Save Noun Phrases to Module

In [1]:
input_files = ['/Users/jeriwieringa/Dissertation/drafts/data/module-3/2017-04-noun-phrases-2000.txt',
In [2]:
output_file = "/Users/jeriwieringa/Dissertation/drafts/code/modules/GoH/GoH/"
In [3]:
phrases = []
In [4]:
for input_file in input_files:
    with open(input_file) as f:
        content =
        for phrase in content:
In [5]:
['creek michigan',
 'large increase',
 'precious light',
 'active interest',
 'good home',
 'strong drink',
 'universal postal',
 'whole earth',
 'open doors',
 'perfect obedience',
 'american people',
 'god rev',
 'good effect',
 'medical school',
 'dead man',
 'christ jesus',
 'good number',
 'past summer',
 'whole day',
 'instructor vol',
 'class work',
 'city work',
 'general government',
 'good way',
 'twentieth century',
 'eld haskell',
 'honest souls',
 'mighty work',
 'definite time',
 'present condition',
 'fiery furnace',
 'modern science',
 'different times',
 'camp ground',
 'thy kingdom',
 'possible way',
 'creek mich',
 'way home',
 'certain extent',
 'school officers',
 'various phases',
 'god cor',
 'roman catholic church',
 'new man',
 'christian work',
 'self exaltation',
 'manual training',
 'good words',
 'sabbath july',
 'prominent part',
 'advent review and sabbath herald vol',
 'field secretary',
 'animal life',
 'great majority',
 'cold bath',
 'red sea',
 'health journal',
 'own sins',
 'ceremonial law',
 'thou wilt',
 'great encouragement',
 'strong effort',
 'american republic',
 'new song',
 'flesh meats',
 'faithful service',
 'year cents',
 'executive committee',
 'own finger',
 'canvassers institute',
 'true condition',
 'conference office',
 'sea level',
 'false gods',
 'self righteousness',
 'chain gang',
 'religious people',
 'temperance reform',
 'particulars address',
 'remnant church',
 'moral obligation',
 'large family',
 'home circle',
 'special efforts',
 'medical missionaries',
 'general health',
 'long time',
 'long beach',
 'splendid work',
 'college course',
 'training schools',
 'good health',
 'favorable opportunity',
 'early part',
 'religious teachers',
 'lord bless',
 'thou shalt',
 'school lessons',
 'school children',
 'various lines',
 'great truths',
 'valuable assistance',
 'suitable place',
 'grand total',
 'good authority',
 'medical students',
 'whole congregation',
 'faithful ones',
 'state church',
 'shalt thou labor',
 'hearty response',
 'excellent work',
 'red cross',
 'wide spread',
 'right living',
 'corner stones',
 'fellow beings',
 'great events',
 'large audience',
 'evil doers',
 'accompany copy',
 'quiet spirit',
 'total abstinence',
 'southern union conference',
 'self control',
 'weekly visits',
 'los angeles cal',
 'thy truth thy word',
 'lord cometh',
 'interesting facts',
 'dear sister',
 'days meeting',
 'high position',
 'simple faith',
 'union mission',
 'mighty works',
 'sanitarium work',
 'own son',
 'such times',
 'thoughts perish',
 'small pox',
 'good people',
 'dark night',
 'wholesome food',
 'church service',
 'american citizens',
 'wait till',
 'great mistake',
 'different lines',
 'joseph bates',
 'religious worship',
 'business meetings',
 'daily news',
 'the life boat',
 'own words',
 'conference officers',
 'dollars worth',
 'post office address',
 'good reports',
 'human history',
 'evening service',
 'great crisis',
 'lake academy',
 'real interest',
 'own lusts',
 'evil spirits',
 'liquor traffic',
 'christian service',
 'great nations',
 'fiscal year',
 'remnant people',
 'great loss',
 'spiritual condition',
 'federal government',
 'final triumph',
 'saviour jesus christ',
 'battle field',
 'local societies',
 'beautiful home',
 'years experience',
 'gilt edges',
 'evil angels',
 'rio grande',
 'white house',
 'southern junior college',
 'great nation',
 'good spirit',
 'profitable meeting',
 'divine life',
 'precious truths',
 'new life',
 'thorough work',
 'open air',
 'fierce anger',
 'pure water',
 'father mother',
 'college press',
 'general interest',
 'special manner',
 'public places',
 'strong men',
 'religious experience',
 'the american sentinel',
 'common sense',
 'religious observance',
 'own country',
 'key note',
 'old testament',
 'life liberty',
 'great apostasy',
 'fundamental principles',
 'young girl',
 'great price',
 'urgent calls',
 'lake union',
 'whole land',
 'sabbath june',
 'small sum',
 'lake union conference',
 'early writings',
 'family worship',
 'individual members',
 'near future',
 'different branches',
 'years afterward',
 'great plan',
 'human beings',
 'herald takoma',
 'white men',
 'urgent call',
 'wonderful works',
 'urgent need',
 'common people',
 'pacific press',
 'advent movement',
 'good plan',
 'excellent spirit',
 'own lives',
 'eternal truth',
 'christian graces',
 'state board',
 'sure word',
 'evening services',
 'christ christ',
 'tract society',
 'great principles',
 'canadian union conference',
 'new moon',
 'young women',
 'white cloud',
 'school offerings',
 'north american division conference',
 'false teachers',
 'god who',
 'religious world',
 'effective work',
 'thou art',
 'encouraging report',
 'whole system',
 'whole heart',
 'social life',
 'mission funds',
 'tobacco habit',
 'foreign work',
 'law till',
 'excellent interest',
 'greek word',
 'great difference',
 'threefold message',
 'burnt offerings',
 'missionary labor',
 'wise man',
 'poor people',
 'new religion',
 'willing souls',
 'peculiar people',
 'certain amount',
 'certain conditions',
 'righteous judge',
 'river conference',
 'bible sabbath',
 'may god',
 'human body',
 'religious persecution',
 'general use',
 'divine institution',
 'tent companies',
 'jesus christ',
 'private house',
 'judgment seat',
 'moral nature',
 'north american division',
 'and temperance advocate',
 'bad habit',
 'persons desire',
 'saith unto',
 'great controversy',
 'physical development',
 'prophetic periods',
 'midnight cry',
 'white people',
 'careful study',
 'good work',
 'good food',
 'large portion',
 'whole armor',
 'nashville tenn',
 'new light',
 'such expressions',
 'good word',
 'great earthquake',
 'interesting account',
 'church building',
 'great message',
 'entire population',
 'large majority',
 'christian church',
 'religious service',
 'self denial',
 'goon health',
 'church school teacher',
 'blood vessels',
 'james white',
 'past winter',
 'good news',
 'public mind',
 'mission schools',
 'young girls',
 'corner stone',
 'hearty support',
 'faithful work',
 'true faith',
 'human family',
 'great responsibility',
 'reading courses',
 'whole country',
 'business meeting',
 'dear souls',
 'gospel herald',
 'great tribulation',
 'school association',
 'express purpose',
 'thank god',
 'funeral services',
 'church officers',
 'evil ways',
 'solemn warning',
 'true church',
 'sixteenth century',
 'sabbath december',
 'such legislation',
 'divine authority',
 'fresh air',
 'present day',
 'thy brother',
 'personal interest',
 'false doctrines',
 'new thing',
 'true character',
 'personal work',
 'fine gold',
 'careful reading',
 'church elders',
 'great expense',
 'old men',
 'day offerings',
 'great movement',
 'white raiment',
 'business men',
 'church membership',
 'long experience',
 'mission fields',
 'drug store',
 'important factor',
 'thine heart',
 'bad habits',
 'the sentinel',
 'life and health',
 'lord hath',
 'old gentleman',
 'christian schools',
 'practical guide',
 'valuable instruction',
 'church schools',
 'lay plans',
 'european war',
 'important truths',
 'blue eyes',
 'poor health',
 'human heart',
 'small books',
 'various reasons',
 'lay members',
 'vast amount',
 'large measure',
 'excellent book',
 'thy stranger',
 'new house',
 'glad tidings',
 'sum total',
 'summer months',
 'human authority',
 'missionary operations',
 'thou good',
 'good name',
 'own home',
 'large numbers',
 'whole body',
 'time past',
 'union conference committee',
 'little book',
 'wonderful things',
 'central union conference',
 'mary magdalene',
 'aggressive work',
 'dear friends',
 'important point',
 'new subscriptions',
 'dear lord',
 'different languages',
 'modern civilization',
 'large books',
 'church school',
 'solemn message',
 'present state',
 'great field',
 'school teachers',
 'spiritual growth',
 'christian science',
 'lemon juice',
 'hard time',
 'large part',
 'past quarter',
 'poor man',
 'divine lord',
 'industrial work',
 'sun moon',
 'lord delayeth',
 'home life',
 'new members',
 'john wesley',
 'rich man',
 'important matters',
 'public sentiment',
 'wide awake',
 'great man',
 'deepest interest',
 'physical condition',
 'large sum',
 'upper part',
 'important points',
 'own weakness',
 'normal condition',
 'grand work',
 'christian age',
 'family altar',
 'investigative judgment',
 'american brethren',
 'total number',
 'eastern part',
 'sick people',
 'good faith',
 'important question',
 'missionary secretary',
 'blosser berrien',
 'double boiler',
 'religious bodies',
 'northern part',
 'moral government',
 'flesh food',
 'small children',
 'mortal man',
 'buenos ayres',
 'medical mission',
 'great light',
 'special number',
 'michigan tract',
 'special course',
 'religious test',
 'such power',
 'old man',
 'bright hope',
 'eternal ages',
 'thy foot',
 'infinite wisdom',
 'general agent',
 'object lesson',
 'native workers',
 'whole number',
 'mucous membrane',
 'own hands',
 'great joy',
 'moral law',
 'new world',
 'tent meeting',
 'digestive organs',
 'great city',
 'great words',
 'familiar spirits',
 'glad day',
 'medical secretary',
 'leo xiii',
 'whole subject',
 'practical value',
 'civil government',
 'week fund',
 'episcopal church',
 'thy children',
 'cubic feet',
 'religious work',
 'expiration date',
 'sabbath april',
 'sample copy',
 'large cities',
 'the youth',
 'conference laborers',
 'general meetings',
 'own power',
 'various branches',
 'capital city',
 'true tabernacle',
 'the advocate',
 'own image',
 'great object',
 'thick darkness',
 'gold coast',
 'excellent success',
 'jewish church',
 'special reference',
 'conference secretary',
 'emperor william',
 'rich men',
 'real estate',
 'active service',
 'year book',
 'spiritual gifts',
 'young lady',
 'missionary purposes',
 'dear friend',
 'present century',
 'heathen nations',
 'recent meeting',
 'cold water',
 'divine law',
 'definite plans',
 'own experience',
 'chicago ill',
 'large company',
 'onward march',
 'careful attention',
 'intermediate school',
 'new order',
 'practical experience',
 'new churches',
 'proper way',
 'temporal millennium',
 'loud cry',
 'prosperous condition',
 'subscription price',
 'text book',
 'sufficient amount',
 'los angeles',
 'precious time',
 'great pleasure',
 'special care',
 'dear son',
 'ingathering signs',
 'right arm',
 'nurses course',
 'false prophet',
 'boat rescue',
 'health reform',
 'full report',
 'state agent',
 'good deeds',
 'dead men',
 'life eternal',
 'different departments',
 'such persons',
 'whole city',
 'whole field',
 'general plan',
 'great king',
 'san jose',
 'forty years',
 'tent effort',
 'true light',
 'late clean copies',
 'religious sentiment',
 'efficient workers',
 'rural districts',
 'good reading',
 'present position',
 'funeral service',
 'glorious light',
 'sure foundation',
 'regular meetings',
 'high places',
 'outside attendance',
 'biennial session',
 'own works',
 'good help',
 'missionary spirit',
 'strong man',
 'right principles',
 'rapid growth',
 'real value',
 'great image',
 'field agent',
 'such time',
 'hearty cooperation',
 'own heart',
 'tent season',
 'foreign mission',
 'old time',
 'social meetings',
 'heart disease',
 'thy voice',
 'bro andrews',
 'past history',
 'great principle',
 'good beginning',
 'county seat',
 'christian life',
 'small town',
 'general principles',
 'whole thing',
 'poor soul',
 'financial condition',
 'large degree',
 'full assurance',
 'bay city',
 'pure gold',
 'thy mind',
 'assistant secretary',
 'different churches',
 'church school teachers',
 'definite day',
 'unto salvation',
 'christian education',
 'good service',
 'money orders',
 'electric lights',
 'missionary workers',
 'full amount',
 'thy name',
 'bible training',
 'biennial period',
 'personal letter',
 'own land',
 'workers meeting',
 'own eyes',
 'white flour',
 'religious questions',
 'eternal weight',
 'great degree',
 'new wine',
 'general articles',
 'evening meeting',
 'civil liberty',
 'natural result',
 'careful consideration',
 'thy son',
 'various conferences',
 'whole nation',
 'conference workers',
 'thy house',
 'strange thing',
 'personal labor',
 'lovely whatsoever things',
 'lord thy',
 'loma linda',
 'thy work',
 'own family',
 'joint heirs',
 'own mind',
 'disease germs',
 'thy father',
 'alimentary canal',
 'long way',
 'worth living',
 'large quantity',
 'human wisdom',
 'small quantities',
 'tent meetings',
 'own way',
 'divine grace',
 'private letter',
 'great day',
 'active part',
 'intelligent people',
 'additional word',
 'physical health',
 'wrong habits',
 'saloon keepers',
 'natural immortality',
 'general way',
 'student body',
 'european division',
 'medical men',
 'good use',
 'mission field',
 'eternal world',
 'common use',
 'religious things',
 'yellow fever',
 'students library',
 'good conscience',
 'good judgment',
 'school donations',
 'early morning',
 'human laws',
 'faithful servant',
 'the home missionary',
 'human system',
 'own self',
 'own soul',
 'high school',
 'office address',
 'great apostle',
 'good attendance',
 'times past',
 'good books',
 'great army',
 'god rom',
 'old year',
 'considerable number',
 'important events',
 'sabbath october',
 'pacific union conference',
 'local conferences',
 'christian world',
 'such teaching',
 'local church',
 'special prayer',
 'great source',
 'great struggle',
 'large amount',
 'foreign fields',
 'resurrection morning',
 'school department',
 'post offices',
 'lord calls',
 'good fruit',
 'bible readings',
 'different kinds',
 'divine plan',
 'return unto',
 'intermediate schools',
 'subscription books',
 'mission board',
 'large tent',
 'personal effort',
 'temperance instructor',
 'new law',
 'entire field',
 'certain class',
 'conference tract society',
 'dead bodies',
 'young ladies',
 'dry land',
 'medical work',
 'business matters',
 'false prophets',
 'moral character',
 'young friends',
 'bible footlights',
 'whatsoever things',
 'open door',
 'health principles',
 'burnt offering',
 'hot water',
 'vice president',
 'warning message',
 'special meeting',
 'thy people',
 'fellow citizens',
 'subscription list',
 'american federation',
 'american medical association',
 'text books',
 'entire year',
 'wrong side',
 'great men',
 'lord lord',
 'great white throne',
 'great privilege',
 'mountain side',
 'school year',
 'early years',
 'glorious work',
 'good report',
 'great harvest field',
 'church buildings',
 'address cts',
 'man hath',
 'new territory',
 'spake often',
 'graysville tenn',
 'night meetings',
 'school teacher',
 'good advice',
 'true whatsoever things',
 'church fellowship',
 'early date',
 'day school',
 'school board',
 'great increase',
 'heavy burden',
 'free gift',
 'annual report',
 'old friend',
 'natural law',
 'great benefit',
 'intense interest',
 'mission offerings',
 'prayer meeting',
 'spiritual interests',
 'flesh foods',
 'great cities',
 'tract society office',
 'thou knowest',
 'good tidings',
 'own hand',
 'self respect',
 'full time',
 'small number',
 'special work',
 'spiritual welfare',
 'junior college',
 'good attention',
 'roman power',
 'inhabitants thereof',
 'own salvation',
 'divine truth',
 'deep interest',
 'noble work',
 'things work',
 'important meeting',
 'sixty years',
 'eye salve',
 'foreign missions',
 'lord bath',
 'ice cream',
 'gross darkness',
 'good day',
 'old dispensation',
 'recent visit',
 'review and herald',
 'county jail',
 'own people',
 'state meeting',
 'different countries',
 'proper observance',
 'little company',
 'warm weather',
 'foreign field',
 'rest unto',
 'whole truth',
 'native land',
 'special instruction',
 'seventhday adventists',
 'human law',
 'christian home',
 'health reformer',
 'conference association',
 'wise pass',
 'senate committee',
 'christian duty',
 'net gain',
 'utter destruction',
 'school work',
 'opening exercises',
 'internal organs',
 'the advent review and sabbath herald vol',
 'papal power',
 'asia minor',
 'religious rights',
 'large number',
 'great sacrifice',
 'right thing',
 'general meeting',
 'new converts',
 'various ways',
 'rainy season',
 'daily bread',
 'march acceptance',
 'spiritual blessings',
 'beautiful grove',
 'medo persia',
 'perilous times',
 'earnest effort',
 'considerable interest',
 'church organization',
 'good experiences',
 'ill health',
 'full quota',
 'lord desires',
 'daily life',
 'own glory',
 'entire family',
 'old woman',
 'thy mouth',
 'universal peace',
 'past year',
 'bible teacher',
 'whole law',
 'evangelistic work',
 'old home',
 'early age',
 'prime minister',
 'great variety',
 'rich blessings',
 'present war',
 'national government',
 'great influence',
 'new ones',
 'new book',
 'public meetings',
 'school house',
 'early history',
 'right way',
 'redemption draweth nigh',
 'dark continent',
 'divine word',
 'etc etc',
 'special message',
 'civil affairs',
 'previous meeting',
 'long run',
 'fear god',
 'public opinion',
 'hinsdale sanitarium',
 'baptismal service',
 'class matter',
 'new era',
 'extra postage',
 'firm believer',
 'important branch',
 'pacific ocean',
 'common law',
 'future work',
 'things whatsoever',
 'thy life',
 'marvelous light',
 'state secretary',
 'new address',
 'home missionary',
 'russian government',
 'papal church',
 'unto death',
 'small company',
 'page sheet',
 'rich harvest',
 'carnal mind',
 'annual camp meeting',
 'almighty god',
 'huntsville ala',
 'deep impression',
 'such instruction',
 'uriah smith',
 'street car',
 'vegetable kingdom',
 'sabbath march',
 'different denominations',
 'good interest',
 'equal rights',
 'school secretary',
 'such conditions',
 'washington post',
 'great care',
 'morning service',
 'such books',
 'good condition',
 'annual meeting',
 'foreign lands',
 'good courage',
 'southwestern union conference',
 'such schools',
 'uncle sam',
 'farm work',
 'advent review',
 'whole life',
 'life giver',
 'meeting the',
 'sinful man',
 'opposite side',
 'regular work',
 'new building',
 'tenth day',
 'great interest',
 'precious truth',
 'general conference daily bulletin',
 'new place',
 'family tents',
 'school building',
 'young man',
 'ten commandments',
 'public school system',
 'outside interest',
In [6]:
In [7]:
In [8]:
unique_phrases = list(set(phrases))
In [9]:
noun_phrases = '; '.join(unique_phrases)
In [10]:
'human system; moral obligation; true faith; wisdom of god; poor man; religious faith; new impetus; general conference association; utmost importance; rural districts; thy work; valuable help; anglo saxon; new ones; spiritual strength; whole family; great plan; greek word; future state; man cometh; religious worship; sixteenth century; physical health; religious exercises; valuable information; strong men; sunday question; endless life; drug store; new work; thou canst; northern part; san diego; missionary nurses; lords work; scarlet fever; big week; spirit of truth; text books; school secretary; night cometh; electric lights; such occasions; friends and neighbors; thy voice; mission work; white raiment; sabbath question; thee lord; gold coast; dark ages; eternal death; various phases; sacred things; farm work; old men; small quantities; great variety; solemn warning; living water; word of life; seventhday adventist church; heavenly places; people of god; gods law; important truths; great fact; true christian; own lusts; young man; new territory; religious legislation; intelligent people; divine power; roman catholics; south bend; new subscribers; sons and daughters; own name; chosen people; usual committees; walla walla; entire time; such means; whole life; resurrection of christ; whole church; free use; asia minor; alcoholic liquors; rest unto; old woman; columbia union conference; young woman; southern union; spirit of prophecy; little book; thy seed; gods judgment; sample copies; infinite power; joint heirs; evening meeting; christian workers; sons of god; pure water; individual work; worthy poor; fine gold; great event; new believers; great expense; common schools; new testament; human race; plan of redemption; living sacrifice; mary magdalene; religious persecution; sunday laws; poor souls; forty days; great thing; equal rights; great success; heathen nations; the church officers gazette; new york city; tithes and offerings; denominational literature; animal food; bishop of rome; thy truth thy; house of prayer; spiritual gifts; tent work; final judgment; uric acid; educational institutions; finger of god; such work; wedding garment; wonderful things; civil law; great desire; goon health; harvest field; religious services; early part; intermediate school; jewish sabbath; health journal; first love; subscription price; teachings of christ; return home; law of sin; eternal truth; youths instructor; educational work; commandment of god; tenth day; real estate; foreign countries; prophet daniel; whole nation; great extent; small portion; old time; recent years; sabbath observance; spirit of sacrifice; white flour; thy word; nurses course; mercies of god; southwestern union; religious questions; religious observance; good ground; turkish empire; glory to god; river conference; gods work; hinsdale ill; practical application; last sickness; special efforts; temple of god; day life; physical condition; wages of sin; entire population; annual meeting; fundamental principle; opportune time; rich men; daily news; own schools; heavy burdens; throne of grace; important work; gratitude to god; ark of the covenant; tracts and papers; old world; efficient workers; different churches; forty miles; southwestern union conference; red cross; christian faith; future work; different lines; whole heaven; nutritive value; large portion; children and youth; such power; own way; church buildings; the advocate; principles of truth; sea level; sacred scriptures; postage stamps; great value; central part; church property; public places; early writings; county seat; northern union conference; boat rescue; large numbers; powers of darkness; fellow men; new place; christian work; religious duties; pure in heart; christian statesman; unanimous vote; present membership; national religion; general conference bulletin; pacific union recorder; declaration of independence; religious rights; great harvest field; church history; important matters; state church; statute books; heavenly father; old man; whole story; ingathering signs; mighty hand; right spirit; true whatsoever things; copies value; school farm; strong effort; emperor william; rapid growth; sixteen years; pure air; mountain side; small company; great field; college place; spare time; begotten son; eternal world; gospel dispensation; such instruction; book of revelation; pure whatsoever things; large tent; large degree; life work; such questions; sabbathschool department; good effect; seventy years; beautiful city; own family; serious consideration; loma linda; true tabernacle; school house; lord and master; grace of god; bible teacher; fair attendance; college press mount; common law; new light; vegetarian meat; false doctrines; holy spirit; credentials and licenses; carnal mind; whole world; opening exercises; special manner; health reformer; treatment rooms; whole man; past life; business man; human rights; power of christ; prophetic word; mighty works; lord thy; prominent part; true christianity; year round; christian duty; excellent success; wrong habits; new covenant; gods servants; shalt thou; great encouragement; moral nature; early church; columbia union visitor; mission house; advent of christ; own hearts; sabbath march; long list; man of sin; present condition; large church; tobacco habit; martin luther; burnt offering; prayer meetings; self indulgence; land of egypt; blessed of god; gold edges; encouraging reports; field agent; religious people; corner stones; religious belief; special interest; dead men; years experience; such legislation; other languages; sanitarium cooking; thank god; certain conditions; evil ways; young persons; promised land; sunday law; such laws; san francisco; threefold message; good advantage; physical culture; first angels message; days work; christ god; thy foot; various kinds; holy ghost; honest man; john wesley; love to god; immortal soul; medical science; self denial; such experiences; laws of health; such people; beautiful grove; important truth; dear souls; 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In [13]:
text="""# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

ENTITIES = \"""{}\"""

ENTITIES = frozenset(w for w in ENTITIES.split('; ') if w)
In [14]:
with open(output_file, 'w') as o:
In [ ]: