13-page7.txt: [('wereacceptedastheir', 'were accepted as their')]
RH18771004-V50-14-page3.txt: [('conaetnetintiaeseeeeas', 'con aet net in tia e s e e e e a s'), ('satisfactorilyanswer', 'satisfactorily answer')]
RH18771004-V50-14-page5.txt: [('thatlietekerreebtee', 'that l i et eker ree b tee')]
RH18771011-V50-15-page5.txt: [('candidatessatadants', 'candidates sat ad ants')]
RH18771011-V50-15-page8.txt: [('Annexedtoeachreceiptinthefollowinglist', 'Annexed to each receipt in the following list')]
RH18771011-V50-15-page9.txt: [('notsendmorethanthreepapersbeforewrit', 'not send more than three papers before writ'), ('Werethisfullyadopte', 'Were this fully adopt e'), ('TheHEALTHREFORMERranksas', 'The HEALTH REFORMER ranks as')]
RH18771018-V50-16-page3.txt: [('correspondrestoration', 'correspond restoration')]
RH18771018-V50-16-page7.txt: [('tetichedstisedicine', 'tet i c h eds tis ed i c in e')]
RH18771025-V50-17-page7.txt: [('satisfactorilysettled', 'satisfactorily settled')]
RH18771101-V50-18-page1.txt: [('mersersoormomfossmat', 'mer ser so or mom foss mat'), ('intermediillustration', 'in termed i illustration')]
RH18771101-V50-18-page7.txt: [('BlessedarethedeadwhichdieintheLordfromhenceforth', 'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth')]
RH18771108-V50-19-page1.txt: [('selfstultification', 'self st ult if i cation')]
RH18771108-V50-19-page2.txt: [('censoriouosncversation', 'censor i o u o s n c v e r s a t i o n'), ('ratherthanarbitraryteachinigs', 'rather than arbitrary teach in i g s'), ('thethingswhichGodhathpreurally', 'the things which God hath p reu rally')]
RH18771108-V50-19-page3.txt: [('insinuatinglydeelating', 'insinuating l y de elating')]
RH18771108-V50-19-page5.txt: [('byactuahobeerVation', 'by act u a h o b e e r V a t i o n')]
RH18771108-V50-19-page8.txt: [('favorablevialifications', 'favorable vial if i cations'), ('ThekingdomofHeavenisathand', 'The kingdom of Heaven is at hand'), ('andNumberoftheREVIEW', 'and Number of the REVIEW')]
RH18771122-V50-21-page3.txt: [('accomplishedmechanic', 'accomplished mechanic')]
RH18771206-V50-23-page3.txt: [('Congregawickedness', 'Cong reg a wickedness')]
RH18771206-V50-23-page6.txt: [('liethatgoethforthandwecpeth', 'lie that goeth forth and we c p eth'), ('hearingpreciousseed', 'hearing precious seed')]
RH18771206-V50-23-page7.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18771206-V50-23-page8.txt: [('aranirowinvemoemaumoo', 'a rani row inv emo e m a u m o o'), ('Wearegreatlyencouragedwiththe', 'We are greatly encouraged with the'), ('ElizabethEllsworth', 'Elizabeth Ellsworth')]
RH18771220-V50-25-page5.txt: [('foundationlilikeness', 'foundation l i likeness')]
RH18771220-V50-25-page8.txt: [('CelebratedWitnesses', 'Celebrated Witnesses'), ('Disguisedinfidelity', 'Disguised infidelity')]
RH18780103-V51-01-page1.txt: [('notministrationagree', 'not ministration agree')]
RH18780103-V51-01-page2.txt: [('governtransgressions', 'govern transgressions')]
RH18780103-V51-01-page7.txt: [('contemporraneously', 'con temp orr ane o us l y')]
RH18780110-V51-02-page6.txt: [('bringinghissheaveswithhim', 'bringing his sheaves with him')]
RH18780110-V51-02-page7.txt: [('apagalaniaravosimstaipms', 'a p a gal an i ar avo sim sta i p ms')]
RH18780117-V51-03-page7.txt: [('sasaametarneassamlm', 's as a a me tarn e a s s a m l m')]
RH18780124-V51-04-page3.txt: [('prosperouscondition', 'prosperous condition')]
RH18780124-V51-04-page8.txt: [('ThekingdomofHeavenisathand', 'The kingdom of Heaven is at hand')]
RH18780131-V51-05-page1.txt: [('Thegospelcannotask', 'The gospel cannot ask')]
RH18780131-V51-05-page2.txt: [('certainlytrueOfftheinnumorableritestand', 'certainly true Off the in num or able rite stand'), ('iliomislraseeticism', 'i l i o m i s l r a s e e t i c i s m'), ('opponentsAheingeltes', 'opponents A he in gel t e s'), ('theirdissimulation', 'their dissimulation')]
RH18780131-V51-05-page3.txt: [('fooshardraulhiplyinw', 'f o o s h a r d r a u l h i p l y i n w')]
RH18780131-V51-05-page6.txt: [('hometattendingionr', 'ho met attending ion r'), ('moistenediwithAetirsothe', 'moistened i with A et ir so the')]
RH18780131-V51-05-page7.txt: [('AllegenbeineXeitungpays', 'A l leg en be in e X e i t u n g p a y s')]
RH18780207-V51-06-page10.txt: [('PeriodicalSdistributed', 'Periodical S distributed')]
RH18780207-V51-06-page3.txt: [('religiousinstruction', 'religious instruction')]
RH18780207-V51-06-page6.txt: [('familieSinterested', 'familieS interested')]
RH18780214-V51-07-page8.txt: [('Adventistsarelaboring', 'Adventists are laboring'), ('reusitiesseparining', 'reu s i ties separ in ing')]
RH18780221-V51-08-page6.txt: [('comeagainwithrejoicing', 'come again with rejoicing'), ('bringinghisalmtvos', 'bringing his a l m t v o s')]
RH18780228-V51-09-page7.txt: [('missioneffectually', 'mission effectually')]
RH18780314-V51-11-page1.txt: [('plainmessageGodhascommittedtous', 'plain message God has committed to us'), ('untilitshallembracethousandsofprecious', 'until it shall embrace thousands of precious')]
RH18780314-V51-11-page6.txt: [('confessionoftheirpastwrongcourse', 'confession of their past wrong course'), ('OurmeetingsatBrightonseemedtoacventistseverpatizedintheStateofNebediligentworkers', 'Our meetings at Brighton seemed to a c vent i sts ever pat i zed in the State of Neb ed i l i gent workers')]
RH18780321-V51-12-page1.txt: [('actuallyforbidclen', 'actually forbid c len')]
RH18780321-V51-12-page2.txt: [('spirituallyisduring', 'spiritually is during')]
RH18780321-V51-12-page4.txt: [('spiritualistically', 'spiritualistic ally')]
RH18780321-V51-12-page8.txt: [('furtheritseemstous', 'further it seems to us'), ('enthusiastiemeeting', 'en thus i as tie meeting')]
RH18780404-V51-14-page1.txt: [('DayAdventistPublishingAssociation', 'Day Adventist Publishing Association')]
RH18780411-V51-15-page8.txt: [('securinguniformity', 'securing uniformity')]
RH18780418-V51-16-page2.txt: [('veryssingusacrifice', 'very s sin gu sacrifice')]
RH18780418-V51-16-page3.txt: [('imarseramalarlemaimasoessm', 'im arse ram a lar lem aim a so e s s m'), ('consideraportunity', 'consider a port unity')]
RH18780425-V51-17-page2.txt: [('Commandmentkeeping', 'Commandment keeping'), ('commandmentbreaking', 'commandment breaking'), ('Sixinedeignorantly', 'Six in ede ignorantly')]
RH18780425-V51-17-page3.txt: [('ljethweoptroversies', 'l j eth we opt rovers i e s'), ('whendifferentdefisitions', 'when different def is it ions'), ('ositionofthebeliever', 'o sit ion of the believer'), ('instancecanbefoundintheNewTestaidedie', 'instance can be found in the New Test aide die'), ('obenefitwithoutttheOther', 'o benefit with o utt the Other')]
RH18780502-V51-18-page6.txt: [('lesscomaagainwithrqjoiciug', 'less coma again with r q j o i c i u g'), ('bringinghissheaveswithhim', 'bringing his sheaves with him'), ('requestedmetospeak', 'requested me to speak')]
RH18780502-V51-18-page7.txt: [('NOTWITHSTANDINGthe', 'NOTWITHSTANDING the')]
RH18780509-V51-19-page10.txt: [('Eachindividualshouldpayonthepapersforwhichhesubscribes', 'Each individual should pay on the papers for which he subscribes')]
RH18780509-V51-19-page2.txt: [('conclucircumstances', 'conc lu circumstances')]
RH18780523-V51-21-page1.txt: [('consolationinChrist', 'consolation in Christ')]
RH18780523-V51-21-page5.txt: [('correctlyeaccording', 'correct lye according')]
RH18780523-V51-21-page6.txt: [('Aneffortwillbemadetomorefullyunite', 'An effort will be made to more fully unite'), ('thesejoinedthechurchatthistime', 'these joined the church at this time')]
RH18780613-V51-24-page1.txt: [('Apemmessimmensgamemi', 'Ape mme s sim men s game m i')]
RH18780620-V51-25-page8.txt: [('WhatifoInnheatvhien', 'What if o Inn heat v hi en')]
RH18780627-V52-01-page2.txt: [('thesedifficultieswillvanish', 'these difficulties will vanish'), ('ofthedramaticinreligion', 'of the dramatic in religion'), ('fathersofthechurch', 'fathers of the church')]
RH18780704-V52-02-page6.txt: [('fromthetownandvicinitywerepreset', 'from the town and vicinity were preset'), ('ThePresbyterianand', 'The Presbyterian and'), ('THEinterestkeptupgoodthepastweek', 'THE interest kept up good the past week'), ('whichwillbemyaddressfor', 'which will be my address for')]
RH18780711-V52-03-page1.txt: [('onereasonisbecauseolderChristiansare', 'one reason is because older Christians are'), ('andshalttalkofthem', 'and shalt talk of them')]
RH18780711-V52-03-page3.txt: [('childrenandunconvested', 'children an dun con vested'), ('historythatisespeciallyinteresting', 'history that is especially interesting')]
RH18780711-V52-03-page6.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18780711-V52-03-page7.txt: [('Predestinarianists', 'P red est in arian i sts')]
RH18780718-V52-04-page2.txt: [('Hencerighteousness', 'Hence righteousness')]
RH18780725-V52-05-page1.txt: [('DayAdventistPublishingAssociation', 'Day Adventist Publishing Association')]
RH18780725-V52-05-page4.txt: [('tobeashappyintheloveofGaldasshea', 'to be as happy in the love of Gal d a s s h e a')]
RH18780801-V52-06-page1.txt: [('everythingsneither', 'every things neither')]
RH18780801-V52-06-page2.txt: [('abominainstructing', 'abo mina instructing')]
RH18780801-V52-06-page5.txt: [('deportmentaagreeeble', 'deportment a agree e b l e')]
RH18780801-V52-06-page8.txt: [('followingstatement', 'following statement')]
RH18780815-V52-08-page6.txt: [('Hethatgoethforthandweepeth', 'He that goeth forth and weepeth'), ('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed')]
RH18780815-V52-08-page9.txt: [('Whywilltheyloveerror', 'Why will they love error'), ('beingthetenfollowing', 'being the ten following')]
RH18780822-V52-09-page3.txt: [('ThenwhendoesRomedate', 'Then when does Rome date'), ('howeversingulramay', 'however sin gu l ram a y'), ('willagreenottoforwardsuchfreightso', 'will agree not to forward such freight so')]
RH18780829-V52-10-page3.txt: [('againforourjuStifiCation', 'again for our juSt if i Cation')]
RH18780829-V52-10-page4.txt: [('TheLordbyhisprophet', 'The Lord by his prophet')]
RH18780905-V52-11-page7.txt: [('publishedintheREVIEW', 'published in the REVIEW')]
RH18780912-V52-12-page1.txt: [('decisiveuponthispoint', 'decisive upon this point'), ('secretplacesthatIshallnotseehim', 'secret places that I shall not see him'), ('thedarknesshidethnotfromthee', 'the darkness hideth not from thee')]
RH18780919-V52-13-page3.txt: [('PennsYlvaniaCenleeence', 'Penns Y lv an i a Cen lee enc e')]
RH18781031-V52-18-page2.txt: [('commemoratherefore', 'com me mora therefore')]
RH18781107-V52-19-page6.txt: [('Chautauproductions', 'C h au tau productions')]
RH18781114-V52-20-page1.txt: [('DayAdventistPublishingAssociation', 'Day Adventist Publishing Association'), ('occasionallycharacterized', 'occasionally characterized')]
RH18781114-V52-20-page10.txt: [('Annualreportoflaborfortheyearending', 'Annual report of labor for the year ending')]
RH18781114-V52-20-page11.txt: [('VIEWANDHERALDOffice', 'VIEW AND HERALD Office'), ('appropriatedhasbeenconsecratedbytheprayers', 'appropriated has been consecrated by the prayers'), ('periodicalsordered', 'periodicals ordered'), ('hasbeenpaidforthemby', 'has been paid for them by'), ('Isupposethateventhe', 'I suppose that even the')]
RH18781114-V52-20-page12.txt: [('toaddtothisacollectionofnew', 'to add to this a collection of new')]
RH18781121-V52-21-page3.txt: [('marchweepingforherchildren', 'march weeping for her children')]
RH18781128-V52-22-page5.txt: [('THEREVIEWANDHERALD', 'THE REVIEW AND HERALD'), ('influencemightyetbeextensivelyfeltinbehalf', 'influence might yet be extensively felt in behalf'), ('forasuccessfulworkerintheMaster', 'for a successful worker in the Master')]
RH18781212-V52-24-page1.txt: [('responsibiliseason', 'resp on sib i l i season')]
RH18781219-V52-25-page10.txt: [('hereshallcomeinthelastdaysscoffers', 'here shall come in the last days scoffers')]
RH18781219-V52-25-page7.txt: [('changethathasbeenmadeintheofficersofhis', 'change that has been made in the officers of his'), ('ThekingdomofHeavenisathand', 'The kingdom of Heaven is at hand'), ('comewithamindtowork', 'come with a mind to work'), ('andNumberoftheRimowAmama', 'and Number oft h eR i mow A mama'), ('Towhichthemoneyreare', 'To which the money rear e')]
RH18790102-V53-01-page1.txt: [('VaSIZIORMAISIMAIONVOIRASININD', 'V a S I Z I O R M A I S I M A I O N V O I R A S I N I N D')]
RH18790102-V53-01-page2.txt: [('Congregationalhimself', 'Congregational himself')]
RH18790109-V53-02-page1.txt: [('tompoaranapitoshonsismoseriewm', 'tom p oar an a pi tosh on sis mos eri ew m')]
RH18790130-V53-05-page6.txt: [('Sabbathinvestigation', 'Sabbath investigation'), ('demandingiinniediate', 'demanding i inn i ed i ate')]
RH18790130-V53-05-page7.txt: [('greensatcommandments', 'greens at commandments')]
RH18790130-V53-05-page8.txt: [('IdaWBaltheminutesofeachSabbath', 'Ida W B a l t h e m i n u t e s o f e a c h S a b b a t h')]
RH18790206-V53-06-page7.txt: [('greatgrandehildren', 'great grand ehi l dr en')]
RH18790213-V53-07-page11.txt: [('andshallbegladtohearfromthe', 'and shall be glad to hear from the'), ('JIJOSUVILCIATTIMNI', 'J I JOS U V I L C I A T T I M N I')]
RH18790306-V53-10-page7.txt: [('Advancepertinently', 'Advance pertinently')]
RH18790313-V53-11-page8.txt: [('WhynotFoundoutBefore', 'Why not Found out Before'), ('OnthepremisesinKievuponwhichthe', 'On the premises in Kiev upon which the'), ('touchingmattersofthegreatestimportance', 'touching matters of the greatest importance')]
RH18790320-V53-12-page4.txt: [('usandbrethrenandSsi', 'us and brethren and S s i'), ('unconscioustestimony', 'unconscious testimony')]
RH18790320-V53-12-page8.txt: [('ParkvilleperIAOlmstead', 'Parkville per I A Olmstead')]
RH18790327-V53-13-page2.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18790403-V53-14-page2.txt: [('toknowwheretohidewhendeepertrouble', 'to know where to hide when deeper trouble'), ('outandthetenthdivided', 'out and the tenth divided'), ('surroundedbymountainsthattower', 'surrounded by mountains that tower')]
RH18790403-V53-14-page6.txt: [('bearingpreciousseed', 'bearing precious seed')]
RH18790410-V53-15-page6.txt: [('andrejectedofferofproofof', 'and rejected offer of proof of')]
RH18790417-V53-16-page1.txt: [('DayAdventistPublishingAssociation', 'Day Adventist Publishing Association')]
RH18790424-V53-17-page2.txt: [('afterseeingttaitis', 'after seeing t t a i t i s')]
RH18790501-V53-18-page1.txt: [('BayAdventistPublishingAssociation', 'Bay Adventist Publishing Association')]
RH18790501-V53-18-page4.txt: [('Thatwecommendtheeffortnowbeing', 'That we commend the effort now being'), ('CorrespondingEditors', 'Corresponding Editors')]
RH18790508-V53-19-page3.txt: [('dedicatransgressors', 'de di c a transgressors')]
RH18790515-V53-20-page5.txt: [('occasionisuggested', 'occasion i suggested')]
RH18790515-V53-20-page6.txt: [('fatherstillreadsMosesinhisnativeHebrew', 'father still reads Moses in his native Hebrew')]
RH18790529-V53-22-page7.txt: [('andceasedatthecress', 'and ceased at the cress')]
RH18790619-V53-25-page6.txt: [('erPsaptionebetween', 'er Ps apt i one between'), ('TheMoralityoftheSabbath', 'The Morality of the Sabbath'), ('untiltheresurrection', 'until the resurrection'), ('wasadecidedbelieverin', 'was a decided believer in'), ('andanabledefenderof', 'and an able defender of'), ('presentationofthisimportantsubjectitsasmall', 'presentation of this important subject its a small'), ('thesubjectofspiritualgifts', 'the subject of spiritual gifts'), ('allowingtheirlflpe', 'allowing their l f l p e')]
RH18790619-V53-25-page8.txt: [('therepresentativeofthe', 'the representative of the'), ('meetingwasalsoheld', 'meeting was also held'), ('Theremainderofthemeetings', 'The remainder of the meetings'), ('ColcordwereatScalesMound', 'Colcord were at Scales Mound')]
RH18790626-V54-01-page1.txt: [('willgototheBibletoseewhatitsaysofthe', 'will go to the Bible to see what it says of the'), ('IknowthatmyRedeemerliveth', 'I know that my Redeemer liveth'), ('downuponhisbedanddie', 'down upon his bed and die'), ('Wegobacktothetimeof', 'We go back to the time of'), ('heshallstandatthelatterdayuponthe', 'he shall stand at the latter day upon the'), ('mandoesnotstillliethereinsight', 'man does not still lie there insight')]
RH18790626-V54-01-page4.txt: [('nonresurrectionists', 'non resurrection i sts')]
RH18790626-V54-01-page8.txt: [('RefitatiOnoftheAgetoCome', 'Ref it at iOn of the Age to Come')]
RH18790717-V54-04-page7.txt: [('thateEldhSsathaile', 'that e E l d h S s a t h a i l e')]
RH18790724-V54-05-page2.txt: [('carryingeverything', 'carrying everything')]
RH18790807-V54-07-page2.txt: [('decentkindlinesscompelssilence', 'decent kindliness compels silence')]
RH18790821-V54-09-page10.txt: [('Periodicalsdistributed', 'Periodicals distributed')]
RH18790904-V54-11-page6.txt: [('comeagainnahnoising', 'come again nah no ising'), ('bringiughissheeveewithhim', 'bring i ugh is she eve ew it h him')]
RH18790911-V54-12-page1.txt: [('DayAdventistPublishingAssociation', 'Day Adventist Publishing Association')]
RH18790911-V54-12-page6.txt: [('attendacknowledging', 'attend acknowledging')]
RH18790918-V54-13-page8.txt: [('superintendentspresent', 'superintendents present')]
RH18791002-V54-15-page4.txt: [('oneinvolvedinthedeclaration', 'one involved in the declaration')]
RH18791002-V54-15-page6.txt: [('followingcommittees', 'following committees')]
RH18791002-V54-15-page7.txt: [('ofteachersandofficers', 'of teachers and officers'), ('asoftenaspracticable', 'as often as practicable'), ('fromallthepollutingideasthat', 'from all the polluting ideas that'), ('throwthemselvesdowninthe', 'throw themselves down in the')]
RH18791009-V54-16-page7.txt: [('granitpassestoourministers', 'gran it passes to our ministers'), ('tolosethisgoldenopportunitytolearntheway', 'to lose this golden opportunity to learn the way'), ('thefirstmeetingwillbeheld', 'the first meeting will beheld')]
RH18791009-V54-16-page8.txt: [('Astheelectionofofficersfortheensuingyear', 'As the election of officers for the ensuing year')]
RH18791016-V54-17-page7.txt: [('Libelreacltpioanrty', 'Libel rea c l t p i o a n r t y')]
RH18791030-V54-19-page6.txt: [('andyeaterdayfivewereburied', 'and ye ater day five were buried'), ('investigatethescripturalauthorityforthe', 'investigate the scriptural authority for the'), ('hasteanddelaynottodrawnightoGod', 'haste and delay not to draw nigh to God')]
RH18791106-V54-20-page6.txt: [('Sabbathinstitution', 'Sabbath institution')]
RH18791120-V54-21-page7.txt: [('thelawoforcdeinsanandceremonies', 'the law of or c de in san and ceremonies'), ('denontinatiotialpapers', 'den ont in at i o tia l papers')]
RH18791204-V54-23-page6.txt: [('interestedtospreadthetruth', 'interested to spread the truth')]
RH18791211-V54-24-page8.txt: [('andmakingaunitedefforttocirculatereading', 'and making a united effort to circulate reading'), ('brethrenasithasbeensometimesincehehas', 'brethren as it has been sometime since he has')]
RH18791211-V54-24-page9.txt: [('unanimouslyadopted', 'unanimously adopted')]
RH18791218-V54-25-page11.txt: [('SOUTHAMPTOAENGLAND', 'SOUTH AMP TO A ENGLAND'), ('AsiveratietePalalishing', 'As iv er at i et e P a l a l i s h i n g')]
RH18791218-V54-25-page5.txt: [('editorialjexcursion', 'editorial j excursion')]
RH18791218-V54-25-page6.txt: [('Christadelordinances', 'Christ a del ordinances')]
RH18800101-V55-01-page3.txt: [('therepresentatives', 'the representatives')]
RH18800129-V55-05-page5.txt: [('consciencestricken', 'conscience stricken')]
RH18800212-V55-07-page13.txt: [('FundandPeriodicals', 'Fund and Periodicals')]
RH18800212-V55-07-page6.txt: [('Encouraginmemarkilwere', 'Enc our a gin me mark i l were')]
RH18800212-V55-07-page7.txt: [('excitinganagitationtheissueofwhichnooneiswise', 'exciting an agitation the issue of which no one is wise'), ('settledintoclericallifewithamiserealprospect', 'settled into clerical life with a mise real prospect')]
RH18800219-V55-08-page12.txt: [('Orthemusicalrushofthedeep', 'Or the musical rush of the deep')]
RH18800226-V55-09-page2.txt: [('righteousunderstand', 'righteous understand')]
RH18800226-V55-09-page4.txt: [('whenfiveortenyearshavepassed', 'when five or ten years have passed'), ('wantedasecondvisitfromhim', 'wanted a second visit from him')]
RH18800304-V55-10-page14.txt: [('FundandPeriodicals', 'Fund and Periodicals')]
RH18800311-V55-11-page15.txt: [('withtheLivesofhisApostles', 'with the Lives of his Apostles')]
RH18800318-V55-12-page1.txt: [('degradastrengthened', 'de grad a strengthened')]
RH18800318-V55-12-page16.txt: [('delayedifnotwhollyinterrupted', 'delayed if not wholly interrupted')]
RH18800401-V55-14-page16.txt: [('ignogregationalist', 'ign og reg at ion a list')]
RH18800401-V55-14-page5.txt: [('majalailesiOphieal', 'maj alai les i O p hie a l')]
RH18800408-V55-15-page16.txt: [('besideslocalreports', 'besides local reports'), ('andshouldtherebeanynotsupplied', 'and should there be any not supplied')]
RH18800422-V55-17-page13.txt: [('whichwethinksetsthematterinitstruelight', 'which we think sets the matter in its true light'), ('ganizedintoachurch', 'gan i zed into a church'), ('Thismaybeclonethisspring', 'This may be clone this spring')]
RH18800505-V55-06-page15.txt: [('ItisThoroughlyPracticalinItsMethodsofInstruntionandDiscipline', 'It is Thoroughly Practical in Its Methods of Inst runt ion and Discipline')]
RH18800506-V55-19-page15.txt: [('ERIGATIONAHNSTINTION', 'ER I GAT ION AH N S T I N T I O N')]
RH18800506-V55-19-page3.txt: [('reallyaltogetherlackinginpoint', 'really altogether lacking in point'), ('adifficultyequallygreatandequallyfataltothis', 'a difficulty equally great and equally fatal to this'), ('considerationseemtobebbaseduponcriticismsoftheworksof', 'consideration seem to be b based upon criticisms of the works of')]
RH18800506-V55-19-page8.txt: [('possessinstitutions', 'possess institutions')]
RH18800513-V55-20-page15.txt: [('BATTLECREEKCOLLEGE', 'BATTLE CREEK COLLEGE')]
RH18800520-V55-21-page1.txt: [('DMADVENTISTPUBLISHINGASSOCIATION', 'D M A D V E N T I S T P U B L I S H I N G A S S O C I A T I O N')]
RH18800520-V55-21-page11.txt: [('FundandPeriodicals', 'Fund and Periodicals'), ('Subscribersobtained', 'Subscribers obtained')]
RH18800603-V55-23-page15.txt: [('Theirinfluenceovertheunstableishighly', 'Their influence over the unstable is highly'), ('appointmentsinserter', 'appointments insert er'), ('CauseandCureofIntemperance', 'Cause and Cure of Intemperance')]
RH18800603-V55-23-page2.txt: [('Weareingreatdanger', 'We are in great danger')]
RH18800610-V55-24-page13.txt: [('WEVISIMMISMOSEMallnic', 'WE VI SIM M I S M O S E M a l l n i c')]
RH18800610-V55-24-page15.txt: [('themostflatteringprospectsforacontinuationoftheprosperitythat', 'the most flattering prospects for a continuation of the prosperity that')]
RH18800617-V55-25-page15.txt: [('Fromtheeffectsofthis', 'From the effects of this'), ('BiblestudywhichGodwillripopve', 'Bible study which God will rip o p v e')]
RH18800617-V55-25-page16.txt: [('Wehlaltsiasideducation', 'We h l alt sia sid education')]
RH18800617-V55-25-page4.txt: [('selfaggrandizement', 'self aggrandizement')]
RH18800617-V55-25-page6.txt: [('alprentarticaseeses', 'alp rent ar tic a sees e s')]
RH18800624-V56-01-page15.txt: [('TOAMERICANSUBscRIBRES', 'TO AMERICAN SUB s c R I B R E S')]
RH18800708-V56-03-page15.txt: [('gonannetansanolnInElan', 'go nan net ans a no l n I n E l a n'), ('PenmanshipCommercial', 'Penmanship Commercial')]
RH18800715-V56-04-page7.txt: [('interesttothestudentofprophecy', 'interest to the student of prophecy')]
RH18800722-V56-05-page11.txt: [('themselverrcheerfully', 'them s el v err cheerfully')]
RH18800722-V56-05-page12.txt: [('seemcandidandpaygoodattentionW', 'seem candid and pay good attention W')]
RH18800729-V56-06-page11.txt: [('iiiisuricierstoosl', 'iii is ur icier s too s l')]
RH18800729-V56-06-page12.txt: [('greaterconsecration', 'greater consecration')]
RH18800729-V56-06-page16.txt: [('elsnitetterifteestOr', 'els nit etter if tees tOr')]
RH18800729-V56-06-page3.txt: [('followingstatement', 'following statement')]
RH18800729-V56-06-page6.txt: [('andtrytorenathelessonanddothe', 'and try to rena the lesson and do the'), ('tobemercifultoourselvesandtoeachother', 'to be merciful to ourselves and to each other')]
RH18800805-V56-07-page6.txt: [('justifyingsentences', 'justifying sentences')]
RH18800812-V56-08-page4.txt: [('apparentlyretlaess', 'apparently ret la e s s')]
RH18800819-V56-09-page7.txt: [('Inasmuchasyehavedoneituntooneofthe', 'Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the'), ('movementsofthestarsbyhisownmassiveness', 'movements of the stars by his own massiveness')]
RH18800902-V56-11-page11.txt: [('WellarecsignizedreCOrd', 'Well are c sign i zed reC Ord'), ('Notaworddidheutter', 'Not a word did he utter')]
RH18800902-V56-11-page14.txt: [('presentIliemselves', 'present I lie ms elves')]
RH18800902-V56-11-page7.txt: [('immediateavigorous', 'immediate a vigorous')]
RH18800902-V56-11-page8.txt: [('oifentaionseCleclared', 'o if en tai on s e C l e c l a r e d'), ('uporithisTettiarkable', 'up or it his Tet tia r k a b l e'), ('likeiapropergroundi', 'like i a proper ground i'), ('amreltothienepcsitigni', 'am rel tot hi en e p c s i t i g n i'), ('tetattifMatiatittliciii', 'tet att if Mat i at it t l i c i i i')]
RH18800916-V56-13-page8.txt: [('SanctifythemthroughThy', 'Sanctify them through Thy')]
RH18800923-V56-14-page15.txt: [('criticascholarship', 'critic a scholarship')]
RH18800923-V56-14-page3.txt: [('givestpOsitiveness', 'givest p O sit iv en e s s')]
RH18800930-V56-15-page1.txt: [('Nowtherootofallthisisourguilt', 'Now the root of all this is our guilt'), ('Thefearofmanbringethasnare', 'The fear of man bringeth a snare'), ('wewouldfleefromhispresence', 'we would flee from his presence'), ('weshallforfeitthefriendshipofmany', 'we shall forfeit the friendship of many')]
RH18800930-V56-15-page11.txt: [('Subscribcrsobtained', 'Sub s crib c r s o b t a i n e d')]
RH18801014-V56-16-page13.txt: [('riotitillerediieparately', 'riot i tiller ed ii e p a r a t e l y')]
RH18801014-V56-16-page14.txt: [('suckehtirchealhall', 'suck e h t i r c h e a l h a l l')]
RH18801014-V56-16-page16.txt: [('acquaintthemselves', 'acquaint themselves')]
RH18801014-V56-16-page7.txt: [('Costyregationcaist', 'Cos tyre gat ion c ai st')]
RH18801021-V56-17-page13.txt: [('suchmeetingwascalledbythePresidentat', 'such meeting was called by the President at'), ('sothatwemayeatanddrink', 'so that we may eat and drink')]
RH18801021-V56-17-page7.txt: [('pertainingAtiousiltinisofspec', 'pertaining At i o us i l tin is of spec')]
RH18801028-V56-18-page12.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18801104-V56-19-page11.txt: [('navaldemonstration', 'naval demonstration'), ('arcelenstancetvand', 'arc el en stan c et v and')]
RH18801104-V56-19-page12.txt: [('Thenchargeithuedering', 'Then charge it hue dering')]
RH18801104-V56-19-page15.txt: [('Thoroughlgractical', 'Thorough l g r a c t i c a l')]
RH18801104-V56-19-page2.txt: [('universalobligation', 'universal obligation')]
RH18801111-V56-20-page7.txt: [('tookawaythelittletaiptpeIhad', 'took away the little tai p t p e I h a d')]
RH18801118-V56-21-page1.txt: [('beforethecomingoftheSonofman', 'before the coming of the Son of man')]
RH18801118-V56-21-page7.txt: [('Howmuchthechurchowestothoseolder', 'How much the church owes to those older'), ('thosewhohavenothalftheclaimontheparentthat', 'those who have not half the claim on the parent that'), ('TheArtofquestioning', 'The Art of questioning'), ('withanintroductoryaddirceesstosn', 'with an introductory add ir cee s s to s n')]
RH18801125-V56-22-page13.txt: [('JohnTaylorattheirhead', 'John Taylor at their head')]
RH18801125-V56-22-page15.txt: [('Thistractexposesthefilthyscavengerinallh', 'This tract exposes the filthy scavenger in all h')]
RH18801202-V56-23-page7.txt: [('iinaccompanieevOice', 'i in a c comp an i e e v O i c e')]
RH18801209-V56-24-page1.txt: [('shinesiresplendently', 'shines i resplendent l y')]
RH18801209-V56-24-page15.txt: [('successfullytreated', 'successfully treated'), ('MISSIONARYSOCIETYOFSEVENTH', 'MISSIONARY SOCIETY OF SEVENTH')]
RH18801209-V56-24-page16.txt: [('correspondetitashould', 'correspond et it a should')]
RH18801216-V56-25-page11.txt: [('thesamekindwaspassingjustsouthofussomefour', 'the same kind was passing just south of us some four'), ('tormentorstoprison', 'tormentors to prison'), ('Thecourtsaresocorruptin', 'The courts are so corrupt in')]
RH18810118-V57-03-page14.txt: [('GeneraCPetrussewitch', 'Genera C Pet rus sew itch')]
RH18810125-V57-04-page13.txt: [('iltifilailillifituts', 'i l t i f i l a i l i l l i f i t u t s')]
RH18810125-V57-04-page15.txt: [('TheDefiniteSeventhDay', 'The Definite Seventh Day')]
RH18810201-V57-05-page13.txt: [('letyourmoneyandpledgescomein', 'let your money and pledges come in'), ('mocktheProtestants', 'mock the Protestants')]
RH18810208-V57-06-page3.txt: [('publicinstitutions', 'public institutions')]
RH18810215-V57-07-page15.txt: [('THEREVIEWANDHERALD', 'THE REVIEW AND HERALD'), ('choicestillustrative', 'choicest illustrative')]
RH18810301-V57-09-page13.txt: [('FundandPeriodicals', 'Fund and Periodicals')]
RH18810308-V57-10-page12.txt: [('Subscribersobtained', 'Subscribers obtained')]
RH18810308-V57-10-page15.txt: [('LifeSketchesofElderJamesandMrs', 'Life Sketches of Elder James and Mrs'), ('Acarefulstatementoftheobjecti', 'A careful statement of the object i'), ('tohislaborsintheministryandinthecauseoftemperance', 'to his labors in the ministry and in the cause of temperance'), ('setforthinReyelation', 'set forth in Rey elation'), ('StartlingFactsaboutTobacco', 'Startling Facts about Tobacco'), ('Adescriptionolfetlsie', 'A description o l fe t l s i e')]
RH18810315-V57-11-page14.txt: [('greatgrandchildren', 'great grandchildren')]
RH18810315-V57-11-page15.txt: [('workofgreatvalueasabooko', 'work of great value as a book o')]
RH18810315-V57-11-page7.txt: [('pertainingHtouasilltilnmiBsolo', 'pertaining H tou as ill til n m i B s o l o')]
RH18810322-V57-12-page3.txt: [('themeanstobeusedtobringtheremnantofthe', 'the means to be used to bring the remnant of the'), ('experienceinpayingtithesisamostinteresting', 'experience in paying tithes is a most interesting')]
RH18810322-V57-12-page9.txt: [('constitutionalamendment', 'constitutional amendment')]
RH18810329-V57-13-page10.txt: [('systematicbenevolence', 'systematic benevolence')]
RH18810405-V57-14-page1.txt: [('discernobstinately', 'discern obstinately')]
RH18810419-V57-16-page15.txt: [('Fourhundredclosely', 'Four hundred closely')]
RH18810503-V57-18-page13.txt: [('FundandPeriodicals', 'Fund and Periodicals')]
RH18810503-V57-18-page16.txt: [('changeoffiguresontheaddresslabelswillbeinallcases', 'change of figures on the address labels will be in all cases')]
RH18810517-V57-20-page15.txt: [('WondersofthelawofGod', 'Wonders of the law of God')]
RH18810524-V57-21-page1.txt: [('DMADVENTISTPUBLISHINGASSOCIATION', 'D M A D V E N T I S T P U B L I S H I N G A S S O C I A T I O N')]
RH18810524-V57-21-page14.txt: [('iswhattheChristiankeelysaysoftheFranco', 'is what the Christian keel y says of the Franco')]
RH18810531-V57-22-page15.txt: [('REVIEWANDHERALDPUPLISHINGHOUSE', 'REVIEW AND HERALD P UP LIS H ING HOUSE'), ('examinationofaremedialsysteminthelightofNatureandRevels', 'examination of a remedial system in the light of Nature and Revels')]
RH18810531-V57-22-page5.txt: [('baseprincipalities', 'base principalities')]
RH18810607-V57-23-page13.txt: [('agriculturalimplement', 'agricultural implement')]
RH18810607-V57-23-page15.txt: [('remediatssystemiti', 'rem ed i ats system it i'), ('SahhatliFirstMessage', 'S ah h atli First Message'), ('SabbathintheNewTestaMent', 'Sabbath in the New TestaMent'), ('enliehxiMblerocoevcores', 'en lie h xi M b l e r o c o e v c o r e s')]
RH18810607-V57-23-page4.txt: [('withoutsetuttering', 'without set uttering')]
RH18810607-V57-23-page9.txt: [('beeTtiesdayevening', 'be eT ties day evening')]
RH18810614-V57-24-page1.txt: [('azutaaMilMusifillieolaavxua', 'a z u t a a M i l M u s i f i l l i e o l a a v x u a')]
RH18810614-V57-24-page10.txt: [('commandmentkeeping', 'commandment keeping')]
RH18810614-V57-24-page11.txt: [('provinginstrumental', 'proving instrumental')]
RH18810614-V57-24-page16.txt: [('changeoffiguresontheaddresslabelswillbeinallcases', 'change of figures on the address labels will be in all cases')]
RH18810614-V57-24-page5.txt: [('churchconversation', 'church conversation')]
RH18810705-V58-02-page12.txt: [('FundsadPeriodicals', 'Fund sad Periodicals')]
RH18810712-V58-03-page13.txt: [('followingcommittees', 'following committees')]
RH18810712-V58-03-page14.txt: [('magnificentlooking', 'magnificent looking')]
RH18810712-V58-03-page15.txt: [('isindeedandintruth', 'is indeed and in truth'), ('HisTeachingsandParables', 'His Teachings and Parables')]
RH18810719-V58-04-page7.txt: [('gracihoauvsenensos', 'g r a c i h o a u v s e n e n s o s')]
RH18810726-V58-05-page15.txt: [('Theyshallcomeagainfromthelandoftheen', 'They shall come again from the land of the en'), ('iThesevolumescoverthe', 'i These volumes cover the')]
RH18810809-V58-07-page14.txt: [('andwouldpolitelytakenickels', 'and would politely take nickels')]
RH18810809-V58-07-page15.txt: [('isindeedandintruth', 'is indeed and in truth'), ('HisTeachingsandParables', 'His Teachings and Parables')]
RH18810823-V58-09-page12.txt: [('Adventistshavedone', 'Adventists have done')]
RH18810830-V58-10-page1.txt: [('parentannfaithfUlness', 'parent ann faithfUl ness'), ('OrTWODOLLARSAYEARINADVANCE', 'Or TWO DOLLARS A YEAR IN ADVANCE'), ('wrongandencouragetheright', 'wrong and encourage the right')]
RH18810830-V58-10-page10.txt: [('tiedellentattention', 'tied el lent attention')]
RH18810830-V58-10-page16.txt: [('representativenovelist', 'representative novelist')]
RH18810913-V58-12-page4.txt: [('conaraokobservation', 'con ara o k o b s e r v a t i o n')]
RH18810920-V58-13-page15.txt: [('numbersfourteenmembers', 'numbers fourteen members'), ('Theyareallmenandwomen', 'They are all men and women')]
RH18811018-V58-16-page16.txt: [('ScandinavianjMission', 'Scandinavian j Mission')]
RH18811025-V58-17-page14.txt: [('virtualdeclaration', 'virtual declaration')]
RH18811108-V58-19-page3.txt: [('fearrlfyroampotshtoelmic', 'fe arr l f y r o a m p o t s h t o e l m i c')]
RH18811108-V58-19-page8.txt: [('Theotherobjectsnamediuthediagram', 'The other objects name diu the diagram')]
RH18811115-V58-20-page14.txt: [('LoWeVerunwillingly', 'Lo We V er unwillingly'), ('dcliittniiiSioners', 'd c l i i t t n i i i S i o n e r s')]
RH18811115-V58-20-page15.txt: [('Anyoftheaboveworkswillbescutbymail', 'Any of the above works will be scut by mail'), ('receiptofpricesnamed', 'receipt of prices named'), ('froOmeminentauthors', 'fro O mem in en tau thor s'), ('ExpressandMalldaily', 'Express and Mall daily')]
RH18811122-V58-21-page5.txt: [('everlastlustration', 'ever last lustration')]
RH18811122-V58-21-page6.txt: [('individualgratified', 'individual gratified')]
RH18811206-V58-23-page15.txt: [('TomperaneandGospelsonBy', 'Tom per ane and Gospels on By')]
RH18811206-V58-23-page4.txt: [('kindunderstandings', 'kind understandings')]
RH18811213-V58-24-page16.txt: [('Allotherbusinessisacknowledgedbelow', 'All other business is acknowledged below')]
RH18811220-V58-25-page1.txt: [('Ottilefinfribultiris', 'Ot tile fin fri b ult iris')]
RH18820103-V59-01-page15.txt: [('Diedoftyphoidfeverandcongestionofthe', 'Died of typhoid fever and congestion of the')]
RH18820110-V59-02-page13.txt: [('Christendomdoesnotknowenoughofthe', 'Christendom does not know enough of the'), ('oneofthemostatrocious', 'one of the most atrocious'), ('aswellasChristians', 'as well as Christians')]
RH18820110-V59-02-page6.txt: [('evidentcommandments', 'evident commandments')]
RH18820110-V59-02-page9.txt: [('Thessalonispeaking', 'The s salon i speaking')]
RH18820117-V59-03-page1.txt: [('commandcircumstances', 'command circumstances')]
RH18820117-V59-03-page12.txt: [('theitsubscriptions', 'the it subscriptions')]
RH18820117-V59-03-page6.txt: [('yorfillalsatistied', 'y or fill a ls at is tied')]
RH18820124-V59-04-page15.txt: [('Acollectionofvaluableextracts', 'A collection of valuable extracts'), ('andthesubjectstreatedarehandledwithcando', 'and the subjects treated are handled with can do')]
RH18820124-V59-04-page16.txt: [('DanielHaallltiitthheel', 'Daniel H a all l t i i t t h h e e l')]
RH18820131-V59-05-page16.txt: [('Americaujudisprudenee', 'Amer i c au jud is p ru dene e')]
RH18820207-V59-06-page10.txt: [('rendeniedefficient', 'rend en i ed efficient')]
RH18820207-V59-06-page11.txt: [('hisdaughterElizaissecretaryoftheNewEngland', 'his daughter Eliza is secretary of the New England')]
RH18820207-V59-06-page15.txt: [('heloughlyPracticalinItsMethodsofInstructionandDiscipline', 'he lough l y Practical in Its Methods of Instruction and Discipline')]
RH18820207-V59-06-page8.txt: [('andanabsenceofnoisyexcitement', 'and an absence of noisy excitement')]
RH18820214-V59-07-page1.txt: [('eskillwithimulications', 'e s k i l l w i t h i m u l i c a t i o n s')]
RH18820228-V59-09-page13.txt: [('Sagastweabinetwould', 'Sag a st we abi net would')]
RH18820228-V59-09-page16.txt: [('argumenteconcerning', 'argument econ c er n i n g')]
RH18820314-V59-11-page15.txt: [('ileteolieechurches', 'i let e o l i e e c h u r c h e s')]
RH18820321-V59-12-page15.txt: [('assetforthintheScripturesof', 'as set forth in the Scriptures of')]
RH18820321-V59-12-page5.txt: [('concernentertainments', 'concern entertainments')]
RH18820404-V59-14-page15.txt: [('BATTLECREEKCOLLEGE', 'BATTLE CREEK COLLEGE'), ('Thoroughlgracticatin', 'Thorough l g r a c t i c a t i n')]
RH18820418-V59-16-page16.txt: [('consuladvantagewOt', 'consul adv an tag ew Ot'), ('addrestilabelswillbe', 'add rest i labels will be'), ('WEwishtocalltheparticularattentionofthe', 'WE wish to call the particular attention of the'), ('andtheywillnowstandasfollows', 'and they will now stand as follows'), ('NapoleonperLAMoulno', 'Napoleon per LAM o u l n o')]
RH18820418-V59-16-page8.txt: [('cOaiiiiiirourrrxri', 'c O a iii ii ir our r r x r i')]
RH18820425-V59-17-page1.txt: [('riltoriithcilIoctuwAi', 'r i l t o r i i t h c i l I o c t u w A i')]
RH18820425-V59-17-page15.txt: [('nitliftrISainiuistiWilkitison', 'nit lift r I S a i n i u i s t i W i l k i t i s o n'), ('hiiireaVedcompanion', 'h iii rea V ed companion'), ('HERALDPUBLISHINGHOUSE', 'HERALD PUBLISHING HOUSE')]
RH18820425-V59-17-page16.txt: [('permanentappointment', 'permanent appointment')]
RH18820425-V59-17-page2.txt: [('whoseinterestinthpeir', 'whose interest i nth pe ir')]
RH18820425-V59-17-page8.txt: [('religiousamendment', 'religious amendment')]
RH18820425-V59-17-page9.txt: [('Somefeltthatitwasoppressive', 'Some felt that it was oppressive'), ('andtherefromhismainsubject', 'and therefrom his main subject')]
RH18820502-V59-18-page13.txt: [('ofSouthAfricaissaidtohavedoubleditschurches', 'of South Africa is said to have doubled its churches'), ('formembershipandondonations', 'for membership and on donations'), ('andadeterminationtohavepartinit', 'and a determination to have part in it')]
RH18820502-V59-18-page16.txt: [('Testamentliteratureandinterpretation', 'Testament literature and interpretation'), ('whichwillbeinprogressatthisdate', 'which will be in progress at this date'), ('BooksSentbyFreight', 'Books Sent by Freight')]
RH18820509-V59-19-page11.txt: [('Sibilltiesrestnpon', 'Sib ill ties rest n p o n')]
RH18820509-V59-19-page15.txt: [('IVItoroughljlPracticalinItsMethodsofInstructionandDiscipline', 'IV I to rough l j l Practical in Its Methods of Instruction and Discipline')]
RH18820509-V59-19-page3.txt: [('censureindividuals', 'censure individuals')]
RH18820509-V59-19-page5.txt: [('thevoicethatJesussends', 'the voice that Jesus sends'), ('everyIngforeshadow', 'every Ing foreshadow')]
RH18820516-V59-20-page15.txt: [('SongsforClassandSchool', 'Songs for Class and School'), ('TemperanceandGospelSongs', 'Temperance and Gospel Songs')]
RH18820530-V59-22-page9.txt: [('isCongregationalism', 'is Congregationalism')]
RH18820613-V59-24-page1.txt: [('PROPIIETIOJOITRUAL', 'PROP II ET I O JO IT RU A L')]
RH18820613-V59-24-page13.txt: [('onmembershipanddonations', 'on membership and donations')]
RH18820613-V59-24-page16.txt: [('Weareoneyearnearerthe', 'We are one year nearer the'), ('sendallreportstoheratStateCenter', 'send all reports to her at State Center')]
RH18820613-V59-24-page2.txt: [('yourresponsibility', 'your responsibility')]
RH18820613-V59-24-page4.txt: [('knowleclgedsigaias', 'know le c l g e d s i g a i a s')]
RH18820613-V59-24-page5.txt: [('thetaselveslsometirdes', 'theta selves l so met ir des')]
RH18820613-V59-24-page6.txt: [('Witlitiahstringent', 'Wit lit i ah stringent')]
RH18820613-V59-24-page9.txt: [('indestruetibilityofthe', 'ind est ru et i b i lit y of the')]
RH18820620-V59-25-page10.txt: [('theiriarrangements', 'their i arrangements')]
RH18820620-V59-25-page13.txt: [('thehearklehlminating', 'the he ark le h l mina ting')]
RH18820620-V59-25-page15.txt: [('YariOuSdepartments', 'Y a riO uS departments'), ('youngmenandwomenarereceiving', 'young men and women are receiving')]
RH18820627-V59-26-page15.txt: [('edletibRaperiameccaz', 'ed let i b Rape ria mecca z')]
RH18820627-V59-26-page16.txt: [('illustratedVescription', 'illustrated V e s c r i p t i o n')]
RH18820627-V59-26-page8.txt: [('unconsecratedlprofessor', 'unconsecrated l professor')]
RH18820704-V59-27-page15.txt: [('tlabbathasehoolandpraiseserviiee', 't l a b b a t h a s e h o o l a n d p r a i s e s e r v i i e e')]
RH18820711-V59-28-page15.txt: [('ThoroughlyffpoticalinielethoTs', 'Thoroughly f f p o t i c a l i n i e l e t h o T s')]
RH18820711-V59-28-page16.txt: [('Sabbathwillingness', 'Sabbath willingness')]
RH18820711-V59-28-page8.txt: [('Donotaddtotheseburdens', 'Do not add to these burdens'), ('Severalyearsagomyfatherwasacquainted', 'Several years ago my father was acquainted')]
RH18820718-V59-29-page1.txt: [('entheythatMitredtheLordRialto', 'en they that Mitre d t h e L o r d R i a l t o')]
RH18820718-V59-29-page11.txt: [('consciencestricken', 'conscience stricken')]
RH18820718-V59-29-page16.txt: [('assoonastheyshouldhave', 'as soon as they should have')]
RH18820718-V59-29-page8.txt: [('willbringthatpowertoitsend', 'will bring that power to it send'), ('tractstofirstintroducethetruth', 'tracts to first introduce the truth')]
RH18820725-V59-30-page15.txt: [('ihorcitighlyPracticalinItsMethodsofinstructionandDiscipline', 'i hor c it i g h l y P r a c t i c a l i n I t s M e t h o d s o f i n s t r u c t i o n a n d D i s c i p l i n e'), ('sciencesandtortureofthebodiesofmen', 'sciences and torture of the bodies of men'), ('givensuchanintroductionaspreparesthemindtobetter', 'given such an introduction as prepares the mind to better')]
RH18820801-V59-31-page1.txt: [('legionAtatisgressions', 'legion At at is gres sion s'), ('TinsmindedcaverriS', 'Tins minded c a v err iS')]
RH18820801-V59-31-page15.txt: [('lithOgrapotejlanstrationswith', 'lith Og rap ot e j l a n s t r a t i o n s w i t h'), ('examinationofaremedialsysteminthelightofNatureandRevelaablevolumescontainmorepracticalinformationofavital', 'examination of a remedial system in the light of Nature and Revel a able volumes contain more practical information of a vital')]
RH18820801-V59-31-page16.txt: [('fOrciblrillitStrated', 'fOr c i b l rill it St rated'), ('friendswithEnglandand', 'friends with England and'), ('meetingandthenextsessionofour', 'meeting and the next session of our')]
RH18820801-V59-31-page8.txt: [('religiousamendment', 'religious amendment')]
RH18820808-V59-32-page1.txt: [('Inthetenthceriydutheir', 'In the tenth c eri y du their'), ('buttheentirepeopledemandedtheexclusion', 'but the entire people demanded the exclusion'), ('destructionofthisunfortunatepeople', 'destruction of this unfortunate people')]
RH18820808-V59-32-page13.txt: [('receivedhymieeionary', 'received h y m i e e i o n a r y'), ('Theyarewelcomevisitors', 'They are welcome visitors'), ('ItisacointogivetheBibletotowhole', 'It is a coin to give the Bible to to whole')]
RH18820808-V59-32-page15.txt: [('upstomasterandowner', 'ups to master and owner'), ('Theclosingchaptersrefate', 'The closing chapters ref ate'), ('TheCompleteTestimonyoftheFathersoftheFirst', 'The Complete Testimony of the Fathers of the First')]
RH18820808-V59-32-page16.txt: [('raesaotrtigaedpdarepsesiIlfaileowsialalariangaeaildca', 'rae s a ot r t i g a e d p d a r e p s e s i I l f a i l e o w s i a l a l a r i a n g a e a i l d c a')]
RH18820808-V59-32-page2.txt: [('differentCountries', 'different Countries')]
RH18820808-V59-32-page5.txt: [('revealingsomething', 'revealing something')]
RH18820808-V59-32-page7.txt: [('selfishsnlazineiss', 'selfish s n l a z i n e i s s'), ('thatismisaindarstood', 'that ism is a ind ar stood')]
RH18820815-V59-33-page1.txt: [('BANGTIJICSAITOTCattlf', 'B AN G T I J I C S A I T O T C a t t l f')]
RH18820815-V59-33-page14.txt: [('onsTwherestkeiaeaot', 'on sT where st k e i a e a o t')]
RH18820815-V59-33-page16.txt: [('becausetrepreSentations', 'be caus et repreSent at ions')]
RH18820829-V59-35-page14.txt: [('Airiericarceonsulf', 'A iri eri c arc eons u l f')]
RH18820829-V59-35-page2.txt: [('inconsistfoundation', 'in consist foundation')]
RH18820829-V59-35-page4.txt: [('everlastsynagogues', 'ever last synagogues')]
RH18820905-V59-36-page10.txt: [('throughVilbrisigaisit', 'through Vil b r i s i g a i s i t')]
RH18820905-V59-36-page15.txt: [('ElevenSermotsontheSabbathaidLaw', 'Eleven Ser mots on the Sabbath aid Law'), ('VilaOflaShiOnSfileDross', 'Vila Of la S hi On S file Dross'), ('andHowtoDressHealth', 'and How to Dress Health')]
RH18820905-V59-36-page2.txt: [('yourconsciencealways', 'your conscience always'), ('repeatedeiiperience', 'repeat ede ii peri enc e')]
RH18820905-V59-36-page6.txt: [('purificacountrythan', 'pur if i c a country than')]
RH18820905-V59-36-page7.txt: [('murdersarecausedevery', 'murders are caused every')]
RH18820912-V59-37-page1.txt: [('mimmistimminmommammumoiniol', 'mim mist im min mom mam mum o in i o l')]
RH18820912-V59-37-page12.txt: [('committeesywhereup', 'committees y where up'), ('littleterimpanyhere', 'little ter imp any here')]
RH18820912-V59-37-page15.txt: [('poneiderableheccentricity', 'pone ider able h eccentricity')]
RH18820912-V59-37-page8.txt: [('convictionorChriss', 'conviction or Chris s')]
RH18820919-V59-38-page14.txt: [('districtsecretaries', 'district secretaries')]
RH18820926-V59-39-page13.txt: [('RemarkswereheremadebyEld', 'Remarks were here made by Eld'), ('delegatestotheGeneralConference', 'delegates to the General Conference')]
RH18821017-V59-41-page14.txt: [('wascapturedbytheMontoneros', 'was captured by the Mont on eros'), ('Hisoutcriesbroughtno', 'His outcries brought no'), ('Ofheritcantruthfullybesaid', 'Of her it can truthfully be said')]
RH18821017-V59-41-page15.txt: [('MANUALSOrINSTRUCTIONFORSABBATII', 'MANUALS Or INSTRUCTION FOR SABBAT II'), ('teachingbeautifullessonsoften', 'teaching beautiful lessons often'), ('TemperanceandGospelSonEs', 'Temperance and Gospel Son E s')]
RH18821024-V59-42-page15.txt: [('reatetohislaborsintheministryandinthecauseoftemper', 'rea tet o his labors in the ministry and in the cause of temper'), ('ThreeCenturiesConcerningtheSabbathandFirstDayofthe', 'Three Centuries Concerning the Sabbath and First Day of the')]
RH18821031-V59-43-page1.txt: [('whollywithholdingfrom', 'wholly withholding from'), ('understandieverything', 'understand i everything')]
RH18821031-V59-43-page16.txt: [('andresponsibilities', 'and responsibilities'), ('Sixrangedfromnineto', 'Six ranged from nine to'), ('becausethemembersoftheGeneralConference', 'because the members of the General Conference'), ('meetingsintheSouthandother', 'meetings in the South and other'), ('officeaddressofEld', 'office address of Eld'), ('Afewpersonsinwhomourpeople', 'A few persons in whom our people'), ('havedecidedtheissue', 'have decided the issue'), ('bythenumberofproxy', 'by the number of proxy'), ('Theywillkeepthemonfile', 'They will keep them on file'), ('andtheproxiesmightnotteachtheiridivid', 'and the proxies might not teach their i di vi d'), ('perhapslittleneedbesaid', 'perhaps little need be said'), ('probablythetimewillnotbe', 'probably the time will not be'), ('Itseemstousthatthe', 'It seems to us that the'), ('XISocietyperJWMorrison', 'XI Society per J W M o r r i s o n'), ('Illineireonference', 'Ill in eire on fer enc e')]
RH18821107-V59-44-page3.txt: [('invertingtranspiring', 'inverting transpiring')]
RH18821114-V59-45-page11.txt: [('actuallyunpalatable', 'actually unpalatable')]
RH18821121-V59-46-page15.txt: [('TonveranceandGospoi', 'Ton v er an c e a n d G o s p o i')]
RH18821212-V59-49-page15.txt: [('ableDressandHowtoDress', 'able Dress and How to Dress')]
RH18821226-V59-50-page12.txt: [('lalandwhenthequartercloses', 'la land when the quarter closes')]
RH18821226-V59-50-page16.txt: [('MinisterialASsoelation', 'Ministerial AS so elation')]
RH18830116-V60-03-page15.txt: [('REVIEWANDHERALDPUBLISHINGHOUSE', 'REVIEW AND HERALD PUBLISHING HOUSE'), ('Caollectuioilnesof', 'C a o l le c tui oil n e s o f')]
RH18830116-V60-03-page16.txt: [('religiousamendment', 'religious amendment')]
RH18830123-V60-04-page1.txt: [('TheRefiewandlierald', 'The Ref i ew and l ier ald')]
RH18830123-V60-04-page15.txt: [('FromGenesistoRevelation', 'From Genesis to Revelation')]
RH18830123-V60-04-page8.txt: [('commandmentscontainedinorditianityprivilegesmantocountallhispossessions', 'commandments contained in ord it ian it y privileges man to count all his possessions')]
RH18830130-V60-05-page11.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18830130-V60-05-page15.txt: [('SongsforClassandSchool', 'Songs for Class and School')]
RH18830206-V60-06-page10.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18830206-V60-06-page15.txt: [('esdailyexceptfistenter', 'esd ail y except fist enter')]
RH18830213-V60-07-page4.txt: [('repairresurrection', 'repair resurrection')]
RH18830220-V60-08-page11.txt: [('subscribgetfulness', 'subs crib get fulness')]
RH18830227-V60-09-page10.txt: [('taodiagrahviwjitiolif', 'tao di agra h vi w j i t i o l i f'), ('iiikarylitiitiirilniM', 'iii k a r y l i t i i t i i r i l n i M'), ('idailyilkartigbhPdOwtoPi', 'i daily ilk art i g b h P d O w t o P i')]
RH18830227-V60-09-page15.txt: [('constructedatMoscowforuseontheoccasionofthecoronation', 'constructed at Moscow for use on the occasion of the coronation')]
RH18830227-V60-09-page7.txt: [('acliAmIctioiskuSwArs', 'a c l i Am I c t i o i s k u S w A r s')]
RH18830306-V60-10-page1.txt: [('fareneddoevmenofwdeislcousmsieodn', 'fare ned doe v men of w d e i s l c o u s m s i e o d n'), ('cinanapropuelralyr', 'c in an a prop uel r a l y r')]
RH18830306-V60-10-page5.txt: [('literadisquisitions', 'liter a disquisitions')]
RH18830313-V60-11-page15.txt: [('CharlesperLHWilkinson', 'Charles per L H Wilkinson')]
RH18830403-V60-14-page14.txt: [('byApachesintheGilaValley', 'by Apaches in the Gila Valley')]
RH18830403-V60-14-page15.txt: [('AzheldinIndianaasfollows', 'A z h e l d i n I n d i a n a a s f o l l o w s')]
RH18830403-V60-14-page2.txt: [('everlastinglydestroyed', 'everlastingly destroyed')]
RH18830403-V60-14-page3.txt: [('understandtherefore', 'understand therefore')]
RH18830410-V60-15-page15.txt: [('butontheeveningaftershe', 'but on the evening after she')]
RH18830424-V60-17-page5.txt: [('univerevolutionist', 'uni v er evolutionist')]
RH18830501-V60-18-page10.txt: [('disputedwiththedoctorsofthelaw', 'disputed with the doctors of the law'), ('Whatistheexpositionwhichyougiveof', 'What is the exposition which you give of')]
RH18830501-V60-18-page15.txt: [('copiestooneaddress', 'copies to one address')]
RH18830501-V60-18s-page5.txt: [('successdisadvantages', 'success disadvantages')]
RH18830515-V60-20-page14.txt: [('noliveswerelostateitherplace', 'no lives were lost at either place'), ('workonthedayBracdlyishangedatDublin', 'work on the day Bra c dl y is hanged at Dublin'), ('twelvemileswestofPortland', 'twelve miles west of Portland')]
RH18830522-V60-21-page7.txt: [('Norridgesubscription', 'Norridge subscription')]
RH18830529-V60-22-page10.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18830529-V60-22-page15.txt: [('GrandRapidsandDetroitExpressleavesKalamazooa', 'Grand Rapids and Detroit Express leaves Kalamazoo a'), ('dailyNightandEveningExpressesdailyexceptSaturday', 'daily Night and Evening Expresses daily except Saturday')]
RH18830529-V60-22-page2.txt: [('outgrowthofdespotism', 'outgrowth of despotism'), ('thereisnorealliberty', 'there is no real liberty')]
RH18830612-V60-24-page14.txt: [('severalhousesbeing', 'several houses being'), ('engagedinabattleJune', 'engaged in a battle June'), ('totheresurrectionoftherighteouswithjoyfulanticipation', 'to the resurrection of the righteous with joyful anticipation')]
RH18830619-V60-25-page10.txt: [('youpleasegivethemeaningof', 'you please give the meaning of')]
RH18830626-V60-26-page15.txt: [('TemperanceandGospelSongs', 'Temperance and Gospel Songs'), ('SongsforClassandSchool', 'Songs for Class and School'), ('theusesetiGuoslineultSoun', 'the use set i Gu o s line ult Sou n')]
RH18830626-V60-26-page3.txt: [('Adventistsasawhole', 'Adventists as a whole')]
RH18830626-V60-26-page9.txt: [('weakanddiscouragedones', 'weak and discouraged ones'), ('considerpecrpvrepoO', 'consider pec r p v r e p o O')]
RH18830703-V60-27-page16.txt: [('unexpectedlydetained', 'unexpectedly detained')]
RH18830710-V60-28-page14.txt: [('specificstrictness', 'specific strictness')]
RH18830710-V60-28-page15.txt: [('bechurchprivileges', 'be church privileges'), ('Forfullparticularsaddress', 'For full particulars address')]
RH18830710-V60-28-page4.txt: [('covetouspossessions', 'covetous possessions')]
RH18830724-V60-30-page14.txt: [('Marshalltownchurch', 'Marshalltown church')]
RH18830724-V60-30-page15.txt: [('fromeminentauthors', 'from eminent authors')]
RH18830731-V60-31-page14.txt: [('dynamiteconspiracy', 'dynamite conspiracy')]
RH18830731-V60-31-page6.txt: [('instruinentalities', 'inst ruin en tali ties'), ('almakenecessaryarrangements', 'a l make necessary arrangements'), ('mosteverycaseconvincedthattheBibleteaches', 'most every case convinced that the Bible teaches')]
RH18830807-V60-32-page16.txt: [('MostCenAlatetitWhich', 'Most Cen A late tit Which')]
RH18830814-V60-33s-page10.txt: [('Hisstandardofpurityandrightisever', 'His standard of purity and right is ever'), ('designediOPreidrifoodfor', 'designed i O P rei dr i food for'), ('andtheyhaveagreatfondnessforsuch', 'and they have a great fondness for such')]
RH18830814-V60-33s-page16.txt: [('thematteroflanguage', 'the matter of language'), ('showingthatthestandard', 'showing that the standard'), ('Theywillassistininteresting', 'They will assist in interesting')]
RH18830814-V60-33s-page2.txt: [('thatthelivingsaintswerechanged', 'that the living saints were changed'), ('viewswereindefinite', 'views were indefinite'), ('Itappearsevidenttomymindthatatthisearlyperiodshebe', 'It appears evident to my mind that at this early periods he be')]
RH18830814-V60-33s-page6.txt: [('terWhitedisapprovesofeducation', 'ter White disapproves of education'), ('andmanyotherlesser', 'and many other lesser'), ('ratherwerejoiceinit', 'rather we rejoice in it')]
RH18830821-V60-34-page10.txt: [('administraornaments', 'admin i str a ornaments'), ('Afterthemeetingfortheexaminationofcandi', 'After the meeting for the examination of can di')]
RH18830821-V60-34-page9.txt: [('StudytoshowthyselfapproveduntoGod', 'Study to show thyself approved unto God'), ('aworkmanthatneedeth', 'a workman that needeth')]
RH18830828-V60-35-page12.txt: [('interestedattendants', 'interested attendants')]
RH18830904-V60-36-page15.txt: [('TemperanceandGospelSongs', 'Temperance and Gospel Songs')]
RH18830911-V60-37-page16.txt: [('Levnetsbeskrivelse', 'Lev nets bes k r i v e l s e')]
RH18830918-V60-38-page13.txt: [('treasurersZcollect', 'treasurers Z c o l l e c t')]
RH18830918-V60-38-page16.txt: [('SongsforClassandSchool', 'Songs for Class and School'), ('suchasthepublishingofapaperin', 'such as the publishing of a paper in')]
RH18830925-V60-39-page12.txt: [('VERMONTICONFERENCE', 'VERMONT I CONFERENCE')]
RH18830925-V60-39-page15.txt: [('Fiveormorecopiesformissionarywork', 'Five or more copies for missionary work')]
RH18831009-V60-40-page11.txt: [('sessiontotheREVIEWforpublication', 'session to the REVIEW for publication')]
RH18831009-V60-40-page2.txt: [('consciencehardened', 'conscience hardened')]
RH18831016-V60-41-page14.txt: [('Thedriverjumpedoff', 'The driver jumped off'), ('destroyingpropertyvaluedat', 'destroying property valued at')]
RH18831016-V60-41-page15.txt: [('usdailystausytSaturday', 'us daily sta us y t S a t u r d a y')]
RH18831030-V60-43-page9.txt: [('allierecedingZsponsations', 'allie receding Z s p o n s a t i o n s')]
RH18831106-V60-44-page13.txt: [('believedotherswillyetbefound', 'believed others will yet be found'), ('presentatthegatesofthecityofgoldandpearls', 'present at the gates of the city of gold and pearls')]
RH18831106-V60-44-page15.txt: [('PhilosophicalArgument', 'Philosophical Argument'), ('lltheaboveworkssentpost', 'l l the above works sent post'), ('PossesatolloftheEat', 'Posses atoll of the Eat')]
RH18831106-V60-44-page2.txt: [('increasnotwithstanding', 'in c rea s notwithstanding')]
RH18831120-V60-46-page15.txt: [('TemperanceandGospelSongs', 'Temperance and Gospel Songs')]
RH18831120-V60-46-page9.txt: [('Sabbathithroughout', 'Sabbath i throughout')]
RH18831127-V60-47-page5.txt: [('followtherecommendations', 'follow the recommendations')]
RH18831204-V60-48-page1.txt: [('athisappearingandhis', 'a this appearing and his')]
RH18831218-V60-50-page16.txt: [('Somethinginteresting', 'Something interesting')]
RH18840101-V61-01-page3.txt: [('philanthropicenterprise', 'philanthropic enterprise')]
RH18840101-V61-01-page4.txt: [('encouragingmeeting', 'encouraging meeting')]
RH18840108-V61-02-page6.txt: [('wereproductiveofmuchgood', 'were productive of much good')]
RH18840115-V61-03-page15.txt: [('BlzsteaOprIATivplvINteesoOrlie', 'B l z s t e a O p r I A T i v p l v I N t e e s o O r l i e')]
RH18840115-V61-03-page7.txt: [('andcloventonguesoffiresat', 'and cloven tongues of fires at'), ('HespeaksofboththeSignsandGooodeHalth', 'He speaks of both the Signs and Goo ode Halt h'), ('gointothecitytocarrythegladtidingstoher', 'go into the city to carry the glad tidings to her')]
RH18840122-V61-04-page15.txt: [('secretariesimmediately', 'secretaries immediately')]
RH18840122-V61-04-page16.txt: [('mokitiairnoaaezillascBitic', 'm o k i t i a i r n o a a e z i l l a s c B i t i c')]
RH18840122-V61-04-page7.txt: [('cooffersuggestionswhendesired', 'c o offer suggestions when desired'), ('theywillbefoundtobea', 'they will be found to be a'), ('andtestifytowhatIhaveseen', 'and testify to what I have seen'), ('churchestheyhaveadopteda', 'churches they have adopted a'), ('andwewouldrecommendittoeveryS', 'and we would recommend it to every S'), ('understandingtheScripturesthemselves', 'understanding the Scriptures themselves'), ('toexclaimasdidthedisciplesanciently', 'to exclaim as did the disciples anciently'), ('Wewantathousandlaborersinthefieldwhocan', 'We want a thousand laborers in the field who can'), ('individualsrealizethesolemnityandimportanceofthe', 'individuals realize the solemnity and importance of the'), ('ObtainedforPeriodicals', 'Obtained for Periodicals'), ('NumberofPagesofPub', 'Number of Pages of Pub'), ('ExcessofResourcesover', 'Excess of Resources over'), ('NumberofsubscribersforREVIEW', 'Number of subscribers for REVIEW')]
RH18840129-V61-05-page12.txt: [('Springconsiderable', 'Spring considerable'), ('intendinghotlodofur', 'intending hot lod of ur')]
RH18840129-V61-05-page14.txt: [('stormprevailedthroughout', 'storm prevailed throughout')]
RH18840205-V61-06-page14.txt: [('definitelyspecifythepassage', 'definitely specify the passage'), ('theallegedfalsehoods', 'the alleged falsehoods')]
RH18840205-V61-06-page15.txt: [('ForSixNewSubscribers', 'For Six New Subscribers'), ('Americanpublishers', 'American publishers'), ('Itmightsavethemfrometernal', 'It might save them from eternal')]
RH18840205-V61-06-page4.txt: [('hisnobleexamplewemustfollow', 'his noble example we must follow')]
RH18840212-V61-07-page11.txt: [('nhietahriisnsghpearveecsiowuisthseheidaliLd', 'n h i e t a h r i i s n s g h p e a r v e e c s i o w u i s t h s e h e i d a l i L d')]
RH18840226-V61-09-page11.txt: [('inthematterwedisgustthem', 'in the matter we disgust them')]
RH18840226-V61-09-page15.txt: [('AlltrainsrunbyNinetieth', 'All trains run by Ninetieth'), ('elistNglelsebcohianugaelsl', 'eli st N g l e l s e b c o h i a n u g a e l s l')]
RH18840226-V61-09-page6.txt: [('latelybeenwitnessed', 'lately been witnessed')]
RH18840304-V61-10-page11.txt: [('hasrecentlystartedoutwithbtheintentionof', 'has recently started out with b the intention of')]
RH18840304-V61-10-page15.txt: [('labelsiwillsebcehianall', 'labels i wills e b c e h i a n a l l')]
RH18840304-V61-10-page16.txt: [('madealivingrealitytothepeopleofGod', 'made a living reality to the people of God')]
RH18840311-V61-11-page15.txt: [('andkepttheSabbathwithhisparents', 'and kept the Sabbath with his parents'), ('Wordsofinstructionandcomfortwerespoken', 'Words of instruction and comfort were spoken'), ('Foranumberofyearspastshehasbeendeprivedof', 'For a number of years past she has been deprived of'), ('saepolsaocoetowotorkfora', 's a e p o l s a o c o e t o w o t o r k f o r a'), ('AmericanolSanbbtasthu', 'America no l San b b t a s t h u'), ('ciLimsietnegdoarndAtanicExpresses', 'c i Lim s i et neg do ar n d A t a n i c E x p r e s s e s')]
RH18840311-V61-11-page16.txt: [('twoletterstotheformer', 'two letters to the former'), ('andespecyiaslilncepiety', 'andes pec y i as l i l n c e p i e t y')]
RH18840325-V61-13-page13.txt: [('discouragementmeeting', 'discouragement meeting')]
RH18840325-V61-13-page14.txt: [('herfriendsthoughther', 'her friends thought her')]
RH18840325-V61-13-page8.txt: [('postrnillennialist', 'p o str nil len n i a l i s t')]
RH18840401-V61-14-page14.txt: [('FORWEEKENDINGMARCH', 'FOR WEEK ENDING MARCH')]
RH18840401-V61-14-page15.txt: [('alAhoSuasbebawtohpatnLiansaonto', 'alA ho S u a s b e b a w t o h p a t n L i a n s a o n t o')]
RH18840401-V61-14-page7.txt: [('effectivelyagainst', 'effectively against')]
RH18840408-V61-15-page10.txt: [('referencetoourgeneralmoves', 'reference to our general moves'), ('itwouldsoconsolidate', 'it would so consolidate'), ('hedohimyosuelfestlallinbethsaevfeodll', 'he do him y o sue l fest l all in beth s a e v f e o d l l')]
RH18840408-V61-15-page5.txt: [('thansimplyreceiving', 'than simply receiving')]
RH18840415-V61-16-page10.txt: [('transgressionsthat', 'transgressions that')]
RH18840415-V61-16-page15.txt: [('mrovilmoicgvnvounovinvavomnows', 'mr o vil moi c g v n v o u n o v i n v a v o m n o w s')]
RH18840415-V61-16-page6.txt: [('portecrsaannvdassers', 'porte c r s a a n n v d a s s e r s')]
RH18840422-V61-17-page12.txt: [('Hoethatgonewthifthorxtoainod', 'Hoe that go newt h if thor x t o a i n o d'), ('WhenSatansucceedsinbringingindibr', 'When Satan succeeds in bringing in di b r')]
RH18840422-V61-17-page16.txt: [('threateniniglsevof', 'threaten in i g l s e v o f')]
RH18840429-V61-18-page15.txt: [('subscriberobtained', 'subscriber obtained')]
RH18840429-V61-18-page16.txt: [('lucrativepositions', 'lucrative positions')]
RH18840506-V61-19-page16.txt: [('NORTHERNIMINNESOTA', 'NORTHERN I MINNESOTA'), ('hindrancestandnitthiesway', 'hindrance stand nit t h i e s w a y')]
RH18840513-V61-20-page1.txt: [('PUbliShilIKASSOCiatiOnf', 'P U b l i S h i l I K A S S O C i a t i O n f')]
RH18840513-V61-20-page14.txt: [('prominentEuropeamnocseahiouse', 'prominent Europe am no c sea hi ouse')]
RH18840513-V61-20-page15.txt: [('accompaniedbyherhusbandandtwolittlegirls', 'accompanied by her husband and two little girls'), ('GreenvilleperJohnBanks', 'Greenville per John Banks')]
RH18840520-V61-21-page11.txt: [('Totheothersideofthesea', 'To the other side of these a')]
RH18840527-V61-22-page16.txt: [('instructionesviewn', 'instruct i ones view n'), ('ssPeWsPPTLonVIsaesseCitlITOPsCsCet', 's s P eW s P P T L o n V I s a e s s e C i t l I T O P s C s C e t')]
RH18840527-V61-22-page2.txt: [('takeupyourworkwithamoreintelligent', 'take up your work with a more intelligent'), ('heowehispowerofmindanvdigorofbody', 'he owe his power of mind an v dig or of body'), ('vitedmetoinspectararespecimen', 'vi ted me to inspect a rare specimen'), ('marveltearfuelyaest', 'marvel tear fuel y a est')]
RH18840527-V61-22-page6.txt: [('pamphletsdistributed', 'pamphlets distributed')]
RH18840603-V61-23-page13.txt: [('CREEKIMATERNALIAND', 'CREEK I MATERNAL I AND')]
RH18840603-V61-23-page2.txt: [('geologeyvaondlution', 'geo loge y v a on dl u t i o n')]
RH18840603-V61-23-page4.txt: [('whentheMastercomestoreckon', 'when the Master comes to reckon')]
RH18840610-V61-24-page8.txt: [('tenorehangemadewithout', 'ten ore han gem a de without'), ('carefuldesliberation', 'careful des liberation'), ('liaisingandinflexibleopponentsofthemeasure', 'l i a ising and inflexible opponents of the measure')]
RH18840617-V61-25-page14.txt: [('sayingStahlvaetiion', 'saying Stahl v aet ii on')]
RH18840617-V61-25-page4.txt: [('preachingemotional', 'preaching emotional')]
RH18840624-V61-26-page15.txt: [('anddiedinthetriumphs', 'and died in the triumphs'), ('OsmeetingwillbeheldattheQuicksburgchurchthefirstSab', 'O s meeting will beheld at the Quicksburg church the first Sab'), ('SeandvaiananissMion', 'Sean d v a i a n a n i s s M i o n'), ('iosifitaudrtoretsboruinedsesrntizsfwouilrlilipeesingcrt', 'i o s if it au dr to rets b o ruined s e s r n t i z s f w o u i l r l i l i p e e s i n g c r t'), ('JosephNightExpress', 'Joseph Night Express'), ('rlyboyacselftnahvirevilsf', 'r l y b o y a c s e l f t n a h v i r e v i l s f')]
RH18840701-V61-27-page2.txt: [('spbactokocfteneomneemtboranoctoh', 's p b a c tok o cf ten e o m n e e m t b o r a n o c t o h')]
RH18840701-V61-27-page6.txt: [('provientertainment', 'pro vi entertainment')]
RH18840708-V61-28-page10.txt: [('thoughbydisobediencemanlostthedominion', 'though by disobedience man lost the dominion')]
RH18840708-V61-28-page12.txt: [('criticismsprovoked', 'criticisms provoked')]
RH18840708-V61-28-page15.txt: [('nrellesilipialltlanctalNew', 'n r e l l e s i l i p i a l l t l a n c t a l N e w')]
RH18840708-V61-28-page16.txt: [('acnodmetothemeetingtohelp', 'a c nod me to the meeting to help'), ('seventrumpetssuggestedatourlastGeneralConferenee', 'seven trumpets suggested at our last General Con fe renee'), ('saunccetshseiNvveo', 's au n c c e t s h s e i N v v e o')]
RH18840708-V61-28-page2.txt: [('onitborarnoctethweerand', 'on it bor ar no c teth weer and')]
RH18840708-V61-28-page9.txt: [('boretheSonofmgealnsshallcomeinhis', 'bore the Son of m g e a l n s s h a l l c o m e i n h i s')]
RH18840722-V61-30-page11.txt: [('Andwiththeransomedonesatlastreceiveastarrycrown', 'And with the ransomed ones at last receive as tarry crown'), ('Thepeoplearefriendlyandapparentlyanxiousto', 'The people are friendly and apparently anxious to')]
RH18840722-V61-30-page15.txt: [('IroirAlirivilotAlolel', 'Ir o ir Ali riv i lot A lo le l')]
RH18840722-V61-30-page5.txt: [('FaFmamiliiliaarrity', 'F a F m a m i l i i l i a a r r i t y')]
RH18840729-V61-31-page11.txt: [('Weoftenreceivetown', 'We often receive town'), ('theyshoulddolikewise', 'they should do likewise'), ('Theplacehavingbeenpartiallycprnevassed', 'The place having been partially c p r n e v a s s e d')]
RH18840729-V61-31-page9.txt: [('CANVASSIINIILLINOIS', 'CANVASS I IN I ILLINOIS'), ('expresslypermitted', 'expressly permitted')]
RH18840805-V61-32-page13.txt: [('conductedwithagooddegreeofinterest', 'conducted with a good degree of interest')]
RH18840805-V61-32-page4.txt: [('istmaodremaonbenys', 'i st mao dr e m a o n b e n y s')]
RH18840805-V61-32-page5.txt: [('millionarpeolished', 'million ar pe o l i shed')]
RH18840812-V61-33-page15.txt: [('sistersandbrothers', 'sisters and brothers'), ('ifAlhooAsheordizzlnebsys', 'if A l hoo As he or di z z l n e b s y s'), ('JosephNightExpress', 'Joseph Night Express')]
RH18840812-V61-33-page6.txt: [('locatinegptheodsitory', 'lo cat i neg p the o d s i t o r y')]
RH18840819-V61-34-page15.txt: [('giavnediiAlifetsheerrdi', 'gia v ned ii A l if et she err di'), ('TheDisembodiedSpirit', 'The Disembodied Spirit'), ('MaterialandImmaterial', 'Material and Immaterial'), ('anydeAxetlearVniaN', 'any de Ax et lear V n i a N')]
RH18840819-V61-34-page16.txt: [('obtainabouttwentystudentstoattend', 'obtain about twenty students to attend')]
RH18840819-V61-34-page8.txt: [('speakinegrpservthingstodrawawaydisciples', 'speak i neg r p s e r v t h i n g s t o d r a w a w a y d i s c i p l e s')]
RH18840826-V61-35-page11.txt: [('doubtlesscomeagain', 'doubtless come again')]
RH18840826-V61-35-page12.txt: [('workethnoilltohisneighbor', 'worketh no ill to his neighbor')]
RH18840826-V61-35-page15.txt: [('TheoriesppExpasiseetds', 'Theories p p Exp as i see t d s')]
RH18840826-V61-35-page16.txt: [('importantgathering', 'important gathering')]
RH18840902-V61-36-page15.txt: [('andEveningExpresseswest', 'and Evening Expresses west'), ('andAtlanticandNowYorkExpresseesaeasstt', 'and Atlantic and Now York Exp res sees a e a s s t t'), ('ScChaossoolpeorhaoit', 'S c Cha o s so o l peor ha o it')]
RH18840902-V61-36-page16.txt: [('aalroeitnicsmevonogrt', 'a a l roe it n i c s m e v o n o g r t'), ('ConferenceProceedings', 'Conference Proceedings')]
RH18840902-V61-36-page5.txt: [('semirespectability', 'semi respectability')]
RH18840902-V61-36-page8.txt: [('heldthereanotherseason', 'held there another season')]
RH18840909-V61-37-page14.txt: [('andfololowtheabovedirections', 'and fol o low the above directions')]
RH18840916-V61-38-page13.txt: [('feelsatisfiedthatotherswillsoonunitewiththe', 'feel satisfied that others will soon unite with the'), ('wisthitalainVguidance', 'wist hit a lain V guidance')]
RH18840916-V61-38-page15.txt: [('instructivereading', 'instructive reading')]
RH18841007-V61-40-page11.txt: [('involvingabarbaroustreatmentfor', 'involving a barbarous treatment for'), ('submittedtothecounselofGod', 'submitted to the counsel of God')]
RH18841007-V61-40-page14.txt: [('Presidentinthechair', 'President in the chair')]
RH18841014-V61-41-page15.txt: [('Heleavesalonelywife', 'He leaves a lonely wife'), ('Inglazedpapercovers', 'In glazed paper covers'), ('umberofstockholderspresent', 'umber of stockholders present'), ('idsrandDetroitExpressleavesKalamazooat', 'ids rand Detroit Express leaves Kalamazoo at')]
RH18841014-V61-41-page2.txt: [('wouldbecomechannelsoflightto', 'would become channels of light to')]
RH18841014-V61-41-page6.txt: [('influencedrespecting', 'influenced respecting')]
RH18841021-V61-42-page13.txt: [('prospcerounsdition', 'pros p c er o u n s d i t i o n')]
RH18841021-V61-42-page14.txt: [('ecclesiasticaUegislation', 'ecclesiastic aU e g i s l a t i o n')]
RH18841021-V61-42-page15.txt: [('truthwashisthemeofconversation', 'truth was his the me of conversation'), ('onefathrecSocmrIptuorvo', 'one fath rec Soc mr I p t u o r v o'), ('lightsurroundedhisrestingplace', 'light surrounded his restingplace'), ('fiejenetcrheangpetOfa', 'fie j en etc rhea n g p e t O f a'), ('Inthoadidrespsaplearb', 'In tho a did resp sap lear b'), ('dayAdventistPublishingAssociationwill', 'day Adventist Publishing Association will')]
RH18841021-V61-42-page16.txt: [('polfatlhacticoonmofni', 'pol fat l h act i coon m o f n i')]
RH18841021-V61-42-page8.txt: [('brafieheOurnishing', 'bra fie he O urn is h ing'), ('encouragingadyancenient', 'encouraging ady an cen i en t')]
RH18841028-V61-43-page3.txt: [('randcenteroftheJewishworship', 'rand center of the Jewish worship')]
RH18841104-V61-44-page16.txt: [('KentuckyConference', 'Kentucky Conference'), ('RefutationoftheAgetoCome', 'Refutation of the Age to Come')]
RH18841104-V61-44-page6.txt: [('startlingisfamctentioned', 'startling is fam c tent ion ed')]
RH18841111-V61-45-page10.txt: [('lbywhattheysawandfelt', 'l by what they saw and felt')]
RH18841111-V61-45-page15.txt: [('choicestillustrative', 'choicest illustrative'), ('sfnilhlAosolrafeal', 's f n i l h l A o s o l r a f e a l'), ('itissuitetdetothewanotfs', 'it is suit et de to thew a not f s')]
RH18841111-V61-45-page4.txt: [('temporalecclesiastical', 'temporal ecclesiastical')]
RH18841111-V61-45-page9.txt: [('Jordanandenterthelandofpromise', 'Jordan and enter the land of promise'), ('asdelegatefromTennessee', 'as delegate from Tennessee'), ('ThemembersoftheExecutiveCommitteeshall', 'The members of the Executive Committee shall')]
RH18841118-V61-46-page1.txt: [('theresponsibilities', 'the responsibilities')]
RH18841118-V61-46-page11.txt: [('itheconstitutionoftheorderrequiresthatcandi', 'it he constitution of the order requires that can di'), ('ocathavcasainwhicuhlSwt', 'o cat ha v casa in w h i c u h l S w t')]
RH18841118-V61-46-page12.txt: [('Religionsintelligencer', 'Religions intelligencer')]
RH18841118-V61-46-page14.txt: [('givingsinstruction', 'givings instruction')]
RH18841118-V61-46-page16.txt: [('mysterionshidtracts', 'my ster ions hid tracts'), ('tolifetLierojtettriUp', 'to l if et L ier o j tet t r i U p'), ('toourcurrentSabhba', 'to our current Sab h b a')]
RH18841125-V61-47-page11.txt: [('Chillingworthexpressed', 'Chilling worth expressed')]
RH18841125-V61-47-page12.txt: [('begahriisnshgpaerveecisous', 'beg ah r i i s n s h g p a e r v e e c i s o u s')]
RH18841125-V61-47-page15.txt: [('aptieClorarenedkla', 'a p tie C l or are ned k l a')]
RH18841125-V61-47-page16.txt: [('becomessecretaryofthedepartmentofHygiene', 'becomes secretary of the department of Hygiene')]
RH18841202-V61-48-page10.txt: [('ofthehighestbenefit', 'of the highest benefit')]
RH18841202-V61-48-page14.txt: [('submittedtotreatmentbya', 'submitted to treatment by a')]
RH18841202-V61-48-page16.txt: [('subscriptioonnwith', 'subscript i o on n w i t h')]
RH18841202-V61-48-page9.txt: [('ofreformationunderHuss', 'of reformation under Huss')]
RH18841209-V61-49-page15.txt: [('THISbookcontainsaclearstatementof', 'THIS book contains a clear statement of'), ('reasonsfortheobservanceoftheseventh', 'reasons for the observance of the seventh'), ('anattemptedrefutation', 'an attempted refutation'), ('praythattheblessingofGodmayattendthesemeetingsin', 'pray that the blessing of God may attend these meetings in'), ('ofthosamebyarepresentativemanwhoisanobserverofthefirst', 'of tho same by a representative man who is an observer of the first'), ('andSiouxCitytrainsleaveandarrivefrom', 'and Sioux City trains leave and arrive from'), ('orCentralStandardTime', 'or Central Standard Time')]
RH18841216-V61-50-page6.txt: [('itshemroescterpetmioanrokfable', 'its hem roes c ter pet m i o a n r o k f a b l e'), ('waassssyynnoonnyymoouuss', 'w a a s s s s y y n n o o n n y y m o o u u s s')]
RH18841223-V61-51-page11.txt: [('beforethetimefoursto', 'before the time fours to')]
RH18850106-V62-01-page2.txt: [('byangrytbiiolltotwshiofhe', 'by angry t b i i o l l t o t w s h i o f h e')]
RH18850106-V62-01-page4.txt: [('bofecgoiuvrsenimplies', 'b o fe c go i u v r s e n i m p l i e s')]
RH18850106-V62-01-page5.txt: [('loeatingthemlelves', 'lo eating them l elves')]
RH18850106-V62-01-page7.txt: [('thereforepartakers', 'therefore partakers')]
RH18850113-V62-02-page15.txt: [('theotherfadingthemorerapid', 'the other fading the more rapid'), ('Goyeintoalltheworld', 'Go ye into all the world'), ('usifnothingprevents', 'us if nothing prevents'), ('Therewillbeameetingofthe', 'There will be a meeting of the')]
RH18850120-V62-03-page15.txt: [('andwedoverymuchhopeitwillbeso', 'and we do very much hope it will be so'), ('urnoutofthebrethernwithinareasonabledistance', 'urn out of the bret hern within a reasonable distance')]
RH18850120-V62-03-page2.txt: [('Iterirlitlisohnisp', 'I ter ir lit lis oh n i s p')]
RH18850127-V62-04-page15.txt: [('andcangivegoodrecommendationasamiller', 'and can give good recommendation as a miller')]
RH18850127-V62-04-page6.txt: [('Blessedareyethatsowbesideallwaters', 'Blessed are ye that sow beside all waters')]
RH18850210-V62-06-page9.txt: [('differenominations', 'diff ere nominations')]
RH18850217-V62-07-page14.txt: [('intheIndianreirtory', 'in the Indian rei r t o r y')]
RH18850217-V62-07-page15.txt: [('manifesttheirinterestbycomingtothemeetingandtaking', 'manifest their interest by coming to the meeting and taking'), ('MICHIGANCENTRALNEWCANTILEVERBRIDGE', 'MICHIGAN CENTRAL NEW CANTILEVER BRIDGE')]
RH18850224-V62-08-page15.txt: [('receivingbaptismandunitlh', 'receiving baptism and unit l h'), ('Addressforonemonth', 'Address for one month')]
RH18850303-V62-09-page4.txt: [('cataloguepublications', 'catalogue publications')]
RH18850317-V62-11-page11.txt: [('correspondencouraged', 'correspond encouraged')]
RH18850317-V62-11-page14.txt: [('Baptistdenomination', 'Baptist denomination')]
RH18850317-V62-11-page7.txt: [('onemuusstthhaavveeevil', 'on emu us st t h h a a v v e e e v i l')]
RH18850331-V62-13-page1.txt: [('nolatilsifaaaaassba', 'no lati ls if a a a a ass b a')]
RH18850331-V62-13-page15.txt: [('Memanamosalialmara', 'Me man amos ali a l mar a')]
RH18850331-V62-13-page5.txt: [('commemoresurrection', 'com memo resurrection')]
RH18850421-V62-16-page11.txt: [('eonversaendeavoring', 'eon versa endeavoring')]
RH18850505-V62-18-page10.txt: [('theologicatschools', 'the o logic at schools')]
RH18850505-V62-18-page11.txt: [('rejoicingjaringing', 'rejoicing j a ringing')]
RH18850505-V62-18-page3.txt: [('senselessrestrictions', 'senseless restrictions')]
RH18850505-V62-18-page4.txt: [('thesecircumstances', 'these circumstances')]
RH18850512-V62-19-page1.txt: [('conununicationtrund', 'c o nun uni cat i ont run d')]
RH18850512-V62-19-page15.txt: [('TRAINSTOANDFROMCalc', 'TRAINS TO AND FROM Cal c')]
RH18850526-V62-21-page3.txt: [('ChristchangedtheSabath', 'Christ changed the S a bath'), ('Youngmenandwomenfalltothefloorand', 'Young men and women fall to the floor and')]
RH18850602-V62-22-page12.txt: [('isissaflataidthrsiuletaa', 'is is s a flat aid t h r s i u l e t a a'), ('belostavkiaaboaersailbtdisi', 'be lost a v k i a a b o a e r s a i l b t d i s i')]
RH18850602-V62-22-page3.txt: [('ausehewasfaithfulevenuntodeaththat', 'a use he was faithful even unto death that'), ('Thatisnotatalldifficulttodo', 'That is not at all difficult to do'), ('fromalltheentreatiesoffriends', 'from all the entreaties of friends')]
RH18850609-V62-23-page3.txt: [('meetingstranspired', 'meetings transpired')]
RH18850609-V62-23-page4.txt: [('investigatioudoubly', 'invest i gat i oud o u b l y')]
RH18850609-V62-23-page6.txt: [('keepingChristianity', 'keeping Christianity')]
RH18850616-V62-24-page15.txt: [('TERLYmeetingforDist', 'TER L Y meeting for Dist')]
RH18850623-V62-25-page15.txt: [('orhabitualdrunkards', 'or habitual drunkards')]
RH18850623-V62-25-page2.txt: [('collectidieusually', 'collect i die usually'), ('ordinarfaintribution', 'ord in ar faint rib u t i o n')]
RH18850623-V62-25-page3.txt: [('alwaysiJumistakable', 'always i J u m i s t a k a b l e')]
RH18850623-V62-25-page5.txt: [('interrogationpoints', 'interrogation points'), ('renewecticonfidence', 'rene we c tic on fid enc e')]
RH18850623-V62-25-page6.txt: [('definitelyperceived', 'definitely perceived')]
RH18850721-V62-29-page10.txt: [('cireulationaafroarli', 'c i reu lati on a afro ar l i')]
RH18850721-V62-29-page12.txt: [('burseatingeapacity', 'bur sea tinge a p a city')]
RH18850721-V62-29-page3.txt: [('BAPTISTAAUTHORITYFORSUNDAY', 'BAPTIST A AUTHORITY FOR SUNDAY'), ('didwhatmanypersonsbeforeandsincehave', 'did what many persons before and since have'), ('predictionofanearlyapron', 'prediction of a nearly apron'), ('hieofthemostimportant', 'hie of the most important'), ('madeonlybytheinsignificantsectofSabbatarians', 'made only by the insignificant sect of Sabbatarians')]
RH18850721-V62-29-page7.txt: [('enanithouslyiehosen', 'en an i thou sly i e h o s e n')]
RH18850728-V62-30-page15.txt: [('importantmatterswillhavetobeconand', 'important matters will have to be con and'), ('ABRIEFEXPOSITIONOF', 'A BRIEF EXPOSITION OF')]
RH18850811-V62-32-page11.txt: [('rejoicingIaringing', 'rejoicing I a ringing')]
RH18850811-V62-32-page13.txt: [('SCHOOLgASSOCIATION', 'SCHOOL g A S S O C I A T I O N')]
RH18850818-V62-33-page7.txt: [('interestcomparison', 'interest comparison')]
RH18850825-V62-34-page14.txt: [('railroadicomPanieS', 'railroad i com Pan i e S')]
RH18850901-V62-35-page11.txt: [('rejoicingdaringing', 'rejoicing daring ing')]
RH18850915-V62-37-page15.txt: [('thesinceresympathyofmanyfriends', 'the sincere sympathy of many friends'), ('aswastestifiedbythe', 'as was testified by the')]
RH18850922-V62-38-page11.txt: [('nebulardnypothesis', 'nebular d n y p o t h e s i s')]
RH18850922-V62-38-page15.txt: [('MeetingswillbeginFridayevening', 'Meetings will begin Friday evening')]
RH18851006-V62-39-page12.txt: [('notwithsatalnldtihnigs', 'not with sat a l n l d t i h n i g s')]
RH18851006-V62-39-page14.txt: [('deatlisoahetltlhaolielip', 'de atli so ah et l t l h a o l i e l i p')]
RH18851006-V62-39-page3.txt: [('battlesuccessfully', 'battle successfully')]
RH18851027-V62-42-page11.txt: [('rejoicingdaringing', 'rejoicing daring ing')]
RH18851027-V62-42-page15.txt: [('orthepaperoneyearandDr', 'or the paper one year and Dr')]
RH18851027-V62-42-page16.txt: [('importantquestionsathome', 'important questions at home'), ('membersoftheexecutive', 'members of the executive')]
RH18851103-V62-43-page5.txt: [('selfinterrogatively', 'self interrogatively')]
RH18851124-V62-46-page15.txt: [('autyandPowerofMatterLiesinitsOrganization', 'au ty and Power of Matter Lies in its Organization')]
RH18851201-V62-47-page1.txt: [('ourenilithooArkikitptiy', 'our en i litho o Ark i kit p t i y')]
RH18851208-V62-48-page16.txt: [('InternationalTractandMissionarySociet', 'International Tract and Missionary Soc i et'), ('thepromulgationofthemessage', 'the promulgation of the message')]
RH18851208-V62-48-page4.txt: [('Christianprivileges', 'Christian privileges')]
RH18851222-V62-50-page1.txt: [('aCEILMEGIEBUDEISIMMINMEMAiZALMLJaillUiLlamilULAIIIMMLA', 'a C E I L M E G I E B U D E I S I M M I N M E M A i Z A L M L J a i l l U i L l a m i l U L A I I I M M L A'), ('CMIAIMIUSiiiitallUIMAIIMMULarinARICIEICICIOEMILMULAILItil', 'CM I AIM I US iii ital lU I MAI IM M U L a r i n A R I C I E I C I C I O E M I L M U L A I L I t i l')]
RH18851222-V62-50-page16.txt: [('CiToDvartMourillawshsileagveiditsillxgt', 'C i To D v a r t M o u r i l l a w s h s i l e a g v e i d i t s i l l x g t')]
RH18851222-V62-50-page19.txt: [('hivenauitesetaehirlestp', 'hi ven au it e s e t a e h i r l e s t p')]
RH18851222-V62-50-page20.txt: [('Whitherarewedrifting', 'Whither are we drifting')]
RH18851222-V62-50-page4.txt: [('immortalitysofTthcesoul', 'immortality s ofT t h c e s o u l')]
RH18860105-V63-01-page2.txt: [('obedienceprinciples', 'obedience principles')]
RH18860105-V63-01-page3.txt: [('wearenotawarethatwearediseased', 'we are not aware that we are diseased')]
RH18860112-V63-02-page15.txt: [('notinduetimeappear', 'not in due time appear'), ('andifbooksorderedbymailarenotre', 'and if books ordered by mail are not r e'), ('CentralStandardTime', 'Central Standard Time')]
RH18860112-V63-02-page6.txt: [('Ronianismpredominates', 'Ron ian ism predominates')]
RH18860112-V63-02-page7.txt: [('WillhegatheranythatareoutofChrist', 'Will he gather any that are out of Christ')]
RH18860119-V63-03-page16.txt: [('closrestoitnhewdfiivciisiiolziomf', 'clos res to it n h e w d f i i v c i i s i i o l z i o m f')]
RH18860119-V63-03-page3.txt: [('counteradministration', 'counter administration')]
RH18860119-V63-03-page4.txt: [('AsIhavestudiedthebeautifulengraving', 'As I have studied the beautiful engraving')]
RH18860126-V63-04-page14.txt: [('ifillaethdevtoedtt', 'if ill a eth de v toed t t')]
RH18860202-V63-05-page16.txt: [('althoughnobodyinChicagoseemsto', 'although nobody in Chicago seems to')]
RH18860209-V63-06-page14.txt: [('haeiodroIllaitlelaveelwl', 'hae i o dr o Ill a it le lave el w l')]
RH18860216-V63-07-page12.txt: [('iangatihnesthouusLeat', 'ian gat i h nest ho u u s L e a t')]
RH18860216-V63-07-page14.txt: [('nofeaArllyextaendyeeraSrshsthe', 'no fe a Ar l l y ext a end ye era S r s h s t h e'), ('itlelertioogniaotaerpsaritroluld', 'it le l ert i o og n i a o t a e r p s a r i t r o l u l d')]
RH18860216-V63-07-page15.txt: [('JamesEricksonItVanDenson', 'James Erickson It Van Dens on'), ('therichtreasuresofJewishthoughtandlearning', 'the rich treasures of Jewish thought and learning')]
RH18860216-V63-07-page3.txt: [('WhileherIeyretmani', 'While he rIe y ret mani')]
RH18860216-V63-07-page5.txt: [('oftheinherentvalueormeritsofafellow', 'of the inherent value or merits of a fellow'), ('likeafriendlylighttoonelostinawilderness', 'like a friendly light to one lost in a wilderness')]
RH18860223-V63-08-page13.txt: [('Resolutionspresented', 'Resolutions presented')]
RH18860223-V63-08-page16.txt: [('Obligationswithout', 'Obligations without')]
RH18860223-V63-08-page8.txt: [('anydissatisfaction', 'any dissatisfaction')]
RH18860309-V63-10-page15.txt: [('makingarrangements', 'making arrangements')]
RH18860316-V63-11-page9.txt: [('willingtaocknowledge', 'willing tao c knowledge')]
RH18860323-V63-12-page14.txt: [('FORWEEKENDINGMARCH', 'FOR WEEK ENDING MARCH')]
RH18860323-V63-12-page15.txt: [('alfaalaialialiaallapaaarmatmilia', 'a l f a a l a i a l i a l i a a l l a p a a a r m a t m i l i a')]
RH18860323-V63-12-page7.txt: [('seventhdayistheSabbathoftVherLsoersd', 'seventh day is the Sabbath oft V her L so er s d')]
RH18860406-V63-14-page11.txt: [('scripturesdifferent', 'scriptures different')]
RH18860406-V63-14-page14.txt: [('lfMaionnoiespCoolilageado', 'l f M a i o n n o i e s p C o o l i l a g e a d o')]
RH18860406-V63-14-page15.txt: [('lstoreatsveryminutelyconcerningthedispositionof', 'l store ats very minutely concerning the disposition of')]
RH18860406-V63-14-page2.txt: [('THEREVIEWANDHERALD', 'THE REVIEW AND HERALD')]
RH18860406-V63-14-page6.txt: [('periodicalsdistributed', 'periodicals distributed')]
RH18860413-V63-15-page15.txt: [('JBoxsperpehssNight', 'J Box s per pe h s s Night')]
RH18860420-V63-16-page2.txt: [('allunrighteousness', 'all unrighteousness')]
RH18860420-V63-16-page4.txt: [('clayaanndointedthe', 'clay a ann do in ted the')]
RH18860427-V63-17-page8.txt: [('Butthereisnooccasionforit', 'But there is no occasion for it')]
RH18860504-V63-18-page12.txt: [('rejoicingdaringing', 'rejoicing daring ing')]
RH18860504-V63-18-page14.txt: [('especiallyinplacesintheNorth', 'especially in places in the North'), ('regardedaltogetherwith', 'regarded altogether with')]
RH18860511-V63-19-page16.txt: [('ToVigilantMissionaryWorkers', 'To Vigilant Missionary Workers')]
RH18860518-V63-20-page14.txt: [('tomeetallthebrethrenand', 'to meet all the brethren and'), ('thedeathlistatKansasCityandXeniabeiousexercisesofthecamp', 'the death list at Kansas City and Xenia bei o us exercises of the camp')]
RH18860518-V63-20-page8.txt: [('acquaintedwiththatlanguage', 'acquainted with that language'), ('diagenomenoutauSabbatou', 'di age no men out a uS abba tou')]
RH18860525-V63-21-page13.txt: [('inworldlyenterprises', 'in worldly enterprises')]
RH18860525-V63-21-page14.txt: [('Conthsiderableexcitement', 'Cont h s ider able excitement')]
RH18860525-V63-21-page15.txt: [('onlysonofAmosandAnnaShisler', 'only son of Amos and Anna S his l er'), ('mAspuidiclvahettion', 'm A s p u i d i c l v a h e t t i o n'), ('RaevarynkixboyceCaesntatltiSatvridcoaircd', 'Rae vary n k i x b o y c e C a e s n t a t l t i S a t v r i d c o a i r c d')]
RH18860525-V63-21-page7.txt: [('thattheliberalityoftheJewswaslimitedbythe', 'that the liberality of the Jews was limited by the'), ('anextratithingwasgiventothepooreverythird', 'an extra tithing was given to the poor every third'), ('nowitishightimetoawakeoutofsleep', 'now it is high time to awake out of sleep'), ('llinoartifkiendoiwnhis', 'l lino art if k i e n d o i w n h i s')]
RH18860608-V63-23-page10.txt: [('subjectwouldreceive', 'subject would receive'), ('themselvesinheaven', 'themselves in heaven'), ('onebranchothfework', 'one branch ot h fe work'), ('andothersinanotherbranch', 'and others in another branch'), ('Therecanbenopatentplansuggestedbywhich', 'There can be no patent plan suggested by which')]
RH18860615-V63-24-page10.txt: [('gassemcbledoneSundayidn', 'gas sem c bled one Sunda yid n'), ('theheleveoardtofseGe', 'the hel eve o ard to f s e G e'), ('homeandtalkaboutit', 'home and talk about it'), ('andtheywillwanttohear', 'and they will want to hear'), ('aodlilywisllliaoroenwdietshcohnidmtwohantsGodhas', 'a o dl i l y wis l l l i a oro en w d i e t s h c o h n i d m t w o h a n t s G o d h a s')]
RH18860615-V63-24-page11.txt: [('Myheartissickwithhopedeferred', 'My heart is sick with hope deferred'), ('Robertwillremainafewweekslonger', 'Robert will remain a few weeks longer')]
RH18860615-V63-24-page12.txt: [('withagoodinterestandgoodattention', 'with a good interest and good attention'), ('saenvderalembracedthe', 's a en v der a l embraced the')]
RH18860615-V63-24-page15.txt: [('aaraaaaaaaaataaaaata', 'a ara a a a a a a a at a a a a at a')]
RH18860615-V63-24-page3.txt: [('Goouttothecemetery', 'Go out to the cemetery')]
RH18860622-V63-25-page14.txt: [('provisionwillbemadetosupplythewantsofall', 'provision will be made to supply the wants of all'), ('Wehavedecidedtohave', 'We have decided to have'), ('TheStateDepartmentatWashingtonhasreceivedin', 'The State Department at Washington has received in')]
RH18860622-V63-25-page15.txt: [('Lettherebeageneralrally', 'Let there be a general rally'), ('choicestillustrative', 'choicest illustrative')]
RH18860622-V63-25-page16.txt: [('peopleoftencometogethertoholdmeetingsofthis', 'people often come together to hold meetings of this'), ('thisquestionisansweredinthe', 'this question is answered in the')]
RH18860622-V63-25-page4.txt: [('persuadeethemselves', 'persuade et hem selves')]
RH18860629-V63-26-page14.txt: [('ItisstatedthattheBritishgovernmentisprobably', 'It is stated that the British government is probably'), ('iearremaineiidtiiawamseanafbagh', 'i ear remain e i i d t i i a w a m s e a n a f b a g h'), ('followedbyanexplosion', 'followed by an explosion'), ('occupationharassedperpetually', 'occupation harassed perpetually'), ('encouragingresistatonctheeBritish', 'encouraging resist at on c thee British'), ('ageofataiveolvaeyceiuairast', 'age of at a iv e o l v a e y c e i u a i r a s t'), ('ajantdirihaeldditsootahie', 'a j ant dir i ha eld dit soot a hie')]
RH18860629-V63-26-page6.txt: [('thatalonglistofresolutions', 'that along list of resolutions')]
RH18860706-V63-27-page3.txt: [('SOMEWHEREwehavereadthestoryofthewellgearedeasditorialisnctohelumnsoftheREVIEW', 'SOMEWHERE we have read the story of the well gear ede as di to rial is n c t o h e l u m n s o f t h e R E V I E W'), ('withthespiritofprayer', 'with the spirit of prayer')]
RH18860713-V63-28-page14.txt: [('inconfectioneryand', 'in confectionery and')]
RH18860713-V63-28-page15.txt: [('aCnhdimalCgaolaEmxap', 'a C n h d i m a l C g a o l a E m x a p')]
RH18860720-V63-29-page10.txt: [('thebytmblpiielgopole', 'the by t m b l p i i e l g o p o l e')]
RH18860720-V63-29-page8.txt: [('heissureoffullpossession', 'he is sure of full possession'), ('butitisnoteasytoworkforthosewith', 'but it is not easy to work for those with')]
RH18860727-V63-30-page15.txt: [('Inamosiaaaavieliria', 'In amo sia a a a vi eli ria')]
RH18860810-V63-32-page10.txt: [('foounrThecosianaaa', 'f o o u n r T h e c o s i a n a a a')]
RH18860810-V63-32-page11.txt: [('themeansofthesalsome', 'the means of the sal some')]
RH18860810-V63-32-page14.txt: [('tiltlellirnbrbillthtl', 'tilt le l lir n b r b i l l t h t l'), ('whosefriendsdemandtheirrelaese', 'whose friends demand their rel a e s e')]
RH18860810-V63-32-page6.txt: [('recoardstimwealryning', 'rec o ards tim weal r y n i n g')]
RH18860817-V63-33-page15.txt: [('siDrtaoopileiefntA', 's i Dr tao o pile i e f n t A')]
RH18860824-V63-34-page14.txt: [('eAlaataycsraofscsl', 'e A l a a t a y c s r a o f s c s l'), ('spAykinvseariydemta', 's p A y kin vs ear i y dem t a')]
RH18860831-V63-35-page13.txt: [('Lewisgaveatemperante', 'Lewis gave a temper ante'), ('thepreservationofhealthattheseannuathlergins', 'the preservation of health at these ann u a t h l e r g i n s'), ('andtheagentatWabashwillsellyouareturnticket', 'and the agent at Wabash will sell you a return ticket')]
RH18860831-V63-35-page7.txt: [('jaaiillaattFayetteville', 'j a ai ill a att Fayetteville')]
RH18860907-V63-36-page10.txt: [('whosepraiseisnotofmen', 'whose praise is not of men'), ('Goodreadingcanbehadatbutsmallexpense', 'Good reading can be had at but small expense')]
RH18860914-V63-37-page10.txt: [('occupiedcomplished', 'occupied comp l i shed')]
RH18860921-V63-38-page12.txt: [('readingspreviously', 'readings previously')]
RH18860921-V63-38-page14.txt: [('inaetolftiythitiol', 'i nae to l f t i y t h i t i o l')]
RH18861005-V63-39-page3.txt: [('TetpareafLypelaocef', 'Tet pare a f L y p e l a o c e f'), ('orgospeldispensation', 'or gospel dispensation')]
RH18861005-V63-39-page4.txt: [('Phariseeconversation', 'Pharisee conversation')]
RH18861005-V63-39-page5.txt: [('sadnessdoneotsgivel', 'sadness done ot s give l')]
RH18861012-V63-40-page12.txt: [('buildingstoaccommodateitsincreasingpatronage', 'buildings to accommodate its increasing patronage'), ('andcommencedmeetingson', 'and commenced meetings on')]
RH18861012-V63-40-page14.txt: [('Dhiaspvaetchbeesen', 'D h i a s p v a e t c h b e e s e n')]
RH18861019-V63-41-page15.txt: [('frigeveAchtieltdren', 'frig eve A c h tie ltd r e n')]
RH18861019-V63-41-page9.txt: [('indomitableperseverall', 'indomitable per several l')]
RH18861026-V63-42-page13.txt: [('aversedfromfivehundredtoeight', 'a versed from five hundred to eight'), ('andcalledforthreproof', 'and called forth reproof')]
RH18861026-V63-42-page3.txt: [('Theythatsitinthegatespeak', 'They that sit in the gate speak'), ('andonmyservantsandon', 'and on my servants and on')]
RH18861102-V63-43-page4.txt: [('igTilAaetisoujasyciblsolalla', 'i g T i l A a e t i s o u j a s y c i b l s o l a l l a'), ('Manythechangesofeasu', 'Many the change so fe as u')]
RH18861102-V63-43-page6.txt: [('afrotlicolweiingthviesil', 'afr ot l i col wei ing t h v i e s i l')]
RH18861109-V63-44-page16.txt: [('SocietyProceecNnys', 'Society Pro cee c N n y s')]
RH18861116-V63-45-page1.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18861123-V63-46-page13.txt: [('maintainedthroughout', 'maintained throughout'), ('andonesocialandtwobusiness', 'and one social and two business'), ('muchaswhenothersaremadepartakersofthem', 'much as when others are made partakers of them')]
RH18861123-V63-46-page14.txt: [('vlandswereesnotlyd', 'v lands we rees not l y d'), ('CphtiusrtchChurscelYie', 'C p h tiu s r t c h C h u r s c e l Y i e'), ('ItissaidthatMormonmissionarieshavebeenmaking', 'It is said that Mormon missionaries have been making')]
RH18861123-V63-46-page8.txt: [('excellentfacilities', 'excellent facilities')]
RH18861123-V63-46-page9.txt: [('loathsomeabominations', 'loathsome abominations')]
RH18861130-V63-47-page10.txt: [('deigotgenrtyojenaonlvsi', 'de i got gen r t y o j e n a o n l v s i')]
RH18861130-V63-47-page8.txt: [('religiouslyinclined', 'religiously inclined')]
RH18861207-V63-48-page7.txt: [('Theseprelatereformershavegoneso', 'These prelate reformers have gone so')]
RH18861207-V63-48-page9.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18861214-V63-49-page16.txt: [('laborwithusinmanyofthesemeetings', 'labor with us in many of these meetings')]
RH18861221-V63-50-page5.txt: [('passionsasourselves', 'passions as ourselves')]
RH18870104-V64-01-page1.txt: [('sistioarmillimsamessii', 's i st i oar mill im same s s ii')]
RH18870104-V64-01-page4.txt: [('Godwouldbestowupontainyindividualthegiftof', 'God would bestow upon tain y individual the gift of'), ('WhenJesussaidtotheJews', 'When Jesus said to the Jews')]
RH18870104-V64-01-page5.txt: [('triflingthoughthatmaybe', 'trifling though that may be')]
RH18870111-V64-02-page15.txt: [('friendsandneighbors', 'friends and neighbors'), ('acknowlpointrnents', 'a c know l p o intr n e n t s'), ('observethefolloivingrules', 'observe the foll o iv ing rules'), ('LaisseenterAhLeadry', 'La is seen ter Ah Lea dry')]
RH18870118-V64-03-page15.txt: [('ValparaiscdcAommodation', 'Val para is c d c A o m m o d a t i o n')]
RH18870118-V64-03-page2.txt: [('footstepsosearching', 'footstep so searching')]
RH18870125-V64-04-page15.txt: [('oneofthebuildingsofwhichisshowninthecut', 'one of the buildings of which is shown in the cut'), ('KansasCityandLeavenworthExpress', 'Kansas City and Leavenworth Express'), ('MICHIGANCENTRALNEWCANTILEVERBRIDGE', 'MICHIGAN CENTRAL NEW CANTILEVER BRIDGE')]
RH18870208-V64-06-page13.txt: [('andresponsibilities', 'and responsibilities')]
RH18870222-V64-08-page16.txt: [('AmericanInstitutions', 'American Institutions'), ('beuncompromisingly', 'be uncompromisingly'), ('Whilewedonotwishtobeunorinfact', 'While we do not wish to be u n o r i n f a c t')]
RH18870222-V64-08-page5.txt: [('andsurelythatwouldbewithinfinite', 'and surely that would be with infinite')]
RH18870222-V64-08-page9.txt: [('Incomprehensibleness', 'In comprehensible ness')]
RH18870301-V64-09-page12.txt: [('againwithrejoicing', 'again with rejoicing')]
RH18870308-V64-10-page3.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18870315-V64-11-page16.txt: [('officerslookafterthis', 'officers look after this'), ('intheirfieldsoflabor', 'in their fields of labor')]
RH18870329-V64-13-page15.txt: [('PresbyterianMinisterial', 'Presbyterian Ministerial')]
RH18870329-V64-13-page5.txt: [('BBibiblelerereaaddiings', 'B B i bible l ere rea addi ings')]
RH18870329-V64-13-page7.txt: [('commandmentenjoins', 'commandment enjoins')]
RH18870405-V64-14-page10.txt: [('answeralargemajorityofthequeriesbymailinsteadofintheReview', 'answer a large majority of the queries by mail instead of in the Review')]
RH18870412-V64-15-page10.txt: [('commandmentkeeping', 'commandment keeping')]
RH18870412-V64-15-page11.txt: [('negrocetiothnesina', 'negro c et i ot h n e s i n a'), ('PjiCelAghulkidOaTnicoego', 'P j i C el A g h u l k i d O a T n i c o e g o')]
RH18870426-V64-17-page15.txt: [('SsVcoihuetkohslbeBurearnicd', 'S s V c o i hue t k o h s l b e B u r e a r n i c d')]
RH18870426-V64-17-page4.txt: [('theyshallbedungupontheground', 'they shall be dung upon the ground'), ('Judgmentcouldnotbedescribedinplainerwords', 'Judgment could not be described in plainer words'), ('hisexampleisinmanyrespectsunequaled', 'his example is in many respects unequaled')]
RH18870503-V64-18-page15.txt: [('greatsuffererfromcancer', 'great sufferer from cancer')]
RH18870524-V64-21-page15.txt: [('MEDICALANDCURICALSANITARIUM', 'MEDICAL AND CUR I CAL SANITARIUM'), ('Sgchsosopoloeraifst', 'S g c h s o s o p o l o e r a i f s t')]
RH18870524-V64-21-page4.txt: [('intothetoriousland', 'into the to rio us land'), ('thethingswhicharespokenofinconnectionwithitin', 'the things which are spoken of in connection with it in'), ('Turkshaveneverbeenablefullytosubdue', 'Turks have never been able fully to subdue')]
RH18870607-V64-23-page15.txt: [('Funeralserviceswere', 'Funeral services were')]
RH18870607-V64-23-page7.txt: [('andunderstandingoftheBible', 'and understanding of the Bible'), ('andhowmanyheartsarewarmedto', 'and how many hearts are warmed to')]
RH18870607-V64-23-page9.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18870614-V64-24-page14.txt: [('interestingremarks', 'interesting remarks')]
RH18870614-V64-24-page4.txt: [('totrytempthatdwelluponhallearth', 'to try temp that dwell upon hall earth')]
RH18870628-V64-26-page14.txt: [('severerarraignment', 'severer arraignment')]
RH18870705-V64-27-page15.txt: [('Funearfatlersewrvhiicehs', 'Fun ear fat l er sew r v h i i c e h s')]
RH18870712-V64-28-page3.txt: [('itmaynotseemtobesuchapuzzle', 'it may not seem to be such a puzzle')]
RH18870719-V64-29-page13.txt: [('requiringinstruction', 'requiring instruction')]
RH18870719-V64-29-page15.txt: [('informationrespectiing', 'information respect i ing')]
RH18870719-V64-29-page8.txt: [('Selfcontradictions', 'Self contradictions'), ('thegreatdisappointmentin', 'the great disappointment in'), ('Evenifitcouldbeprovedthatthesemen', 'Even if it could be proved that these men')]
RH18870726-V64-30-page10.txt: [('bringinghissheaves', 'bringing his sheaves'), ('societieshavedecided', 'societies have decided')]
RH18870726-V64-30-page7.txt: [('Nominationspresented', 'Nominations presented')]
RH18870802-V64-31-page15.txt: [('Lifegivershallcometo', 'Lifegiver shall come to')]
RH18870809-V64-32-page6.txt: [('eminentpietybefore', 'eminent piety before'), ('apmtolnythjloyurnal', 'a p m t o l n y t h j l o y u r n a l'), ('publishedonthescienceof', 'published on the science of'), ('Sundaytrainssometimebefore', 'Sunday trains sometime before'), ('madethefollowwould', 'made the follow would'), ('tempepreaonpclepienopble', 'temp e p r e a o n p c l e p i e n o p b l e'), ('simapcleknowledgamdeanut', 'sim a p cle know led gam de a nut'), ('atmhenCdomnestnitustionnthase', 'atm hen C dom nest nit us t i o n n t h a s e')]
RH18870809-V64-32-page7.txt: [('ciInsetthheeiirrroe', 'c i In sett h he e i i r r r o e')]
RH18870816-V64-33-page15.txt: [('begiventothisworkatthismeeting', 'be given to this work at this meeting')]
RH18870823-V64-34-page10.txt: [('slyintleroscraesttiaonispvtfiotih', 'sly int l eros c rae st tia on is pvt f i o t i h'), ('Accordingtoitheisgreator', 'According to it he is great or'), ('isTerdSeasbpbeethl', 'is Ter d S e a s b p b e e t h l'), ('lsyclfloroltsictIsiesevaii', 'ls y c l flo r o l t s i c t I s i e s e v a i i')]
RH18870823-V64-34-page6.txt: [('arestillblindedbyerror', 'are still blinded by error'), ('bemadewelcometothesamereege', 'be made welcome to the same ree g e')]
RH18870830-V64-35-page15.txt: [('illustratedandbeautfullyboundinthreevolumes', 'illustrated and beaut fully bound in three volumes')]
RH18870906-V64-36-page15.txt: [('devotedtopreparationonasecondbook', 'devoted to preparation on a second book'), ('andespeciallytothequestionofcombiningManualTrain', 'and especially to the question of combining Manual Train')]
RH18870906-V64-36-page6.txt: [('missionopportunity', 'mission opportunity')]
RH18870913-V64-37-page13.txt: [('unpleasantfeelings', 'unpleasant feelings')]
RH18870913-V64-37-page7.txt: [('flatletdistributed', 'flat let distributed')]
RH18870920-V64-38-page16.txt: [('SocietyPrOceedings', 'Society PrO cee dings')]
RH18870927-V64-39-page16.txt: [('willbeprintedinSMALL', 'will be printed in SMALL')]
RH18871011-V64-40-page10.txt: [('delegationsinVolVing', 'delegations in Vol V ing')]
RH18871011-V64-40-page2.txt: [('moreconvincingproof', 'more convincing proof')]
RH18871011-V64-40-page4.txt: [('amusementproducing', 'amusement producing')]
RH18871011-V64-40-page9.txt: [('expressionenibrace', 'expression en i brace')]
RH18871025-V64-42-page10.txt: [('towhichourpeoplecouldloanmeans', 'to which our people could loan means'), ('theirwholeAdventfaithuponthissamesystem', 'their whole Advent faith upon this same system'), ('healthinstitutions', 'health institutions')]
RH18871025-V64-42-page12.txt: [('brethrencanvassers', 'brethren canvassers')]
RH18871025-V64-42-page16.txt: [('totryforthemselvestogetcheaperrates', 'to try for themselves to get cheaper rates')]
RH18871108-V64-44-page10.txt: [('considerablednitut', 'consider a bled nit u t')]
RH18871108-V64-44-page4.txt: [('hsairscorhfeoesdsliyn', 'h s airs cor h fe o esd s l i y n')]
RH18871122-V64-46-page15.txt: [('MedicalSurgicalSanitaritill', 'Medical Surgical San it ar it ill'), ('Mantodofarmworkbytheyear', 'Man to do farm work by the year'), ('BETWEENCHRISTANDSATAN', 'BETWEEN CHRIST AND SATAN')]
RH18871122-V64-46-page16.txt: [('EXPOSINELVILLAINOUS', 'EXP O SIN EL VILLA I NO US')]
RH18871129-V64-47-page15.txt: [('Danirdanwtaicsksoaonnd', 'Dan ir dan w t a i c s k s o a o n n d')]
RH18871129-V64-47-page3.txt: [('underconsideration', 'under consideration')]
RH18871206-V64-48-page12.txt: [('Scriptiareearrative', 'Script i are ear rat iv e'), ('theeStipernettural', 'thee St i per nett ural')]
RH18871206-V64-48-page15.txt: [('SWediehlifiiveinentsl', 'S We die h l if ii vein en t s l')]
RH18871206-V64-48-page7.txt: [('subscriptiongobtained', 'subscript i ong obtained')]
RH18871206-V64-48-page9.txt: [('generaIadvancement', 'genera I advancement')]
RH18871213-V64-49-page6.txt: [('tohoIporevcwioeusb', 'to ho I pore v c w i o e u s b')]
RH18871220-V64-50-page14.txt: [('Goyeintoalltheworld', 'Go ye into all the world')]
RH18871220-V64-50-page5.txt: [('proratelpliteetrhat', 'pro rate l p lite et r h a t')]
RH18871231-V64-50e-page1.txt: [('certainlywouldmiss', 'certainly would miss')]
RH18871231-V64-50e-page10.txt: [('therelErnoriehurCh', 'there l Er no rie hur C h')]
RH18871231-V64-50e-page13.txt: [('allwhoattendedlast', 'all who attended last'), ('HowconfidentIfeltthattheBibleover', 'How confident I felt that the Bible over')]
RH18871231-V64-50e-page6.txt: [('Baruabassinsfavorofhis', 'B a ru a b as sins favor of his')]
RH18880103-V65-01-page10.txt: [('ilaslsittitiutsitioco', 'i las ls it titi uts it i o c o')]
RH18880103-V65-01-page12.txt: [('Icommencedmeetings', 'I commenced meetings'), ('Atthecloseofthisaddress', 'At the close of this address'), ('resolutionswerediscussebdyA', 'resolutions were discuss e b d y A'), ('Othersareinterested', 'Others are interested'), ('congregationswould', 'congregations would'), ('olemavisisnigonaslhi', 'o lem avis is n i g o n a s l h i')]
RH18880103-V65-01-page15.txt: [('byextendanIllsItationto', 'by extend an Ills It at ion to')]
RH18880103-V65-01-page16.txt: [('sscchhooollAssociation', 's s c c h hoo o l l Association')]
RH18880103-V65-01-page4.txt: [('etSCOCCSIDOeststpcSer', 'et S C O C C S I DO est st p c Ser')]
RH18880103-V65-01-page6.txt: [('basoamseitfodroeas', 'b a so am s e i t f o d r o e a s'), ('uhautiniaotuisveli', 'u h a u t i n i a o t u i s v e l i'), ('tivuelIosilkanadlasohmaeveclomng', 'tiv uel I o silk an a dl as ohm a eve c lo m n g')]
RH18880103-V65-01-page8.txt: [('mollstadlitsmisaaisfapootiertes', 'moll sta dl its m i s a a i s f a p o o t i e r t e s')]
RH18880110-V65-02-page10.txt: [('ctonbsuidiledrnabhleo', 'c ton b sui di le dr nab h leo'), ('tryroesupwonlislibthilniintc', 'try roes up won lis lib t h i l n i i n t c')]
RH18880117-V65-03-page15.txt: [('erwireammeallarsaamearmemesamassweeetramessaa', 'er wire am meal lars a am ear me mesa mass wee et ram e s s a a'), ('IAKtillitlittlitlitiv', 'I A K t i l l i t l i t t l i t l i t i v')]
RH18880117-V65-03-page16.txt: [('denominationalconflicts', 'denominational conflicts')]
RH18880117-V65-03-page3.txt: [('MilitilitiertitOOd', 'Mil it i lit i ert i tOO d')]
RH18880117-V65-03-page4.txt: [('hoofitStsattaHninadtlsiti', 'hoof it Sts atta H nina d t l s i t i')]
RH18880124-V65-04-page7.txt: [('andnothingdefinitewaspublisheduntil', 'and nothing definite was published until')]
RH18880131-V65-05-page16.txt: [('hasaqueerIdeaofthe', 'has a queer Idea of the')]
RH18880131-V65-05-page2.txt: [('ThelawoftheMosHtigh', 'The law of the Mos H t i g h')]
RH18880207-V65-06-page16.txt: [('Scripturelqueutions', 'Scripture l que u t i o n s')]
RH18880214-V65-07-page1.txt: [('Firpaaitioliliiiit', 'Fir p a a it i o l i liii it')]
RH18880214-V65-07-page12.txt: [('Asvsovcihrasteaiso', 'As v so v c i h r a s t e a i s o')]
RH18880214-V65-07-page15.txt: [('inthefortybeenthyearofherage', 'in the forty be enth year of her age')]
RH18880214-V65-07-page8.txt: [('THEGENERALCONFERRNOZ', 'THE GENERAL CONF ERR NO Z'), ('restsuponnosuchfoundation', 'rests upon no such foundation'), ('reportsfromourbrethrenthattheplanofthe', 'reports from our brethren that the plan of the'), ('havingaresurrection', 'having a resurrection'), ('Thebeamsofitsrisinglightare', 'The beams of its rising light are'), ('flashingtheeartharound', 'flashing the earth around'), ('Thegloriousmessageon', 'The glorious message on')]
RH18880221-V65-08-page12.txt: [('ainitwaheichythoef', 'a in it wah e i c h y t h o e f')]
RH18880221-V65-08-page15.txt: [('thefullowingrulers', 'the full owing rulers')]
RH18880221-V65-08-page7.txt: [('comparativelyclear', 'comparatively clear')]
RH18880221-V65-08e-page2.txt: [('IIIIIREPRESSITATION', 'III I IRE PRESS I TAT ION')]
RH18880221-V65-08e-page4.txt: [('noisrepresentationa', 'no is representation a'), ('commandmentaccordingtothewillofGod', 'commandment according to the will of God'), ('andyetoffendwithtiocshiepoidin', 'and yet offend with t i o c s h i e p o i d i n'), ('Canrighthimselfvirtutillyindorses', 'Canright himself virtu till y indorses'), ('ofainmrpigoritatnce', 'of a in mr pig or it at n c e'), ('WillYoubeaChristian', 'Will You be a Christian')]
RH18880228-V65-09-page10.txt: [('picturetotIelarnistn', 'picture to tIe lar n i s t n')]
RH18880228-V65-09-page11.txt: [('ssweemeressesessseesear', 's s wee mer esse s e s s s e e s e a r')]
RH18880228-V65-09-page6.txt: [('YoungreadssometimestothemfromtheTahitian', 'Young reads sometimes to them from the Tahitian'), ('WebelievehewastheSonofGod', 'We believe he was the Son of God')]
RH18880228-V65-09-page7.txt: [('engineersaltogether', 'engineers altogether')]
RH18880306-V65-10-page10.txt: [('iillllusatiriadtilotonos', 'i ill l l us at iri ad til o to nos')]
RH18880306-V65-10-page11.txt: [('anddegradedclasses', 'and degraded classes'), ('butfrontmenoflearningand', 'but front men of learning and')]
RH18880306-V65-10-page15.txt: [('callattentiontoitslackofharmonywiththewords', 'call attention to it slack of harmony with the words')]
RH18880313-V65-11-page16.txt: [('aendtermionrteoinhethJeoyworofkouorf', 'a end term ion rte o in heth J e o y w o r o f k o u o r f')]
RH18880313-V65-11-page9.txt: [('Thiliispientlonhave', 'T h i l i i s p i e n t l o n h a v e')]
RH18880320-V65-12-page11.txt: [('inthematterofreckoningtheday', 'in the matter of reckoning the day')]
RH18880320-V65-12-page15.txt: [('appropriatefeatures', 'appropriate features')]
RH18880327-V65-13-page15.txt: [('CentralSteorientTinto', 'Central Ste orient Tin to'), ('Astheendupprotrelted', 'As the end up prot rel ted')]
RH18880403-V65-14-page15.txt: [('urinlatiiiiiicills', 'ur in lat iii iii c ills')]
RH18880410-V65-15-page12.txt: [('believersatninedifferentplaces', 'believers at nine different places')]
RH18880410-V65-15-page15.txt: [('TugquarterlymeetingforDist', 'Tug quarterly meeting for Dist')]
RH18880417-V65-16-page4.txt: [('meetingsprofitable', 'meetings profitable')]
RH18880424-V65-17-page1.txt: [('totheirowndestruction', 'to their own destruction'), ('TheyhandletheScript', 'They handle the Script')]
RH18880424-V65-17-page11.txt: [('bringingliiiielheaves', 'bringing liii i el heaves')]
RH18880424-V65-17-page13.txt: [('satisfactoryteaulta', 'satisfactory tea ult a')]
RH18880424-V65-17-page14.txt: [('floyerptuenbaliver', 'flo yer p tue n b a l i v e r'), ('sodtaittiltblitilk', 'sod tait tilt b lit ilk')]
RH18880424-V65-17-page15.txt: [('hisdireitilfurseterolot', 'his dire i til fur set er o lot'), ('readingcontainedin', 'reading contained in')]
RH18880424-V65-17-page16.txt: [('EARLEICAMILMEETINGS', 'EAR LEI CAM I L MEETINGS')]
RH18880424-V65-17-page2.txt: [('hissoulclavedtoaythoef', 'his soul c laved to a y tho e f')]
RH18880424-V65-17-page9.txt: [('reprosentingChriat', 'repro sent ing Chr i at')]
RH18880501-V65-18-page15.txt: [('pleurmimetitnertia', 'p l eur mime tit ner tia'), ('laterebiellinreadier', 'lat ere b i ell in readier'), ('ontheSabbathtinestionandotherkindred', 'on the Sabbath tine st ion and other kindred')]
RH18880515-V65-20-page13.txt: [('commandmentkeepers', 'commandment keepers')]
RH18880515-V65-20-page15.txt: [('SchOwusolcporitlst', 'S c hOw us o l c p or it l st'), ('lierwordsofgeedcheer', 'l ier words of geed cheer'), ('Calegeogatienialist', 'Cale geo gat i en i a list')]
RH18880520-V65-22-page10.txt: [('ailettintermissions', 'ai lett intermissions')]
RH18880520-V65-22-page15.txt: [('eralmonthsagoMitushistroubleappearedtoliedyspepsia', 'era l months ago M i t u s h i s t r o u b l e a p p e a r e d t o l i e d y s p e p s i a'), ('DEVOTEDtotheDefenseofAtei', 'DEVOTED to the Defense of Ate i')]
RH18880520-V65-22-page16.txt: [('thoulopartIlICIltlf', 'thou lo part I l I C I l t l f')]
RH18880522-V65-21-page15.txt: [('espokenbythewriter', 'esp o ken by the writer')]
RH18880605-V65-23-page15.txt: [('ModernSpiritualism', 'Modern Spiritualism'), ('tallroadsdieergthe', 'tall roads die erg the')]
RH18880605-V65-23-page4.txt: [('acbelemthepaaldishoefd', 'a c be lem the p a ald is hoe f d')]
RH18880626-V65-26-page10.txt: [('bringhighisshcaves', 'bring high is s h caves')]
RH18880626-V65-26-page16.txt: [('SaltatietshsCoonstItution', 'Salt at i et s h s Coon st I tut ion'), ('itibleLLtietifTeLs', 'it i b le L L tie t i f T e L s')]
RH18880626-V65-26-page6.txt: [('asdidthefaceofhischild', 'as did the face of his child')]
RH18880703-V65-27-page4.txt: [('becomennprofitable', 'be c omen n p r o f i t a b l e')]
RH18880710-V65-28-page10.txt: [('FAIRisthefieldnowwaitingthesowers', 'FAIR is the field now waiting the sowers'), ('tentmeetingsatClaremont', 'tent meetings at Claremont'), ('attendedbyourpeople', 'attended by our people')]
RH18880710-V65-28-page12.txt: [('ResolutionathenIpT', 'Resolution a then I p T')]
RH18880710-V65-28-page4.txt: [('crumlincganclidlto', 'c rum lin c gan c lid l to')]
RH18880731-V65-31-page15.txt: [('howSundaydisplacedtheBibleSabbath', 'how Sunday displaced the Bible Sabbath')]
RH18880731-V65-31-page9.txt: [('Aikavoavowaaamfflooto', 'Ai k a v o a v o w a a a m f f l o o t o')]
RH18880807-V65-32-page10.txt: [('thesacrificesandtheservicesofthesanctuary', 'the sacrifices and the services of the sanctuary')]
RH18880814-V65-33-page3.txt: [('commandmentskeepora', 'commandments keep or a')]
RH18880828-V65-35-page16.txt: [('lexicographersastirecatield', 'lexicographers as tire cat i eld')]
RH18880904-V65-36-page15.txt: [('BACThILituriectItitxl', 'B ACT hI Lit uri e c t I t i t x l')]
RH18880911-V65-37-page16.txt: [('nocotionphaoratihv', 'no cot ion p ha or at i h v')]
RH18880911-V65-37-page4.txt: [('forcedfromafriendwhohiedCOMO', 'forced from a friend who hied COMO')]
RH18880911-V65-37-page7.txt: [('TheChairwasauthorizedtoap', 'The Chair was authorized to a p')]
RH18880918-V65-38-page1.txt: [('flowersfarontrivaledthesplendor', 'flowers far ont rivaled the splendor'), ('ThelawsofGodhavetheiri', 'The laws of God have their i')]
RH18880918-V65-38-page15.txt: [('yStirgicalSanitarluill', 'y Stir g i c a l S a n i t a r l u i l l'), ('previoushistoryIsmarkedWiththeLord', 'previous history Is marked With the Lord'), ('bookmentionedbelow', 'book mentioned below'), ('forthepricenamedopposite', 'for the price named opposite')]
RH18880918-V65-38-page5.txt: [('chainsabouttheneck', 'chains about the neck'), ('andwhosefaceisjustly', 'and whose face is justly'), ('Butifachildbeinthepossessionofthe', 'But if a child be in the possession of the')]
RH18880925-V65-39-page10.txt: [('cmoannsyidienrsattainoncne', 'cm o ann s yid i en r s a t t a i n o n c n e')]
RH18880925-V65-39-page14.txt: [('iriarichlytettormed', 'iri a richly tet tor med')]
RH18880925-V65-39-page15.txt: [('whohavebutlittleleisureforreading', 'who have but little leisure for reading')]
RH18881016-V65-41-page15.txt: [('COMPLETEMEIofSMUTS', 'COMPLETE ME I of SMUT S')]
RH18881016-V65-41-page2.txt: [('conacienceeimitten', 'con a c i en cee i mitten')]
RH18881023-V65-42-page15.txt: [('recoinlnetidlition', 'rec o in l net i dl it ion'), ('LThTLarXloCtIteitilifII', 'L T h T L a r X l o C t I t e i t i l i f I I')]
RH18881023-V65-42-page8.txt: [('liberaltedIeurnoef', 'liberal ted I eur noe f')]
RH18881030-V65-43-page15.txt: [('raidyeitiedtheBaptist', 'raid ye i tied the Baptist'), ('howSundaydisplacedtheBibleSabbath', 'how Sunday displaced the Bible Sabbath'), ('ExtractsgivenfromCath', 'Extracts given from Cath')]
RH18881030-V65-43-page6.txt: [('elpsortedtotheirdistrictsecretaryasfourth', 'el p sorted to their district secretary as fourth')]
RH18881106-V65-44-page11.txt: [('Scriptureinjunctions', 'Scripture injunctions')]
RH18881106-V65-44-page5.txt: [('Ofthefallenthatlongforthelight', 'Of the fallen that long for the light'), ('thatthehouselookedsosweetandrestful', 'that the house looked so sweet and restful'), ('toanaccompanimentoftter', 'to an accompaniment oft ter')]
RH18881113-V65-45-page10.txt: [('existencethesameaswhenwewerelookingatit', 'existence the same as when we were looking at it')]
RH18881113-V65-45-page15.txt: [('whenthesubjectofthepropheciesWashr', 'when the subject of the prophecies Wash r'), ('tohisnoticeitfewyears', 'to his notice it few years')]
RH18881113-V65-45-page3.txt: [('Tuesdayisafteroneday', 'Tuesday is after one day'), ('Wednesdayisaftertwodays', 'Wednesday is after two days'), ('ButHewhoreignsasKingofkingsabove', 'But He who reigns as King of kings above'), ('andIhavenodoubttthaattitisinyoursjust', 'and I have no doubt t t h a a t t i t i s i n y o u r s j u s t')]
RH18881120-V65-46-page1.txt: [('Thisisillustratedinthehistoryofourrace', 'This is illustrated in the history of our race'), ('themonumentsoftheirwickednessandfolly', 'the monuments of their wickedness and folly')]
RH18881120-V65-46-page15.txt: [('ModernSpirittialism', 'Modern Spirit tia l ism')]
RH18881120-V65-46-page8.txt: [('establishedintheprovidenceofGod', 'established in the providence of God')]
RH18881127-V65-47-page14.txt: [('IMINIMIIIIIIMMIIIIMIIIM', 'I MINIM III II IM M I I I I M I I I M')]
RH18881127-V65-47-page7.txt: [('accomplishcirculation', 'accomplish circulation')]
RH18881204-V65-48-page1.txt: [('NordeemthesmallestcaretooFMAU', 'Nor deem the smallest care to oF M A U')]
RH18881204-V65-48-page15.txt: [('oftyplioidmalarialMier', 'of typ l i o i d m a l a r i a l M i e r')]
RH18881204-V65-48-page5.txt: [('posthucircumstances', 'pos thu circumstances')]
RH18881211-V65-49-page15.txt: [('choiceofterritoryis', 'choice of territory is')]
RH18881211-V65-49-page2.txt: [('cireururesurrection', 'c i reu ru resurrection')]
RH18881211-V65-49e-page2.txt: [('sorinlihnewthought', 's or in l i h new thought')]
RH18881211-V65-49e-page8.txt: [('tireaaeVeryritibject', 'tire a a eVery rit i b j e c t')]
RH18881218-V65-50-page12.txt: [('SCHOOLIASSOCIATION', 'SCHOOL I ASSOCIATION')]
RH18881218-V65-50-page2.txt: [('notatellyoutoleatvetyamasmattechurches', 'not a tell you tole at vet yam as matte churches'), ('thlinpeoplothallts', 't h l i n p e o p l o t h a l l t s'), ('thopowereofdarkness', 'tho pow ere of darkness'), ('nanstanotabPatlenMtl', 'nan sta not a b Pat len M t l')]
RH18890205-V66-06-page15.txt: [('averageweeklydonations', 'average weekly donations'), ('Thisispartiallyowing', 'This is partially owing')]
RH18890219-V66-08-page6.txt: [('inconsiderableness', 'inconsiderable ness')]
RH18890226-V66-09-page10.txt: [('thiswilldothemgood', 'this will do them good')]
RH18890326-V66-13-page15.txt: [('testimonypubliclyinmeeting', 'testimony publicly in meeting'), ('wheneveropportunityoffered', 'whenever opportunity offered'), ('andAtlanticExpresses', 'and Atlantic Expresses')]
RH18890402-V66-14-page15.txt: [('SheacceptedtheSabbathwithher', 'She accepted the Sabbath with her'), ('butreturnedtobepresentathisburial', 'but returned to be present a this burial')]
RH18890409-V66-15-page1.txt: [('bRaciAlliBgTLyAisni', 'b R a c i A l l i B g T L y A i s n i')]
RH18890514-V66-20-page16.txt: [('REVIEWwillbeprintedin', 'REVIEW will be printed in')]
RH18890521-V66-21-page15.txt: [('Secahsosolpcoriain', 'Sec ah so sol p cor i a in')]
RH18890611-V66-24-page15.txt: [('TheNationalReformMovementanAbsurdity', 'The National Reform Movement an Absurdity')]
RH18890625-V66-26-page4.txt: [('itthoroughlyandwisely', 'it thoroughly and wisely'), ('Thequestionisasked', 'The question is asked')]
RH18890702-V66-27-page15.txt: [('thatnotimemaybelostintheseshortmeetings', 'that no time may be lost in these short meetings')]
RH18890806-V66-32-page16.txt: [('ConferenceProceedings', 'Conference Proceedings')]
RH18890903-V66-35-page15.txt: [('andhertrustwaswhollyinChrist', 'and her trust was wholly in Christ')]
RH18890910-V66-36-page15.txt: [('weretohavestartedonthisjourney', 'were to have started on this journey')]
RH18890924-V66-38-page15.txt: [('slaveryconventionthanhashitherto', 'slavery convention than has hitherto'), ('Hewasperfectlyreconciled', 'He was perfectly reconciled')]
RH18891001-V66-39-page15.txt: [('VHaalapkaarallisaod', 'V H a a lap k a a r a l l i s a o d')]
RH18891015-V66-41-page15.txt: [('churchinthedistrict', 'church in the district'), ('Wecannotaffordtolosethis', 'We cannot afford to lose this')]
RH18891029-V66-43-page15.txt: [('UnitedStatesandCanadabeganatBaltimore', 'United States and Canada began at Baltimore'), ('atthehomeofherparents', 'at the home of her parents'), ('killedandanumberwounded', 'killed and a number wounded'), ('daughtertomourntheirloss', 'daughter to mourn their loss'), ('Remarksbythewriter', 'Remarks by the writer')]
RH18891105-V66-44-page15.txt: [('ThereportoftheGovernmentBureauofEngraving', 'The report of the Government Bureau of Engraving')]
RH18891126-V66-47-page15.txt: [('SisterStropehadacheerfulandhopeful', 'Sister St rope had a cheerful and hopeful')]
RH18891217-V66-50-page10.txt: [('dissimilaritLbetween', 'dissimilar it L between')]
RH18891224-V66-51-page15.txt: [('PortHuronPassenger', 'Port Huron Passenger')]
In [40]:
# %load shared_elements/summary.py
summary = reports.overview_report(directories['cycle'], spelling_dictionary, title)
Directory: /Users/jeriwieringa/Dissertation/text/text/2017-01-31-corpus-with-utf8-split-into-titles-cleaning/RH1850-1889/correction8

Average verified rate: 0.9658308654951738

Average of error rates: 0.03320408369554231

Total token count: 46699105

In [41]:
# %load shared_elements/top_errors.py
errors_summary = reports.get_errors_summary( summary )
reports.top_errors( errors_summary, 10 )[:50]
[('m', 65502),
 ('e', 59940),
 ('t', 52336),
 ("'", 49846),
 ('w', 47571),
 ('d', 47345),
 ('n', 41250),
 ('r', 33984),
 ('f', 26441),
 ('g', 23984),
 ('th', 20526),
 ('co', 19615),
 ('pp', 11482),
 ('wm', 9341),
 ('u', 7226),
 ('ex', 5839),
 ('sr', 5684),
 ('x', 5458),
 ('oz', 4478),
 ('k', 4236),
 ('tion', 3869),
 ('re', 3793),
 ('brn', 3750),
 ('pm', 3611),
 ('vt', 2867),
 ('pa', 2779),
 ('q', 2750),
 ("of'", 2628),
 ('al', 2455),
 ('ets', 2231),
 ('nd', 2148),
 ("''", 2106),
 ('mo', 2089),
 ('ti', 1994),
 ('il', 1949),
 ('z', 1930),
 ('mt', 1853),
 ("the'", 1782),
 ('ment', 1700),
 ('ft', 1618),
 ('se', 1541),
 ('aro', 1506),
 ('ni', 1490),
 ('es', 1468),
 ('wo', 1431),
 ('ve', 1357),
 ('eze', 1357),
 ('id', 1345),
 ('tt', 1335),
 ('ch', 1298)]
In [ ]: